Change of Command in the Michigan Militia



First Message

At 07:16 PM 1/18/99 -0500, Ramon Sparks wrote:

>Psalms The 91st Chapter is our MOTTO :
>>                      Lt.Col. Ron Gaydosh
>>                      C.O. 20th. Brigade
>>                      8th. Division
>>                      Michigan Militia Corp Wolverines
>>Subject: Obey by contract
>>Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 03:00:36 EST
>> Michigan Militia Corps
>> Obey by contract. 
>> Tom Wayne and Lynn Van Huzien, have been voted out of office, of the
>>Michigan Militia corps. Wolverines, by the majority of the people.  
>>Yet they hold on to the affect that they are in control.  In this 
>>web site, their goal is nothing but to bring people into their control 
>>and give the feds more information upon the people that do not know 
>>any better.
>>  Please pass this to as many people as possible!
>>This web site is very dangerous and the person or persons that this
>>infromation is put out may look good on the out side, is nothing but a
>>ploy to get you into contract.  These people were removed for their 
>>position, yet try their un-elected position to lore patriots into 
>>their control.  If any question about their agenda please read the 
>>Michigan Militia Corps. M-1 manual. 
>> As a information Officer for over 2 years, with the ex-state 
>>command, for 8th Division, (now the elected Officer by the people,) 
>>I have worked with the ex-command, for over 2yrs.  I strongly 
>>recomend not to contact this web site and not to contact Tom Wayne, 
>>because you may be putting yourself in harms-way! 
>>On the surface it may look good, but deep down it is as deadly as 
>>the Government is today.  Lynn and Tom do not reconize any election, 
>>by the by-laws put into the Michigan Militia Corps. Wolverines, and 
>>have in affect refused to abide by the laws, but yet to make up 
>>their own laws and even put into place a protective body (not elected 
>>by the people) to make sure.  These people are not here to protect 
>>you or to inform you, but to control you.  Tom Wayne told me "You 
>>are not in this organiztion to keep your rights under this
>>organization, we control you, obey or get out."
>>I have been with the Wolverines at the start, I have worked with 
>>the first administration, with Norm Olson.  The 2nd administration, 
>>Lynn Van Huzien and Tom Wayne, and now the 3rd administration under 
>>Joe Pilchack, now the elected commander of the Michigan Militia 
>>Corps. Wolverines.  With the new election I will be working with 
>>the 4th administration of the Wolverines.
>>As the person elected  to the post of 8th Divisional Officer, by 
>>the people, it is important that the people know that the 2nd 
>>adminastration was voted out of Office.  It is now a organization 
>>of nothing but a listing of future pick me up by the feds.  By my 
>>experince with Tom Wayne I advise extreme caution. 
>>Your rights are important, and no one can protect them, except you.
>>If you would like the whole story and the evidence to prove with 
>>I am saying, please contact me at 517-694-6603, or write at 2204 
>>Gunn Rd. Holt Michigan, 48842 or e-mail me at
>>Thank you, 
>>Rick Haynes,
>>8th Divisional Officer, 8th Division, 
>>Michigan Militia Corps. Wolverines 


    Frankly, I don't see why this second administration of the 
Michigan Militia was not voted out sooner.  Well after the 
'extremism' of Norman Olson the Michigan Militia seems to have 
voted "no confidence" in the 2d Administration in favor of a 
3rd Administration of a Joe Pilchack.  I don't know how well 
this 3rd Administration will be from a Resistance standpoint, 
however it should be much better than the 'moderate' 
administration of Van Huizen and Wayne.  Wayne in particular 
was deemed to be a fedrule mole insinuated into a militia 

   I have no idea of when this change of administration via vote 
took place.  I recently received this message from the Chief-of-Staff 
of a CI militia in North Carolina, one Ramon Sparks.  It was to be 
expected that this matter could not be concealed from a Resistance 
which is largely White Nationalist by political belief and 
Christian Identity by religious belief.  I would not be surprized 
to learn that the new Mighigan militia regime in fact took care to 
notify known CI militias as to the results of this election.

