Modern Militiaman

A Journal of the Modern Resistance Movement

Issue #13, Nov.-Dec., 1999



Concerning Racial Patriots


CONstitutionalist Paytriots



The past few months have been the most destructive that the already defunct militia movement has faced. It has also been the most useful in that the sides for a great total revolutionary civil war which will absolutely destroy the American Evil Empire have been chosen. The Evil Empire recently released a rightly named propaganda piece called "Project Megiddo" which largely names the sides -- religious, racial, political, and class -- which will bring about Armageddon. Coinciding with this report, the various media organs of the criminal regime have revealed that most of the open militia groups -- rightly suspected of harboring regimeist infill-traitors, snitches, and agents provocateur -- have been collaborating for years with the internal occupation military and police forces, national, state, and local.

On the side of the NWO/ZOG Evil Empire are the CONstitutional paytriots who love a form of governmental domination. On the side of their respective Peoples are the Racial Nationalists and their Racial Religious counterparts who will ensure that the current revolutionary civil war will not end until either one side or the others are totally annihilated. Yellow, brown, red, black or white, they have genocide firmly in sight. While they well may cut a deal for a racial homeland of their own with the other racial nationalists, every racial patriot hates the multi-racial, multi-cultural Evil CONstitutional Empire, and not one of them will be happy until the Empire has gone the way of Nineveh and Tyre. Thus it is a case of CONstitutional- regimeist paytriot versus Racial Patriot. The Racial Patriot shall win, because all they have to do is to destroy the Evil Empire. The weaponry for Armageddon is lying around for anyone who wishes to grasp the sword.


The Combatants in Missouri:

Four years ago, in Nov. 1995, I was publishing a paper ’zine called "The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian." In this political ’zine I wrote an article called "The Combatants of Revolution" in which I agreed with the political anthropologist Dr. Lothrup Stoddard’s 1922 classic "The Revolt Against Civilization" in that revolutions are fought by revolutionary elites of less than two percent of the highest mental capacity fighting against an indifferent horde led badly by rotten reactionaries of small ability clinging to the power they abused. Let us examine Dr. Stoddard’s analysis again:

       "The mere fact that the revolutionists are a minority is
       no safeguard, because it is determined minorities, not 
       passive majorities, that get their way.  The lesson of
       past revolutions, particularly the Russian Bolshevik
       Revolution, is that a small but resolute faction possesses 
       the same decisive tactical advantage as a small but
       highly disciplined and enthusiastic army attacking a
       huge but ill-organized and spiritless foe.  In such cases 
       the assailants have the inestimable advantage of knowing 
       what they want and exactly where they mean to make their 
       attack.  The defenders, on the contrary, not only do not 
       know their own minds, but also usually fail to see precisely 
       where, when and how the attack is coming.  They stand, 
       fearful and irresolute, waiting to be hit -- beaten before 
       they are struck."

       -- Lothrup Stoddard, AM, PhD (Harvard), "The Revolt
       Against Civilization," p. 230, (c) 1922.
And this has never been more so the case than today, in an era of biological weaponry where a small faction can literally destroy not only an entire government but the social order and People upon which that regime lives.

Now back in 1995 I had a good deal of confidence in the Missouri 51st Militia. I even acted as one of their local political agents and submitted a report for them in which they acted on behalf of someone being persecuted in an adjoining county by the corrupt sheriff and the BATF. Of course that was long before the Missouri 51st Militia was in the habit of giving their membership lists over to the instigators of Waco, the Burn-All-Toddlers-First feral fedrule gang and openly collaborated with the FBI. Now while I was questioning the usefulness of the CONstitution in getting us White People under its thumb, and how it would never ever be able to successfully reform without ripping the Evil Empire apart, I was at that time merely a silent Christian Israelite and merely sympathetically predisposed to White Nationalism. I even thought that the so-called CONstitutional militia movement had a purpose for existing, and supported some degree of suburban and rural militia cooperation.

