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>Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:04:29 -0800
From: wolfeyes (
Organization: CWA
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To: Ben Cameron (
	"" ,,

>>Apparently Uncle Ben here doesn't get it.  He keeps writing me and 
>>I continue to ignore what he has to say for the simple reason the 
>>man has demonstrated a profound lack of intelligence.  Why bother?  
>>I do not suffer fools gladly.  

    That's right.  Khazarl informs on them. --M.L.

>>So Cameron:  Go away.  I haven't written you in so long I can't 
>>remember the last time, and you keep sending me this Nazi
>>nonsense, hoping to engage me in further debate.  I'm not going to.  
>>I have absolutely no interest in changing your belief system.  In 
>>fact, I encourage you to continue because I know where it will 
>>ultimately lead you.  If they offer a Ph.D. in Jew-hating and 
>>racism, I know you'll earn it with pride.  And perhaps God will 
>>award you the highest position in Hell, who knows what 
>>opportunities await you?

   Khazarl sounds like he is at the end of his rather pathetic 
rope. So rather than clinch by saying something up to his usual 
intellectual standards, like "Blah, Blah, Blah," Khazarl is reduced 
to his usual expedient of lying.

   Khazarl has been rather busy pestering Mr. Cameron, and then 
rather than answer Mr. Cameron's well-articulated points, Khazarl 
calls him a Nazi and then threatens to end the conversation. What 
a rather pathetic liar Khazarl has revealed himself to be.  First 
Khazarl wants censorship and the FiBbIes to remove computer 
equipment of anti-Khazar Resistance elements exercising their 
1st Amendment rights.  Then Khazarl tells everyone with pride 
how he lied about being a Khazar, and he was really a scalawag 
shabbes goyim for the ADL, Simon Weaselgnaw Center, all the 
usual NWO/ZOG suspects, etc. 
   Now Khazarl has started pestering one of the more promising 
of the GenX Resistance talent, and, having failed to answer this 
honest young man, Khazarl calls him a Nazi and says he will burn 
in hell because he won't worship Khazar parasites, Khazarl's 
chosen religion.  What's the matter Khazarl?  Can't find a goyim 
child for your Khazar masters to have fresh blood for Passover? 
Can't find Mr. Cameron due to his Hotmail account for your Khazar 
masters to have a mature Aryan fighting male for their blood-feast 
at Purim-fest?

   Mr. Cameron has done a yeo-man's job in getting you to lose what 
little sense you do have, Khazarl, into getting rattled and admitting 
a number of interesting things.  Cameron got you to admit to being an 
FBI nark.  It took me four weeks before I unearthed Red Mike Vanderboegh 
as a Moreass-the-Sleezester/FBI/Alabama Bureau of Investigation plant, 
and five weeks of steady pressure to roll up Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog to 
admit that he deliberately shielded a FBI snitch on the Republic of 
Texas.  It may have taken five or six weeks to goad you into an 
admission that you have been narking to the FiBbIes, but I could 
not have done any better than the precotious Ben Cameron.

>In the meantime, you continue to give aid and comfort to Morris 
>Dees and his ilk by writing your racist trash on a known militia 
>network, a network you know is monitored.  So I must come to one 
>of two conclusions:

    It is Khazarl who is one of Moreass-the-Sleezester's militia 
generals.  After all, as Mr. Cameron has observed, what Moreass 
of the Scalawag's Professional Liar's Center, Khazarl, Red Mike 
Vanderboegh, Van Huizen/Wayne of the Michigan Militia, and 
KhazarLouie of the FBI have to say about the effective Resistance 
movement is exactly the same:  They are White Nationalists, Christian 
Identity, Nazis, Revolutionaries, and worst of all they do not like 
Khazar Ashkenaz-Gogsspawn fake 'Jews' any more than other real 
s[h]emites such as the Arab Palestinians do!  They are beginning to 
learn their true identity, who they are, develop racial solidarity 
against alien parasites, and develop underground effective Resistance 
networks against the Imperial criminal regime.  Can't have that.

