April 27, 2004

Re: A Decade of Regime Criminality -- The City of Granby and its Police and Korts.

A little over a decade ago, the powers that be that run Granby got their way, abolished the job of City Marshall, elected directly by the citizens of Granby, and installed their own police force, accountable only to themselves. This past decade has seen corruption and criminality from this municipal corporation and its police that makes Saddam Hussein look like a piker.

On April 9, 2004, for the second time the Division of Family Services kidnapped my four grandchildren under color of law, aided and assisted by the Granby Police. I have testimony that one of your police officers, Chris Moreland, was involved in a plot to murder me under color of law. What is beyond a shadow of a doubt is that Moreland did illegally confiscate evidence, review it, and then in collusion with your Police Chief Beshears turn it over to the Newton County Prosecuting Attorney, who has admitted that this was illegal and returned the videotape to me on April 20, 2004. Both Moreland and Beshears lied in both the taking and keeping of this videotape. Partisans on my side have been notified as to their crimes. Moreland has also written up a bogus trespassing ticket against myself to which I must appear before your municipal court on May 12, 2004.

On September 9, 2003, after four and a half minutes of my speaking about the crimes of your policemen, your present Chief of Police Bushears got up as if by arrangement and falsely accused me of using profanity, and then of disturbing your peace and then of violation of some unspecified municipal ordinance. I offered to proceed, but this city council decided to go along with this obviously pre-arranged perjury and to violate my civil rights under the First Amendment to petition for a redress of grievances. After another three and a half minutes of extortion and terroristic threats of false arrest, I pulled the plug on my video camera and left. Three of your policemen went along with this criminal farce, your entire police force insofar as I know, and your rubber-stamp police board was present as well. On Sept. 10, 2003, your then-present municipal judge, Ann Wells illegally threatened to arrest me for simply observing the proceedings before your municipal court -- another illegality.

In October you refused to hold the special election demanded by Revised Missouri Statutes, (RSMo) 479.230 to fill the absence of the elected municipal judge, and in December 2003 you refused to hold a general election for the absent position as well. This April there was no election for that position.

Don't get me wrong, this lawlessness is by no means confined to Granby. On March 10, 2004, when in Jefferson City to file for governor, both the Secretary of State Runt Blunt and the Missouri Attorney General's office refused to do anything about this matter. The Missouri Attorney General's office promised to call me about it -- but lied.

In September 2002, your police chief Jason Burns kidnapped my grandchildren under color of 'emergency' so that the Newton County Division of Family Services could have them. And in my complaint about this matter, your city council rioted about that matter after sending it to the police board and they sent it back in January 2003.

In October 2001, Jason Burns allowed himself to be unlawfully used as a messenger boy by the Granby Telephone Company in shutting off my Internet service. I complained about that, and nothing was done.

There was a period of three years in which no assaults occurred. I think it was because there were three federal civil rights lawsuits filed by myself alone against the City of Granby. I 'lost' all three cases, due to the fact that the United States Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals understands the necessity for police terrorism to keep the People in line.

In late July 1998, I was arrested by Joshua Beck, one of your police, for 'impeding government operations.' He was mad because I refused to show him any identification as a passenger in a pickup. Not that I had any identification on me at the time. It is rumored that it was this City of Granby city council which leaked the results of a grand jury investigation, told Beck to quit and flee to Washington State because of his habit of using his authority as a Granby Police Officer to get underage girls to drink and have sex with him in return for not giving them a ticket. Nothing was done until Tony Grantham's stepdaughter (Tony being a former Granby kouncil-kritter) was raped by Beck. The daughters of the poor and weak were fair game for your policemen until then.

Nor can I ever forget the July 24, 1997 time that I was falsely arrested before this city council, then taken back by Granby Police Chief George Chandler and a Keller and beaten up while handcuffed with the full knowledge of the Granby Police Department and this City Council. I sometimes forget the date of my babtism, but I shall never forget the time I was tortured by the Granby police. Something changed inside myself and I don't think it shall ever wash away regardless of how much blood I shower in from the slit throats of pigs, their families and their children. I don't think I am even capable of any remorse or pity for regime criminals or their families, and I no longer believe that there are any innocents -- only sides.

