Nest of Neo-Nazi Infilltraitors

The Tri-States Militia/Coalition

Part 1



Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 01:13:07 -0700
To:, Martin Lindstedt (
From: Roxanne Johnson (
Subject: Re: Tri-States Coalition and Misinformation

Ed, Very good.  Also in Mr. Lindstedt and others 
in this mailing.  If you have any further questions, concerns, 
etc. regarding the Tri-States Coalition please visit our 
Information & Communication Center at 

and check our our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.  We also have a 
discussion forum at  
As one of the founding members of the Tri-States movement, I can 
well attest to the facts the misleading lies and information that 
has been posted in the misc.survivalism group was posted by one 
disgruntled individual who was refused membership with the 
predecessor group of TSC (called Guardians Tri-State Survival 
Network).  It was determined that this individual was a security 
risk and thus we declined to accept him within our ranks.  As all
of us in the Patriot movement know, it just takes one "bad apple" 
to cause the downfall and scandel of any patriotic organization.  
Shortly after Mr. JRyder's rejection within our ranks, he swore 
in a private email to myself and the former leader of Guardians 
that he would stop at nothing to discredit us and bring upon the 
downfall of the Tri-States movement.  Is this the type of person 
you want to listen to?  As for the statement about the TSC being 
a "right-wing socialist" group, that misleading statement was
made in a "tongue-in-cheek" reference during an interview with 
American Survival Guide of William W. Johnstone.  Many times over 
the last year, members have tried to explain that Bill meant in 
jest.  If anyone has a question about this statement, please feel 
free to contact Bill Johnstone himself at and ask 
him.  I have worked closely with Bill and I can assure you he is 
not a communist or even a socialist...far from it.  Feel free to 
contact any of our Coordinators at anytime and ask them questions.  
Some of you on this list know me personally...we have been in
communication for at least a year if not longer in many cases.  
During this whole time, I have been actively involved in the 
Tri-States movement and a leading figure in TSC.  I'm sure my word 
and my honor holds weight with you.  Just remember much of this 
slanderous remarks being made about us are being made by an 
individual who was refused membership because it was determined 
that he was a potential security risk.  You should ask yourselves, 
why would this person who was rejected as a security risk, spend 
so much of his time trying to ruing the reputation of this group?
Could he be an infilitrator.

Sincerely yours,
Roxy Johnson
TSC Information Systems Coordinator & Deputy Contact Coordinator


1. This link may or may not be changed by the time this is read. The Tri-Staters, as Mr. Ryder notes, must change sites much like telemarketers engaged in a scam, as their behavior/philosophy does not merit scrutiny. Also, Ed-the-Dog has gotten wind that the Tri-States Militia/Coalition criminal regime infilltraitor partnership is about to be exposed.

Of course, the proper way to deal with these sneaks who would depart in the night is to get proper documentation as to their past behavior. I did this by saving the Tri-Staters' former HTML page and much of its graphics. --M.L.



From: JRyder (
Subject: Tri-States begins recruiting on MAM  [Warning]
Date: Saturday, June 06, 1998 9:20 AM

[Ed. note:  since I originally published this, several items have 
changed, and I've added additional comments in brackets.]

October, 1997

My Brief Experience with  Tri-States--the "official" NW Cell    V 5

The idea of a national coalition is old, and not usually practiced 
by survivalists.  Militias, perhaps.  I wasn't able to speak with 
anyone long enough to find out exactly what they consider 
themselves.  Nor was I able to find out what takes priority for 
them: skills or philosophy.  The philosophy is a political hybrid 
described by Johnstone as Right-wing socialism reigned by a 
benevolent dictator.  
[There are several web pages on Tri-States but many are not 
advertised.  The TS coalition has one that changes a lot.  All 
references to right-wing socialism were removed in November, 1997.  
So the alert applicant will have to ask questions.] 

[3/98--Trying to follow and keep up with the several iterations 
the pages go through is nearly impossible.  This comment is provided 
because of the scary turn the current rendition takes.  It is 
almost completely void of TS.  The words and the philosophy.  
Someone new joining any group has quite a bit of searching to do to 
find out what that group is about.  It is made exceedingly more 
difficult when that group (religious, social, etc) goes to lengths 
to hide its philosophy.  I guess it was inevitable--the philosophy 
stinks.  Now TS is trying to mask itself as just another 
survivalist group.  Caveat Emptor.]