   The fact is that a lot of the Resistance is White Nationalist 
and many of them are also Identity Christians.  This nationalist 
and religious movement bids fair to destroy the criminal regime 
and set up in its place racially and religiously homogenous nation-
states wherein scalawags and parasites such as Khazarl and his 
Khazar masters cannot live.  We shall deworm America, much like 
the Palestinians will do so when they regain their respective 

   Hence the rage and despair mouthed by such as Khazarl now that 
the Resistance now knows itself and is poised to go on the offensive. 
Khazarl and the rest of the Moreass-the-Sleezester/ADL/KhazarLouie 
FiBbIe bunch piss and moan for the day when their planted militia 
generals like Red Mike Vanderboegh of the Tri-States Militia/Coalition, 
VanHuizen/Wayne of the Michigan Militia, and Khazarl Worden of the 
South Oregon 'Militia' supposedly ran the militia movement in circles 
around the golden calf of CONstitutional-idolatry and the Dagons of 
the Almighty Khazar.

   But that has changed.  People with intelligence began to ask, 
what is the opposite of Moreass-the-Sleezester and the rest of the 
Khazar worshippers.  And it became apparent that militia generals 
Red Mike Vanderboegh and Khazarl Worden said exactly the same thing 
as Moreass-the-Sleezester, KhazarLouie of the FiBbIes, the ADL, 
Hatewatch, Docturd Mengele Mark Shitcabbage, and the Simon Weaselgnaw 
Center.  People began to see below the cammies.  The opposite of 
all this mess of Khazars and scalawag shabbes goyim was not some 
militia general or infill-traitor saying exactly the same things, 
but rather Resistance soldiers, politicians, and propagandists like 
David Duke, Louis Beam, Richard Butler, David Lane, Don Black, Tom 
Metzger, Dr. William Pierce, Jim Floyd, Yurily Kirienko, Martin 
Lindstedt, and now a younger generation in Ben Cameron. Unabashedly 
White Nationalist, some Identity Christian, all Resistance fighting 
men holding our race and the Western Civilization it produced holy.

   By the way, stupid Khazarl, if you were to take your head out 
of your ass while you worship Khazars, you would find that of the 
militia listservers you are bellyacheing about Ben Cameron and 
myself posting upon, two are owned by Charles Stewart, a common-law 
activist.  The other one, Resistance Political Front, is 'owned' 
by myself, Khazarl.  And since it is not a Khazar-owned or operated 
concern, even Khazar vermin like yourself will not be censored.  
The fact that there were open forums for debate in which even a 
Khazar lackey scalawag shabbes goyim might well have stirred you to 
frenzies of parasitic censorship activity, but sorry, Khazarl, no go.

   Only The Greater Khazaristan Times & Tattler is one of yours, 
Khazarl.  And when I get enough evidence on TGKT&T, they might as 
well openly take editorial policy from the SPLC, because that will 
be the extent of their militia audience.

>1.  You are so incredibly and unredeemably stupid that you either 
>don't know or don't care how this plays into the hands of the ADL 
>and SPLC, not to mention our corrupt and treasonous federal 
>government, or;

    Khazarl, you are rather stupid in that you think you can conceal 
the fact that there simply is no difference between the ADL and the 
SPLC and what you say all the time.  Absolutely none.

>2.  You know very well that the above is true and this has been 
>your intent all along.

    Khazarl, I figured out pretty quickly that you were just 
another infilltraitor posing as a patriot in order to spread ny 
deceit the SPLC/ADL line.  After all, what difference is there 
between what KhazarLouis of the FiBbIes has to say to the scared 
Senate legistraitors get more funding for "domestic terrorism", 
what Moreass-the-Sleezester has say for him to get frightened 
Khazars to send more money to protect them from Christian 
Identity/White Nationalist militias, or what you say, Khazarl, 
in order to get what remains of the militia generals scared of 
being replaced by militant new leaders who don't think their 
militias should collaborate with the BATFuckers and FiBbIes?

   Absolutely nothing, Khazarl.  If it walks, quacks, farts, and 
sleezes like a Khazar or a lackey scalawag shabbes goyim, chances 
are that it is a Khazar or one of their lackey scalawag shabbes goyim.

   Ben Cameron is a bit younger.  He was willing to give you the 
benefit of the doubt.  As he gets more experience he will be able to 
size up infilltraitors like yourself more quickly and expertly. 

>I pick number 2, because nobody, not even Ben Cameron and Marty
>Lindstedt, can be quite that stupid.  Of course, I have been wrong

    Of course you have been 'wrong' before.  You can't keep your 
lies together very well when under scrutiny, Khazarl.  You are not 
smart enough to get away with lying, and in any case, the pool of 
stupid militia generals you can spy on is drying up now that the 
militia effectives went underground back in 1997 to early 1998. 
All that is left in the drying militia pool are carp and leeches.