   I disagree with the premise that the current Michigan Militia 
WWW page should not be looked at.  In fact, a look at that WWW page 
should reveal why the rank-and-file of the Wolverines voted for a 
change in administration.  The Van Huizen & Wayne regime was 
pro-criminal regimeist, and routinely consulted with such 
tyrannical organs of the criminal regime as the FBI and the 
Anti-Defamation League of the NWO/ZOG.  Doubt this?  Then look at 
the very words of these appeasement lackey-traitors themselves:


Seen at:
    Wayne's Open Letter to John Trochmann of the Montana Militia:

    "Recently three people were arrested in Michigan. They were 
    arrested for planning to do some pretty stupid, not to mention                                         
    dangerous, things. It was quoted in the Detroit paper that I 
    had said we were working with the ADL. That is correct up to 
    a point. We asked them for information on the two-seed doctrine 
    which includes the KKK, Jural society, the Christian Identity 
    movement, and this leaderless cell movement so that we could 
    ferret out those in Michigan whose agenda is to promote
    chaos, who are only willing to fight for the rights of a chosen 
    few (sounds suspiciously like those in government).

    Tom Wayne
    Executive Officer
    Michigan Militia Corps - Wolverines 


    This traitor admits that "working with the ADL is correct, up to 
a point."  They sought the ADL line on Dual-Seedline, the common-law 
movement, and "leaderless resistance" so that they could "ferret out" 
those whose agenda is to "promote chaos" against their beloved criminal 
regime.  Asking the ADL about Dual-Seedline is no more way to get to 
'objective fact' than asking a Dual-Seedliner about what should be 
done with the paramilitary and intelligence occupational arm of the 
Spawn of Satan through the line of Cain.  The common-law movement is 
usually manned by the elders of Israel who act as the judicial arm 
of the Resistance.  And "Leaderless Resistance" as broken up into 
Active Service Unit cell of from 1-5 fanatics is the organizational 
method of our Underground Army of the Resistance.  It is by creating 
an organizational structure by cells that the eyes and ears of the 
criminal regime's occupational police forces are negated.  Being blind, 
the criminal regimeist pigs can only strike blindly, creating ever 
more hatred and ever more Resistance to its tyranny.  We are called 
"The Resistance" because that is our function -- to generate ever 
more and more resistance until this NWO/ZOG occupationalist criminal 
regime can no longer function any more than an overstressed battery 
can no longer recharge because of its insurmountable internal 
resistance.  On that day to be desired, we will destroy the criminal 
regime and exterminate the hated criminal regimeists.

   In short, this militia general has a first loyalty to the criminal 
regime and a hatred of the Resistance which is more properly indigenous 
to the ADL, SPLC, and the FBI.  They offered no assistance to the 
Montana Freemen, not even in a moral capacity.  At least Norm Olson, 
the 1st Commander offered to aid and comfort the Montana Freemen.  
The treasonous ADL administration of Van Huizen and Wayne not only 
refused to do any such thing, but commanded otherwise as their NWO/ZOG 
masters bade them.

    For those militia generals who imagine that the FBI is anything 
other than a regime criminal enforcement arm, please note what Van 
Huizen said at  -- Meet the Commander

   What is Lynn's philosophy? - Lynn is not, nor was he ever, 
   "anti-government" as many in the media, and those who make money 
   off fear - such as Morris Dees, would like the populace to
   believe. Lynn maintains good connections with the local FBI 
   to keep himself updated on their major activities, and to keep 
   them informed of our goals and intentions. Lynn kept in 
   near-constant contact with the FBI during the Freemen siege, 
   assuring the FBI that we were not on our way. During the
   siege, Lynn expressed his concerns of the Federal government 
   simply going in with excessive force, and the FBI contacts were 
   similarly relieved that such action was not taken. He also 
   maintains friendships with many in local and state law-
   enforcement, who often stop in the gun store and bid Lynn 
   good day. 

   Can one imagine what one would think, if a similar policy had been 
followed by a Vichy Frency official towards the local Gestapo chief?
    Lynn is not, nor was he ever, anti-Nazi as many in the media, 
    including the Volksfest Khazarbeiter or Gregor Strasser, would 
    like the occupied population to believe.  Lynn maintains good 
    connections with Major Klaus Barbie and the Gestapo to keep 
    himself updated on their major activities, and to keep 
    them informed of our goals and intentions.  Lynn kept in 
    near-constant contact with the Gestapo during the Ardennes 
    invasion, assuring the Gestapo that we were not on our way.  
    During the invasion, Lynn expressed his concerns of the Panzer 
    Divisions simply going in with excessive force, and the Gestapo 
    contacts were similarly relieved that such action was not 
    taken. He also maintains friendships with many in local and 
    Vichy law-enforcement, who often stop in his Zyklon B 
    delousing station and crematory and bid Lynn "Guten Morgen 
    und Guten Appetit". 

