Snippy Snippets

by Jim Floyd


Note to Chris Matthews, MSNBC TV

ParaPerhaps, it is time to change the name of your program. You just had, as guests, the following Khazar Jews;

Para Senator Arlen "one bullet" Specter who gave us that wonderfully enigmatic document called the Warren Report. Those of us who have read his cryptic record of the JFK killing know that Specter also wrote the Talmud and the Kabbalah.

ParaThen you featured our old darling, Congressperson Barney Frank. I am indebted to Khazar Barney for making my scribblings so spicy but I would caution you that over-exposure of Barney is not a pretty thing.

Para Then came Howard Fineman, then came Morris Weinberg, enough, enough!

ParaHard Ball my arse! The name of your show should not be "Hard Ball," it should be "Matzo Ball!"


Over on Fox

ParaLead-in with Congressman Waxman, then Lanny Davis, then Michael Isikoff, and then that bulwark of morality, Dick Morris. You people call this "diversity?" Great blue blazing balls of hell fire and brimstone, they got more diversity on Israeli State TV than Fox!

ParaAnd Dick Morris, an expert on ethics?? He said and I quote, "My problem is not with Clinton's accomplishments but with his morals." Isn't this the same Dick Morris who hired a whore, who told the world that this ugly little Khazar's favorite sex thing was playing like a dog, crawling about on the floor naked, barking and doing dog stuff? Also, she said he liked to call Clinton during these sessions with the three of them on the line. A three dog night, indeed!

ParaFox, please, keep him in the sewer of political analyses and on a leash regarding morals.


ParaSo, I switched over to the nigger-gospel-rap station and listened and watched in total bewilderment as they gyrated, singing Jesus "yo de man," and grabbing they crotches!


ParaI punched that button to the 700 Club just in time to hear Pat Robertson's boy tell one whopper of a goddamn lie. Dear hearts, I'm not talking about a white lie and I'm not talking about a black lie, no, no! I'm talking about a pit-of-hell-demon-inspired, paid-for-by-the-Mossad lie designed for the dumbest sons of bitches that ever inhabited this planet.

ParaAnd that lie was that the Palestinians voluntarily abandoned their homes in 1948 and should have no right of return.

ParaIf your religion is correct, you gonna burn in hell, boy, for lying to these dumbass people!


ParaShut up Pollard! If Israel had really wanted Clinton to pardon you he would have. They don't want you. You are an embarrassment and a loud mouth.


ParaThe Judenpresse called Vignali Carlos, the drug dealer freed by Clinton, a "White man." Well, if Vignali is a White man then, I must say in the words of that old Southern axiom, that I'm a nigger, by god, astronaut!


ParaWell Jim, if you don't like TV then why do you watch it? I'm glad you asked. The fact is that some programs are extremely entertaining. Last night, on C-span I was immensely amused by Secretary of State, Colon Powell. Begorra, I laughed uncontrollably while this Shabbas nigger puckered-up and kissed Rep. Tom Lantos (Khazar Jew) right square in the butt! And then re-puckered for a number of pro-Israel, NY, slime-balls.


ParaI'm sorry friends, I must stop here and contact Sen. Jef Sessions. The bastard is up there fighting for the credit card companies while I'm trying to stop a collection agency from repossessing a tomb stone off a six year old boys grave. Jim



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