>However, on the positive side, I have been monitoring the FBI 
>assessment of the Militia Movement quite closely, and guess what?  
>Our monitored discussions have allowed the FBI to understand 
>there is a conflict between you Nazi racists and true constitutional 
>Militias, so they have begun to focus their attention on you and 
>yours, and I welcome that development.

    Khazarl, just because you have been narking on me and Ben Cameron 
to the FiBbIes and 'convinced' them that White Nationalists/Identity 
Christians are the heart of a Revolutionary Resistance which will 
overthrow the imperialist criminal regime and scrape off your Khazar 
parasite masters isn't exactly a 'secret.'  There was no need to bust 
your fat ass to go running downtown to the nearest fedrule building in 
order to tell the FiBbIes some 'secrets' about me.  After all, 
I'm sure that they all have Internet access and e-mail accounts to 
where they don't have to get away from their desks at the J.Edger 
Hoover Building in the District of Congoids in order to read my 
Patrick Henry On-Line WWW page or get on to my open Resistance 
Political Front e-mail listserver.  I'm sure they have my probably 
huge dossier on file.  They know that they convicted my father, 
Richard Lindstedt, back in the early 80's for supposedly threatening 
to shoot a SDak. state judge.  The entire Lindstedt family is a hotbed 
of sedition according to the local piglice, including my 67-year-old 
mother and down to my three-year-old granddaughter.  I imagine 
that all you had to say is "Lindstedt" when you were last reporting 
to your local FiBbIe masters and they asked "What is he up to now, 
Khazarl?"  Maybe they even commiserated with you, Khazarl, that you 
have to deal with such Resistance hard-cases as myself and Mr. 

   Pore feeble-minded Khazarl.  You ain't going to get all cowardly 
goofy guilty on me and start seeing Phineas Priest assassination 
squads under your bed like your fellow infilltraitors Red Mike 
Vanderboegh, Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog, and 
the AwfulBitchHyena Roxanne Johnson did, now are you?  If you do get 
a twinge of conscience could you please write a suicide note and 
store it in a safe place BEFORE you put a shotgun in your mouth?  
Otherwise, your FiBbIe handlers might get pissed that you have 
admitted contact with them, and decide that you have no further use 
to them other than to be a 'patriotic' informant who was gunned 
down by vengeful Resistance operatives, which they must imprison 
immediately under a state of emergency.  Them FiBbIes could 
Wacoize you, Khazarl, before you could get off a death-squeal 
of "Ruby Ridge."  The one thing worse than being a useful idiot 
for the FiBbIes is to become a "useless idiot" for the FiBbIes.

    Just fucking with you Khazarl !!!   ;-{)   Ha! Ha!

    I got an alibi since I live in Missery. And I'm really in a good 
mood now that you come clean and admit you told the FiBbIes about what 
an asshole I am.  Your buddies who are stupid militia generals now 
will be wondering when you are going to start turning THEM in.

   Have a nice day, Khazarl.

>Carl F. Worden
>Liaison & Intelligence Officer
>Southern Oregon Militia

   An open, public CONstitutional (although since it has neither 
state nor fedrule authorization there is no such thing) militia unit 
now sadly reduced to one feeble-minded militia general and one 
fedrule informant -- namely pore Khazarl.

--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front


From: "Ben Cameron" (
Subject: Re: The snarl of uncovered parasites.
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 08:45:35 PST

>>Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 22:54:08 -0800
>From: wolfeyes (
>To: John L Kucek (
>Subject: Re: The snarl of uncovered parasites.
>>Another racist, anti-Semitic moron makes the e-mail scene citing 
>>human written works of questionable veracity.  This is the kind 
>>of guy who believes it if it is merely published, and if the 
>>thoughts contained therein support his ridiculous assumptions, 
>>that they just have to be true.  Heil Hitler!!!  -- Carl F. Worden

>--Alright, Worden.  I tried to dismiss you since I'm not interested 
>in what you have to say, but you can't leave well enough alone.  
>Now I have two options:  1)  Block your address so your garbage 
>won't further foul my screen, or 2)  Dig in and fight back.  You've 
>pissed me off so I choose number 2.  Let's begin.

>A note to others who may be reading.  I am not on the list to which 
>much of this dialogue has been sent and I have no intention of 
>subscribing.  You may take it upon yourself, however, to forward 
>what I have to say to these lists if you choose if you find it 

>Back to Mr. Worden.  Carl, your entire platform seems to be one of 
>protecting Jews.  Your argument does have some merit in as much as you 
declare that not all Jews are bad.  Both Lindstedt and I have 
>acknowleged this fact; yet you pursue this line of reasoning with 
>unabated adamancy as if it is of some relevant significance.

