Gaining Permission for WWW Publishing of

"A White Man Speaks Out

>Mr. Lindstedt,
>I am a reporter with the News-Leader in Springfield,
>Mo. I am working on a report on the Internet and how
>the Web has been used for and against racialists - and
>trying to focus on people in the Ozarks. In my
>reporting I interviewed Mr. Miller. He told me about
>the White Peoples Party, his arrest and time in prison
>and his relocation to the Ozarks. I have also done
>some research on Mr. Miller. While doing some searches
>on the Web for his name I came across a chat you had
>regarding him. The thing that interested me most was
>your comment about him getting a Web site. I also
>spoke to him about that, especially as a vehicle to
>sell his book. Since that is the focus of my report, I
>would like to talk to you about that same topic - use
>of the Internet to spread a viewpoint, and how others
>(ADL, SPLC, and even individuals) have used the
>Internet to attack those viewpoints. I have some very
>interesting aspects to my reporting, including the use
>of e-mail to "out" people who are active racists, but
>also have business outside of those beliefs. Those
>e-mails, in some cases, have cost people jobs and
>other resources. A strange twist in the drama of free
>I am looking forward to talking with you. Feel free to
>e-mail or call me at 417- or 1-800-.

     I talked to Glenn Miller once or twice.  Miller has been 
pretty much ostracised by the White Nationalists because he 
was in the federal witness protection program, as Miller will 
admit in his book and in person.  Since one does not get into 
the federal witness protection program without witnessing against 
somebody in federal kort, Glenn is pretty much ostracised.

    Now I talked to him about writing letters to the editor and 
took pains to not discuss anything that our beloved criminal regime 
might call a conspiracy even before I read the part in his book to 
where Glenn admitted to collaboration with the feds.  It is my 
impression that Miller was entrapped by Morris Dees acting in 
collusion with the federal regime, and would not have done so 
unless under pressure.

     Now I have discussed Glenn Miller with other White Nationalist 
political figures and there is not a chance that Miller will ever be 
rehabilitated.  So I have no intention of expending political capital 
to attempt the impossible.

    What Miller was excellent at was in getting several hundred young 
White males to dress up in uniforms and attend rallys in some semblance 
of disciplined order.  I seen a tape Miller showed me, and it must have 
scared the khazars and whiggers in the Carolinas smething awful, like 
the Nurnberg Rallies down their Main Streets.  This is why Miller was 
entrapped and broken before a Southern Nationalist resurgance could 
occur.  This happened in the mid-'80s.

    I explained to him that it would be doubtful if Miller could get 
five people in Missouri to dress up and form a White Nationalist 
parade.  Miller said that he couldn't get five people in Carolina 
to do so today.

    However, today there are no open militias in Missouri other than 
the Missouri 51st in Kansas City, and they give the rolls of their 
membership to the BATF.  In 1996 I urged the militias to break up 
into cells for reasons of internal security and to follow Louis 
Beam's essay on "Leaderless Resistance" for the military action arm 
of the Resistance to form an organization equivalent to the PIRA. 
On the other hand, what was needed as well is a political and religious 
arm of the Resistance consisting of aboveground 'legals' to engage in 
political activity, propaganda, educational, intelligence and 
communication functions.  This Resistance Political Front will be 
equivalent to the Sein Fenn acting in accord to that of the PIRA. 

    So the military arm of the Resistance has gone underground.  This 
process was completed at the end of the Y2K scare of last year, because 
in 1999 the FBI in conjunction with the SPLC and ADL came out with their 
"Project Meggiddo" report, set up fake listservers to trap Christian 
'Identity' believers, and regimeist militias such as the Mo51st and the 
Van Huizen/Wayne faction of the Michigan Militia cooperated with the 
FBI and BATF in revealing disgruntled militiants who had quit these 
open suburban militias populated by whigger supremacists with whigger 
imperialist notions.  This put an end to the open public militia 
movement.  I cannot think of any militia remaining which isn't either 
collaborating with the feds, or is really just a Resistance propaganda 
mill such as the one I run.  So there is no militia movement remaining 
unless it is perhaps about twenty or thirty agents provacateur running 
about in packs of from 2-5 in order to cause an incident.  

