My Four Grandchildren



February 20, 2003

Re: Speech before the Newton County Commissioners
detailing endemic corruption in Sheriff's and County
Prosecutor's Offices and Suggestions for Oversight & Control.

I have asked to bring before this Newton County Commission a remonstrance concerning endemic corruption in the Sheriff's Department and the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. The controlling legistreason behind this request is the CONstitution and the First Amendment of the Bill of Goods under which those subject to this degenerate and evil criminal regime may whine for a moment the obvious that this end-time regime does evil because it is at present Satan's main subcontractor. So in this present fleeting moment before Armegeddon, and rightful extermination at the hands of a fate we deserve for the current regime's policies of aggression, theft and murder both domestically and abroad, let me point out the current state of this county insofar as those subject to its criminality are concerned. I have low expectations regarding the carrying out of your duties of oversight as the legislative and executive branches of county government, as heretofore this body has not used its power of the purse to cut funding or even its bully pulpit to rail against corruption, but have rather "gone with the flow" by default in letting injustice and corruption triumph.

I write at length in this 'speech' of mine, not because of any intention to spend a great deal of time on this bill of particulars before this county commission today but rather to post this detailed 'speech' upon my WWW page later as an indictment. I should rather prefer today to deal with the current corruption under your watch.

First of all an overview. This system of representative government is really the most degenerate and evil system possible, even more degenerate than a true democracy. The notion is that rather than have one autocrat ruling absolutely, what God described as Nebuchadnezzar's 'golden head,' a system of mixed iron and clay is substituted which cannot cleave together. So rather than the 'golden rule' by one Nebuchadnezzar, by one Hitler, by one King George III ruling with the assistance of a native aristocracy, rather a system in which lawyers, politicians, and 'law enforcement' drawn from those base enough to sell themselves for the 'pleasures of sin for a season' are a [d]ruling kakistocracy, kleptocracy, degeneracy. Instead of one Jewseph Stalin ruling 1,000 miles away, rather a system in which hundreds of little stalins, each with their own belief that their own personal variety of lyshenkoism shall triumph, and each upholding the [d]rule of their own whim, misnomered 'law.'

Such a system can only last as long as there is sufficient human and natural resources to get around systematic inefficiencies. However such a system means that the weak, unfit, degenerate which would have died in a state of Nature instead breed, creating problems as opposed to problem solvers. This increasing expansion of the base and unfit at both the top and bottom have always destroyed civilizations and their founding Peoples -- expanding the problem by importing external barbarians in an effort to deal with internal barbarians has historically failed. End of overview.

The point that I make is that criminals make for criminal regimes and the security of any criminal regime is to criminalize the productive. The productive realize soon enough that they can keep nothing they produce unless the system is destroyed. Hence the production of a dying social order's 'white blood cells' -- the Revolutionaries. So today, as a Revolutionary, I am talking to regime criminals, hoping to make 'thieves fall out' over the loot by painting a picture of what happens to thieves in a world in which there is nothing much left to steal, and those who still produce produce nothing more than the bare minimum left for their own survival which they have no choice but to defend to their death, for loss of that minimum means death for they and theirs.

In the early 1990's, the ruling criminals and parasites of Granby Missouri decided that the system of an elected town marshall and paid night watchman had to be destroyed, as such officers of the peace had scant interest in enforcing the 'laws' that these criminals and parasites made up to benefit themselves. So upon the announced retirement of a long-serving town marshall, a referendum was held in which a system of police to enforce the will of that municipal corporation was passed. Immediately that system proceeded to write up revenue for their police korts. Hundreds of stops were made for any pretext in order to feed this 'law enforcement' system, with the [d]ruling criminals in charge immune from being bit by their own dogs -- the pigs. In short, a criminal regime comprised of regime criminals set up a police state in order to steal, rape, rob, murder and prey upon the rest of the social order living within or passing through the state and federal highways under color of 'law' -- their fake 'patents of nobility.'