What I would say about a national group is: Why?  Its just begging 
the govt. to kick in the doors of the list-holders (Assuming one 
of them isn't already a plant.)  Perhaps TSers have been unable 
to disconnect the philosophy from the prophecy contained in the 
fiction work.  Do they really expect their members to flee and 
become refugees in search of the post-collapse Tri-States?  
[Yes, they do!  It is on the web page as of Nov. 97]  If that is 
the case, one wonders why any commander would live in Louisiana.  
Survivalists, the hard-core, have been moving to the Pacific NW 
for a variety of reasons, for decades.  One also wonders why 
anyone would follow, into the field, an overweight, aging writer.  
If there is one thing that survivalist writers have all agreed 
upon, it is to never, ever, become a refugee.  It is the most 
disgusting sight on the earth and you will die a thousand deaths 
as opposed to just one.

There may be several top-notch groups out there.  I cant speak 
about them.  Several have emailed me that they are in a group 
that--while subscribing to the socialist philosophy--suffers none 
of the flaws I ran into.  Its up to the reader to investigate and 
judge this for him/herself.

I can speak about the "official" NW cell, with whom I've had a 
few email exchanges.  "Cell" is a bad term for a coalition group 
to use, obviously, as they dont operate like one.

My last communication with them, I spent over an hour, editing 
and typing.  The only response I received from this was a few 
sentences saying they were no longer interested in me.  Later, I 
tried to extend an olive branch to them on several occasions and 
offering to help and affiliate.  The responses I got were the same 
short rude type of letters.  I found this poor netiquette--rude.  It 
is the reason I am prompted to post this information.  In the hopes 
of saving some folks the trouble of wasting time, as I did.   It 
took me several weeks to contact their PR person, which I never 
ended up doing.  I then posted my disappointment to misc.survivalism, 
and was finally answered.  This should/will be your first clue to 
the organizational skills of this group, should you decide to contact 
them.  [These skills have recently improved, but Id recommend 
starting your investigation a different way.  Ive received a lot of 
email on this subject, and a great way to find out about a group of 
people (any group of people) is to ask to speak with former members.  
At the LOCAL level, ask them to give your name to at least three 
former members.  I have been contacted by many former members and 
the vast majority are willing, if not anxious, to speak with people.]

My first concern is of their security.  It is sorely missing.  
Infiltration would be easy.  It is common knowledge that anyone can 
snitch, and is paid well for even continuous reports of:  "Everything 
is legal, not even plans that are illegal".  I first decided to 
contact a public group knowing that I was already marked, so I had 
nothing else to loose.  Id long since given up anything even remotely 
prosecutable (auto-sear, un-registered/taxed items, etc.).  Groups 
that arent private--that publicly recruit--are usually composed of 
30-40% of people with alterior motives.  Some of these agent 
provocateurs, feds, or informants are paid well.  But many report to 
non-fed agencies as well:  E.G. the SPLC, Hatewatch, etc.  Always 
remember: Your Innocence Is No Protection!  The vast majority of 
convictions of group members involve evidence that is suspected to 
be planted.  It only takes a few minutes for some nut with a 
cointelpro complex to ruin your life.

Anybody with even rudimentary specialized military training in 
this subject would implement basic screening which I saw no evidence 
of in this group.  Probably a waste of time anyway, but I was still 
disappointed to see amateurs.

I dont know why they discontinued contact with me.  I openly admitted 
I am a Libertarian, but that my personal philosophy was pretty close 
to theirs.  [Ed note:  Since the original posting of this article 
I received additional email.  I was informed that THEY considered ME 
a security problem!  Then a month later, I was informed that wasn't 
really why, and they had a different reason based on information I 
never provided.]

What I suspect is they arent interested in non-novices, which is 
very typical of groups.  This is why so many non-novice survivalists 
simply form their own small group, out of friends and family.  Its 
important to remember that these public groups tend to be larger 
than smaller groups of friends and family.  Always remember, if you 
offer any signs of civilization, it will look like exactly that.  
People dont attack the govt. buildings of a past govt. out of 
hatred, or search of booty.  It is the conquest -- They attack 
because of what it represents.  And if they find you, in a group, 
they will attack you because of what you represent:  defiance, the 
will to go on.  You become a symbol or cause of the day.  Start 
your own group made up of friends and family.  If you are large 
enough to be discovered, you will look exactly like a group of 
friends and family.  When you join a public group, the composition 
tends to be made of only a few families of the same ages, and far 
too many couples or single members in the same age group.  This 
is a dead giveaway to any looter who discovers your group.  An 
extended family will be left alone whereas an organized group of 
families and individuals will attract attention.

