Nest of Neo-Nazi Infilltraitors

The Tri-States Militia/Coalition

Part 2



From: JRyder (
Subject: Tri-States FAQ  (Questions deserve more questions)
Date: Saturday, June 06, 1998 9:20 AM (PAPACHUBY2) wrote:

Q: Is it true the Tri-States Coalition is socialist? 

A: This is a totally unfounded rumor but out by those who try to 
discourage new members in joining TSC.

   Your own leader, johnstone, called the philosophy "right-wing 
   socialism".  But I guess if you repeat unfounded and rumor 
   often enough, some sucker might believe you.  --JR

    If you would look up the political definition of SOCIALIST or 
SOCIALISM you would find that it means the citizens. Take a look at 
how these United States have feel good programs such as Aid for 
Dependent Children, Disaster Relief Programs, Equal Opportunity/
Affirmitive Action...the list goes on. In a Tri-States base 
community or government these programs would be non-existent. 
Citizens are left alone to be personally responsible for their 
lives and actions. 

Except as noted below...  --JR

Government is limited in size and is held answerable to the people. A 
Socialist government is just the opposite. It is top heavy with 
bureaucracy and interferes on a daily basis with the lives of the 

To a libertarian, or anyone loving Freedom, the US is socialist.  
TS comes close but why should we settle for any less in a 
hypothetical utopia?  --J.R.

citizens. Telling them what to eat, wear, buy, etc. A Tri-States 
society governs itself simply and fairly. It is a society built 
on self-determination, simple laws, and tough justice, where 
color and race aren't issues. What a person is willing to commit 
to others and theirself is all that matters. In a socialist society, 
people are required to have permits and licenses for every aspect 
of their life. Not so in a Tri-States society. In a socialist 
society the citizenry is unarmed and forbidden to own arms. 

Uhmm.  No.  Not really.  Many a fine socialist democracy or 
dictatorship allows ownership.  --J.R.
    On the Resistance side, and raising the hypothetical question 
What happens if a given society wishes to govern itself in a 
community based upon self-determination where color and race 
ARE issues, i.e. a given society where the majority of the 
inhabitants choose to not allow others of a different race and 
color to be inhabitants of that society?  In the case of white 
separatists, the TSC/TSM would be in the line of predators and 
enforcers no different than the current criminal regime.
   Thus, under a right-wing socialism as imposed by TSM/TSC, 
both libertarians and CI/White Nationalists would find themselves 
engaged in yet another Revolutionary civil war to dispel this new 
militant socialist threat.  As in the Ben Raines "Ashes" novels, 
first the weak would be destroyed by TSM/TSC, elements such as 
the dopers and anarchists, with eventually an inevitable 
confrontation with the CI/White Nationalist Resistance elements.
    Therefore, the Resistance should regard the TSM/TSC element 
as dyed-in-the-wool fascists who should never, ever be trusted 
by anyone in the way of their fascist socialist control agenda. 

    Not so in a Tri-States society. In a Tri-States society the 
Right to Keep and Bear Arms is unencroachable.  Unlike a socialist 
society, a Tri-States based government doesn't prop up an individual. 

Ridiculous.  Youre propping people up by socializing healthcare.  
When you have such an incredible progressive tax, you will prop 
people up too.  Prop up people with the proceeds; and prop up the 
businesses your cripple with the tax.  --J.R.
   I am reminded of a similar guarantee from the current criminal 
socialist regime which has made similar promise of a "Right to 
Keep and Bear Arms."  I would not trust another group of allegedly 
'right-wing' socialists.  Especially not, given that the TSM/TSC 
coalition consist of regime infilltraitors and fascist liars. --M.L.

You succeed or fail by your own abilities or a lack of them. 
Small businesses and self-employed people aren't burden 
with tons of paperwork, the government telling them who 
to hire and how many, regulations and the other myriad of 
things that a socialist based 

Right.  You just have a maximum wage.   --J.R.
   If the TSM/TSC is so concerned with racial preferences, 
then what with the veiled spiel against affirmative
action?  This is but an effort to speak against 
affirmative action without mentioning it  or promising 
to overturn it.  Remember, these TSM/TSC liars are 
supposedly all in favor of forced integration -- or at 
least the elimination of those who would practice 
voluntary de-facto-leading-to-de-jure segregation  --M.L.

government requires. In a Tri-States base government 
full-time political leaders are rare, enormous salaries & 
perks non-existent and all decisions affecting the lives 
of citizens are done out in the open. The laws in a 
Tri-States society are decided upon by the citizens 
alone, voted upon and passed by a strict 2/3 majority 
and set in stone. They cannot be changed or amended. 

