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Resistance Political Front

July 4, 2004, Issue #3-2004

A Journal of the Political Arm of the Resistance


Purpose: Our purpose is to serve the Resistance as the electronic journal of record for the political arm of the Resistance. We plan on providing news and commentary favorable to our Cause in a format accessible to the general public.

Commentary is in regular format and is solely the opinions of the Editor and Staff of Resistance Political Front.

Editor Martin Lindstedt



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Fable of Contents

1. ... This Issue's Editorial Commentary -- What is 'The Movement' & Where is It Going?
2. ... Monologue



Para --Editor Martin Lindstedt






Para Jewn Kohn-Kerry chose as his president of vice the glib lawyer and Senaturd from North Carolina John Edwards. Edwards, like the spawn of Satan Damien in the Omen movies came from out of nowhere to become first a Senaturd, now a vice-president. It is hoped by Dem[on]ocrats that the glib Edwards will do much of the talking for the jew Kohn-Kerry, who was the nominee because of ABB - 'Anybody But Bush' Syndrome. Kohn-Kerry/Edwards doesn't have to do anything other than run as moderate Democrats slightly to the left of Bushy, and promise nothing except a vague peace and prosperity, even while yapping about bringing in more joops (jew-dupe troops) or drafting NATO to play ball. After all, when one has been chosen to be Anybody But Bush, all one needs to do is look earnest, refrain from smirking like a criminally insane drunken frat-boy, and make fun of the criminal intent of Bush's Dick (& brain), the Vice-Chickenhawk-In-Charge.

Para However, the Deserter-In-Thief had no more brains in its 88-IQ noggin but to snap, ""Dick Cheney can be president today. Next [question]."

Para All the Torturer-in-Thief did by that idiotic response is confirm that Bush's Dick is indeed Bush's brain. Quite a few people suspect that in addition to the jews, that Dick Cheney runs the White House on behalf of Big Oil and Halliburton. Alfonse M. D'Amato, the once-influential Republican senator from New York, said that Bush should drop Bush's Dick in favor of a Colon -- Colon Piles -- Bushy's yellow yid rattling the cages at the State Department. Or failing to have a Bush/Colon ticket, Bush should tap the Manchurian McCaindidate, the Senaturd from Arizona. But this Bush preferred a Dick over a Colon.

Para These private and alien racial interests being expanded at the expense of White America means that in addition to being a race-traitor, Bush has directly went against the interests of the jew-dazed Republicunt Party base, stupid whigger quasi-males, who are not only being killed in ZOG's Armed Farces, but are having immigrunts pour into the ZOG fartland, their jobs outsourced to China, Mexico, and India, and their pitiful supply of ZOG-bux ravaged by inflation and rising gasoline and food prices. A white nigger or whigger voting for Bushy & Bushy's Dick is about as smart as a white chicken voting for Don Tyson.


Para Contrast the campaigning 'values' of Bushy's veep, Cheney, and Kerry/Kohn's veep, Edwards in the Jewplin, Missery, area:

Para When Cheney came to Joplin on August 12, 2004 or so, the only people invited were Republicunt fat-cats, politicians, donors, and chosen ass-lickers, only 500, max, of them. They met in a room reserved at the local convention center named after the local kickback king, John Q. Hammonds. Cheney absorbed softballs from the Repub ass-lickers, particularly concerning the war record of Kerry/Kohn. Kerry/Kohn was criticised for his accrual of three Purple Hearts and being 'AWOL' on Senate votes. As opposed to being what? The Deserter-in-Thief? The Torturer of Abu Ghraib? The Butcher of Baghdad? The Laugh of Najaf?

Para Meanwhile, outside, uninvited were around 30 anti-Bush protesters. They made reference to Cheney and Halliburton profits, to Butcher Bush, and the genuine fear shown them, outnumbered, by Jewplin piglice, Secret Service, private security. The end result is that the Repubs showed that they simply cannot answer honest debate and dissent, in fact, cannot stand up to the light of day about questioning of their corporate activities, betraying the very sort of middle-class whigger herd animals they claim, falsely to represent. If the 'Dirty Dem 30' had had presence of mind, they'd have compared themselves as 'Indians' besieging F[ar]t. Whigger. Even more damning, by holing up and inviting only those 500 Repub fat cats, dishonestly calling it a 'town meeting' for fear of dissent, they cut themselves off from the very Joe Sixpack whigger herd animals they need to give them a vote buffer for the rest of Missouri to win. If these corpsoreate Repulsivecunts can't make it in the heart of Whiggerdumb, the Buckle of the Baal-Belt, Ground Zero for the cooking of doerge-dope (i.e. meth), and bring out a 70-30 advantage for the Republipigs, they are dead meat. Practical polytricks demands that when the 'pee-pul' want to see a whorish circus clown like Dick, Bushy's Brain, and are kept from seeing the thieving chickenhawk with a bull-dyke daughter, Liz-bean, then the show needs to go on, with as much of an audience as possible. Instead, probably less than 500 Republiwhigger ass-clowns got to do their own poly-trical ass-licking and fellatio on Big Fat Dick, while normal people, outside, went about their business, knowing only that they were not invited to the corpsorate choir.

