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Resistance Political Front

September 11, 2003, Issue #4-2003

A Journal of the Political Arm of the Resistance


Purpose: Our purpose is to serve the Resistance as the electronic journal of record for the political arm of the Resistance. We plan on providing news and commentary favorable to our Cause in a format accessible to the general public.

Commentary is in regular format and is solely the opinions of the Editor and Staff of Resistance Political Front.

Editor Martin Lindstedt



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Fable of Contents

1. ... This Issue's Editorial Commentary
3....ADL Concerned About Mel Gibson's "Passion" -- Deimos Soderlind -- Sept. 9, 2003
4....The Khazar Cuckoos of False Zion -- John Goldlite -- Sept. 17, 2003
5....ZOG stuck with Iraqif*ckation -- The Washington [jew] Pest, translated by Martin Lindstedt -- Oct. 29, 2003



--Editor Martin Lindstedt







ParaWho started 9/11? The 'ofishul' Resistance commonly accepted conspiracy theory is that the jews did it, in conjunction with ZOG. After all, this is ZOG's War and the only ones benefitting from it are the Zionists, both jew and whigger. While A-rab 'terrorists' operating under planning of Al-Qaeda might have thought that they were pulling a fast one, their lack of skill in both pilot training and their subsequent failure to repeat their alleged feat mitigates against much, if any success. The A-rab 'terrorist' has not had much luck beyond anything involving technology greater than strapping on a body bomb and heading into a bus crowded with jews, or firing off a RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade perfected in the 1950's, or hosing down 'our' joops (jew-controlled ZOG-dupe troops) with AK fire. But what such lack in imagination they more than make up for in enthusiasm.

Simply put, ragheads are unable, as always, to keep a secret or think overmuch beyond the lengths of their circumcised dicks -- witness the latest sting of several Brit-ZOG pakis caught trying to buy anti-aircraft missles from a consortium of ZOG's intel agencies from the Mossad to the FBI to the KGB. Their little raghead plots are quickly unearthed by Zionist spies. In the case of 9/11, the plot was doubtless unearthed by the Mossad and like the previous attempt on the World Trade Center, actually blessed and forwarded with the help of the Feral Bureau of Imperialism. Thus it was a simple matter to shut down FBI agents not in the loop trying to know what was going on with witless ragheads unable to fly a Cessna wanting to know how to fly (and not take off or land) a Boeing 747 airliner at flying schools. All that was necessary is for headquarters to pretend that all was well and bottle up any reports. The A-rabs would get on the plane, 'hi-jack' it, and then the jets would be flown, via remote control, into the Twin Towers of Nuevo Babylon. No Air Force jets would be scrambled until around a full hour later, Flight 93 was shot down with much flapdoodle concerning imaginary whigger zeroics. Then, after a few whiggers got out (the jews were warned not to show up to their temples of Mammon) of the building, some stupid whigger piglice and fire-pigs were sent in to die as zeros when the support columns were destroyed by demolition charges, just like as at Oklahoma City. ZOG never changes a modius operandi which works, especially given that ZOG political piglice do the 'investigating.' A circle of around 200 jew spies and operatives were quickly flushed out and deported without much fuss or notice by Ashcroft's deputy Department of Jewstice kike-master Chernoff. An anthrax scare instigated by a Ft. Detrick kike-kernal named Zack using FiBbIe-anthrax was blamed on a whigger named Hatfill. Typical Zionist false-flag operation which is believed only by imperial lemmings & whigger ass-clowns which sss-wallow any ZOG-swill filtered through to them by the jewsmedia.

As in the Oklahoma City bombing, it is likely that all sides knew exactly what was coming and why. I have posited that both the Resistance and the Regimeists knew that Timothy McVeigh was going to blow up the OKC federal building, but that neither side had an interest in stopping something which was in both warring parties' interests. It takes two to fight, and thus the making of partisan zealots to commit atrocities enough to sustain a war. Both sides want war and both sides wage war against the middle, which want nothing but peace and order.

In the case of ZOG, Clinton gained re-election for a second term. The CONstipational militia-general [bowel] movement was largely destroyed as the suburban militia-mattoids quickly proclaimed that they loved ZOG and eschewed violence. Yet a New Resistance was forged tougher from their birth at Waco and Ruby Ridge. A new generation of Resistance came into being consisting of the tail end of the Baby Boomers and Gen-X intellectuals, activists, and soldiers. Increasingly, Resistance feeds and breeds New Resistance. Oklahoma City resulted in only a few aboveground Resistance activists gloating that Timothy McVeigh was justified and a hero of great moral and physical courage. Yet ZOG's War on the Muslim world has the Resistance strongly in favor of an eventual Muslim victory at ZOG's expense, eventually cracking this mighty Evil Empire open like a rotten watermelon. In fact, one cannot find a single Resistance or 'Movement' blog, web page, listserver, or forum not gleefully gloating about how many of ZOG's joops got killed or their nuts shot off or puking up depleted uranium dust along with their lung tissue. As for myself, the first thing I do upon booting up my four-year-old AMD K2-6 450mhz computer every morning is to go to the ZOG suck-poop MSNBC page to see how many Axis-of-Evil Imperial ZOG storm-joopers bought the farm in a time-zone nine hours ahead. Why, itz more fun than seeing TalmudVision riot-footage of piglice killing niggers (and vice-versa).