But things changed since 1995. The so-called CONstitutional militias did not go on to become a cadre of Revolutionary activists. Rather, they simply milled about like herd animals around their golden-calf, the CONstitution; refused to acknowledge that it had always been illegal to raise a private army in opposition to the criminal regime’s monopoly on violence and force; loudly yelped to anyone who would listen that "We are NOT racist" and wasted time picketing less than a dozen Klansmen holding a rally in some pissant rural hamlet; and started yapping about how the very internal security forces of the NWO that they had been bitching about at Waco, were all of a sudden, "legitimate government forces just doing their jobs." If that is so, then why name your militia group the Missouri 51st Militia after the 51-day siege at Waco?

And this was the exact same pattern which took place all across America. Timothy McVeigh, the Manchurian Oswald who got his cell infiltrated and/or was provided for with a truck bomb to signal the second bomb’s demolition charges on the Murrah Building’s support columns, was not treated with uneasy gratitude for attacking a legitimate military target of the Evil Empire, but rather was vilified by the militia- general paytriot movement scared by the actual doing of their florid rhetoric. The Republic of Texas secessionists threatened by the security forces of the county, state and empire outside where they were holed up. The militia generals tripped over themselves to explain how since the R.O.T. had seceded, they thus had no CONstitutional rights worth protecting by CONstitutional militias. In the years since Waco the CONstitutional militias have always found some way to justify their cowardice.

All of this stands to reason. The average militia member was a eunuchoid fat white suburbanite who was anxious that his white-collar job was disappearing because of NAFTA/GATT and other NWO schemes. Most of them only bought a military- style semi-automatic rifle because Bush/Clinton had put a ban on them, thus they decided to form a militia in order to play with their new, forbidden toys. While almost all of them had participated in "White flight," none of them had the balls to say or even admit: "Yes, I fled the city to avoid niggers and greasers." And they all looked down on their rural or small-town brethren who wanted nothing to do with living next to those these suburban whiggers pretended to love but did actually hate and fear as much, if not more, than honest rural Whites. In turn, the rural white militia organizations, naturally split up into friends and family cells, resented this condescension and grew angry over the larger suburban militias’ refusal to follow even the very least of internal security principles.

I went to a number of state militia meetings, and the suburban militias like the Kansas City Missouri 51st and St. Louis 1st Missouri Volunteers would be dressed up in their PX be-ribboned camouflage uniform finery, while the four or five rural militias would send their headmen dressed in flannel shirts or service-issue field jackets. These suburban militias would treat the rural militia leaders like they were their commanding officers. But what annoyed the rural militias the most, at least in Missouri, was the practice of inviting the public to state militia meetings. After all, if every small rural militia was only supposed to bring along their CO and XO, then why throw the entire meeting open to the public?

As a result, there were differences in class, racial policies, structure, and internal security arrangements. As a result, the rural militias in Missouri went altogether underground in line with their inherent cell structure, and resumed or started thinking politically in terms of racial and religious lines. The suburban militias like the Missouri 1st Volunteers of St. Louis disbanded or like the Missouri 51st Militia became collaborators with the FBI and BATF in identifying their present membership and telling what they know about the rural militias which went underground. The remaining suburban militiamen who do not collaborate with the FBI/BATF/police remain in a state of denial in which racial nationalism or religious Christian fundamentalist hostility to ‘J*ws’ and mulattos/mestizos are forbidden subjects for thought, much less frank discussion.

Yet in the Ozark region of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas, lands populated by hillbillies or “Mountain Whites” who largely came from the English/Scottish Borderlands in England, much of the population is highly amenable to White Nationalism and to Identity Christianity. In fact, there are probably more Identity Christian churches in this area than even in Western North Carolina or out West in Colorado. As far as White Nationalism s concerned, the poor Whites always hated and despised blacks, although there were never hardly any of them ever around. It is the incursion of Mexicans to fill the Tyson’s chicken plants which has most Whites roiled up now. It is in mountainous areas like the Ozarks, Appalachia, East Texas which are strongholds for White Racial patriotism and fundamentalist Christianity. These areas have created much more than usual Resistance fighting men and political and religious leadership.

Thus the activities of false paytriots in collaborating, snitching, and provoking are regarded as nothing less than treason to our People and our People’s Faith. I doubt that I could adequately describe the searing, corrosive contempt and hatred that racial and religious patriots in the Resistance hold for those filthy pro-regimeist racial paytriot scalawag traitors who would destroy our People for thirty pieces of CONstitutional silver. We hate and despise them and their Establishment Whigger-Supremacist masters, lawyers, politicians, businessmen, media-whores and police far more than we do the satanic ashkenaz-gogsspawn khazar ‘j*ws,’ congoids, mestizos, gooks or any other form of mongrel mamzers because these racial aliens are merely acting according to their nature. Since they betrayed their own People, the natural aristocracy which will save the People must and will make sure that these racial traitors are disposed of through banishment, slavery, and outright execution upon successful prosecution of the revolutionary civil war.

