KhazarLouis of the FiBbIes Declares Civil War II

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Thursday February 4 3:25 PM ET

FBI Director Freeh Warns Of Millennium Violence

By Patricia Wilson

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - FBI Director Louis Freeh warned Thursday that right-wing extremists, religious cults or apocalyptic groups could turn to violence to fulfill their prophecies of Armageddon as the year 2000 approaches.

At a congressional hearing on counter-terrorism, Freeh cited "rogue terrorists" such as Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden -- blamed by Washington for the bombing of two American embassies in East Africa last year -- as probably the most urgent risk to U.S. interests. But he said the domestic threat could not be ignored, especially as the millennium approached.

"The possibility of an indigenous group like Aum Supreme Truth cannot be excluded," he said, referring to the cult responsible for a nerve gas attack in the Tokyo subway system in March, 1995.

"With the coming of the next millennium, some religious/apocalyptic groups or individuals may turn to violence as they seek to achieve dramatic effects to fulfill their prophecies," he said.

Freeh expressed dismay at a "pattern of racist elements" seeping into the U.S. militia movement most of which, he said, had no racial overtones and did not espouse bigotry.

But he discussed at length "a disturbing trend" toward the pseudo-religion of Christian Identity -- and other hate philosophies -- that provided both a religious base for racism and anti-Semitism as well as an ideological rationale for violence against minorities.

"Many white supremacist groups adhere to the Christian Identity belief system, which holds that the world is on the verge of a final apocalyptic struggle ... and teaches that the white race is the chosen race of God," he said.

Many of those who believe in this credo are engaged in survivalist and paramilitary training, storing foodstuffs and supplies and caching weapons and ammunition.

Freeh said that as 1999 came to a close, Identity's more extreme members could prepare for Armageddon by carrying out armed robberies to finance the upcoming battle, destroying government property and targeting Jews and non-whites.

The FBI had "little credible intelligence" at this time indicating that terrorists, either domestic or international, were preparing to attack the United States, the director said.

But he added that "a growing number -- while still small -- of 'lone offender' and extremist splinter elements of right-wing groups have been identified as possessing or attempting to develop or use" chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

Attorney General Janet Reno, who also appeared before the Senate Appropriations subcommittee, said a terrorist attack using a biological weapon might not be immediately apparent with far-reaching impact on victims and emergency personnel.

"In fact, we have found recently the mere threat of the use of unconventional weapons can cause concern and panic. Threats to release harmful biological or chemical substances cannot be ignored," she said. Freeh said the FBI dealt with an "anthrax warning letter" somewhere in the country almost every day.

U.S. officials had to be able "to match wits with the bad guys," Reno said.

She appealed to the Senate panel to approve funds for a National Domestic Preparedness Office to be led by the FBI to provide coordination and a single point of contact for state and local communities.



Of course, knowing that the Media whores cannot have a single original thought in their head, I started tracking the sewage flow upstream to the original source, in this case to KhazarLouis's speech to the CONgress. KhazarLouis of the FiBbIes is like Moreass-the-Sleezester, always looking for the criminal alien element to sponsor some more repression and genocide for White America. In this case, he went before the legis-traitors in the District of Corruption to beg for money, claiming that the Resistance element were going to rouse the peasantry to storm the Bastille and chop off their heads, so the ruling criminal regimeists had better pay some more money to the FiBbIes and BATF to ratchet up repression another notch or two. All of which is fine because it is repression by a criminal regime which makes for a successful revolution where there is enough political will fostered by hatred and injustice necessary to destroy the criminal regime and exterminate criminal regimeists.

Every Resistance Political Front organization needs to have a section devoted to intelligence gathering, most of which is simply reading and analyzing criminal regimeist propaganda from whatever source derived. Sometimes one must plod along, reading second-hand SPLC-like drivel from suspected infilltraitors and agents provacateur like Benedict Randall, Red Mike Vanderboegh, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog, Khazarl Worden, etc. Occassionally you hear the real horseshit from the Khazar-In-Chief of the ZOG hisself, KhazarLouis of the FiBbIes. While KhazarLouis is a liar typical of imperial criminal regimeists, KhazarLouis cannot help but display a pro-evil empire slant in his ZOG/NWO imperialist propaganda. Thus knowing the slant, it is an easier to sein out the truth when casting the net over the entire pack of lies.