Mmm.  Not too flexible.  Pretty much unworkable 
and it shows you havent given any thought to 
possible ramifications.  --J.R.
    All those in favor of raising taxes to provide for 
a palace full of prostitutes for our fearless leader, 
William Johnstone, raise your hands for a free poke. 
OK, looks as if the 'ayes' have it.  The law is set in 
stone for all time.  Any of you anarchists want to 
secede, refer to the Ben Raines' Ashes novels, 
#1-365 for what happens to secessionists from the 
TSM/TSC paradise.  Ed-the-Dog and Colonel Red 
Mike are in charge of enforcement.  --M.L.

Can the same be said about a socialist society? 
In a Tri-States society an individual's right to 
use whatever means necessary to protect 
person, property or others is inviolate.

Except if I want to protect myself from your 
revenuers.  In that case, I have no Right. -J.R.
  Or unless you are a 'religious intolerant.' 
See Ashes #24 for the likely result.  --M.L.

Not so in a socialist society. A socialist society will pay 
people not to work, farmers not to plant crops and will 
dictate that to the citizens they must love everyone and 
it is politically incorrect to dislike people. Not so in a 
Tri-States society. 

  This is a lie.  Those who are deemed religiously or 
racially intolerant end up being killed by the archetype 
TSM/TSC.  --M.L.

                         In a Tri-States based society, 
there isn't a massive amount of government deparments, 
employing thousands of people who are sticking their 
noses into every aspect of a TS citizen's life. Citizens in 
Tri-States is on their own. They aren't propped up, 
cuddled or babied by the government. A citizen is allowed 
to choose what kind of business they can go into or how to 
run it or who to hire. 

Sounds good.  Id like to grow poppies for medicine.  --J.R.
Note how these fascist control freaks say just what 'a 
citizen is allowed' to do.  Observe the fascist mindset. --M.L.

The cost of government is kept low in a Tri-States society by 
eliminating all the dead weight bureaucracies that the current 
government has. This opens up revenues that allow for the 
more important things to be done.

Yea!!!  More "important" programs, Im sure. --J.R.

 Yes, there is public education in a Tri-States society, but 
there is private & parochial schools as well. 

Could you please explain this contradiction?
You said I could protect my property?  Now you say the 
govt has a Right to it--and will use it to educate (or not) 
someone else's children? --J.R.
   No contradiction.  The TSM/TSC right-wing socialist fascists 
will take money and children and set up private skules to 
indoctrinate the nippers.  For those of more wealth and power 
in the TSM/TSC kleptomaniacal kakistocracy there will be 
private skules to endeavor the children of the ruling fascists 
to stay away from the poor and colored children that they 
profess to love.
   In short, what you have is a right-wing socialism of 
Tri-Staters akin to what can be observed by the current 
left-wing clinton criminal regime.  --M.L.

In Tri-States, the government doesn't tell privately ran 
schools what to teach and who to admit in their schools. 
If a private school wants to be all male or all Christian or 
all atheists, then that is their right. Public education is 
available for those who can't afford to put their children in 
a private school. 

Lots of them, no doubt.  What, with your maximum wage 
an all. --J.R.
    Reading the founding documents of the Ben Raines 
New World Order dream regime, one must wonder how 
long the David Lane Neo-Wodenist Day School or the 
Pastor Pete Peters Christian Identity Scriptures for America 
Academy would last.  --M.L.

Children are the future of any society and an educated 
citizenry is essential to maintaining that society. However, 

Sounds just like klinton:  "...for the children..."  -J.R.
   It is the mark of a typical fascist to think that indoctrination 
will solve everything.  Given enough public skrules and 
reeducation centers everything will be peachy keen for 
the Tri-Stater's regime --M.L.

where a socialist controlled school system fails the young 
minds it should be teaching, by allowing criminal behavior 
and disruptive students to influence policy, a Tri-State 
controlled school has a strict discipline system. Parents, 
teachers & administrators are allowed to use what discipline 
is necessary to correct improper behavior of a young 

In other words, the govt can beat my child for whatever it 
considers "improper behavior".  --J.R.
   After a pledge of allegiance to the Tri-Staters' regime, a  few 
"Sieg Heils" on behalf of Obergruppenshiessenkopfenfuerher 
Johnstone are 'Im Ordnung.'  
   After that, a few basic lessons in proper wuss behavior can 
be indoctrinated onto the young quasi-male scholars by the 
alphashedog herself, Ms. Johnson.  A Persian classical 
education  in riding, shooting straight, and always telling the 
truth are foreign to the Tri-Staters, although shooting straight 
inevitably becomes a extra-curricular activity.  --M.L.

