God the Jew

by Jim Floyd


Para How immaculate was the conception? Is Christ, was Christ a Jew? Was He Ashkenazi or Sephardic? Let us reason together. If Jesus was a Jew then God is a Jew because if you see Christ you see the Father, right?

Para Jim Floyd you are in big trouble, boy! You should have listened to them TV preachers.

"The Jews are God's chosen people and they have a Jew spy in the sky looking-out for them. His name is Jesus."
John Hagee

Para Oh, woe is me! You mean to tell me that I'm gonna get up there and be dragged before a Woody Allen look-a-like? Or maybe I'll face a God in the likeness of Ariel Sharon and a Jesus in the image of Rabbi Marvin Hier.

Para Oh, what a horrid thought, a Holy Ghost that looks like Abe Foxman. No, no! It can't be, not Allan Dershowitz as prosecutor!

Para And if all the angels look like the Israeli Knesset, heaven gonna be one damn ugly, dismal, place.

Para If heaven is gonna be full of jangle-jawed, chittling-sucking, skillet-licking, gravy-sopping, TV preachers, and beastly, ugly, inbred, Khazar-Jews then count me out!

Para If heaven is gonna be like being stuck in a pick-up truck with the likes of Jerry Falwell and Golda Meir, for eternity, well forget a judgment, and just send my anti-Khazar butt to hell with Mel Gibson!

Para Now, you armchair theologians stay tuned for a serious look at Christ, God, God the Temple vandal, Jews, Judaism, Kabbalah, the Talmud, and a thousand other subjects of which you know less than nothing.

His Eminence, James Floyd



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