Of course as a Revolutionary I quickly ran afoul of this system, when, being notified of one particular cowardly sneaking Granby pig named Larry Tarrant following myself while driving eastbound to Springfield down U.S. Route 60 in an 18-wheeler by a westbound truck, I remarked over the CB radio that "The City of Granby has unleased a whole swarm of the thieving bastards to prey upon the motoring public." The lying pig received scant respect from myself and so it filed an illegal 'defective equipment' ticket against me and claimed to have mailed a speeding to myself. As a result of complaints to the Granby City Council, I was assaulted by a city kouncil-kritter and falsely arrested for instigating a riot at the order of another who happened to be one of Sheriff Ron Doerge's deputies.

The prosecuting attorney, Scott Watson, immediately wanted to help his fellow corrupt regime criminals by charging myself with a 'peace disturbance' regardless of the fact that there was an audio recording showing that the city council members instigated an assault. However, upon my presentation of a motion showing that the 'peace disturbance' charge was routinely thrown out on the basis of unconstitutionality by the Missouri appellate and supreme korts to Judge Gregory Stremel, Stremel met with Watson for 15-20 minutes. Stremel dismissed the charge against myself but informed me that Scott Watson was dismissing the charge of assault against city councilman Jay Jeter on the legal theory that 'since there was no disturbance of the peace there was no assault either." In short, because Watson couldn't jail me on any charge, he was going to let one of his fellow regime criminals get off 'Scott-free.'

Watson does the exact same thing for Granby police. Watson gave Jason Beck, an indicted former Granby policeman a slap on the wrist of a six-month misdemeanor for the crimes of using his police status to routinely threaten to arrest girls under the age of sixteen unless they got drunk with alcohol he provided and had sex with him. It is rumored that the Granby City Council leaked grand jury indictments to Beck in order to get him to resign and engage in interstate flight to Washington State.

Around a year and a half ago, Scott Watson's office conspired to grant lenient treatment for former Granby Police Chief Kendall Brady by moving the venue to McDonald County and granting a generous, unprecedented plea bargain to felony theft and forgery of a credit card, by giving two years unsupervised probation and expungement of the criminal record so that this felonious pig could become a pig once more.

Sheriff Ron Doerge himself has been complicit in covering up for the crimes of his and local police. So much so that Doerge whined when I called his doctine of covering up for police and political corruption the 'Doerge Doctine,' just as I call the ubiquitous methanphetamine cooked in the #1 area of the #1 state for its production 'Doerge-Dope.' Of course now that there is not much pretense between either of us anymore. Recently Ron Doerge bitched at me in front of four of his pigs for three or four minutes at approximately 2:48 p.m. January 21, 2003. Ron Doerge threatened to have me arrested for 'threatening' his precious criminal pigs based upon a 'speech' I was not allowed to give to the Granby City Council of January 14, 2003 demanding for the second time that their latest police chief be fired for filing a false complaint ending in the 29-day kidnapping of my four grandchildren by the Division of Family Services. I acknowledged writing that speech calling for, by the last page of the four page speech that I knew that I wouldn't be given a chance to give in full, the extermination by slow public torture of police, lawyers, judges and politicians after a show-trial or coerced confession. Ron Doerge was trying to twist my words as best he could, but unlike the unlicensed doerge-dope cooker him and his deputies murdered in the summer of 2000, my false arrest would have consequences, the least of which being further litigation in federal kort. All Ron Doerge ended up doing was calling me 'psychotic' and me calling Ron Doerge 'evil.' As if any other Revolutionary policy other than the absolute extermination of the former ancient regime is possible -- not only for the sake of raw justice in the form of revenge, but also as means of deterring counter-revolution by means of terrorizing any opposition, paying for the Revolution with the confiscated estates of the regime criminals, traitors and parasites, and placing the blame squarely for the total civil war upon the decaying heads of the regime criminals resting upon pikes. At least Ron Doerge wasn't yapping deceit about how he is "my sheriff and everyone's sheriff" that day.