The Four Main Factions of the Evil Empire.

1. The faction ruling today is the WhiggerGliberal- Ashkenaz ruling class and their enforcers and assorted lackeys. This consists of perhaps 10% of the population all told. Politicians, their police, lawyers, judges, corrupt businessmen are the foremost beneficiaries of their imperial misrule. They keep the White middle-class and poor politically dispossessed and maintain their hold over the blacks and mestizos through imprisonment and “Uncle Tom” leadership. Their present aim is to secure their NWO/ZOG plantation by means of destroying the White race and creating a docile brown race via miscegenation, immigration, and confiscatory taxation of Whites so that they cannot replace themselves and maintain an adequate lifestyle. The political vehicle by which they maintain the illusion of competent governance is the CONstitution, which they foisted off onto the foolish Whites and their sovereign local governments over 200 years age. Now the Evil Empire and their lackeys (“whigger nationalists”) try desperately to maintain their imperial misrule by means of indoctrination, persuasion, and, if necessary, by force applied internally by their militarized police and externally by their internationalized armed forces.

2. The mass of the Whites who are poor and middle class, and their natural aristocracy, the White Nationalist Resistance. Nominally Christian, they are in fact led astray by every jewdeo-churchianity hustler, con-man, and pimp pretending to be a religious authority. Nominally literate, their children have been for the past four generations herded to public schools where they are indoctrinated to love the corrupt imperial regime, and how to serve it by periodic sacrifices of their blood serving in the multi-national armed forces; sacrifices of their substance by voluntarily confessing every detail of their financial lives and then sending half of their earnings so that they cannot afford to have even two White children; sacrifices of their seed by sending what children they do have off to the state-mandated indoctrination centers where they learn to become even more witless slaves.

The vast majority of these ‘Whites’ are nothing more than human herd animals. However, there are a certain number of them which have more intelligence and will than the majority, and as a result this natural elite decides that they must engage in armed rebellion against the treasonous/alien Gliberal-Ashkenaz ruling imperialist supremacists for the benefit of the White Race. This revolutionary natural elite never numbers over 5%, most commonly from 2-4.5%, yet this natural elite either survives and prevails in order to re-assert the rights of their People, or they are eliminated. Their People, lacking racial leadership, are destroyed absolutely.

In an era of empire run amok, it is far better that much of the herd be sacrificed in the civil war in order for the survivors to be stronger and unwilling to support the Gliberal-Ashkenaz supremacist global plantation owners. Thus the goal of this White revolutionary elite is to bring about revolutionary and civil warfare necessary to destroy the Gliberal-Ashkenaz ruling imperialists and the White herd animals which support their own destruction. Thus the only acceptable solution is White revolution ending with the thorough extermination of the Gliberal-Ashkenaz ruling class and their lackeys, and the imposition of sovereign White racial nation-states under a military dictatorship of the White natural elite by any and all means necessary. To attain these ends, it is acceptable to make civil-war time alliances with the blacks and the mestizos.

3. The Blacks and their Black Nationalist leaders. The mass of blacks have no great love of Whites, any Whites. However, within the Black community there have been Black Nationalist leaders like Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Louis Farrakhan who have informed their people that it was up to them, not the White man, to provide for themselves and in their own country. It is possible and likely that White Nationalists and Black Nationalist leaders will come to an agreement in that the Gliberal-Ashkenaz Evil Empire must be destroyed, and that the Blacks, if they remain numerous at the end of the total civil war, will be allowed to make over the flatlands of the Deep South as a Bantustan(s) as their own separate homeland, in which Whites are disallowed.