I got the sense that I had more knowledge than their leader.  They 
use rank, which surprises me.  [This month they have switched to 
Titles.]  It speaks  of egos, and most successful groups consider 
everyone a private or equal.  So, I probably threatened someone's 
personal power.   I openly questioned their methods, etc., and 
offered ideas for improvement, toward their goals.  I think my ideas 
may have been a surprise to these folks.

The size of the "Official NW Cell" also took me by surprise.  Its 
small.  12 people scattered across 4 states!  They have no regular 
meetings--ostensibly.  It smelled much more of a phone chain than 
a practicing survival group.  There are dozens of militias this 
size in Oregon, where I live.  There are groups with members in 
the 100s.  And I even hear of a group that is approaching 1,000 

The last thing I will add involves personal security.  I offered 
visual inspection of my supplies and equipment.  Needed, I suppose, 
because they dont go out in the field together.  This was 
unacceptable.  I was told I must fill out an inventory sheet, and 
a copy was to be made.  As if writing this down, as well as multiple 
copies isn't bad enough, they were going to forward one on to some 
"national command".  As if someone is going to conduct theatre 
warfare or something if the balloon goes up.  [Written copies have 
been temporarily suspended, but I would still be worried about 
sharing a space with someone who submitted one or any group that 
used to require them.] [Since 1998, numerous claims have continued 
to be professed that they keep no lists.  On misc.survivalism, I 
recently informed them that they had indeed accepted me onto 
their rosters.  They have no idea what my age, sex, or location is.  
Posting a response to misc.survivalism they emphatically denied I 
had been offered membership.  Kinda makes you wonder, huh?  Lying 
about a lie...]

Well, thats it in a nutshell.  Email me if you have any further 
questions.  There are many details, but I dont want to waste any 
more of your time.  Indeed, this is intended to urge the 
intermediate and advanced survivalist to not waste time.

Some final thoughts on the philosophy

I originally found the book while browsing Fiction, 
Men's Adventure.  Its sort of hard for me to find any practical 
survivalism and there is alot of plain bad advice and wrong facts.  
But the philosophy jumps right out.  They speak a lot about common 
sense which is purely subjective, so I wont comment on this--read 
a history book for some of the wackier philosophies based on common 
sense.  Or if you dont have the patience for history, read Al Gore's 
book: _Common Sense Govt_.  Alot of ideas are very Conservative, 
and many are Libertarian.  The biggest contradictions however stem 
from their profession to adhere to principles of the Founding 
Fathers.  They are Drugwarriors in the extreme.  Advocating the 
death penalty, just like William Bennett and Daryl Gates.  
Survivalist need the War on (some) Drugs to end.  The govt. 
monopoly on medicines wreaks havoc with our procurement efforts.  
Many have street-grade morphine in their med kit.  Others have 
turned to veterinary-grade drugs.  

For a complete discussion of the WODrugs, go to talk.politics.drugs 
and read a FAQ.  The founders certainly engaged in no War on Drugs 
as there was no prohibition--which didn't come into play until the 
20th century.  Many grew, manufactured, and used medicines of all 
types freely.  Our Constitution was written on hemp paper.  The 
founders would never have approved of legislation interfering with 
a person's Right to use any medicine they may choose.  The WOD 
is also fundamentally opposed to TSers professed claims of racial 
harmony.  The racism inherent in the Drug War is just as ingrained 
as the racism in gun control.  Right-wing socialist dictators also 
have a poor track record with regards to minorities of all types.

The TSers also believe in an extreme progressive tax taken right out 
of the Communist Manifesto.  They believe that tax rates should be 
so high that it would be impossible to become a millionaire.  This 
is more than a little upsetting to any non-socialist, and very 
upsetting to the tens of thousands of millionaires in the US.  From 
this stems their philosophy of "everyone works".  So even if one has 
nearly attained wealth, one must work.  Wealth is no substitute--hence 
the reward and motivation of the underline success principles in 
capitalism are completely undermined.