The basics of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and 
Arts are emphasized. Extracurricular activities are encouraged, 
but not at the expense of education and learning. The 
educational requirements are not downgraded so as benefit 
those scholars who can't or won't learn, thus jeopardizing 
the education of other students. In Tri-States affordable 
healthcare is the rule rather then the exception. 

Throughout history, healthcare has and always will be a 
luxury.  The only way to bring it to the masses is by violating 
the human and civil Rights of individuals. -J.R.
   I fail to see how the above setting up of indoctrination 
centers is in any way different from the socialist delusions of 
today's criminal regime.  --M.L.

This is done, not by establishing a government controlled 
HMO (as in a socialist society), but by the government 
staying out of the business of medicine and leaving it to 
those who practice medicine. 
Sounds fantastic.  Very libertarian.  And it will not achieve 
your goals.  --J.R.
     The above 'solution' and the promise of affordable 
healthcare for all are incompatible.  The typical Tri-Stater 
usually states his fascist wish first, then either proposes a 
'solution' either in line with his fascist wish-list  or totally 
incongruent with it.  --M.L.

There isn't an agency out that approves or disapproves what 
drugs should be used to treat health related issues.

Not my understanding.  In TS, drug use is bad.  The govt 
(dictator) decides what drugs are approved and what health 
related issues are.  --J.R.
    Tri-Staters approve acute lead treatments for those 
caught prescribing and dispensing medicine without 
TSM/TSC permission (calling them dealers) and those who 
take the unlicensed medication (called "mutant dopers," 
and also summarily dispatched in the TSM/TSC manifestos/
pulp fiction Ashes series.) --M.L.

 If you are 18 years and have appropriate ID, you can go 
to a pharmacist, get what you need and go home. If you 
happen to overdose yourself because you were too foolish 
to follow the instructions on the label, then it is your 
problem and no one elses. Frivolous malpractice suits are 
not tolerated. 

Who decides whats "frivolous"?  You just said the govt 
would stay out of the business of medicine.
    If you are one of our human cattle, over some arbitrary 
age, and have a suitable brand easily verified by our police 
infilltraitors (the branch of the TSC formerly known as the 
TSM) you can go to one of the licensed drug dealers who 
have paid the TSM/TSC a suitable kickback and get all the 
overpriced shoddy drugs you want.  Then if you croak from 
an overdose, your're fucked, buddy.  Don't you know you 
can't sue the gubbnmint?  --M.L.

Good medical practitioners are not punished by skyrocketing 
malpractice insurance costs because of a few bad doctors. 

What?  If the govt is out of this sector, whats insurance got 
to do with anything?  You obviously havent studied this 
issue, or youd understand what a silly thing you just wrote.
   Since the licensed gubbnmint drug dealers can't be sued 
and the unlicensed drug dealers and their mutant doper 
customers have already been shot, there is no need for 
medical malpractice insurance, given the high moral, 
mental caliber of the TSM/TSC licensed quacks, er, 
practitioners who have paid their kickbacks, 'er licensing fees 
to the Tri-Staters' board of medical examiners. --M.L.

The bad doctors are forced to accept personal responsibility 
for their actions by paying restitution, receiving steep fines, 
prison and not being allowed to practice medicine within the 
confines of a Tri-States society. 

So the govt IS involved.  Does the citizen in question get 
a trial?  -- J.R.
    Yes.  Then the doper-mutant maker is shot unless he pays 
some steep fines to the medical licensing board of the 
TSM/TSC.  --M.L.

Aide stations are set up by the military (which all able 
bodied citizens -- men & women -- over 18 mandatorially 
belong to) 

Ah, sort of like a socialist country.  Conscription. --J.R.
    I think I'd pass on seeking medical attention from 
the TS Militia V.A. doctors.  One could die on the operating 
table at the hands of Drs. Red Mike Mengele Vanderboegh, 
Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams, and Ed-the-Dog.  While Dr. 
Ed-the-Dog is no more incompetent than Drs. Red Mike 
and KtSMcW, it is unnerving to know that Dr. Ed-the-Dog 
is someone who might well eat scraps fed him from the 
operating room table.  --M.L.

to deal with urgent care issues that don't need 
hospitalization. In this way medical costs are kept low 
and people can afford to have their medical needs taken 
care of. 