4. The Mestizos in the Southwest. For the past 25 years mestizos from Mexico and Latin America have taken over the former American Southwest from Texas to California to the point where they are the majority of the population. These mestizos despise and detest Whites other than for their ability to make things run better than in their native lands which they left because of their homelands’ corruption and poverty. Many of these mestizos call these territories that they have in fact re-conquered “Nuevo Atzlan” after a supposed Aztec cradle of civilization. It is but a matter of time before these numerous mestizos take over and hold much of the Southwest. They will be able to keep it at least for a while because neither the imperial Gliberal- Ashkenaz ruling class nor the White Resistance has the muscle to take this alien land back. The Gliberal-Ashkenaz imperialists may try to use White blood to do so, but White Nationalist leaders should and will instead agree with this partition as long as the “Nuevo Atzlan” leadership only robs and kills Gliberal-Ashkenaz “whigger nationalists” and assorted imperialist stooges and those Whites who insist on staying in racially foreign conquered territory.

The fact of the matter is that the Racial Nationalists, be they White, Black, or Brown, have far more in common with each other than they do the Establishment Whigger Nationalists and NWO/ZOG global plantation owners. After all, the spoils to be made by destroying the Empire are desired by each and every faction leader. As the Empire continues to decay, and the various racial elements all demand to have it all, it is but a matter of time before the Empire is assailed on all sides. Eventually, the Racial Nationalist leaders will cut a deal with other Racial Nationalists, and the loot will be provided by taking it from the Whigger NWO/ZOG Establishment. From those who have to those who are able to take. Furthermore, the hatred will be most concentrated along intra-racial lines, as Whites will most assuredly be most brutal to the whigger supremacist imperial Establishment who betrayed their racial heritage for a mess of pottage.

Now this is not to deny that there will be absolute racial war as the Evil Empire breaks up. Whites and Blacks and Hispanics will indeed practice racial cleansing within their own racial enclaves. However, within these racial enclaves, there will be intra-racial warfare between the servants of the imperial Establishment and the respective Racial Nationalists, and nowhere will this intra-racial warfare be more intense than between White Nationalists and Whigger Nationalists. As it is, there exists tacit (and some overt) agreements between rural White Nationalists and urban Black/Hispanic Nationalists that the blacks and mestizos can rape, loot and pillage all they want within the urban and suburban city limits. This way, the imperial Establishment and their whigger herd animals can fully enjoy the consequences of their lies and foolishness. After all, there is nothing more satisfyingly just than to see some negro gang kill White pigs, burn down newspaper offices and TV stations, then go to the homes of some whigger social worker or bureaucrats and gang-rape their women, castrate the males, and eat their guts for chitterlings. On that day of Justice, no White Nationalist should lift a finger to stop these consequences from happening. Let the Imperial Establishment and their herd animals learn the hard way the due consequences of racial treason, when White Nationalists sit by or collude with the other Racial Nationalists to remove not only their imperial riches and regime power, but their very treasonous lives as well.

The Paytriot Movement’s Internal Civil War.

Likewise the same goes within the remnants of the militia movement. What remains of this paytriotic CONstitutional militia-general movement is currently being whip-sawed between the various factions of Paytriot militia generals and the imperial regime’s mass of informants and agents provocateur.

For the past couple of years, the various paytriotic CONstitutional militia-general movement factions, each and every one proclaiming to be a ‘legal’ CONstitutional militia and how “We are not racist” have been doing nothing except sniping at each other and informing the imperial police concerning the most militant and racially patriotic of its former members who have gone underground. News stories preceding and following the Feral Bureau of Imperialism’s “Project Megiddo” have revealed that the Missouri 51st Militia, the VanHuizen/Wayne faction of the Michigan Militia Corps, the Montana Militia, every branch and vine of the Tri- States Militia/Coalition and various other militia generals remaining after the political collapse of the militia- general movement at Knob Creek on April 19, 1998, are informing the FBI about what they know of racial patriots of the White Nationalist, Christian Identity, and Neo-Odinist persuasion, who have split up into Resistance Active Service Unit cells or gone lone-wolf.

There have been a number of arrests of White militia personnel who were indiscreet regarding the bringing about the start of a revolution at the end of this millennium by goading the Evil Empire into escalating the current revolutionary civil war by roundups of dissident White elements and declaring martial ‘law.’ What has brought these largely racial patriot militia leaders down, as happened in 1996-1997, was befriending regimeist agents provocateur that they brought into their militias, and the lies that these informants told an increasingly panicky Evil Empire seeing White Nationalist revolutionaries under every bush, rock or tree.

