My Four Grandchildren



Jan. 14, 2002

Re: Second Speech Demanding Firing of Granby Police Chief Jason Burns for filing a false report and Kidnapping under color of (RSMo) 210.125(3).

I have asked to be placed upon the agenda tonight. My purpose again is to ask that Granby Police Chief Jason Burns be summarily fired on the basis of filing a fraudulent report for the purpose of `legally' kidnapping my four grandchildren on Sept. 26, 2002 in order to deliver them to the custody of the Newton County Division of Family Services under color of RSMo 210.125(3). I made a speech to that effect on Oct 8, 2002, showing Jason Burn's treasonable crime and demanding the firing of City Police Chief Burns at that time. This city council chose to delay action on this matter by asking me to make my complaint to the Granby City Police Board. Afterwards, Bill Burress informed me that one of the members, Barry Flint, was going on vacation and that no quorum was possible until November. Burress lied that upon a quorum being present, I could present any evidence to my charges against Jason Burns.

At the last city council meeting on Dec. 14, 2002, I talked to Mayor Rick McCully and Bill Burress told me that they had talked to one Bea Watson of the Newton County DFS and she had claimed that Jason Burns was legally correct. I pointed out that RSMo 210.125(3) forbids DFS personnel from removing children from their homes without a court order, and that corrupt police willing to stick their treasonous necks out to perjure themselves as to a case of 'emergency' was necessary. Having suborned police perjury herself, it mattered nothing, except as a matter of treasonous conspiracy to subvert justice, as to what two or more regime criminals thought was `legal.' After all, if the Newton County DFS were to prosecute police for the very criminal activities such treasonous regime criminals enticed in the first place, then such criminal activities would cease. After all, I am quite sure that putting Jason Burns in a prison cell with big black bi-sexual bucks to make Jason their bitch would put a "chilling effect" on Granby piglice. Jason Burns, like all of the criminal police Granby and its elite of thieves have hired has been for the reason to commit crimes of fraud and violence dressed up as `legal.' Chandler, for example, was hired to assault poor whites, and Joshua Beck was hired as an enforcer as well. This same Granby City Council leaked the grand jury indictment to Beck and told him to resign and engage in interstate flight to Washington State after he 'raped' Tony Grantham's stepdaughter. In fact, Chandler was encouraged to be vicious until such time as Chandler assaulted Bill Burress' first cousin and his son. Chandler falsely arrested myself and beat me up while handcuffed, and one Thomas Craig, at that time a policeman, thought it was hilarious, telling my brother, along with Charlene Rees, another pig, that, "Chief Chandler is taking real good care of your brother, Ha! Ha! Ha!" Today Craig, as a reward for narking on Chandler's illegal wiretapping, is a member of the Granby Police Board.

I have been told that the Granby City Council has been informed by the Police Board that they do not want to talk to me, and that Jason Burns should be retained.

Now my grandchildren are back in their home across the street. I filed for a Notice of Appeal to overturn Judge Don Killebrew's ORDER removing them from the home. In that ORDER Judge Killebrew admitted that the DFS had violated Missouri law placing those grandchildren in my common-law wife's custody. I notified the Governor's office, and the entire DFS chain of command, posted matters upon my WWW page. The DFS would have had to submit their actions to appellate review in public, so it was decided to simply cut their losses by restoring the children to their home before a legal hearing was arranged. My stepdaughter made me file a Motion to Dismiss Without Prejudice to the Missouri Court of Appeals - I could not proceed without her signature. The Newton County Prostitutor's Office got wind of the matter and filed charges against my stepson for kicking his stepson. The matter is hung up before Judge Stremel's court, as they await whether they are ever going to get a Newton County jury conviction given that I have been investigating their misbehavior and publicizing it over the Internet.

Let me predict that matters as they stand now shall result in you covering up for Jason Burns and refusing to fire him for lying. But matters shall not result in the status quo ante for the excellent reason that you not only have committed your crimes against myself, but against my family, my grandchildren. Therefore, I am resolved to not only bring you regime criminals to justice, but to destroy your families, your entire bloodline for up to four degrees of consanguinity. Since I cannot get justice from this regime, this regime must be destroyed absolutely, and the only way this regime can be destroyed is to destroy the criminals who ran it absolutely, destroy their entire bloodline of criminality with as much sadistic savagery displayed in public as possible.

It amazes me that you thieving degenerate fools actually think that since you control the courts that you cannot get caught as long as you hide and stonewall behind your system of corruption. You commit crimes and let your police commit crimes with your approval and think that since there is no recourse to 'catch' you individually in your crimes that you can never be tried and convicted and punished. You share the conceit, common to all degenerate tyrants, that your whims and wants are the only law.

And like all such tyrants, you shall be sent screaming to hell when your victims rise up en mass, and like Chinese eating rats caught in their corn, we destroy you, your families, and your estate absolutely, holding you guilty in common for what all of you did together in criminal collusion.