Costs to the recipient are kept low.  The cost is quite high to 
me, when you drag me out of my families business, throw 
me in a truck, and force me to provide services to someone 
else.  --J.R.
    Costs to the recipient and the general society are not 
low.  This scheme of socialized medicine wherein both the 
supply of medicine is lowered and the demand is heightened 
is extremely costly, for the same reasons as it is today. 
   To raise the supply of medical availability, it becomes 
necessary to leave the regime out of the licensing of 
physicians.  Given the murderous zeal of the Tri-Stater's 
Militia/Coalition elements to exterminate the self-medicating 
and the insistence of control of medical licensing, the only 
other way to reduce demand for medical attention is to 
make such of such low quality that it is safer to stay at home 
and away from Tri-Staters' licensed docturds.  --M.L.

From my understanding, one of the reasons TSC and the 
TS movement has been identified as socialist is because 
they require all to work and will force them to work. 

Sure, thats one reason.  You see, if folks cant acquire wealth 
for whatever reason, those who have the capacity to do so 
will leave.  History repeats itself, and youll quickly find 
yourself building a fence to keep folks in.  Brain drain, 
capitol flight, etc.  quickly ruins a utopia. --J.R.
   The reason that the TSM/TSC has been identified as 
socialist is because it admits that it would require and force 
all to work -- useful 'work' to be defined by the regime. 
On its very face, TSM/TSC is a fascist socialist regime. --M.L.

This is an argument that has been taken totally out of 
context. In Tri-States there isn't welfare, however, there 
is workfare. What this means is that if you are unable to 
find a job, the TS government will provide you with a job 
at a fair wage. 
Speaks for itself. -J.R.
    Yes, it most certainly does.  In addition to the Tri-State 
Militia colonels such as Red Mike Vanderboegh, 
Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams, and Ed-the-Dog infilltraiting 
the open militia generals successfully and the underground 
Resistance without result, and the fascist crackpots such as 
Roxanne Johnson wanting to set up Ben Raines' New World 
Order, one now has the ever-present Tri-State social worker, 
snooping into all details, making the world safe for corporate 
welfarists.  --M.L.

This job could be along the lines of doing "litter patrol" in a 
park, working in a "retirement home", providing "daycare" 
for a working family. 

Oh, goodie.  Hand me a job: thatll help my self-esteem. -J.R.
  On the other hand, watching the Tri-Staters being put to 
useful work dressed in orange jumpsuits at the side of the 
highway might be bliss to both myself and these mattoid 
fascist demi-humans set to the same job they would put others -M.L.

You are not force to say with this job. If you are able to 
find a position that you prefer more, you are encouraged 
to take that offer. Whereas welfare instills a loss of 
self-esteem and pride in one's abilities, it is proven that 
workfare instills just the opposite. If feels much better to 
work and bring home an honest day's pay, then it does 
to stand in line with your handout for charity. There is 
times that people fall upon hardluck and need a helping 

Yes.  Necessity is always the plea of tyrants. -J.R.
   Remember this? :

  From my understanding, one of the reasons TSC and the 
  TS movement has been identified as socialist is because 
   they require all to work and will *force* them to work.

   Liars as well as fascists.  Stupid liars as well as stupid 
fascists.  Do these inbred solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascists 
really think our attention spans are as short as their dicks? 

This is recognized by all TSers. TSers are quite willing to 
help these unfortunate individuals. But instead of being 
giving a "handout" (the socialist way), people are given 
a "handup" (The Tri-States way). 

New and improved--reinvented.  -J.R.
    Rather the same old fascist crap repackaged. -M.L.

Q: I heard that the TSC was a political activist group and
not a survival group. Is this true? 
A: No, this is not true. Tri-States Coalition founding roots 
is in survival and survivalism. 

I dont see how.  The books contain little info on survivalism, 
and what is there is often flat out wrong and dangerous. -J.R.
   The questioner was correct the first time.  -M.L.

It was through the efforts of dedicated survivalists 
that TSC was able to come about. However, there are many 
dedicated believers in the Tri-States philosophy who 
cannot participate in many survival related activities or 
who simple are not into survivalism. They have much to 
bring into TSC with political activism and community 
involvement. It has always been a primary belief by the 
membership of the TS movement that all be political 
involved/active and the it is the duty of all members to be 
community involved to make our homes and communities a 
better place to live. During the reorganization meeting in 
September of 1997, 

Well crack me up.  6 people fly to LA ... --J.R.
   More to the point, the TSM/TSC is NOT primarily a 
survivalist nation organization, but rather a collect of fascist 
collectivist crackpots and petty stalinist wannabes.  --M.L.

it was decided to expand the goals of TSC to attract 

a few more members?  To sell a few more books? --J.R.


What is the TSC's stance on gays and lesbians? 

]TSC has a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. It is none of our 
]business or concern what someone's sexual lifestyle is. 