So what brought these racially patriotic militia leaders or soldiers down? Exceedingly sloppy internal security because they did not put into practice organizational principles of “leaderless resistance” as wisely enunciated by Louis Beam. Proper organization is nine-tenths of any effective measure of internal security. Thus any open public CONstitutional militia led by egomaniacs, psychotics, blustering buffoons, informants, regimeist agents provocateur, etc., in a hierarchical structure is guaranteed to be compromised from day one of its organization. Conversely, a Resistance Active Service Unit (RASU) cell is composed up of only blood relations or friends of long standing which predate the militia-general CONstitutional paytriot agent-provocateur movement. Just as in the successful Provisional Irish Republican Army/Sein Fein partnership, Resistance cells do not indulge in any political/propaganda efforts other than the “propaganda of the deed.” They leave political struggle and propaganda generation to White Nationalist political activists, Identity Christian pastors, or Neo-Wodenist priests who can in no way be directly linked to the deeds of the Resistance cells or lone wolves.

Did the two California militiamen falsely accused by an informant in their ranks probably intend to do what the Feral Bureau of Imperialism decided was code for setting fire to some huge propane tanks? Probably not. But yet this flimsy circumstantial tissue of lies regarding intent will be enough to at least put these two away indefinitely without bail at least until after Y2K is over. Probably longer with a regimeist jury. What brought these pore entrapped fools down and out for the Y2K count? An informant? NO! The informant is merely a symptom -- lack of proper Resistance organization and its built-in internal security safeguards was the cause for their entrapment, false arrest and probable incarceration.

Likewise the recent stampede following the arrest on Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1999 of Don Beauregard, commander of the 77th Brigade of Florida militia. Mr. Beauregard is accused by Freeh’s Biologicals, Inc. of “Project Worst Nightmare,” an alleged plot to destroy power plants by means of, if you can believe this federal lie, supposedly overpowering National Guard units and stealing their armories. However, anyone who has been around in the militia movement knows that “Project Worst Nightmare” was a fax sheet alleged to have originated from Brad Glover, now imprisoned for several years in a federal facility, at the time of the Montana Freemen standoff of 1996. The Feral Bureau of Imperialism merely dusted off a hoary urban legend and fed it to the media.

Mr. Beauregard, a young promising real militia leader (who was never heard to disparage the legitimate political, religious, and racial concerns of White patriots), is now facing trumped-up conspiracy charges along with alleged violations of imperial criminal-regimeist legis-treason regarding allowable weaponry for a legitimate patriotic organization, which has not yet been overtly banned politically. Mr. Beauregard’s problem is the one or two or several dozen infill-traitors and agents provocateur (doubtless all yammering about how they were not “not racist” or how they were “CONstitutional paytriots”) he foolishly allowed to be in his open, public CONstitutional militia. What difference did it make whether these snitches were his fellow militia-generals from the Southeast States Alliance or a Haines City police officer? After all, foolish drunken talk over a case or two of Budweiser about fantasies best kept silent is what has gotten poor foolish Mr. Beauregard held without bail for a conspiracy rap and some planted weaponry. Now Mr. Beauregard will face a quick perjury-parlor trial in a fedrule regime-kort for the ‘crime’ of “Drinking While White.” Mr. Beauregard bids fair to become the Bob Starr of 1999.

Mr. Beauregard screwed up. While he had a tolerance for the racial patriotism of his White kinsmen, Mr. Beauregard let himself be surrounded by all manner of fools, incompetents, liars, informants, and other CONstitutional paytriot offal. After the collapse of Dave Rydel’s u.S. Theater Command at the Knob Creek fiasco of April 19, 1998, a breakaway militia organization called the Southeast States Alliance was formed. What did they do next? They held a “field training exercise” in May of 1998 in which known informants from the Tri-States Militia/Coalition, namely ‘Colonel’ Red Mike Vanderboegh and the former ‘Colonel’ John Parson’s adulterous shack-up Pam Beezley were allowed to attend. Some Alabama Bureau of Investigation police showed up to review the militia exercises, and Pam Beezley took pictures of them and their police vehicles. Red Mike, (an overweight fat slob continually on the hunt for Identity Christians and White Nationalists ala Morris Dees of the SPLC) demanded that Beezley turn over the film with the pictures of the ABI personnel and vehicles and Beezley refused. According to most of the accounts of the goings-on that day, Red Mike pulled his 1911-model .45 Colt/penis substitute on Beezley until she handed over the film. This did not go over too well with the rank-and-file Southeast States Alliance militiamen. They wondered what the deal was.

