A Typical Meeting of the NSDAPMoLPP-P Expediting Committee



An E-mail answer to Jim Higgins , Vice President of the MoLP, July 17, 1996. Subject: Ain't no way to run a sinking ship.

>3) Roberts Rules of order recommends against  it since  it is to 
>cumbersome to manage.

  The following is an exerpt from the minutes taken from the National 
Socialist German Workers Party Expediting Committee meeting of May 25-26, 

  Chairman Hitler called the meeting to order. The new business was what
to do with the untermench and Jew vermin infesting the New Order in 
Eastern Europe:
  Chairman Hitler: I move we kill all them Jews.
  Delegate Goring: I second that motion and propose a friendly amendment
that we include Poles, Gypsies, Russians, and other untermensch, but that 
we do the Jews first.
 Delegate Himmler: I second Delegate Goring's friendly amendment.
  Delegate Von Lindstedt (from Dachau): I would like to make a hostile
amendment in favor of not killing anyone.
  Chairman Hitler: Is there a second for that amendment?
  . . . . . Silence . . . 
  Delegate Von Lindstedt: I got 7 proxies signed by 5 Jews, one Russian 
POW, and the thumbprint from Zorbowski, king of the Pollack Gypsies.
  Delegate Jaymark der Schiesskopf: Proxies are not allowed by Roberts
Rules of Order. Von Lindstedt's amendment is out of order. I move we
disallow proxies. I'm gonna call the SS on Von Lindstedt. Guards!!
  Delegate Von Lindstedt: I don't think this is right . . . . Call the 
cops, Jaymark!
  Chairman Givens: Do I hear a second for Der Shiesskopf's motion?
  NSDAPMoLP delegation: Second! Thirds! Fourths!
  Delegate Nogoodwin: Point of information: We ought to at least put the 
votes down in writing.
  Secretary Bojar: I can write them down. I will enjoy this.
  Delegate Jaymark der Schiesskopf: I move we end debate.
  Lawyer-General BitchMore: I second we end all debate and do what we want 
to do right now!
  Von Lindstedt: Nay. And my proxies vote nay too!
  Der Schiesskopf: They can't do that!
  Von Lindstedt: They can too!
  Jaymark: Can't
  Lindstedt: Can.
  Delegate Henpecked von Higgins: Children, behave! You are so immauture,
Martin Von Lindstedt, and my wife sez so too!
  Von Lindstedt: "Aggggghhhhhh!" Starts making grasping motions with his
hands toward the rest of the NSDAPMoLPP-P delegation.
  Chairman Givens: "The meeting will come to order. How many Proxies do you
say you have, von Lindstedt? Seven?" Starts counting the delegation. "Hmm,
OK. Count the votes."
   22 Ayes (2 of them from some visiting Italians who were not members
of the NSDAPMoLP), 2 nays from Von Lindstedt and Judas Knapp and 7 nays 
from the proxies.
  Chairman Hitler: The vote is 22-9. Jaymark der Schiesskopf's motion 
passes by 2/3 majority. Proxies are not allowed.
   Secretary Bojar: The vote was 22-2. So it will appear in the Volksfest
MoralKKKannibal Pudpulrzbeatdermeattung Zeitung.
   Delegate Whorrass der Boremann: Point of Information: That vote was to
put an end to the mischief caused by Von Lindstedt as well.
   Delegate Jaymark der Schiesskopf: Yes it was! Now I win by default 
the primary race for Gauleiter of Misery! 

  Upon vote of acclaimation by NSDAPMoLPP-P delegation, Delegate Martin 
Von Lindstedt was taken out by the KKKops and shot. The meeting
then proceeded in an orderly fashion and the new business of killing the
Jews and other untermensch proceeded to a unanimous vote of acclaim. . . .

  Such are the uses to which Robert's Rules of Order have been and 
can be applied.


(1.) The National Socialist German Worker's Party, Missouri Libertarian Party Pud-Pullers or The LiberFascist Shitheads

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