   Now I don't believe in the Holohoax scam, but can one imagine 
what a real WWII French Resistance operative would have thought if 
he had seen Mayor Huizen posting this treasonous bullshit in the 
local market square?  He would have considered this cretin to be a 
Nazi collabor-traitor, and made an example of him and his family 
the instant that the Gestapo got lax.

    To my way of thinking, it is past time that the 2d Pro-Criminal 
Regimeist militia regime of Huizen and Wayne were ousted by popular 
vote of the rank-and-file militiamen.  There have been too many of 
these CONstitutional militias which have been set up to prevent a 
real Resistance from coalescing around sources of real independent 
political power with a real fighting ideology of White Nationalism 
or a real fighting doxology of Identity Christianity.  But time 
is on our side, and the fighting patriots are beginning to realize 
that we do not wish to "reform" a piece-of-shit evil multi-ethnic 
empire, but to rather form independent homogenous nation-states of 
our own which reflect our inherent racial and cultural differences.

    The abomination WWW page at, which 
calls itself the 'official' Michigan Militia Corps is not going to 
surrender itself to the legitimate republican successor administration 
of the Michigan Militia Corps. Thus it is necessary to develop a 
new WWW page.

    Let me offer the services of myself to help you put up a WWW page 
on behalf of Patrick Henry On-Line, which is a Revolutionary 
Resistance WWW page.  I also have Identity Christian and White 
Nationalist Resistance allies who would be pleased to put up hyperlinks 
to a real Resistance organization.

   I thank you for your time and attention and hope to be of service 
to the legitimate successor administration of the Michigan Militia Corps.

Sincerely yours,
Martin Lindstedt
Director of Political Warfare, 
7th Missouri Militia
Resistance Political Front



Second Message

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 02:22:28 EST
Subject: Re: Concerning the Michigan Militia Change of Command
X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 for Windows 95 sub 64

>Dear Martin,
Thank you for your response, I respect your opinion, I believe in 
your right to express your ideals, I understand where you are 
coming from, but I believe this country must  have patirots that 
love this country to save this country from what ever domaination.  
Tom Wayne called me today to tell me (by a loud voice) that I am 
nothing but a waste floating in a toliet, if you get my drift.  
He stated if I wanted a war, I got one.  In the years that I was 
associated with him, he has always said, "you know that you are 
over target when you recieve flack".  Well, I am over the target.

I can't agree with what your ideas are, (at least some of them) 
but I support your right to your opinion, and I will defend your 
right to your opinion.  I can say you have done your home work 
and thank you for your input.  I know that we maybe of a different 
mind set about the way the Bible is written, but we can both 
agree that the money changers have been in the destruction of our 
country.  This is not a judgement upon you, this is a thank you 
letter for your support.  Tom loves  to use the ADL to support 
his direction, and you know how the media controls the sheepeople.  
Once again thankyou, and may you be safe.

Your Friend in Freedom,

Rick Haynes


Dear Divisional Officer Haynes:

   I thank you for your courteous and timely response.

   Getting to the political differences which are endemic between 
the Resistance and the open public militia organizations, I must 
admit that they do exist, and that there are good reasons for 
these differences.  Most of the Resistance elements are of Christian 
Identity religion and White Nationalist by politics.  We do not 
intend to 'reform' what is in actuality an evil multi-racial 
multi-cultural empire because like all empires it exists to benefit 
a tiny elite of regime criminals who do well by destroying the 
racial nationality which formed first a successful nation-state 
and then the empire.  As has gone Persia, Rome, and now America, 
the founding race is slaughtered across the globe, the remaining 
element at home is heavily taxed into extinction, all for the 
benefit of ruling regime criminals and traitors.  See Oswald 
Spengler's "Decline of the West" or Ulrich Varange's "Imperium," 
or the soon-to-be-released Lothrup Stoddard's "Racial Realities 
In Europe" upon my WWW page for a more thorough grounding of the 
evils of multi-racial empires and why they inevitably collapse.

