God's Fatwa

by Jim Floyd


Para Are you not disgusted with your Judeo-Christian leaders? How many TV programs must you watch before you scream, enough? Every time a beastly little rabbi confronts a Buchanan, Graham, D. James whoever, the so-call Jewís belligerent blasphemies leave these bulwarks of Christendom, dumb-founded.

Para Iím soul-sick, sick to my soul of those who rush to the fore and apologize to any anti-Christ within ear shot. Are you silly people ashamed of the Gospel? How dare you sit still, speechless, while a diseased-minded Jew, or one of their butt-wipes, depicts the beatings suffered by Christ as ďsadomasochistic.Ē

Para Perhaps you do not realize the implications. It is capital blasphemy to suggest that eroticism has a place in this sacred history, told by Gibson in his movie, or by the Gospel writers. The picture they wish to insinuate is of perverts like themselves, an audience of Pee Wee Hermans, watching this movie with an erection. These are some very sick animals as are Judeo-Christians who let such smut go unchallenged.

Para Wait a minute. I have the rest of my life to show how ridiculous God has made my enemies. At this juncture, I want to get out ahead of the curve and tell you what you should have seen in the movie, should have read in the Gospels, but have obviously ignored.

Para And what I wish to show you is how God reacted at the moment Christ died. What was Godís response to the killing of Christ Jesus?

Para Did Almighty God attack and destroy the Palace of Pontius Pilate; that beautiful compound at Caesarea? (Not Philippi but the one by the sea) No, God did not touch Pilateís house or quarters in Caesarea or Jerusalem.

Para Did God send an earthquake to Rome to tear down the Forum? He did not. Did He demolish the palatial Roman temples built for their gods? He did not.

Para You know what He did, donít you? Your leaders know what He did, also. But what He did does not correlate positively with their Judeo-Christian heresies.

Para God immediately pulled apart the ground beneath the Jerusalem temple. He tore apart the Beautiful Gate, ripped-up the paving stones of the Court of the Women, on through the Nicanor Gate, burst open the polished stones of the Court of the Men of Israel and of the Priest, threw back the Altar and the Place of Slaughtering, severed the Steps, Porch, and Sanctuary, rent the Veil from the top to the bottom, then despoiled even the not-so Holy of Holies. That is what the Almighty God did!

Para God perpetrated the greatest hate crime against Judaism ever in the sorry history of that vile religion. God Violated the Patriot Act, all the laws against vandalism, Anti-Semitism, and discrimination. I didnít do it, God did.

Para While writing this I tried to imagine a Jerry Falwell or Benny Hinn tour- group standing at the temple gate calling themselves Judeo-Christians and telling Joseph Caiaphas that it is their Christian duty to help their Jewish brothers rebuild what God is, at that moment, tearing down.

Para But that is ludicrous, Jim. Nobody would give Godís enemies money, moral support, and encouragement, to undo what God has just done. Of course, it is still the zenith of the absurd. Who told you to become unequally yoked with unbelievers whose goal is to rebuild what God destroyed?

Para Tearing down the Temple was an easy task for the God and Father of Christ Jesus. Tearing down the heresy of syncretism will, obvious take Him a little longer.

ParaEven so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

James Floyd



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