Missouri Ethics Commission
P.O. Box 1370
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

June 24, 2004

Re:Ethics Complaint against Matt 'Runt' Blunt, Missouri Secretary of State
and Competing Republican Candidate for Governor concerning RuntBlunt's
misuse of election authority to benefit his campaign by refusing other Republican
candidates access to the official Secretary of State Candidates Web Page.

Dear Missouri Ethics Commission:

. . . . I am making this complaint to this Missouri Ethics Commission concerning the deliberate misconduct of Missouri's Chief Election Official, Secretary of State Matt 'Runt' Blunt for his lawless, immoral and unethical policies of deliberately using his elected position as Secretary of State and Chief Elections Official of Missouri to give himself an unlawful advantage in his run for Governor against his Republican primary opponents, specifically myself. First of all, RuntBlunt has deliberately refused to place my name on the Missouri ballot as Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt, even when given proof that I have filed for elective office in Newton County, Missouri in elections of 2002, 2003, and 2004, that vendors and the general public know me as Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt, and after having refused to let me run under my nickname of choice in the Republican primary election for US Senate in August 2002. Secondly, RuntBlunt has deliberately refused to allow any Republican Candidate for Governor, but especially myself, to have their campaign web page listed on the official Certified Candidates List web page. These corrupt attempts to subvert the elections process unworthy of the Soviet Union, Saddam Hussein's Iraq and supposedly Nazi Germany are done to directly benefit Runt Blunt's primary campaign by pretending that none of the other Republican primary candidates have anything to say.

. . . . Since the whole purpose of elections is to allow the People of Missouri to think they have an open, honest choice of political candidates to select from, RuntBlunt's corrupt antics as the one getting to keep the records, count the votes, and hoping to rule as Governor of Missouri means that this primary election and possibly the general election is designed to be fraudulent. Since the entire purpose of this Missouri Ethics Commission is to provide window-dressing that these phony elections are legit, then it behooves this Missouri Elections Commission to either remove RuntBlunt from the ballot or to punish him adequately for his corruption. I am considering filing a federal lawsuit in a federal district court to either have RuntBlunt's name removed from the ballot, or in the alternate, force RuntBlunt to run with the 'Runt' Blunt nickname and to have RuntBlunt's 'Official' Campaign web page to be routed to a web page of my design showing RuntBlunt's crookedness and moral degeneracy making RuntBlunt unfit to be a publicly elected dogcatcher, much less Secretary of State or Governor.

. . . . RuntBlunt was chastised for his crookedness by myself at the June 5, 2004 Missouri Press Association forum at Lake Ozark Missouri. I gave RuntBlunt copies of his misconduct back in 2002, and copies of my filing and request for my campaign web site to be displayed for this year as well. All the nitwit RuntBlunt could do with the copies was to doodle on them, and when the forum was over the idiotic little wuss ran off leaving the evidentiary papers on the table. I finally got one of RuntBlunt's perfumed faggoty aids to accept them, but it is doubtful that RuntBlunt wanted to look at them again.

. . . . Then on June 9, 2004, I wrote RuntBlunt and RuntBlunt's lackeys that run RuntBlunt a letter which is posted on my WWW page at:

. . . . Essentially this letter brought up how in 2002, when I was running for US Senate against Jim 'No' Talent, that as Secretary of State that they had denied my request to run as Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt absent all law or valid reason and that they had refused to list my campaign web page as well. Exhibits of my correspondence from that election year shall be sent with this complaint. They involve my letter of May 23, 2002, RuntBlunt's lawyer Terry Jarrett's dishonest response of May 30, 2002, my response of June 8, 2002, and Jarrett's counter-response of June 11, 2002. I also made a telephone call concerning why my web page wasn't listed, and some lackey from RuntBlunt's office claimed that the link I gave upon filing in March 2002 didn't work, even though it did for everyone else. Upon giving a new link RuntBlunt's lackey claimed that the web page mentioned on my letterhead wasn't a campaign web site. I told the liar that it contained all of my work since 1996, and that it wasn't my fault that No-Talent was such a professional feeb that his lackeys couldn't come up with anything worth reading that Jim Talent had ever written. So by default, the Missouri Secretary of State's office, under the supposed rule of RuntBlunt stumbled into a criminal modius operandi that worked in denying the voters any knowledge of competing candidates other than those sock-puppets pre-selected by the Missouri Republican Party establishment -- and the insiders which run them -- on an official Missouri elections web page. This corrupt practice is now foolishly used by RuntBlunt and RuntBlunt lackeys against me in 2004. However, this year RuntBlunt is acting corruptly directly against me in his race for Governor, and since this corruption benefits RuntBlunt directly, it is indefensible by anyone. I'll grant that elections have been corrupt in Missouri for decades, but this time the trail of corruption leaves such a stench that this year's elections are illegitimate before the results of corruption are even talleyed.