    It is relevant to a scalawg lackey shabbes goyin like Khazarl.  
He is simply worshipping his master race of parasitic Khazars.  The 
notion that certain white races who really are of s[h]emitic origin, 
such as Christian Israel in America or the Ishmaelite Arab Moslems 
in Palestine might find these Khazar Ashkenaz-Gogsspawn to be 
murderous parasites best put down or expelled is anathema to such 
as Khazarl.

>Just what is your place in the so-called militia movement?  Is your 
>job solely to decry those whom you regard as antisemites or do you 
>have other duties as well?  Have you nothing better to do than parrot 
>your line relentlessly?  I have seen you offer nothing else.  

    That is just about the size of it exactly.  However, if you had 
just a little bit more experience with creatures like Khazarl, you 
would have known that the proper grammatical structure was declarative 
rather than interrogatory and used a period rather than a question 
mark when talking about Khazarl's place in the militia movement. 

>A true militia man might recognize that we have differing view points 
on Jews as your friend Hession did, but that we also possess common 
>ground in other respects.  You, however, cannot seem to overcome our 
>initial point of contact as if you are obsessed with antisemitism and 
>your own self-righteousness.  

    Lawyer Zog-Hessian was not all that different from Khazarl, but 
now that he has been dealt with there is no need to discuss the lawyer 
sub-species of social parasite further.

    All Khazarl has to offer is Khazar worship, insistence that Khazars 
are S[h]emites when anyone with a Bible can plainly see that Ashkenazi 
Khazars are descended from Japheth, and Gog.  As in Gog and Magog. 
See Genesis 10:3 and Revelation 20:8.  As even the Khazars admit, they 
do not have a drop of s[h]emitic blood other than that by which the 
Khazar Empire in its waning days in the 10th Century made by having 
slave Slavs interbreed with Khazar women, because the Talmud rule is 
that bloodline descends from the female.  Most Khazars still look like 
Khazars, although given enough Israelite/Aryan blood and lots of 
rhinoplasty an Alicia Silverstone can be created upon occassion. 

>Just what do you stand for, Carl?  What does your particular group do? 
>Is your organization dedicated to uncovering bigots and racists who 
>make no attempt to hide themselves in the first place?  If that is the 
>case then you can surely find something else better to do as there are 
>already other more significant organizations dedicated to the same.  
>Names such as ADL, Wiesenthal, Hate Watch, and many others immediately 
>come to mind.  Are you aligned with them in some manner?  While my focus 
>is not comprised solely of antisemitism, on the other hand your's truly 
>seems to be. 

    Bingo, Ben.  You came so close to defining Khazarl exactly.  You 
made the mistake of not carrying out the logic of the situation to 
where you did not draw the obvious inference that ADL, Weaselgnaw, 
Hate Watch, SPLC, etc. are identical to Khazarl's philosophy.  There 
is absolutely no difference.  The only difference is that the open 
Khazar organizations are openly Khazar and anti-militia.  By claiming 
to be a militia leader and putting on some cammies Khazarl has 
effectively camoflaged himself from what is instantly recognizable 
as Khazar institutions such as ADL, Weaselgnaw, SPLC.

   However, this is the message which Khazarl felt the sting of, and 
did answer to his eventual unmasking.  Perhaps you were merely being 
disingenious my friend.

>Do you intend to answer my questions, to tell us something of some 
>substance, or shall I simply expect more rudeness from your general 
>direction?  Your persistence begs the question of what you're really up 
>to.  You don't sincerely believe you are discrediting either Lindstedt 
>or myself, do you?  The lines are being drawn and both Lindstedt and I 
>have chosen our side.  There is no need for a militia anymore unless it 
>chooses its side too.  There is no more middle ground because our people 
>can no longer tolerate the middle ground.  Therefore, it is also time 
>for you to choose sides.  But, the left will not want you because it 
>regards militia as gun-nuts, weekend warriors, potential terrorists, 
>and as a threat to the leftist centralization of the state.  
>Subsequently, we see miltia falling all over itself trying to 
>demonstrate its innocuousness.  The right will not want you either 
>because race is the central core to its doctrine and, in fact, to life 
>itself.  Thus you see folks like Lindstedt arguing this very point 
>and exposing the weakness of traditional militia for all to see.  You 
>are mired hopelessly in a middle of the line trap from you which you 
>are having difficulty extracting yourself. 