Para Contrast that, with the campaign stop of John Edwards, Kerry/Kohn's veep spoke for 25 minutes at SMSU before a crowd of around 10,000. Everyone who was willing to submit to a security inspection for guns or knives was admitted to hear local candidates and Edwards speak. Even more damning to Republicunt pretentions to speaking for the average SW Missourian, was that Edwards allowed dissent, pathetic as it was:

A few minutes into Edwards' speech, protesters outside were heard chanting "Four more for Bush." They carried signs with slogans including "Kerry/Edwards: Unfit to command," "Welcome to Bush Country" and "Kerry/Edwards: Every Child Left Behind."

Edwards responded: "They deserve to be heard. There are 20 of them and thousands of you." After that, nothing was heard from the protesters.

Edwards said he and Kerry intend to run a positive campaign and would not take a negative approach. He asked the audience, "Aren't you sick of it?" The audience responded loudly, "Yea."

"We can do better," he said. "America can do better. They are campaigning for the highest office in America and are taking the lowest possible road to get there."

Para Now that is intelligent polytricks. Any politician running for office dare not show fear and contempt for the very people he needs to vote for him. Edwards gave respect to the CONstitutional rights of maybe 20 of his pathetic lying Repulsivecunt feebs allowed to speak their peace just outside. This directly contrary to Bushey's & Bushey's Dick's cowardly and arrogant behavior. Not a single thinking person inside could but help but contrast Repulsivescam corporate conduct in desertion, corpsorate thievery, low-brow whiggery, and Repulsivescam hatred of pubic edjewcation. Rather than directly address what everyone was thinking, the trial lawyer in Edwards let the 10,000 come to a verdict on the Bush/Cheney regime criminals themselves.

Para Edwards is the best campaigner of the Kerry/Kohn team, and much better than 'F*ck-you' Dick and Bushy On The Bus where the smirking moronic W.[higger] ass-clown made a point of flipping off "seven or eight teenage guys [who] decided to 're-enact' the prison abuse scandals in Iraq by stripping down to thongs and making a human pyramid, while donning black hoods." Not only were they arrested by the Lampeter piglice, Smirk-Bushy was not amused so decided to flip some of his subjects the bird. Class act, 'our' Deserter-In-Thief.

Para If Corpsorate Repulsivecunts don't even dare show their thieving whigger brown-noses in their own home territory, how do they expect to prevail in hostile territory? The appearance of Edwards to a huge crowd allowed to visit and see him in SW Missouri means that it is the Dems who can make greater claim to being the 'Party of the People,' even when they are anti-White. But it is the Repubs who are the worst anti-White race traitors. The Dems don't betray their base. The Repubs ALWAYS betray their base. That's why the Repubs are 'The Stupid Party.'


Para Perhaps the most deadly 'October Surprise' waiting in the wings is Bushy's giving the Ashkenazi jews in the 'shitty little' the go-ahead to bomb Iran in hopes of stopping an Iranian nuke or two. After all, being listed as Target #2 in the First Sock-puppet's 'Axis of Evil' makes getting a nuke pretty good policy. Everyone threatened by ZOG needs some weapons-of-ass-destruction to make ZOG back off.

Para The Iraqis know the score:

Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani warned that Iran might launch a preemptive strike against US forces in the region to prevent an attack on its nuclear facilities.

"We will not sit (with arms folded) to wait for what others will do to us. Some military commanders in Iran are convinced that preventive operations which the Americans talk about are not their monopoly," Shamkhani told Al-Jazeera TV when asked if Iran would respond to an American attack on its nuclear facilities.

Shamkhani, who was asked about the possibility of an American or Israeli strike against Iran's atomic power plant in Bushehr, added: "We will consider any strike against our nuclear installations as an attack on Iran as a whole, and we will retaliate with all our strength.

"Where Israel is concerned, we have no doubt that it is an evil entity, and it will not be able to launch any military operation without an American green light. You cannot separate the two."

A commander of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards was quoted in the Iranian press earlier Wednesday as saying that Tehran would strike the Israeli reactor at Dimona if Israel attacks the Islamic republic's own burgeoning nuclear facilities.

"If Israel fires one missile at Bushehr atomic power plant, it should permanently forget about Dimona nuclear center, where it produces and keeps its nuclear weapons, and Israel would be responsible for the terrifying consequence of this move," General Mohammad Baqer Zolqadr warned.

Para The Second- and Third-rate Powers (all powers are behind and under USZOG) are learning that it doesn't pay to not bring the big guns to a gun fight. Correspondingly, they are developing their own nuclear weaponry to saber-rattle. Biological weaponry is far cheaper and effective, but nuclear weaponry is the status symbol of a determined power. By threatening, and then not being able to deliver on that threat, both USZOG and its master-tail jewzog-on-the-Jordan find that they can do anything with nukes, but sit on them. Iran, with a long border with the former Soviet Union, probably already has some warheads and suitcase nukes in stock, bought from crooked soldiers and politicians when the Soviet Union collapsed. In any case, Iran could threaten to shut down production and accept payment only in Euros, and the price of oil will go from nearly $50 a barrel to $60, $70, $80 per barrel based upon threat alone, seeing how news in Russia and Venezuela brought the price of oil up by $5 to $7 per barrel the past two weeks. A nukefest in the Middle-East would mean the end of trade, and any 'stability' remaining in that region. The Moron-In-Thief is playing with nukes, and should be put away ASAP.




Copyright 2004. Resistance Political Front



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