I guess you feel youre so close to ultra-rightists that you 
felt compelled to make this statement. --J.R.

]If it is revealed that a member is a gay or lesbian, that 
]doesn't mean they are forced out either.

How nice of you.  Just maybe a few extra classes at 
school to educate me in "proper behavior"? --J.R.

] As long as they don't flaunt their lifestyle, 

Whats the punishment for that?

Is there a punishment for flaunting a hetero lifestyle? --J.R.

]try to force others to implement special rights or privileges, 
]and they are involved with consenting adults it is their business 
]and no one elses. 

]What is TSC policy regarding non-Christians and non-Christian beliefs? 

Read the Great White Fascist FuerherVater on his architypical response:

(a href="
               ASHES #24 
            ISBN 0-7860-0438-X 
            Publication Date: April 1997

       "A lot of people use religion as an
       excuse to tell other people what to
       do. If your belief makes you
       intolerant, or dangerous to your
       neighbors and their rightful
       liberties, you'd best stay away
       from the Rebels."--Ben Raines

]Spirituality and religion are personal issues. Each individual 
]needs to answer these questions to the best of their individual 
]ability. You can believe or disbelieve in whatever diety you 
]want. You can worship a rock if you want. 

As long as I worship johnstone too? -J.R.
Or Ben Raines --M.L.

]The choice is yours. Just don't be worshipping Satan or 

Why not?  Whats the difference in what my god's name is? -J.R.

]performing blood sacrifices (such as animals or people). That 
]sort of thing will not be tolerated. 

   The only permissible sacrifice is to the Tri-Staters' 
regime baal-god via its baal-priesthood. --M.L.

]How do I know that my identity won't be made public record? 

Thats easy.  You dont.  Groups of this type have always been, 
and will always be infilatrated.  Agents, provacatuers, and 
narcs.  --J.R.
   In fact, Tri-States Coalition has its own group of criminal 
regime infilltraitors known as the Tri-States Militia.  They 
are affiliated with, and still have as Tri-States Militia 
people such as 'brevet-colonel' Red Mike Vanderboegh's 
Bolshevik Gang of 4-5 horseless mattoids calling itself a 
"cavalry regiment" brevet-major Ted Darby, (alias 'Major Smith') 
operating as TSM/TSC's National Outside Groups Coordinator. 
   Since Major Darby a.k.a Major Smith is in both the Tri-States 
Militia and Tri-States Coalition, everything the Tri-Staters 
know -- Red Mike Vanderboegh knows -- hence Moreass-the-Sleezester 
and the FiBbIes know.

   Now whether not the Tri-State Coalition Nazi wing knows 
about Major Smith-Darby or Colonel Red Mike Vanderboegh and 
allows the suckers to get eaten by FiBbIes or is a totally 
clueless pack of NeoNazi feebs and criminal regime useful 
idiots should not matter to anybody with half a brain who 
doesn't want to warm a regime prison cell faster than you can 
say "Crazy Willie Lampley." --M.L.

]TSC no longer maintains membership records. 

This is false. --J.R.
   Can you say "I trust the Tri-Staters as much as Crazy Willie 
Lampley trusted the Tri-Staters?"  --M.L.

]It is up to the Local Chapters to screen their membership and 
]know who each other is. As for whether or not the government 
]will find out your involvement, that is out of our hands. 

Unless someone at the highest levels is a rat. -J.R.
   This is also a lie.  Obergruppenshiessenkopfen 
Johnstone recently came up with a directive forbidding the 
locals to do anything without der fuhrer's permission. 
   In any case, does it really matter who rats you out to the 
FiBbIes?  Jail is jail, regardless of whether Johnstone or 
Colonel Red Mike, Major Smith, Ed-the-Dog, or Ken-the-Snitch 
ratted you out. --M.L.

]Realistically, the government has files on everyone who lives 
]within confines of the USA borders. What are contained in 
]these files is anyone's guess. If you have ever drawn welfare, 
]foodstamps or unemployement there is a record of it. It you 
]have a bank account or credit cards, there is a record of it. 
]If you have ever called or wrote a government leader or official, 
]there is a record of it. So can we prevent the government from 
]finding out if you are a TSC member? We can't answer that 
]questions, because we honestly don't know. 

You could start by dissolving any national coalition. -J.R.
   So when you do get ratted out by the Tri-Staters, blame the 
gubbnmint.  --M.L.


]A member doesn't have to be a strict survivalist either. We 
]welcome those who want to become involved in Grassroots efforts 
]to promote change in government or becoming involved with their 
]communities. There is room for everyone. We encourage members 
]to do what they perceived to be the right thing. 