I also recollect the time I was sentenced to 30 days for contempt of court for my refusal to pay the fines and court costs which arose out of an unlawful conviction for a burnt- out headlight, a ticket that was given out because a corrupt Granby police officer named Larry Tarrant (now a Newton County Deputy Sheriff) heard something unflattering over the CB radio about the decency of Granby police. I only served 28 and a half days, I was not a popular prisoner of the Jasper County Jail, and the Missouri Supreme Court was violating its own rules regarding habeas corpus, but still, this was an unlawful kidnapping. This occurred during April 1996.

On August 9, 1994, one of your appointed kouncil-kritters named Jeter came up to me and assaulted me, the basis for one of my federal civil rights lawsuits. Two more city councilmen, Pat Camerer and Bob Loudermilk also jumped on top of me, although it was admitted by Jeter that he had assaulted me. I was arrested for the bogus charge of causing a riot and peace disturbance and Jeter was not arrested at all, on the order of then-mayor Craig Hopper, now a city councilman. When I brought up later on that the charge of peace disturbance was bogus, Newton County judge Greg Stremel and Newton County prosecutor Scott Watson dismissed the assault charges against Jeter. Since I had researched my case and had the false charges against myself dismissed, then the assault didn't happen either. Or in the words earlier that night of August 9, 1994 of then mayor Craig Hopper, "I could murder you and if I am never prosecuted for it then the crime didn't ever happen." Those are words that Craig Hopper and his sons live by.

In May 1994, I received one, then another bogus ticket from Granby police officer Larry Tarrant, for a burnt-out headlight and for speeding. The speeding ticket was never delivered to me and was deemed such a lie that it was dismissed.

So for the past decade I have been assaulted, falsely arrested, jailed, tortured while handcuffed, had a murder plot or two plotted against myself, and my four grandchildren kidnapped twice thanks to the Granby Police Department with the full support and assistance of this city council. I've complained about every crime committed against myself, and nothing has ever been done about it.

I don't think that this corruption and degeneration is limited to Granby, but rather is a commonplace across this mighty Evil Empire. I do think that the lot of you don't have very much time. I am pleased to think that all it takes are but a few men quietly scraping together the diseased rotten brains of deer to spread Chronic Wasting Disease everywhere across this decaying land and destroying the food supply. As I told your Police Chief Beshears, I am happy that his kind spread hatred and contempt for your rule where ever they go. I am glad to know that you have but a very short time before there is nothing left to steal and no where else to go. And I think that sometime soon, me and my kind shall get to put an end to your kind forever, once the social order has been destroyed. For now I am pleased that you have spent so much time and attention upon myself, for it says that I have been doing my job of building both a case and a Resistance against you.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004


Notes & Commentary:

. . . . It is not unexpected, but the five Granby City Kouncil-Kritters pretty much took my reading of the above speech without nary a piglice&kouncil-kritter riot, as is often the case. They were uncomfortable with my reading off their inherent criminality, and perhaps a glimmering of what the future holds for them and their spawn might have crept into their piggish brains, but after all they are the ones in power and as in the daze of Sodom & Gomorrah, they live for the moment.

. . . . So why bother giving this speech, as you keep on giving speeches to the Sodom&Gomorrah city councils of Joplin, Neosho, Diamond as well as Granby every time one of their piglice act up? I have quite a few reasons for this, all political and psycological. First of all, unlike Jonah who fled his mission from Nineveh because he feared that the Ninevehites would repent and be spared, these humanoid critters are altogether so degenerate and criminal that no amount of warning or pleading shall spare them the consequences of their actions. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity theology works so well for a Resistance activist because we don't want ZOG to survive but rather for hundreds of millions of ZOGlings and their spawn to exterminate themselves altogether by their fault through civil war, famine, pestilence and disease. So rather than soften these feeb-pharos' consciences, we often seek to harden them, so that they will become yet more stupid and wicked, so that they will further destroy their positions and create even more of the conditions of civil war and the accompanying Four Horsemen.

. . . . At the same time, I seek to appeal to what feeble nubbins of conscience they have left, i.e., like the Africans they have no sense of right or wrong, but rather rampant superstition. Just as in Elijah's and Ahab's time, the wicked were frightened to death to lay impious hands upon the prophets. By being so high profile and so above even the appearance of sin, the scores of reigning evildoers have the sense that if I am murdered on their watch that some hidden Resistance 'death-angels' will avenge myself upon them and their families. Conversely, some of them in their superstition knowing well enough that they deserve destruction seek to keep me close, like the prophet of Baal wishing burial with the foolish prophet of YHWH in I Kings Chapter 13. One actually has far more power in any given situation in these evil and stupid times when one is feared and respected.


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