The Tri-States philosophy also believe in socialized medicine.  For 
a complete discussion of the monstrous horrors of this, the reader 
is encouraged to review any socialist country history, or closer to 
home, re-examine the Hillary Klinton healthcare debate.  Finally, 
the benevolent dictator part really comes into play in the court 
system.  The dictator would have the final say in the appeals 
process.  Which isn't a whole lot different from contemporary 
supreme court justices who are installed for life by the current 
regime controlling the US.

[Recently a web page calling itself TSC "webring" homepage was 
created and has some interesting info.  It has a manifesto.  
Johnstone once described his ultra-Rightism by saying TS was 
"rightwing socialism".  This page doesnt mention that; it does say 
that they are against socialism and consider it a threat!  I nearly 
fell out of my chair laughing when I read that one.  It talks alot 
about Freedom, but then goes on to describe how I will and should 
be taxed to pay for his favorite programs.  Its as contradictory as 
they come.  Ill just stick with the LP (, the 
largest and oldest third party going, and a great way to contact 
folks like yourself.]

In closing I would like to thank everyone who has emailed me and/or 
otherwise contributed to this article.  There are many interesting 
tales of folks who have been involved with these groups and I 
strongly urge you folks not to fear writing articles.  It seems 
many folks are not interested in coming under one command.  While 
there are a variety of reasons, it all seems to boil down to 
each reader read something different, and ignored the parts they 
disagreed with. 
 Perhaps you, Johnstone, should write a new book, include some 
survivalism, and exclude some of the right-wing socialism 
[read: fascism].  Live and let live; mind your own business, and 
dont force me to pay for it.  Good luck to you.


"I like it up the ass.  I give great head too!"  --William 
Johnstone, Ashes series


Are you free?

Do you own your body?  Can you prostitute yourself, sell your organs, 
or medicate yourself?  Do you own your labor?  Can you work for 
any wageyou want, whatever hours you want, and keep the fruits of 
your sweat?

Do you own your possessions?  Can the terms of your property 
ownership be changed at any time, or for any reason?  Can your 
property be taxed without limitation?

Can you travel freely?  Must you carry identification papers for 
you and your property, submit to search without warrant, cause, 
or recourse?

There is a spectrum upon which lie two endpoints.  One point is 
slavery, and at the other end:  FREEDOM.



Comment: Occassionally, someone who is on the outs with a certain group comes up with an excellent analysis of a certain organization, as an organization person has way too much psychic investment to be either objective or honest in that particular organization.

Mr. Jake Ryder, as a Libertarian, has come up with a great deal which is objectionable with the Tri-States Coalition. And one of its brassy camp-followers finds objection to this expression in the Usenet concerning the objectionable practices of Tri-State Coalition.

As a Libertarian, Mr. Ryder has outlined both the internal and external idiocy/fascism of Tri-States Coalition. As a Libertarian, I myself agree with Mr. Ryder. As a Christian Identity / White Nationalism Resistance coalition supporter I find other areas of concern which will be addressed later. But for now, let us look at Mr. Ryder's analysis and find areas of concern to both Libertarians and Resistance operatives.

First of all, it is the philosophy of Tri-States Coalition. The philosophy is essentially indeed "right-wing socialism" under a leadership role of one man -- an aging and overweight writer of pulp fiction adventure stories for the Walter Mitty right-wing crowd. But unlike most writers, this particular writer of formula fantasies wants to run a political/military movement and wants his followers to report on their doings. Thus you have organization based upon the fuerher-prinzep. And one could call "right-wing socialism" based upon collectivizing an entire nation of survivors "National Socialism," i.e. (in German) Nazism.

Now Libertarians should be rightly suspicious about any such manifestation -- as was Mr. Ryder. However, Christian Identity or White Nationalist Resistance elements should be wary as well. In Mr. Johnstone's zeal to get formula fiction published via paperback, Mr. Johnstone has chosen to make sure that his survivalist fantasies are politically correct. There is no place in Mr. Johnstone's fiction for White Nationalists or Christian Identity people to be anything other than paper villians to be slaughtered as soon as possible.

                ASHES #24 
            ISBN 0-7860-0438-X 
            Publication Date: April 1997

       "A lot of people use religion as an
       excuse to tell other people what to
       do. If your belief makes you
       intolerant, or dangerous to your
       neighbors and their rightful
       liberties, you'd best stay away
       from the Rebels."--Ben Raines

   For decades, America has been ravaged by nuclear war, anarchy
   and disease; now it faces its bloodiest battle yet against the 
   fires of religious intolerance. To millions of men and women, 
   Simon Border is a saint who has the inside track to God. But 
   to Ben Raines, Border is a dangerous hypocrite with an army of 
   true    believers who'll do anything they're ordered to do -- 
   like go on a holy war against Raines and the SUSA Rebels. 