   Unless your community is "intolerant" -- in which case it will 
be paid a visit by a NeoNazi feeb gang of Tri-Staters. --M.L.
We?  Who are you?  I dont suppose youre initials are WWJ? -J.R.

]What experience, expertise, and skills do the group leaders have? 
]Group leaders have a variety of skills.

LOL.  How do you know?  Thought you didnt keep lists? -J.R.

] There is a broad spectrum of talent within the TS organization. 
]Common skills of group leaders include the ability to assess the 
]needs of the group in terms of training requirements, skill 
]mixing, organizational ability, general leadership qualities, the 
]ability and willingness to communicate with others at their own 
]level. The higher up in the organizational chart

Chart, list, whatever. -J.R.
   A fascist structure suitable only for fascists with fascist 
mindsets. --M.L.

]leader is, the more skillful he/she has to be in maintaining 
]communication with the groups below and above. You don't have to 
]be former SpecOp to be a group leader, but you have to be willing 
]to devote the time and energy necessary to keep the group working 
]and learning together, and to keep the focus of the group intact. 

So you monitor the groups? -J.R.
   Of course they monitor the Tri-Stater groups.  They are 
fascistfeebs scared to death of losing control over their fellow 
fascistfeebs. --M.L.

]At the state and regional levels, good communication skills 
]and the ability/willingness to maintain regular contact with 
]the layers above and below is very important, since info, 
]ideas, etc are filtered through the layers. 

Ah, multiple lists.  At different layers.  I think I can be compromised in a variety of spots. -J.R.
   These are fascistfeebs.  They cannot exist insecure thinking 
that ANYBODY, especially their fellow fascistfeebs are doing 
something -- anything -- independent of ruling fascistfeeb 
communications, command, and control.  Thus after murdering 
libertarians and anarchists on one side, and leaderless 
Resistance elements on the other, these fascistfeebs will try 
to set up a dictatorship of, by, and over their fellow fascistfeeb 
lumpenproletariate.  --M.L.

]How are decisions made in the organization? By vote? 

]That is dependent on the type of decision. For the majority of 
]issues, decisions should be made by consensus. 

Do I have to be on the list to vote? -J.R.
   At the "head" (such as it is) you have the führer of the 
fascistfeebs, William Johnstone himself.  He makes his will 
known to the alpha-she-hyeanate corps, who by dint of their 
screeching and glass-etching urine dominate the wuss demi-male 
   Occasionally a 'honey-trap' is arranged by which militia 
generals are entrapped by their penises, much like baboons are 
trapped by their fists grabbing peanuts in unbreakable jars. 
Pathetic militia generals who cannot make even their old lady 
listen to them are especially susceptible to the 'honey-trap' 
c.f. such as Pam Beezley. --M.L.

]One exception to this would be that in times of "crisis", the 
]coordinator at any level would be in a position where judgment 

Truly delusional.  In times of crisis your little fantasy will 
quickly be a distant memory. -J.R.

]At the local level, all members of the group can vote. For 
]decisions affecting the entire state, the group leader would 
]convey his group's 

State?  You make it sound like youve got more than a few dozen in 
your little fan club. -J.R.


]Autonomy at the local level will be maintained the majority of 
]the time - so long as basic TSP principles are adhered to. 

So can we assume you have spies in every group?  -J.R.
   In addition to spies in every group, one has every little 
fascistfeeb trying to run things. --M.L.

]What amount of control does the organization have over the 
]individual groups? 

Is that a trick question?

You have the control the group gives you.  Nothing more. -J.R.

]Who decided that Bill Johnstone was to be the leader (not trying 
]to discredit him here)? 

Bill Johnstone.  Clearly evidenced by his self-diefication in 
his books. -J.R.
   Bill Johnstone is a solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascist. 
His followers are fascistfeebs with even less personality 
than the head fascistfeeb, else they would be doing their 
own thing.  --M.L.

]TSCommOne was the leader of the Guardians for an extended period 
]of time. When he decided to step down, Guardian members were 
]polled and they unanimously elected Mr. Johnstone to assume the 
]leadership role. 

Oh, it was those six people. -J.R.

]Why did members feel that Mr. Johnstone was the best choice for 
]the job?

There werent any other candidates with enough money to fly folks 
to LA for an annual shin-dig. -J.R.
   That, and because they are stoooopid fascistfeebs. --M.L.

]What sort of leadership and management skills does he have? 

Lets see.  He was a pig (cop) once.  He worked as a truck driver.  
And he worked in a carnival for a while. -J.R.
   Was he one of the carnival freaks?  --M.L.