What does God's Law say about your crimes?

In II Samuel Chapter 21 YHWH brought on a famine for over three years, year after year, upon David's kingdom. Thousands of 'innocent' human herd animals starved to death, maybe hundreds of thousands. The penalty to lift the famine was the hanging of Saul's sons and grandsons, the extermination of the House of Saul, of Saul's "bloody House." This tells us that YHWH supports the massive death of hundreds of millions of a corrupt population to pay for the crimes of those they allow to lead them into degeneracy. Likewise, so should the children and grandchildren of the "bloody House" of Granby, Missouri and Newton County be judged as well. A regime of thieving lawyers, judges, politicians should be turned over to justice after the population suffers for their degenerate rule.

Likewise with the House of Ahab. A man, Naboth the Jezreelite, refused to sell his inheritance to King Ahab. Ahab's Canaanite bitch Jezebel arranged for perjured testimony to be delivered against Naboth so that Naboth was jewdicially murdered under color of 'law.' The penalty -- Elijah went to Ahab and informed Ahab that his family and supporters would be destroyed. Ahab's blood would be licked by dogs, and Jezebel eaten by dogs. Ahab's family would be eaten by dogs and birds -- their only burial in the guts of vermin. Ahab got a reprieve of sentence. I Kings Chapter 21. After Ahab's death, YHWH appointed Ahab's general Jehu to destroy Ahab's family absolutely. Jehu did so. Jehu had Jezebel's own eunuchs throw her onto his spear points. II Kings Chapter 9. Jehu had all seventy of Ahab's sons beheaded and fed their bodies to the dogs and birds. Jehu destroyed Ahab's police and baal- priests and their families. Jehu tricked the remainder of Ahab's regime by tricking them and their families to show up for baal/government worship and then set fire to men, women, and children trapped inside the building. Jehu destroyed all of Ahab's regime absolutely and YHWH rewarded Jehu with a guarantee of a four-generation dynasty. Should not YHWH reward myself as well, if upon being given power I were to skin the lot of you alive and afterwards burn down the Granby City Hall upon the heads of your children, grandchildren, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and cousins to four degrees of consanguinity?

Revised Statutes of Missouri Section 1.01 says that the "common law to the first year of James VI" is still in effect. This common law had provision for bills of attainder, corruption of blood, and forfeiture of estate. This meant that skinning alive or the hanging, drawing, and quartering of criminals, making outlaw their families so that anyone could enslave and kill them without restraint, and torturing the regime criminal for the location of his wealth is still legitimate, awaiting only re-writing to make the absolute extermination of regime criminals and their families 'legal' again. That and the Anglo-Saxon 'enfangenthef' - translated "You may catch the thief' in Old English.

Nor is there any protection to be found in the CONstitution's protection since it was you criminals which destroyed any such paper guarantees.

Today there is no justice to be found, so the only step left is for an individual to make hisr own. Justice requires the extermination of the unjust. We cannot live in peace together. Never before has it been easier for the calculating individual to destroy the masses of asses. From prion poisoning to gene splicing, a plague can be created and sent out, with the aggrieved being able to develop the only vaccine before unleashing the whirlwind.

You all are condemned and worthy of death for your treason and lawlessness. But today you sign your death warrant by letting Jason Burns off the hook. There is no doubt as to the evidence. Anyone can see that Jason Burns signed a false complaint in order to kidnap minor children under color of anonexistent and false 'emergency.'

There is no point, in the future of holding a trial for the likes of yourself. That is why I am not presently interested in finding out which two Newton County Sheriff's Deputies were aiding and abetting Jason Burns' crime of Sept. 26, 2002. All I have to do is to simply torture the children of any former police officer, not for information, but because as a victim I might love to hear regime criminals scream. In that day, the only question necessary to be asked is whether or not the criminal used to be with the former government, friends of or related to such criminals. If so, then such are already damned criminals, the only question is how much retaliatory justice such provide while being destroyed.

And this reality of a decaying social order is known and accepted by all, especially the City of Granby and the City of Granby police.

Since it has been yourselves who destroyed the old system of a town marshall, and it is yourselves which hire these criminals in uniform, upon this final receipt of notice of their activities, any crimes that the Granby police commit, you too are responsible for committing as well.

Most Sincerely Yours,

Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge

Notes and Commentary

1. The Granby Police Board was set up as the ostensible device for the hiring, firing, promotion, of the police department that self-serving regime criminals set into motion upon their failure to remove an elected town marshall, a genuine peace officer, who would not write up bogus tickets for a cash-register kangaroo municipal police kort. After a probably fraudulent election, a 'Granby Police Department' was established and the elected office of town marshall destroyed.