Ron Doerge refused in 1994 to press charges against his deputy sheriff, Robert Loudermilk, for knowingly assaulting myself after he learned that it was the city councilman Jay Jeter who struck the first blow without warning and having me arrested for 'peace disturbance.' This after hearing for himself the audio tape of the event, given to his chief deputy, Chris Jennings, by myself.

In 1997, Ron Doerge, in collusion with Prosecuting Attorney Greg Bridges refused to let me file charges against Granby Police Chief George Chandler for false arrest and police brutality while handcuffed. In 1998, Ron Doerge refused to let me file charges against Granby Police Chief Joshua Beck (the statutory rapist) for false arrest arising from a fraudulent charge of 'impeding government operations,' i.e., not having identification while riding as a passenger and refusal to grant him knowledge of my social security mark of the beast. In 1998, I added Ron Doerge and Newton County as defendants in my third federal lawsuit against the City of Granby, but the federal district judge and the 8th U.S. Circuit Court improperly violated the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, specifically Rules 19, 20 and 21 and so by laying low Ron Doerge and Scott Watson managed to avoid that bullet.

On September 25, 2003, the Newton County Division of Family Services in collusion with Deputy Dwayne Allen and Bea Watson has Granby Police Chief Jason Burns falsely claim that a 'state of emergency' under Revised Statutes of Missouri RSMo 210.125 existed so that four of my grandchildren were kidnapped under color of law and placed into a foster home (also illegal in that those children should have been placed into the care of their grandparents). A Notice of Appeal for that admittedly unlawful order was filed within ten days, and by bringing this matter to the attention of the governor the Newton County DFS decided to return my grandchildren into the custody of their biological mother after 29 days. However, by means of deceit, a quasi-confession was extorted from my son-in-law and the idiot recently pled guilty to a charge of child endangerment.

However, I should like to point out that my granddaughter was molested by my son-in-law's father, Leuper Baldwin, and that Scott Watson let this child molester go free in the case of State of Missouri vs. Leuper M. Baldwin, Case # CR400-2353FX. I cannot help but think that this is Ron Doerge's and Scott Watson's revenge upon myself that they try to steal my grandchildren and cover up for their crimes while at the same time letting the animal who molested my granddaughter run wild.

Recently, for the second time, one of Ron Doerge's pigs, a jailer, was found 'not-guilty' of using his position to take sexual liberties with some meth-whores. It is said that a third trial for essentially the same offense shall be held in Barton County in Lamar at the public expense. However, it is really Ron Doerge who is responsible for these rapes. These rapes wouldn't have taken place as an exchange for the women involved getting to call home free or cheaper than having to pay $15 for one collect call. It is Ron Doerge who collects a kickback from crooked telephone companies charging 1500 times what a collect call normally costs. The people in jail are usually not tried and convicted yet, and must be presumed innocent, but this thieving regime criminal Ron Doerge is collecting kickbacks from the poor and weak wanting to talk to their loved ones and families. Ron Doerge is really the vicious criminal and parasite here, but one of his pigs who got caught making a deal with women who thought a titty-squeeze and a promise of a blow-job when they got out in order to talk with their children and familes an equitable trade must be tried a third time to cover up for Ron Doerge. And Scott Watson is more than willing to spend county money for a third or fourth trial which shall doubtless fail again in order to cover for his treasonous criminal confederate providing human material for his conviction mill. I myself cannot think of regime criminals more deserving of extermination, root and branch.

Rather than pass resolutions honoring murderous government mercenaries who went half-way around the world in Afghanistan to murder the inhabitants of a country which had never attacked them, I suggest that this county commission pass resolutions against the cancer of treason and tyranny within itself. Pass a resolution saying that it is wrong for Ron Doerge to profit from telephone fraud, from false arrest, from obstruction of justice and treason against the People. The same for Scott Watson. And to make these resolutions stick, cut their funding so that Ron Doerge has fewer pigs and Scott Watson has fewer pubic prostitutors to carry out more injustice and treason.

You have the power to so do. I am,

Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge & Skrule Bored