   Border has condemned Raines as the Antichrist and has vowed
   to destroy him, his followers and what remains of America. As
   the rabid religious leader puts into place the final piece of a
   chilling plan, Raines is going to need a miracle to stop him
   -- and survive. 

   But Ben Raines and his Rebels have a way of making miracles 
In Ashes #24, Ben Raines/William Johnstone and his Rebels/TSC/TSM is going to get rid of "religious intolerance" -- or at least the Christian Identity believers. However, the good news is that it takes a while for the Tri-Staters to get around to the Church. The previous books saw the extinction of the dopers, anarchists first, before graduation to politically cleansing the tougher White Nationalist secessionists in TSC/TSM's Amerika in order to found William Johnstone's/Ben Raine's New World Order in Ashes #19.

So of course the Libertarians should look askanse at the meglomaniacal ravings for profit of the Tri-Staters Obergruppenshiessenkopfenfuehrer Johnstone. However, the Resistance elements who only wish to be left alone to practice their faith with their own kind should not view the Tri-Staters, with their murderous fascist delusions with very much sympathy either. While we do want to live without having the dopers and anarchists in our face, they are not really a problem to the Resistance because they are no real threat to us. Let 'em kill themselves. We really couldn't care less what they do, as long as they are not pestering us with their silliness. No, the problem we face is a bunch of self-righteous fascist cowards always seeking to impose a police state over the productive, so that the parasitic can prey on us in security. What difference does it make as to which gang of CONstitutional fascist regime criminals wants to rule over us? Does anyone really prefer a New World Order of the present corrupt criminal regimists as opposed to William Johnstone's Tri-State Militia/Coalition version of the same?

We may not think much of the degenerate idiots infesting our social order who look down upon us because of our 'old-fashioned' political/religious beliefs, but after these degenerate solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascists are gone, murdered by these Tri-States fascist crockpots, then these TSM/C kooks might be coming after us -- if they dare. We should not be amused to find ourselves to be listed as 19th or 24th in line for extermination by a psychotic gang of 20-30 meglomaniacal Nazi fascist shitheads.

So when Tri-Staters start sucking up to a Resistance which is largely Christian Identity or White Nationalist in philosophical outlook, one should remember the belief structure by which these loveless fascists really live by. Sure, they will pick on the dopers, anarchists, and libberToons first because these people are weak and divided because of their terminal illness with the endemic mental/moral sickness of our age, which is radical eglitarianism and radical self-absorption combined to form a cowardly cretinous solipsism. Having destroyed their weaker fellow sufferers of the same disease, it is but a matter of time before these Tri-State anarchy-fascists seek to enslave/exterminate the Resistance. We, knowing of the Tri-Staters' basic instincts, would do well to steer clear of them, based upon an analysis of what they believe, which they dare not proclaim openly to us.

It has come to my attention that Ed-the-Dog (misnomered Wolfe) has been trying to suck up to the CI/White Nationalist element out there. Why should you allow him to do so, especially when you hear him on the one hand deny your basic beliefs, and on the other hand is affiliated with a bunch of crackpot hitlerites who want to put some pathetic feeb who churns out formula fiction in as der fuehrer? And that this pathetic fuehrerfeeb's meinkampfdrivel consists in large part in the wet-dream extermination of us "racists" after he finishes off the dopers, libberToons and anarchists?! I mean, what is in it for us to be associated with 20-25 fascist crackpots wanting to establish their own dicklesstatorship of a solipsistic mass of masturbatory cretins?

Jake Ryder, the Libertarian, also makes the point that the Tri-Staters, as cowardly fascists seeking power over others, are immeasureably easy to infiltrate, just so long as the infilltraitors don't use their real name or profess their real motivation. In the third segment, I will demonstrate that Tri-States Militia is still running strong within the Tri-States Coalition, and that many of its officers overlap. That for all practical effect, Tri-States Militia/Tri States Coalition are one and the same -- have to be -- given their mutual interests and personnel.

--Martin Lindstedt,
The Patriot Coalition



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