The present Granby Police Board consists of one Bill Burress, former mayor Barry Flint, a former Granby pig named Thomas Craig, who thought it was so very funny that I was being beaten, possibly murdered by a mestizo bandito Granby Police Chief named Chandler, and two absolute noneties to act as a rubber-stamp, an old coot named Parker from New York State, and a female named Nance, who is a typical goofy middle-aged ignorant bitch who loves pigs because pigs beat up men.

The one who has been on the Board since it was started is one Bill Burress, a very intelligent, albeit moral degenerate, political worker around this area. For example, back in August 1996, after I had been assaulted by a Granby City Councilman named Jeter, and falsely charged for 'peace disturbance' by Sheriff Ron Doerge's Head Reserve-Pig and Council-Kritter Boob Loudermilk, another like degenerate Pharisee named John Ashcroft was running around the state to campaign for u.S. Senaturd, and went to Neosho, the Newton County seat. I asked Ashcroft why he didn't have the courtesy and decency if as a so-called Republican for lower taxes and limited government to simply endorse Hancock II, a tax limitation proposal to put ALL tax increases to a vote of the People, as opposed to letting bureaucrats and politicians in the State General Assembly raise taxes. Ashcroft hemmed and hawed and refused, when pressed, to give a straight answer. The reason was that Ashcroft was/is a liar and thief who in his entire terms of office as Missouri Attorney General and Governor routinely supported corporate and government welfare over the general welfare of the People. Unlike the nigger Democrat running for u.S. Senaturd, who was honestly against anything which might mean Whitey getting to keep his money, and unlike the Libertarian candidate which I supported, Bill Johnson, who supported Hancock II, Ashcroft prefered to weasel on the fence. So Burress whispered into Ashcroft's ear about my August 9, 1994 fistfight against Kouncil-Kritter Jeter and what a dangerous radical I was, or something. Asscrack then said, "Oh, I'm sure that he's a nice guy," referring to me. I told Ashcroft, " I don't know what was said about me by that guy, but I am most certainly not a 'nice guy,'" as I grinned wolfishly. "Now when are you going to come out of the closet concerning your true position on Hancock II?" One of Asscrack's (g)aids then cum to Asscrack's rescue by changing the subject to Hillary's healthcare and how Asscrack was agin' it.

Burress is very intelligent, but I have never been able to figure out what Burress stands for other than loving tyrannical evil for its own sake. On Dec. 10, 2002, after talking to McCully and Burress about their refusal to discipline Jason Burns, I set upon walking home the 300 yards or so to my home, not on the shitty city North Ward Main Street sidewalks as is my habit (they allegedly cost $500,000 and over half was kickbacks and not a nickel was spent on the South Ward), when Burress offered me a ride home in his pickup. I didn't wish to accept the offer, as it was like the thief and robber stealing your wallet and beating you up and then, to con himself into thinking that he is a decent human being offering to pay a dime for the subway token. However, Burress insisted and I decided to accept. After all, why be churlish, especially since it would allow me to speak freely with Burress. In speaking with Burress, Burress bemoaned that the city finances allowed nothing except hiring the absolute dregs of police academy recruits. I reminded him that not a tenth the monies spent on their police apparatus was ever expended upon the town marshall and night watchman system, probably because the city marshall as an elective position was beyond his personal control. Which was why that system was deliberately destroyed. Changing the subject, I asked Burress if Burress believed in God. Burress said something which made me ask if Burress believed in the Rapture theory. Burress, cagy, left me with the impression that maybe he believes in God or Rapture, but none too much. Which is why I suspect that like most of the degenerate offal amongst the herd animals running amok upon the no-longer-so-fruited plain, Burress serves nothing except himself. Burress reflexively supports a police state because in a free society Burress would be missing a hand or simply cut down a-thieving. A police state run by himself, on the other hand, can be used to 'legally' steal as much as the Burress'es of this world, the petty ward-heelers and grifters, think that they can get away with in a degenerate and degenerating social order.

Case in point: Bill Burress never had a single problem with the Latrino Mestizo Bandito Chandler assaulting and hurting poor Whites or his political enemies like myself until such time this vicious dog of his assaulted his own first cousin and cousin's son in their own home without benefit of warrant. And then the vicious Latrino Mestizo Bandito Chandler had to go. Nor did Burress have any problem with Joshua Beck routinely pulling over teenage girls and likkering them up and statutorily raping them until such time as one Tony Grantham, the former local Skrule Board President and former Granby Shitty Kouncil-Kritter got all pissed off about Beck doing the exact same thing with his 16-year-old stepdaughter. I'd say that the odds are pretty good that Burress probably leaked the minutes of a grand jury investigation and got the City Council to give Beck 'the word' that Beck had better resign as Chief of Police and "head for the mountains," i.e. engage in interstate flight to Washington State. Not to worry, Newton County Prostituting Attorney Scott Watson would after all that work in bringing this pig rapist back would give the Beckerhead the "jewstice" of a six-month suspended sentence anyway for the felonies.


Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge