July 10, 2004

Roy W. Lang,
Republican Candidate for Governor
P.O. Box 204
Davisville, Missouri 65456

Re: Matt 'Runt' Blunt, Missouri Secretary of State and
Competing Republican Candidate for Governor, his misuse of
power, and how to get your message out.

Dear Mr. Lang:

. . . . I met you at the Missouri Press Association forum/farce on June 5, along with Matt 'Runt' Blunt (hereafter 'RuntBlunt'), and Jeff Killian. I was pleased to meet both you and Mr. Killian, and think that you made a point as to what you wanted and what you stood for. Of course my main reason for attending was to trash out RuntBlunt for being a corporate wuss and a crook as Secretary of State. Suffice it to say that I don't think that there is much, if any, overlap in our messages or who we want to appeal to as our audience. I pretty much got the Aryan Nations endorsement sewn up and it might even mean something if the several dozen of them in Missouri would get themselves to pick up one of Satan's ballots and vote for offices Under Satan's Administration.

. . . . I made it quite clear that I was out to destroy the Missouri Republican Party at the statewide level by getting rural and small-town White voters to either stay home or to vote Democrat in the general election. I am quite sure that I am not going to win the primary; in fact I expect to poll dead last out of six Republican candidates with RuntBlunt, the Korporate-Kritter to win the primary [s]election. However, I intend to make hay of RuntBlunt's crookedness as Secretary of State an issue, while at the same time advancing my message.

. . . . I filed a complaint to the Missouri 'Ethics' Commission (enclosed) because RuntBlunt as Secretary of State in 2002, when I ran for U.S. Senate as a Republican against Jim 'No'- Talent, refused to allow me to run as Martin 'Mad-Dog' Lindstedt and put my WWW page on the Missouri Secretary of State's Official Candidates web page. This year, when RuntBlunt is Secretary of State and a competing candidate for Governor, RuntBlunt refused again to allow me to run as Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt and to put up my campaign web page, even though I have filled out all the paperwork when I filed March 10, 2004. The Missouri 'Ethics' Commission made up an excuse as to why they can't discipline the Chief Elections Officer of the State (that's RuntBlunt) for misusing his office to benefit his own political campaign at the expense of rival candidates, claimed that they had no jurisdiction, patted me on my pointy little noggin and sent me on my merry way. The only thing accomplished is that they put up Jeff Killian's web page in order to get around me charging RuntBlunt for a deliberate refusal to display the campaign web site of all competing Republican candidates. RuntBlunt decided to display Killian's web page beginning last week.

. . . . So I'm gonna file a federal election and civil rights lawsuit against RuntBlunt in order to let everyone know what a petty little chiseling wuss crook RuntBlunt is. Since RuntBlunt is a crook as Secretary of State, why let RuntBlunt get to be a crook as governor?

. . . . So where do you come in, Roy? Let me tell you:

. . . . You had quite a bit to read when you were at the June 5, 2004 forum. I'd of liked to talk to you and look at your truck, but I was busy trashing out RuntBlunt at the time. But how would you like a free, non-censored, non-abridged campaign web page hosted on my web domain? Say:


. . . . Send me a picture of you, and your folders or handouts and whatever else you want to display on your campaign web page, and I'll put it up, either as text or as a graphic file. You can trash me out or not trash out RuntBlunt, as you wish. I am a White racist bigot homophobe but I'm not a crook, like RuntBlunt. And I'm going to send out this letter to the women candidates who didn't show and offer them the same deal. I don't know them and don't much care what they want to do, because I get something out of the deal.

. . . . Which is? When I sue RuntBlunt in federal district court, I want him to explain why it is that he can't do his job and display the candidate web pages of ALL Republican candidates for governor, not just mine. And if RuntBlunt does display your web pages then they will have my domain name on them and RuntBlunt is screwed whether he displays them or not. I don't want RuntBlunt to have any more wriggle room on this matter than a whigger punk having the choice of joining the Aryan Nations or becoming some black boy's bitch in a ZOG prison. Does that make me a mean person? Sure it does. But RuntBlunt as a moronic sell-out of our People's future deserves nothing less.

. . . . I would also point out that in 2002, as a candidate for U.S. Senate, the Library of Congress took my campaign Web pages and archived them. Wouldn't you like an archive of what you wanted to accomplish as a candidate for governor, and for plenty of people to see what you stood for? By the way, my web domain is rated at around 140,000 whereas Bob Holden's is only 400,000 and RuntBlunt's is 800,000. There are over five million web pages around, your campaign web page shall appear for free on the top one-half of one percent of all worldwide web pages. Thus your own personal campaign web page on my domain will reach a larger audience than RuntBlunt's ever will.

. . . . If you are worried about being associated with me, then as said before, your participation by using my web domain is merely a political matter. I will be more than happy to state that the views expressed on your web page on my domain are your views -- not mine, and that no censorship or editing has taken place on either side. In addition, if the women candidates wish to take advantage of this offer, then you will be in company and not all by yourself. I have no quarrel with you, and we both could benefit from this arrangement. I'll send you copies of what I've mentioned as exhibits so you can see for yourself what's up.

. . . . This offer shall appear on the Internet as:

Sincerely yours,

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004

cc: Jeff Killian
Jen Sievers
Karen Memhardt


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