Below is the Domestic Terrorism aspect in KhazarLouis's beg-a-thon for a bigger Police State before the Senate legis-traitors. Of course KhazarLouis in his international terrorism speech didn't explain how the African OKC-style Reichstag Fires had, like in OKC, so many uninjured FiBbIes waiting to 'investigate' on an instant the embassy bombings. It should be a matter of satisfaction to have the criminal regime blow up its employees and its buildings to set more and more Reichstag Fires in a diminishing-returns effort to restore mass demand for a larger police state, while at the same time the growing Resistance Movement, ordinary people both foreign & domestic, and fedrule employees know full well who exactly is behind the 'terrorist' provocations. April 19th, 1999 is a week day, and so is April 15th. You might well have fedrule office 'workers' with a contingent of BATF or FiBbIes -- professional bombers & arsonists all -- call in sick both of those days. All the more so if the FiBbIes and BATFuckers are NOT in the building, like in OKC & Nairobi. HsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssBOOM! (Or, in the case of OKC -- where the Manchurian Oswald has to give the signal first -- HssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssBOOM!.....BOOM!)

But back to what the FiBbIes do best -- domestic terrorism. KhazarLouis makes a number of interesting admissions which will be brought to light by Resistance Political Front Intelligence & Propaganda operatives.
For now, however, so that the Patriotic element can get practice in intelligence work, akin to seeing hidden pieces in the overall picture, I will for now refrain from revealing the secrets of your mental happy meals' prize.

--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front

See: Modern Militiaman #10 <---Hint file.

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(Relevant Portion -- Khazar Louis does a SPLC beg-a-thon B4 bi-partisan $enate Legi$-Traitor$.

The Domestic Terrorism Threat

Domestic terrorist groups are those which are based and which operate entirely within the United States, or its territories, and whose activities are directed at elements of the United States Government or its civilian population. Domestic terrorist groups represent interests that span the full political spectrum, as well as social issues and concerns. FBI investigations of domestic terrorist groups or individuals are not predicated upon social or political beliefs; rather, they are based upon planned or actual criminal activity. The current domestic terrorist threat primarily comes from right-wing extremist groups, Puerto Rican extremist groups, and special interest extremists.

Right-wing Extremist Groups. The threat from right-wing extremist groups includes militias, white-separatist groups, and anti- government groups. All right-wing extremist groups tend to encourage massing weapons, ammunition and supplies in preparation for a confrontation with federal law enforcement, as well as local law enforcement who are often perceived as agents for the State/Federal government.
The goal of the militia movement is to defend and protect the United States Constitution from those who want to take away the rights of Americans. The militia movement believes that the United States Constitution gives Americans the right to live their lives without government interference. The FBI is not concerned with every single aspect of the militia movement since many militia members are law-abiding citizens who do not pose a threat of violence. The FBI focuses on radical elements of the militia movement capable and willing to commit violence against government, law enforcement, civilian, military and international targets (U.N., visiting foreign military personnel). Not every state in the union has a militia problem. Militia activity varies from states with almost no militia activity (Hawaii, Connecticut) to states with thousands of active militia members (Michigan, Texas).

The American militia movement has grown over the last decade. Factors contributing to growth include:

GUNS- The right to bear arms is an issue which almost all militia members agree and most militia members believe a conspiracy exists to take away their guns. The national system of instant background checks for all gun buyers, mandated by the 1993 Brady Act and which actually was implemented on November 30, 1998, has further angered many militia groups. These militia members see this new law as another example of how the government is conspiring to take away their guns. The banning of semiautomatic assault weapons has also angered many militia members .

STATE LAWS- Militias resent state laws forbidding them to gather together to fire weapons. Sixteen states have laws which prohibit all militia groups and 17 states have laws which prohibit all paramilitary training.

MISTRUST OF FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT- is frequently mentioned in militia literature and overall militia mythology. FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) actions, such as Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidians, and the Freeman standoff, are cited, and thus are hated and distrusted by many militia members.