What does this go to show? Mr. Beauregard showed a fatal unconcern for the kind of people he allowed himself and his fellow militiamen to be around. The state and local imperial police were not his friends. They looked upon Mr. Beauregard and the other stupid militia generals who were not informants as rebellious White goyim chattel out to start a peasant’s revolt. Is it any wonder that probably the best, most energetic, most promising of these rebellious peasants would be betrayed by the lies of the criminal- regimeist agents provocateur he foolishly allowed to swarm around him? Even if this pack of lies collapses after Y2K is over, still Mr. Beauregard has demonstrated improper judgment in getting framed and compromised when he had all of three years to disband his militia and become either a political operative or to have formed a network of underground cells.

Now all the members of the Southeastern States Alliance are living in a state of siege, scared that the feds will pull a Waco or Ruby Ridge on them. They talk foolish talk about how they are going to be able to keep from being killed by means of their proven-unreliable militia friends. The reality is that the experienced arsonists, baby-killers, and corrupt praetorian wife-shooters of Freeh’s Biologicals, Inc., can put them in a world of HRT any time Jackboot Janet decides it is time to do something “for the children.” Faced with that reality, the former commander of the Southeastern States Militia, Rick Ainsworth cravenly resigned on Dec. 14, 1999.

As a result of FBI provocation, the paytriotic CONstitutional militia generals are now running around fearful that they will be picked up next. To further the absurdity, the numerous informants, agents provocateur, and caught militia-generals turned double-agent are now on the Internet listservers screaming about how everyone is going to be rounded up and sent to death camps. As far as I am concerned, this justifiable paranoia serves them right for running their mouths to the FiBbIes in the first place about the racial patriots who went underground and formed Resistance cells or went lone-wolf. With great good luck, these cowardly psychotics who hid under color of CONstitution and a false commitment to interracial ‘brotherhood’ can do something useful by panicking like trapped rats and offing some pigs, and then in turn being duly Wacoized. The south Texas negro who ambushed and killed three Texican piglice by calling 911 and shooting them one by one until they killed him, Carl Drega, and the Manchurian Oswald Timothy McVeigh have each done a whole lot more for the all of the people of this multi-racial, multi- cultural Evil NWO/ZOG CONstitutional Empire than an entire garbage-scow load or three of CONstitutional paytriot militia generals.

The new millennium will see the destruction of the Evil Empire by racial patriots, be they White, Black, or Brown. The carnage resulting from this revolutionary civil war fought in a total fashion using biological weaponry will probably exceed ninety percent mortality and plunge the entire planet into a new Dark Ages if it does not destroy all human life. The World Federalist notions of global imperium dreamed of by our modern nimrods will turn to ashes, as any form of government other than tribal warlord over several hundred survivors becomes impossible.

‘Project Megiddo?’ No, Mission Armageddon -- in a world where everyone has the weaponry and the inclination to use them. But as was said in a more stalwart age: “Let Justice be done though the whole World be destroyed.”




1. Although I had been tricked by a friend into attending “Pam Beezley’s Kansas City Militia” the second Saturday of Nov. 1995, where I had to sit in on an extremely idiotic 45- minute rant by a Colonel John Parsons of the Tri-States Militia. Parsons was most pissed about how ABC News only gave him 12 seconds of air time for him and Red Mike Vanderboegh’s narking out a fringe CI preacher dubbed “Crazy Willie” Lampley for allegedly plotting to blow up Morris Dees and the SPLC. I complained to a Texas TSM general if he agreed with his colonel’s narking people out, especially for just wanting to blow up Morris and his SPLC multi-level marketing scam. Everyone else there thought I was a bloodthirsty maniac. Beezley left her much pussy-whupped dolt of a husband and three teenage daughters as bad as she was and ran off to be Parsons’ shackup. Five months later Parsons was revealed as an FBI informant. When I got home I called up the Missouri 51st Militia and told them about what I saw going on that evening at the “Pam Beezley Militia.)



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