May 3, 2004

Re: Invitation for me to attend Doerge's Lair, a.k.a. Newton County Jail at 1:00 p.m. in an official capacity.

Hello Ron Doerge & Investigator Stout:

Granby Chief of Police Beshears was a nice little messenger boy and said that Investigator Henry Stout wished to speak to me about unspecified matters. I must decline this offer for false arrest and torture but am quite willing to make an appointment at your convenience at my house at 338 Rabbit Track Road, Granby Missouri before witnesses and a video camera. You are of course welcome to bring along an additional police officer and your own video camera. I have quite a few questions of my own regarding police criminality. By the way, even Scott Watson, Newton County Prosecuting Attorney has told me that I have a right to decline to be interviewed by yourself, but I would be more than happy to have an open public interrogation as I have nothing to hide and my WWW page could use more content concerning why this mighty Evil Empire needs to be destroyed.

Iím sure you can understand my wariness. Remember the last time we met, approximately 2:45 p.m. on January 21, 2003 when you extended a personal invitation to yell and scream at me before a private audience of four or five of your deputies concerning a speech before the Granby City Council of Jan. 14, 2003 that I wasnít allowed to give in any case. For at least a good five minutes, you screamed about portions of my little manifesto calling for the extermination of government officials and their families, Standard Operating Procedure for every revolution in its mopping-up aftermath. You tried to twist my words to make a false arrest and threatened to make up some charges 'if I ever threatened your police again.' You didn't seem to understand that I have the standard Revolutionary Resistance policy of exterminating all police and regime criminals and their families because it is a complete waste of time in an absolutely devastated by total civil war to waste scarce resources on the very criminals which made the Revolution necessary. Plus the survivors will want revenge and the Revolutionary regime must cement its absolute power. As Joseph Stalin wisely remarked, "You can't expect parasitic counter-revolutionaries to liquidate themselves."

One of your own deputies, a Pat Stuart, had me falsely arrested on April 15, 2004 for videotaping some Division of Family Service bureaucrats responsible for kidnapping my grandchildren under color of 'emergency' for a made up 'refusal to 'willfully opposing a Deputy Sheriff,' RSMo 575.145. However, there was no traffic accident there, but yet Judge Selby threatened me with contempt of his kort for being falsely arrested. See:


Then a week later, on April 22, 2004 at approximately 4:00 p.m., some Division III kort clerks rioted because I caught them trying to not give my ex-son-in-law, Shawn Deines, all of the legal papers in his file. Dana Wallace committed a criminal act, and yet threatened me with arrest for violating her duties as a kort clerk to give the full proceedings to an interested party. My ex-son-in-law is stupid and weak, and she was mad because I wouldn't let her take advantage of him. Then judge Selby again threatened me with contempt of kort because I interfered with the criminal activities of his kort clerks and your juvenile deputies. If Henry Stout is the fat bearded policeman who was present and a part of this matter, then he too has committed a crime.

So why should I put my fate in the hands of police criminals who routinely lie and are willing to torture and molest anyone stupid enough to get into their hands?

Notice, I'm not refusing to have a meeting with you or your deputies to answer any questions you may have, however, you and your police forces have a well-deserved reputation for corruption, torture, rape, assault, murder, and perjury. As I remarked to your errand boy, Beshears, I have never met a single policeman who wasn't a liar and a thug deserving of extermination to four generations by a restored society. (You remember Beshears -- I made a complaint to you about his behavior on Sept. 22, 2003 inviting you to a Granby City Council meeting to be held on Sept. 23, 2003.
http://www.martinlindstedt.org/ml092203.html )

Therefore I must insist upon any interrogation being at my home, in front of witnesses, with a record of the proceedings for my own protection, and, if necessary, counsel of my choice.

Lawfully Submitted,

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004



Notes & Commentary:

Para Like most normal men, I received this 'invitation' for interrogation with a mixture of fear and contempt. Fear because the piglice are able to 'prove' anything if given a chance inside their lair, and contempt because piglice are so stupid and cowardly yet still held back by procedural whitened sepulchre of their 'law' and CONstitution. If given a chance, yes the piglice can 'prove' anything to a jewry of whiggers, which is why this invitation would be declined on my part, in favor of a situation in which I held advantages and information would be exchanged on a quid pro quo basis. Such a 'rescheduling' is not likely to take place in which I have an or any advantage.

Para Like I found out, the Newton County Division of Family Services(DFS), Newton County Piglice, and probably the jews and feds wanted to create out of whole cloth some false child molestation charges against myself. But since then their little schemes have fallen into shit, as nobody, not even they believe these lies. I've notified the Resistance to commit some discreet atrocities if necessary for revenge. I've suckered the pigs and the DFS and their judge Selby and his kort clerks into committing illegalities for which I can engage them in litigation. My grandchildren are relatively safe; they've had to separate the little boys from their big sister Helen because they fear that I've trained her too well as a Resistance child. So while my grandchildren are held hostage, and my idiotic and selfish stepdaughter and both of her husbands are now under the DFS thumb and running like chicken-heads sans heads, I am at liberty to act both politically and quietly for purposes of revenge. Having my self-serving sluttish stepdaughter and her feeble-minded husbands as supposed 'allies' is like having Italy on your side in a war. They can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ass no matter how much they try. There are a lot more degenerate members of the underclass than Amalie Baldwin, as her main vice is simple fat-assed welfare-mom laziness. The DFS will never be able to take better care of her children than myself and her mother Roxie can, and they have to worry about my ripping into them and their foster parents continually. Eventually they will run out of money and political support and shall have to worry about their own survival in a vengeful world whipped up by those like myself. They hold my grandchildren hostage for now, but nothing is more dangerous than a dead hostage while I have no scruples in dealing with them. Sooner or later I'll get both my grandchildren back along with a lot of payback.