]I am puzzled as to why you took over the leadership role of the 
]Tri-State Survival groups? Won't this speed up the crack down 
](if one is coming) on your Ashes series? 

Hilarious.  Just like in the books, right.  The President will get 
involved because he is so dangerous with his visionary ideas, 
right? -J.R.

]Mr. Johnstone's decision was based on his desire to see

...himself as Ben Raines.  And to squeeze a little more dough 
from his readers. -J.R.


]How many members do you need in your group to be considered a "unit"? 

Just one. -J.R.
   No, at least two fascist feebs.  Each one to spy and nark on 
the other to the führer fascistfeeb and the FiBbIes. --M.L.

]A unit is any number of members who possess the belief in TS 
]principles, the desire to learn survival skills and maintain 
]those skills, and the means to exist as a self-sufficient group 
]in the event of a disaster. This can be anywhere from two 
]members up, though it's recommended that each unit not exceed 
]25 members.

A problem you dont even have at the "regional" level yet. -J.R.
   See, I said two members minimum who possess belief in 
Tri-Stater/fascist feeb 'principles', i.e. YOU will nark 
each other out to the next higher  fascist-feeb and 
the FiBbIes whenever possible. --M.L.


]How are leaders selected? 

]Regional Coordinators are appointed by the National Planning 

Is that those same 6 people?  What are their names, and how were 
they elected to the position?  Can I verify the vote?

It is, after all, my group.  Im the one who started it. -J.R.
   Regional Coordinators are appointed by the higher-up 
fascistfeebs.  This is not even a militia generalship, 
much less a coalition of Resistance Action Force cells, but 
rather a fascist-feeb pyramid scheme. --M.L


]What is the Coalition (as a group of people coming together for 
]a common cause) doing to prepare its members for the first 72 
]hours after the fall, and then the next several weeks until a 
]base camp can be established? 

]As a short-term goal, the Coalition is urging each group to acquire 
]basic survival skills and supplies. The nature of these skills and 
]supplies will vary from one geographical location to another. 
]Long-term, we are planning on establishing a number of guidelines 
]for emergency communications, convergence points, etc. 

Ridiculous thing to write in public.  Its no wonder the general 
public thinks of survivalists as nutcases. -J.R.
   The stupider/weaker/lower-ranking fascistfeebs will turn 
over the contents of their 72-hour packs to the ruling führer 
fascistfeebs, who will get first pick of the contents. --M.L.

]Manuals covering training and equipment basics are being 
]prepared at the NC level, 

How much are these books going to cost me and my friends? -J.R.
   Shouldn't cost anything, as these manuals are merely a 
wish-list of desirable pelf to be furnished to the  
fascistfeebs at the NC level of the fascistfeeb pyramid 
scheme. --M.L.


]I agree with most of what I have read with a few reservations 
]and have some basic questions also: Benevolent dictator? I think 
]maybe I have a misunderstanding about the possibility that this 
]is acceptable by the Tri states. Tell me more please. 

]The benevolent dictator comment was made tongue-in-cheek. 

   Does anyone know which (or kind of) cheek that tongue has 
been in? --M.L.
That aint the way it came across.  He said it was a dictatorship, 
made no bones about it, and said it wasnt for everyone. -J.R.

]Mr. Johnstone is the CEO of this organization, 

Is this organization incorporated?  Do you have a catalogue, 
or plans for one soon?  Where can I go to buy a sticker or 
hat? -J.R.
   Remember, you heard it here first that the Tri-States 
Coalition is the fascistfeeb pyramid scheme side of the 
Tri-States Militia regime infilltraitor front. --M.L.

]and as such all final decisions are ]subject to his approval. In 
]all day-to-day business, that's not necessary. The comment was 
]made to distinguish TSC from the liberal notion of "democracy". 
]In the TSC organization, local groups have a great deal of 
]latitude in their operational modes, so long as they ascribe to 
]the basic principles of TS - honesty, hard work, pulling together. 
]There is a certain level of communication that will be 
]expected, though it will be infrequent enough to maintain the 
]network without making it into a rigid structure. We need to 
]know, for example, where our groups are and that everyone has 
]access to the information and training that we'll make available 
]to them. 

   A fascistfeeb philosophy demands adherence to a führer -prinzep 
principle of organization, especially given that it is also 
a fascistfeeb pyramid scheme. 
   No wonder these Tri-Stater fascistfeebs have such hostility 
on one hand to libertarians/anarchists and on the other to 
"Leaderless Resistance" Action Force cells.  They just can't 
stand to have people living free of parasitic rule. --M.L.
And so you can come in and "get us out" in case theres trouble.  
According to several sources. -J.R.