   In any case, the Resistance element is a matter of thinking 
racial nationalism which is in direct conflict with this ruling 
multi-racial evil empire which uses the civic religion of 
CONstitutionalism to justify a counterfeit racial "equality" in 
which all races are in actuality under the lash -- with the 
founding white race especially exploited as cash cows because of 
their superior qualities of industry and thrift.  As part of this 
Resistance, it is becoming more and more apparent that former 
shibboleths which have been measured in the scales and found 
wanting must be discarded.  These include "democracy" and 
"CONstitutionalism."  If CONstitutionalism says that the ruling 
fedrule evil empire has any legitimacy, and is used as a 
foundation for its consolidation of power, then both CONstitution 
and democracy must be jettisoned as anvil baggage.  I do not 
intend to let the mass of moral mattoids infesting this country 
a majority vote as to whether I remain free or are allowed to 
even exist.

    Over the past year or so, the question of "reform" versus 
"Revolution" has tipped to where the Revolutionists have won, and 
so too has the Resistance over what is left of the militias.  The 
libberToon and Paytroit element are selling a self-serving 
something which increasingly has fewer and fewer buyers.  Patrick 
Henry On-Line was always Revolutionary Resistance, and recently 
"The Resister" also abandoned Randian Objectivism in favor of 
"tribalism" -- i.e. White Nationalism.

   Now can one expect a open public militia which prides itself on 
CONstitutional foundations pull up all its past moorings and become 
a Resistance organization all at once?  Of course not.  Not all at 
once.  But yet it must, because keeping its old ideological baggage 
means keeping the rats which have infested it.

   At some time, Monday, you announced that the Michigan Militia 
underwent a change of administration, which was also an announcement 
that the previous belief system exemplified by the administrative 
regimeists was suspect.  You credit me for my research, my homework.  
Yet a simple look at the WWW links of what the Michigan Militia 
believed in -- such as working with the FBI, the BATF, and the 
ADL -- made it quite apparent to anyone who looked that the Huizen 
and Wayne administration was altogether about infilltraitors and 
agents provacateur of the criminal regime being given a free hand 
in the diktat of militia policy.  At some time, the rank-and-file 
membership woke up and underwent a paradyme shift to where they 
elected new leadership -- namely yourself and a Commander Pilschack 
among others.

   Now you face the ratlike snarl of Tom Wayne crudely comparing 
you to a turd in a toilet-bowl.  Do not be alarmed or annoyed.  
Small minds think alike.  Maureen Sielaff told her friends and 
associates Ken McWilliams, Ed Wolfe, Jeff Randall and most of 
the Tri-States Militia/Coalition  "That Martin Lindstedt is one 
big pile of shit that even flies would not land upon."  I ended 
up getting confirmation from the parties involved that each of 
them had been in contact with this Maureen heifer when she said 
that.  This sort of thing is invaluable in establishing linkages 
between fedrule informers and agents provacateur.  Enjoy their 
hatred.  It means that they hate you for good reason.

   But looking at your present dilemma, let me guess your present 
position. The Michigan Militia is going to split between the those 
who have voted out the Van Huizen-Wayne regime and those who still 
support it.  Wayne has doubtless already "worked with" the FiBbIes, 
BATF, and ADL to sell names to put on the regimeist's lists.  The 
ruling regime will not turn over the WWW page, because you have 
previously called it with good reason a death trap.  Thus you and 
your break-away majority is itself in danger as some militiamen 
will want to drop below sight and go underground, becoming in 
effect Resistance elements.

   Your political element within the new republican administration 
will have to therefore set up a new WWW page and also notify the 
entire Movement as to your legitimacy by frankly revealing the 
reasons for the reform and that it was indeed a majority by 
revealing the vote.  You have no choice because you have the Van 
Huizen-Wayne criminal regimeist element knowing that they have been 
unearthed and since "This is war!" you must immediately go about 
taking steps to win it.  You must reveal both the reasons for the 
vote, and what the actual vote was, in order to show that your 
reform republicanism is indeed the legitimate Michigan Militia 
Corps.  Otherwise, your faction will be deemed to be the outlaw 
faction, and not worthy of note other than as the continued 
fractionalization of what remains of the militia movement.  You 
must do it soon, because this is indeed news.  News that the 
militia movement has become more militant regarding the presence 
of criminal regimeist infilltraitors and that what remains will 
simply not be led by agents provacateur.

