A Resistance Rogue's Gallery

A Listing of Various Fools, Degenerates and Regime Criminals Infesting the Resistance



False Identity Baal-Priests & Pass-turds

The Spawn of Satan Trying To Infiltraite Christian Identity

. . . Richard K. 'Andy' Andersson
Andy Promises to Leave If Andy Doesn't Get His Way -- May 25, 2000
Andy's Application Form To Join A CI Listserver -- Sept. 6, 2001
. . . ZOG-Kernal Richard (KhazarDick) Niemela (a.k.a Niematoad, Niematurd Nigger-Kike)

. . . 'Pastor' Mark Downey & Priestess Klunt Debbie-DunKlan Downey

Since There Is No Devil, There Need Be No Christ Either -- Passturd Meercat Markkk Downey
Klunt to Meggie: I Hate DSCI and DSCI Pastors -- March 24, 2002
Klunt Goes Wild Re: Regarding Richard Niemela and sundry false-Identity ZOGite baal-priests -- June 21, 2003

Criminal Regimeist Agents Provacateur In-fill-traitors

The Tri-States Militia/Coalition

Ed-the-Dog (misnomered Wolfe) and the PiML/PdML Name-collecting Network

Tri-Stater Militia 'Colonel' Red Mike Vanderboegh

Assorted Tri-Staters to Keep an Eye On

Jeff Randall



Regime Criminal Fellow Travelers



Chickenshit LibberToonian Posers Dabbling in 'Revolution'

Sundry Moral Degenerates and Onanistic SMAFs

Paytriots Demanding Money

Paytriot Heat Sinks

The Free Republic

Free Republic: Color Inside the Lines, Please! -- by Carol A. Valentine
Free Republic Bans Top Foster Researcher -- by Carol A. Valentine
The Free Republic: Israel Comes First -- by Carol A. Valentine
Originally posted: May 2000
Revised July 25, 2009