]Is this philosophy constitutionalist based (I assume so) does 
]it have a foundation based on God and his laws(I am gathering 
]that it does not). 

johnstone said in an interview his belief system was clearly 
against the US Constitution. -J.R.
  Fascistfeebs have no god other than themselves. Fascistfeebs 
have no CONstitution other than their own transient desires. --M.L.


]I do like the fact that you did away with the records but how will you 
]know who is who when the "crash" comes and you have a whole lot of 
]people claiming to be or have been a part of one of the groups? 

This should be self-evident.  Ask yourself this:  if you were a 
diefied author, would you destroy the membership list of your 
first and only fan club? -J.R.
   Fascistfeebs do not destroy membership lists, although some 
of them, such as Colonel Red Mike Vanderboegh, Major Smith-Darby, 
Ed-the-Dog, and Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams have no problem with 
renting it out to Moreass-the-Sleezester and the FiBbIes. --M.L.

]How could we meet with a local representative and maintain 

You cant. -J.R.

]To some degree, the meeting with a local rep requires you to 
]give up anonymity. However, the rep isn't going to know much 
]about your personal details beyond your name and (after the 
]meeting) your face - except for 

Unless the person is the narc in the group.  In which case 
she will know all about you. -J.R.

]We don't have lists of group members...and only the Contact 
]Coordinator and myself keep the inquiry list.

So you do have a list.  Whoever "myself" is today.  I hear there 
arent many of the original 6 left. 

What a bunch of crap and lies. -J.R.
   This is just the "inquiry list."  In addition to keeping 
track of the faithful fascistfeebs, anyone displaying curiosity 
is kept track of by both the fuhrer-fascistfeebs and the 
FiBbIes. --M.L.



Are you free?

Do you own your body?  Can you prostitute yourself, sell your organs, or
medicate yourself?  Do you own your labor?  Can you work for any wage
you want, whatever hours you want, and keep the fruits of your sweat?

Do you own your possessions?  Can the terms of your property ownership
be changed at any time, or for any reason?  Can your property be taxed
without limitation?

Can you travel freely?  Must you carry identification papers for you 
and your property, submit to search without warrant, cause, or recourse?

There is a spectrum upon which lie two endpoints.  One point is slavery, 
and at the other end:  FREEDOM.

-Jake Ryder



Comments: Mr. Ryder, a Libertarian, and myself as a Resistance Political Front operative with libertarian principles find the Tri-States Militia/Coalition objectionable.

Mr. Ryder finds the Tri-Staters' fascist philosophy objectionable. I find it understandable given the low moral and mental qualities of today's population. It is merely the feeble efforts of low-quality fascists intent on spying on each other and others.

It is to be understood that these losers would set up a fascist hierarchy based on nothing more than a seniority in the fascistfeeb pyramid scheme. Having no higher reserves of intelligence or morality, such fascistfeeb credentials are/can be the only possible indicator of "rank" in a system of pathetic loveless mattoidal fascists.

What was a cause of supplemental concern to Mr. Ryder -- the presence of infilltraitors for the criminal regime -- is to myself paramount. Since the minimum for a Tri-Stater unit is two (as that is the minimum number in a TSM/TSC unit devoted to informing on each underbred mattoid fascistfeeb since dishonest fascistfeebs can't be trusted to confess to führer fascist-feebs higher up on the pyramid) this is of course a given. If it was a matter merely on these underbred fascistfeebs spying on each other and tattling to their fascistfeebs and the FiBbIes, then no big deal. Let 'em. Such is their nature. But this becomes another matter entirely when these Tri-Staters start informing/infilltraiting the Patriot movement.

Tri-Staters such as Colonel Red Mike Vanderboegh, Colonel John Parsons, the BeezleyBitch, Major Smith-Darby, Ed-the-Dog and Ken-the-Snitch have a criminal regime history of informing and infilltraiting for the criminal regime. For those who would foolishly say that only 'CI madmen' such as Crazy Willy Lampley and others were harmed, I would remind them that infilltraitors, especially those drawn from the Tri-Stater fascistfeeb ranks will inform on EVERYONE they possibly can. EVERYONE is grist for the criminal regime's mill where they grind exceeding slow but exceeding fine.

So those who would live free under their own form of government chosen by the governed, be they Libertarian or be they Resistance, should both despise and be wary of the Tri-States Militia/Coalition and the two-bit petty hitlers and stalins which arise from this festering fascistfeeb nest of Tri-Stater infilltraitors.

--Martin Lindstedt



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