   I would ask the obvious questions of Who, What, When, Where, 
and Why. Who are the new leadership of the Michigan Militia Corps?  
What happened?  When did it happen? Where did this happen?  And 
why now, after several years under the pro-FBI&ADL regime of Van 
Huizen and Wayne?  
   You must come up with and disseminate cogent and logical answers 
to these basic questions or the pro-criminal regimeists Van Huizen 
and Wayne will do so to your reform faction's detriment.  Better do 
it soon and to them first.

   I think you will come around to the Revolutionary Resistance 
point of view eventually.  This point of view holds that America 
should be for Americans, that the criminal regimeist evil 
multicultural empire must be overthrown, the racial nationalities 
freed to go their own way, and criminal regimeists exterminated 
root and branch to safeguard this Revolution.  We know what we want, 
and thus we know ourselves.  We know the enemy and hate them for 
what they are.  Knowing ourselves and knowing our enemies, we 
cannot be compromised into irrelevance and according to Sun Tzu 
can fight one hundred battles with the assurance that we will win 
100 victories. 

   It is not as if you have any choice.  The regimeist faction 
will claim to be for the CONstitution and for 'reform' of the evil 
multi-racial empire.  How then will you differentiate yourself by 
calling for the same thing?  Caught between the criminal regime's 
murderous treacherous fury, and a Resistance which will insist that 
you choose sides, how then can you survive for long caught out in 
the open?  You can't!

    Four years ago I too was a CONstitutional-idolator.  I believed 
in "taking my gubbnmint back."  I nearly got kicked out of the 24th 
Missouri Militia for getting caught on TV saying that I thought the 
criminal regime bombed its own building as a Reichstag fire.  I 
denied my weakened form of Christian Identity upbringing from the 
Worldwide Church of God.  I was pussy-whupped scairt to admit that 
I preferred the company of rural white people.  I was a 
CONstitutional militiaman.  
    But I seen what was going on.  I seen people set up by the 
FiBbIes and the pig-lice.  I suffered more injustice at the hands 
of the criminal regime both first-hand, and it visited upon my 
brethren.  I seen that this evil scrap of toilet-paper called a 
CONstitution availed me naught, and was good for nobody or nothing 
except the criminal regime and criminal regimeists, who know full 
well this CONstitution is toilet paper and treat it as such.  And I 
had to question my political beliefs and renew my religious beliefs.  
And I now know that a religious movement of Christian Identity and 
a political movement of White Nationalism is the paramount belief 
system of the Resistance, and that this Resistance Movement shall 
prevail by destroying, not reforming the evil multi-racial empire -- 
the gulag of racial nationalities.  Thus for the past year or two 
I have had to ride point for the Resistance.

   I assure you that I am willing to help your cause because our 
enemies are the same.  I do not ask you to believe in or share my 
religious beliefs, but am confident that circumstances will force 
you to develop similar ones due to the press of reality.

   I think that the hard-line militia personnel should go 
underground as soon as possible, and that this present split can 
go far in justifying doing exactly that.  However, the militia 
movement is of use in pooling potential Resistance talent before 
it does go underground to replentish the reservoirs of Revolutionary 
activity.  Thus a militia movement as an above-ground cadre should 
be replentished, to act as a 'farm-team' for both the Resistance 
Active Service Unit cells and the Resistance Political Front.  It 
should be aimed at suburban whites who are not naturally apt like 
the rural whites for Revolutionary struggle.  This new militia 
farm-team should not be contaminated by criminal regimeist 
infilltraitors such as Van Huisen or Wayne.  A reinvigorated 
militia movement of quality, professing pacifism and 
"CONstitutionalism" as a facade could indeed be useful to the 
Resistance.  Once radicalized, the pacifism and CONstitutional-
idolatry can be sloughed off like a growing snake's skin. 

   To sum it up:  I think you need to get your side of the story, 
in all its details, out as soon as possible.  I also think you 
need to figure out that the criminal regime is your enemy and that 
the Resistance is your ally.  I also hope you will clarify your 
thinking, and consider what I have said in this open letter.  I am 
more than willing to help you do that which is necessary.  I am

Most Sincerely Yours,

Martin Lindstedt
Director of Political Warfare
7th Missouri Militia



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