Para Some have told me that perhaps the 'invitation' was an attempt to mend fences. Doubtful. I think it was a last-gasp effort to see if I was stupid enough to talk to piglice -- most people are in prison because like the fish who got caught they opened their mouths. However, some of it well could have been an effort to find out dirt on my stepdaughter and her second husband and his family of degenerate criminals and child molesters. They have quite a dossier and know all about that kind -- after all the DFS has been stealing and selling children for over 40 years as that is their profession, White slavery under color of law. So why should I provide anything more than that which makes the DFS look criminal and stupid, and on this WWW page at a time of my own time and choosing?

Para There is a wide difference between the purposes of interrogation between the Regimeists and the Resistance. Regimeists interrogate in order to keep power through means of lies and false confessions, thus their interrogations are usually done at piglice headquarters. The Resistance will interrogate, actually torture, criminal Regimeists to gain absolute power through the means of both Terror and Revenge, and such torture shall almost always be public, as Terror and Revenge on public display creates fear and thus power. Thus Regimeist interrogation methods which usually work in dealing with the petty criminals and weak-minded child molesters of trickery and deceit almost never are successful with the strong-minded, politically adept fanatical Resistance. (For example, none of my stepdaughter's second husband's family of child molesters such as James Baldwin's father Luper or James' mother Inez have any force of will or character. Whereas I am genuinely feared and hated, not for my weaknesses, but strength of mind, will and character.) Resistance interrogation methods, on the other hand, start out with a death sentence to be carried out by any and all means deemed necessary using public torture and extermination of the regime criminals' entire family to use the power-garnering means of torture and terrorism (and if truth is winnowed out during the winnowing out) to gain absolute power.

Para Thus it is sufficient to simply torture to death, along with their families, the fat femnishivik psycologist bitch (who is incidentally suspected of making the bogus hotline call which had the grandchildren removed under color of 'emergency'), the DFS investigating bitch who took the kids, the Juvenile officers and Deputy piglice who took the kids by means of force and color of law, the juvenile kort judge who conducted the secret proceedings against weak-minded indigent parents (and who used bogus contempt threats to try to keep me in line), the kort clerks who used chicanery and piglice enforcement to try to cheat the feeble-minded father out of knowing the decisions of the kort, the foster parents who are running the equivalent of a kennel for stolen White children (the foster parents who are keeping my three grandsons have no less than eight children in a three-bedroom trailer), the crooked prosecuting attorney (who has unlawfully sealed an open record in which Luper Baldwin's pubic pretender asked for, and received, no trial whatsoever for molesting my granddaughter), up to the Missouri supreme kort judges who one week before April 9, 2004, ruled that Newton County, and every other county DFS could steal children under color of hotline-derived 'emergency' and made it all 'legal,' to the Missouri legis-traitors who made that law and appropriated the money so that the DFS could steal poor White children from the poor, weak, stupid and give them to that underclass of foster parents under the DFS thumb and to rich perverts. Add to that list of regime criminals everyone remotely connected to this System of Family Destruction, and the Resistance has the power to pretty much target anyone they wish not already on their side for destruction and to reward those on their side with the property of the exterminated regime criminals. The Law should be clear: Those who destroy the families of others shall have themselves and their families destroyed. The only reason for having a social order, culture, civilization is for the raising of children to inherit that functioning social order, culture, civilization. The regime criminals, in their witless greed, destroyed this nation for nothing more than their own greed, hijacking the children of the poor to indoctrinate into their perversions. Their mistake was to steal the children of those who were no longer able to live in peace with the parasites and criminals, and who rise up, along with the aggrieved, to put an end to it all. The few. The proud. The Resistance.

Para The means exist now for the Resistance to act, although quietly and patiently. It is known that Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and antelope can be spread simply by taking winter-kill deer and rendering it into feed to feed uninfected deer. This probably explains why CWD jumped from its ground zero in Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas to Wisconsin and then backtracked to Minnesota. What has spread by accident of corporate greed can be spread by design. The crusade against the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan has turned, and it is but a matter of time before a real September 11th, this one not caused by jews and ZOG wanting a Pearl Harbor excuse for invading Iraq, comes about. Food and fuel prices are spiraling upward with no end in sight. There are millions of illegal Turd-World aliens brought in by the Republicans and Democrats. The social safety net is stretched thin. Inflation is rising. The printing presses run overtime to pay for exploding deficits. A social and financial collapse waits in the wings. A religious, racial, and economic civil war is around the corner, and the System cannot even control its own greed. All the Resistance has to do is to destroy the means of existence for the System to survive, and let all competing factions rip the fabric of a decaying social order for enough to survive. Then the Resistance places all the blame upon the Regimeists for the collapse. And that is how we shall win, my Resistance brethren. We win by being the only ones left standing.

Para The job of the political 'legal' Resistance today is to preach the morality of Revolution against the regime. It is moral to exterminate the criminal regimeists and their families. They have removed themselves from any right to live because of their crimes of oppression, corruption and tyranny. There are no innocents, only sides. Only one side can survive and deserves to live. There is a rotting, fraying cord holding the Sword of Damnation from falling upon us all. Sooner or later the rotten cord shall break. The Regimeists are sawing away at the corrupt cord by means of their tyranny and treason. Us in the Resistance are sawing away at the rotten cord because of our hatred and rage. When the Sword falls, all we need to do is make sure we are the only ones left alive. And then we win because we shall be the survivors.


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