   Well said, Ben.  However, the militia movement has been long since 
dead.  It was stillborn when it allowed infilltraitors and parasites 
and agents provacateur to join it in order to destroy it.  I've 
been in the Movement since 1994, and I saw the Militia Movement grow 
in leaps and bounds before OKC, get its legs back, and then be cut 
down by the Raymond Looker, Bob Starr, Mike Kemp, Ron Cole, Arizona 
Viper, Missouri 20, etc. convictions -- all caused by sloppy internal 
security in allowing such as Khazarl to join their open, public 
CONstitutional militias.  The only effective 'militias' are those 
which broke up and went underground into Resistance Active Service 
Unit cells.  This structure is called "Leaderless Resistance." The 
remaining militias, such as the Michigan Militia recently got rid 
of its collabor-traitor leadership and elected new leadership. 
Hence KhazarLouie of the FiBbIes' mourning the expelling of Van 
Huizen/Wayne from leadership positions in the Michigan Militia. 
Khazarl is doubtless in mourning himself because his "South Oregon 
Militia" is down to himself.  Doubtless Khazarl appreciates that 
the Greater Khazaristan Times&Tattler will be driven from the 
Movement now that it lacks any credibility.  I've cracked open 
Red Mike Vanderboegh's Tri-State Militia/Coalition, Clark Simmons' 
The Informant's Lie-bury, PIML/PDML.  Tomorrow TGKT&T and the day 
after that Capt'n CONstitution's Fedruleist Society.  Once they 
have been cracked open nobody wants to be associated with them, 
and they become irrelevant.

   As far as what we do with the remaining CONstitutional militia 
groups.  We do nothing.  They have placed themselves in the middle 
of a crossfire by their insistence that they have no loyalty to the 
heart of any nation-state, realities such as racial cohesion or 
culture, and instead worship the groundless abstractions by which 
the criminal regime claims legitimacy, i.e., CONstitutional-idolatry. 
Since they allow infilltraitors such as Khazarl easy access to their 
ranks, and show hostility to the Resistance, as a military policy 
we should let events take their course.  As 'terrorist' deeds are 
committed by Resistance and by regimeists, the hue-and-cry will lead 
to the militia generals being held responsible for these actions. 
Since the criminal regime will be unable to catch the Resistance 
Active Service Units in their cells, the militia generals will be 
killed in reprisal by the regimeists, until they are all dead or 
have gone underground and are on our side.  Infilltraitors like 
Khazarl will of course be untouched by the regimeists, unless these
now 'useless idiots' are butchered out to cause an incident.  When 
the criminal regime runs out of militia generals to butcher, the 
general population will be murdered, much like the British Black&Tans 
did with the Irish in Michael Collins' day.  Eventually this civil war 
will be waged without quarter or mercy.  The Resistance will win 
because all we have to do is destroy production and the criminal 
regime, being a wholly parasitic organization, will die.  Then we 
finish off the rest of the predators and parsites, resume production, 
and refound our civilization.

    So when I hear militia generals yapping silliness, I am pleased 
to know that they will either become Resistance effectives or they 
will go under.  I don't spend a moment's time worrying about the 
fate of fools.

>If you must persist in your line then it will be assumed that you 
>have already chosen sides and have simply not taken the liberty of 
>telling us.

   Khazarl long ago chose his side.  He has been simply lying about 
what side that might be until you baited him into saying that he is 
telling on us to the FiBbIes.

>You are doing yourself no good in either the eyes of those whom you wish 
>to protect or in the eyes of those with whom militia may eventually have 
>to ally itself.  I'm sure your peers are pleased with your actions at 
>this point in time; but, eventually your organization, if it truly 
>proposes to preserve the constitution, will come under attack by the 
>leftist establishment which truly proposes to destroy the constitution 
>and has been engaged in doing just that for quite some time now.  You 
>are arguing with, and trying to discredit, the very people who seek to 
>protect you and free you from the need to protect the constitution.  If 
>we fail, what use then will there be for your militia?


   Ben, the CONstitution was designed, in the words of Patrick Henry, 
as a "the most fatal plan which could be conceived to enslave a free 
people."  Since it was set to benefit the interests of those interested 
parties who in effect betrayed the First American Revolution, is it any 
wonder that today's criminal regimeists who do not have the necessary 
foresight to be an effective ruling class preserving their evil empire 
even out of simple self-interest have made this Revolution both 
necessary and inevitable?

--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front



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