    This year the imperial criminal regime has cracked down by filing 
civil and criminal charges under "hate crime" legistreason specifically 
targetting and terrorizing White Christian Americans in order to nip 
a Revolutionary Resistance in the bud.  Pastor Richard Butler was 
deprived of his home under civil activity by Morris Dees in conjunction 
with the federal and state authorities.  Alex Curtis is presently in 
jail on federal 'hate-crime' laws turning what would normally be petty 
misdeameanors into federal felonies.  The Resistance believes that the 
'evidence' such as it is, has been planted by the FBI and ADL.

    The reason for this crackdown on political opinion is that the 
Internet has broken the monopoly of the jewsmedia.  I seldom read a 
newspaper any more, and I watch the TalmudVision news only to see what 
further slant is being fed the masses of whigger herd animals when I 
get the "heads-up" from the Internet.  I have a listserver audience 
totalling over 1,000 people.  From there, it reaches almost everyone. 
My political WWW pages are read by 600-800 people a week, thus gaining 
myself an audience of 1600-2000 people each and every week.  That is 
quite a bit of political and propaganda power for those of the Resistance 
and the criminal regimeist who listen. 

    Since Pastor Butler and Alex Curtis reached even more people and 
were more militant, the Evil Empire had to shut them down.  Not that 
it will work, because there are hundreds of younger people to take 
their place, and mid-level Resisitance political operatives advance  
a few higher notches in a network.

    Now I've run for political office and edited Resisitance e-zines, 
listservers, and newsgroups.  I am at least several times a year in 
the news for one reason or another because of my political activities. 
If or when I am hauled before a regimeist court because of my political 
activism, it will be an admission by the Evil Empire that political 
and legal process is at an end, and the middle phase of CivilWar2, in 
which biological weaponry shall be used to slaughter centers of 
population shall start.

     But getting back to Glenn Miller.  Miller was relevant in the 
mid-80's. In his book Miller says that he got $250,000 from The Order, 
and Miller says he thinks that it was for The Order to use in evaluating 
potential recruits.  

     Now I've read a copy of Miller's book, and it has some pages upside 
down and some missing, and it looks like a self-published book.  It is 
pretty blunt and direct.

    Now Miller has no place in the Resistance other than if he is willing 
to place his book on the Internet so that a wider audience can read it, 
warts and all, and so that it can be useful as a Resistance work of 
propaganda and as a lesson in "what not to do."  

    I discussed this matter over with Miller after he confessed to me 
about being in the Witness Protection Plan.  He didn't seem too proud 
of that event in his life.  I did suggest that he should buy a modern 
computer system and either place his book on the Internet in a PDF, 
HTML or text file. 

     Now if you do this story, I can suggest that Miller allow me 
to post his book onto a WWW page, and that otherwise Miller retains 
paper book rights, but that Miller make it in the public domain 
insofar as the Internet goes.  This way, if Miller is interested in 
rehabilitating himself in Resistance eyes, then Miller is going to 
have to do the job himself.  I am understandably wary of being in 
a private place discussing anything with somebody who has been in 
the Federal Witness Protection Program because I have better things 
to do than to waste time in a regimeist jail for trumped-up conspiracy 

    It has been one of my frustrations that much Resistance material, 
such as Jean Raspail's "The Camp of the Saints" and William Turner's 
political novels are not available for English consumption because 
of the Resistance having to honor the intellectual property 
considerations of its intellectuals.  This is why I post all of my 
Resistance political material onto the public domain, subject only 
to leaving my name and material credited and intact.

    I have done a few interviews regarding the Resistance and the 
Resistance military doctrine at the behest of Louis Beam.  One by 
MSNBC after the McVeigh verdict panned out -- one by CNN did not. 
The reason is because I am careful to not act like a Jerry Springer 
KuKluxKlan Klown by means of doing most of my work by means of 
answering questions posed by e-mail.  Once 99% of the interview is 
completed, with both of us having a record of the questions and 
answers, then a telephone conversation concerning the points brought 
up previously can be arranged.  Since you are a member of the print 
media, this arrangement should be satisfactory to both of us.

    I await your response.  I shall, of course, post this to my 
listserver audience, but remove your name and e-mail address so 
that you can work in peace.

Sincerely yours,

Martin Lindstedt
Chairman, Newton County Reform Party
Former Missouri Reform Party Candidate for U.S. Senate -- 2000



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