. . . . In November of 2003, knowing that I would run for Governor of Missouri against RuntBlunt, given that I had more dirt on RuntBlunt than Bull$hit Kit Bond, I bought a web domain and hosting for www.martinlindstedt.org . This way RuntBlunt & lackeys wouldn't be able to claim that I had in any way any difference between a vanity page used by RuntBlunt. In fact, RuntBlunt has a campaign website ---> www.mattblunt.com . I am enclosing as an exhibit the fact that as of yesterday (and today) June 23, 2004 that RuntBlunt has his campaign web page listed -- and not mine nor any other Republican candidates'! Nor can RuntBlunt & lackeys claim that they didn't receive notice as I am enclosing a Secretary of State official form -- Request to Have Website Link Added to Missouri Secretary of State's Web Page (www.sos.mo.gov) -- signed by myself when I filed to run for Governor as a Republican on March 10, 2004.

. . . . Furthermore, a look at RuntBlunt's SOS page reveals that RuntBlunt and lackeys have posted the campaign websites for the candidates on the Democratic and Libertarian Party ballots -- thus proving that this is a self-serving criminal conspiracy by RuntBlunt and lackeys. Right now RuntBlunt has a Republican primary election to win against relatively unknown (other than myself) Republican primary candidates. At the June 5, 2004 Missouri Press Association forum, I met competing Republican candidates for governor Jeff Killian and Roy Lang. Jeff Killian gave me his card, with his campaign web site on it -- http://www.showmefirst.org. Why hasn't RuntBlunt & lackeys also placed Killian's website? They were given Killian's cards. And I shall contact Roy Lang and offer him free hosting for his campaign website on my web domain, without censorship or abridgement for those issues Roy wants to post. Or any other Republican primary candidate for governor who can't afford a campaign website or don't know how to create one for themselves. Then how will RuntBlunt be able to deal with the issues, especially when every single competing Republican candidate is telling all of Missouri about what a crooked little faggy twerp professional politician RuntBlunt happens to be?
For Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt ---> http://www.martinlindstedt.org
For Roy Lang -------------------------> http://www.martinlindstedt.org/roylang.html

. . . . There is no doubt as to what the documents show -- that RuntBlunt is using and abusing his office as Secretary of State and keeper of the Official Records and Chief Election Official in order to cripple competing Republican grass- roots candidacies for Governor of Missouri. It is your job as the Missouri Ethics Commisssion to punish such crimes which make the elections nothing more than the auctions and displays of simony that they are today. If RuntBlunt is allowed to get away with such a cheap trick -- and even the secretary at your office who answered the phone when I called on June 17, 2004 said that RuntBlunt's crookedness was 'unfair' -- then the Missouri Ethics Commission should simply disband, close shop and let these [s]elections openly become the simony auctions between corporate PACS that they really are today. You make candidates like myself file form after form showing that we got absolutely nothing in campaign contributions or gifts or bribes to buy advertising while at the same time allowing corrupt incumbent machine politicians like RuntBlunt to use their office and public facilities to benefit their political campaigns. RuntBlunt needs exposure for his idiotic thieving crookedness by this bureaucracy giving notice that egregious corruption shall not be tolerated and by the jewsmedia and lie-papers making a big deal of the inevitable findings of fact and law as well.

. . . . Lastly, I am enclosing copies of my filing papers to be listed on the ballot as Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt. The name is not obscene or profane. I have as much right to have this as my nickname as any other candidate has a right to a nickname. I've been on the ballot in Newton County Missouri as Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt in 2002, 2003 and 2004, and have worked for the right for my nickname to appear. RuntBlunt has no right to refuse me this, any more than RuntBlunt has any right to not place my web site on the official Secretary of State campaign directory.

. . . . I am also making this complaint public. The news media, the voters, competing politicians -- all have the right to know the public character of public candidates. I may also use this public complaint in a federal lawsuit as well, and a federal district court is a court of record. But first, I want this Missouri Ethics Commission to have a chance to set right that which is under their control and scrutiny.


Sincerely yours,

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004

Cc: Governor Bo[o]b Holden
Attorney General Jay Nixon
Secretary of State Matt 'Runt' Blunt


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