TAXES- Militia members believe that they pay too many taxes and that those tax dollars are wasted by a huge, uncaring and inefficient bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. Since the Internal Revenue Service collects federal taxes, it is widely hated by militia members.

THE UNITED NATIONS - is perceived as an organization bent on taking over the world and destroying American democracy and establishing "the New World Order." The New World Order theory holds that, one day, the United Nations will lead a military coup against the nations of the world to form a one-world government. United Nations troops, consisting of foreign armies, will commence a military takeover of America. The United Nations will mainly use foreign troops on American soil because foreigners will have fewer reservations about killing American citizens. Captured United States military bases will be used to help conquer the rest of the world.

Most of the militia movement has no racial overtones and does not espouse bigotry; there are some black and Jewish militia members. However, the pseudo-religion of Christian Identity, as well as other hate philosophies, have begun to creep into the militia movement. This scenario is currently being played out in the Michigan Militia, arguably the largest militia group in America. Lynn Van Huizen, leader of the Michigan Militia Corps, is currently trying to oust Christian Identity factions from his group. Christian Identity is a belief system that provides both a religious base for racism and anti-Semitism, and an ideological rationale for violence against minorities. This pattern of racist elements seeping into the militia movement is a disturbing trend, as it will only strengthen the radical elements of the militias.

Many white supremacist groups adhere to the Christian Identity belief system, which holds that the world is on the verge of a final apocalyptic struggle between God/Christ and Satan (The Battle of Armageddon) in which Aryans (European Caucasians) must fight Satan's heirs: Jews, nonwhites and their establishment allies (i.e., the Federal Government). The Christian Identity belief system (also known as Kingdom Identity) provides a religious base for racism and anti-Semitism, and an ideological rationale for violence against minorities and their white allies. Christian Identity teaches that the white race is the chosen race of God, whites are the "true Israelites" and Jews are the Children of Satan. Adherents believe that Jews have increasingly gained control of the United States Federal Government and are attempting to enslave the white population by enacting laws subjugating the white people, such as affirmative action, pro-choice, and anti-gun statutes.

To prepare for Armageddon, many Identity adherents engage in survivalist and paramilitary training, storing foodstuffs and supplies, and caching weapons and ammunition. As the next millennium approaches, Identity's more extreme members may take action to prepare for Armageddon, including armed robbery to finance the upcoming battle, destroying government property and infrastructure, and targeting Jews and nonwhites.

Due to Christian Identity adherents' widespread propaganda efforts and Identity's racist/anti-Semitic/anti-government appeal, there are a number of churches and diverse organizations throughout the United States that embrace the doctrines of Identity. Identity beliefs are also increasingly found in the rhetoric of all types of right-wing extremist groups, including, but not limited to, militias, survivalist communes, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, skinheads, tax protesters, and common law courts. Thus, with the approaching millennium, there is a greater potential for members from such Identity influenced groups to engage in violent activities as well.

As the next millennium approaches, violent and illegal acts may increase, due to Christian Identity's belief that the world is on the verge of a final apocalyptic struggle (aka The Battle of Armageddon) between God/Christ and Satan. Identity members believe that this entails Aryans (European Caucasians) fighting Satan's heirs (Jews, non-whites, and their establishment allies). To prepare, Identity adherents engage in survivalist and paramilitary training. As the year 2000 approaches, more extreme members may take action to prepare for or bring about "Armageddon," including armed robbery to finance the upcoming battle, destroying government property and targeting Jews and non-whites.

Other Anti-Government Groups. The other right-wing anti-government groups include Freemen, "sovereign" citizens, and common law courts. The Freemen and sovereign citizens believe they have the right to renounce their citizenship, after which they do not have to comply with any laws or rules and the federal government would have no influence over them. In addition, some, like the Freemen, believe they have the right to issue their own money which is called "certified comptroller warrants."

Some members of the right-wing have formed their own system of laws to enforce and follow (called common law courts) to replace the existing court system. The common law courts have no basis in jurisprudence, but participants claim legitimacy based on the laws of the Old Testament, English common law, the Magna Carta and commercial law. Some common law courts have issued arrest warrants, but as of yet, there are no reports that any of these arrests have been accomplished.

(After that something about Puerto Rican 'Terrorists' who don't want any more welfare payments from the Imperial Evil Empire)




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