June 29, 2004

Re: Open Letter & Concerning an Ethics Complaint Made Against You

. On June 24, 2004, I made a complaint to the Missouri Ethics Commission concerning your deliberate, willful, partisan, self-serving and lawless refusal to place my name on the ballot with my nickname of choice, i.e. 'Mad Dog' as well as your refusal to place any other Republican primary opponents of yourself, especially my web page, on the Official List of Candidates web page. This in spite of the fact that when I filed for Governor on the Republican primary ballot I filled out all the forms required by a candidate.

. At the Missouri Press Association forum at Lake Ozark on June 5, 2004, I provided you with copies of this year's and the 2002 election year's paperwork showing the exact same refusal regarding nicknames and refusal to display my website, when you and your office favored Jim Talent for US Senate, thus showing that you had gotten away and perfected this criminal modus operandi of using your office and authority as Chief Elections Officer to favor certain Republican candidates over others. You doodled over these papers like a moron, then ran away leaving those papers showing your misconduct, like my four-year-old grandson running away from a deserved spanking or a puppy running away from the newspapers it refused to do its business upon. I gave your copy to one of your effeminate aids, but imagine that he/she/it refused to do anything other than put them in a trash can.

. The problem that this unlawful corrupt conduct creates, regardless of whether or not the jewsmedia helps you -- and the fat, self-satisfied Republi-whiggers with their county seat dailies and weekly lie-papers were on your side -- the rural and small-town working-class White men that you need to win the general election are not amused by your actions. It breeds cynicism, and hopefully a resolution that this conduct by their false friends in the Republican party need to learn that without a real candidate representing their racial and class interests that they might as well stay home in November and let their false friends lose political power. Without the White downstate vote, RuntBlunt, you and all other statewide Republican candidates are dead meat.

. If, as Chief Elections Officer in the State of Missouri as Secretary of State, you cannot be relied upon to not place my name as I wish for it to appear on the ballot, nor can you be relied upon to faithfully place rival Republican party candidates web pages upon the Official Secretary of State Candidate Listings, then how can you be counted upon to competently and honestly count the vote? As Joseph Stalin said, it doesn't matter who the People vote for but rather who counts the votes. If you cannot honestly and efficiently do your job, if you let your lackeys pretty much do whatever they please with the only input from you being a 'wink & a nod,' then why should anyone in their right mind want to place you and your fellow crooks in an office of far greater responsibility -- Governor of Missouri?

. That is the problem with you criminal regimeists. You pretty much do whatever you want and there is no consequence for criminality. Police and lawyers and judges and politicians commit criminal acts and use their power to cover up their crimes, leaving the victims nothing to do except live in pain and fear. And as all such mighty Evil Empires, along comes civil war and revolutions, lead by people like me, and we exterminate the criminal regimeists and seize power and then run things as we please in the name of the People. It's just that us Revolutionaries are open in our use of force, power, and terrorism and chosen as leaders precisely for our ability to exterminate our enemies and protect our followers.

. The fact that the jewsmedia whores at the Missouri Press Association were on your side means nothing because they always were bought and paid for. That AP (Ashkenazi Press) whore 'Moderator' Scott Charton coming to your aid when I called you RuntBlunt and excoriated your idiocy and hypocrisy did you no favors by claiming that I had no legal right to claim 'Mad Dog' as a lawful nickname. All it did was to reveal jewsmedia whorishness in favoring an idiotic sock-puppet able to be controlled by insiders unknown to the public. The fact of the matter is that my chosen nickname of 'Mad Dog' is not illegal, profane, or unlawful -- and it is not rightful for either Charton nor yourself as beneficiaries of power to rule upon matters of self- interest. Obviously neither the jewsmedia nor lack-wit politicians like yourself have any concept of public honor, of doing that which is right and just even when it is personally disadvantageous. The very definition of public corruption is to use public resources to benefit the officeholder's private good. Your conduct as Secretary of State meets that very definition of corruption.

. What are the consequences of your misconduct that I shall try to enforce upon you? First of all, I have warned you publicly about your misconduct. I have filed a Complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission. I might well file a federal civil rights lawsuit against you for declaratory and injunctive relief, from which you cannot claim immunity, demanding that since it is too late for me to have my lawful nickname on the primary ballot, that you be forced to bear the nickname of 'Runt' Blunt on the general election ballot. And that since you would not allow primary opponents' web pages to be listed on the Secretary of State's Official Candidates List, that I and the other Republican candidates have their web page telling what a crook you are listed as your official general election web page.

. Maybe the media won't cover my Ethics Complaint or federal lawsuit against you. Maybe not even the winner of the Democrat primary won't bring the matter up, trying to destroy your base -- the White men that you and the other Republicans need to win. I was gratified that you twice denied the right of White Men to be White at the MPA forum, and then again the next few days over the MissouriNet radio program -- that us 'White Supremacists' have no rights that RuntBlunt and Republicans need respect. But if you look at my campaign web page, www.martinlindstedt.org, it rates around 130,000 in terms of readership. Bob Holden's rates around 400,000. And yours, RuntBlunt, rates around 850,000. Do a Google search of candidates, and the Google results will turn up quite a few pages criticising your corruption & stupidity from my web page.

. Like I told you at the MPA forum June 5, 2004 -- I am determined to destroy the Missouri Republican Party by alienating from them the White man. The 2000 and 2002 elections for Governor and US Senate were decided by less than a fraction of one percent. There probably will be no George Dubya Bush coattails. Demographics is destiny in a dem[on]ocracy. I think that I can make the inevitable 'tip- over' happen, this year, -- and get the credit for changing the political reality.

. Also, not that it probably matters to you, given that you have no problem with looking like a self-serving political crook, but do you really need to surround yourself with seven or eighty faggy-looking whigger-bread political consultants? You look like a total weak-willed deceptive dolt who is nothing more than a sock-puppet for corporate interests. It doesn't help that that perception is reality. Why do you think that 'RuntBlunt' is such a devastating nickname? Marvelene Pankey may well have coined the term, but I'm the one making a mint out of it.

. I'm gonna be offering the other Republican candidates free web hosting on my page for their web sites as well. Some of them may take me up on it, because unlike yourself, RuntBlunt, I believe in dissent and free speech -- at least for White People in a White-only country. That's what makes of me a White Nationalist Separatist and of you an Imperial Whigger Supremacist, RuntBlunt. I am,

Less Than Affectionately Yours,

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004


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