What one must understand is that in a criminal imperial regime about to go under, that there can be no such thing as a 'common truth' believed by all, but rather a strategic and tactical truth believed and believable only by its partisans. And that this 'truth' will be spread by its partisan media, intellectuals, activists, and, if by nothing else, by the word of mouth or gossip or rumor of its humblest practitioner. Imperial 'truth' is no longer believed by very many except the usual subnormal hysterics which 'think' theysselfs have nothing better to believe in any way. Rather 'truth' is constantly being interpreted by the masses/them asses in light of what it is in their own self interest to believe. Get enough whigger bodybags filled with joops either RPG'd or shot or Gulf War Syndromed to death and a short, but 'glorious' career as a joop grunt in ZOG's Armed Farces won't look too great. As it is, ZOG's joops are being sent in, one year tour-of-occupation duty at a time, playing hell with [j]unit cohesion, much as they were ground up in the Vietnam War. How many recruitment offices will be filled when it means a guaranteed shot at the body-bag lottery? Yup, itz an 'Army of One' allright -- every super-dooper in-a-stupor ZOG-poop-scooper jooper for itzself.

ZOG's War is lost. This is as it should be, because the only intended winner was ZOG. The economy is shot. There is no 'recovery.' The whiggers are losing their whigger-collar jobs but they can't get on welfare -- itz reserved for latrino mexcrement and niggers. There is no point in going to kollidge for a job which is no longer there. There is the continual threat of non-ZOG terrorism and the guarantee of more anti-White ZOG terrorism. Taxes are rising and whigger lemmings are no longer able to even feed their children. The refinanced mortgage bubble is about to bust. ZOG-bux are being printed to stave off a ZOG-deficit and the price of everything is going through the roof. Things have really, really really turned to shit. And this is just the beginning.

9/11 was the beginning of the end for ZOG, regardless of what ZOG planned. And that is a wonderful thang.


ParaThere was a blackout supposedly not caused by terrorism, but rather by incompetence and lack of transmission capability from White rural areas to non-white inner-shitties. All of which presages a day in which not only electricity, but taxes, water and food shall be cut off by the White producers to the non-white consumers as well. See Maguire's still timely "Feeding Time at the Zoo."

'Deregulation' means that the infrastructure, such as power lines, is neglected as everyone tries to make as much pure profit at the expense of the common infrastructure. Little, if anything, is plowed back into the common carrying infrastructure. Deregulation destroyed the airline industry, just as it led to Enronization of power and soon will lead to the regular local wired telephone system collapsing.

The Germans kept their rail system running because they sensed, correctly, that they needed to have a way to efficiently move freight, soldiers, equipment and people, so they plowed 'profits' back into their rail system. In Amerikwa, profits are something to be plowed into the pockets of greedsters, mammon-worshippers, politicians and jews and not back into the golden goose laying the golden eggs. So the basic infrastructure goes to pot because there is no 'profit' in fixing what is commonly needed for all to use the service.

Parasites cannot understand any of this until the system that they rely upon collapses. There was money to be made in generation but not the transmission of power, so the power plants were built but the transmission lines were neglected. As in California, there is plenty of power in the mainly White rural areas and outlying states, but there is a meltdown when that surplus power goes to the inner shitties full of beaners, niggers, and turd-whirrrrld offal. I saw so many niggers and gooks and beaners walking home from Jew Dork Shitty that for all I was concerned it could have been happening in Calcutta or Mexico Shitty. Shame that they didn't pull their machetes and cut off some meat on the hoof atop a paper bonfire -- but just give it a few days sometime in the near future and they will.

As in all 'solutions' what shall be robbed in the future are the productive areas of electrical generation to pay for transmission to the gross consumers. Marxian solutions of taking from those who have because they produce to give to those perpetually in need because they can only consume and take.

It beats me why the masses/them asses of whiggers should give a shit about what happens to Jew Dork, Cleveland, or Detroit other than because they are bred stupid. Don't worry about electricity unless you are a lineman and can do something practical about it -- just rather make sure that you have plenty of ammunition and an operating firearm, something useful you can do for yourself.


ParaThe very first thing I do upon booting up my four-year-old AMD K-2/450 is to log onto MSNBC, as the middling choice between Fox and CNN, and see how many of ZOG's 'joopers' were sacrificed upon the alter of "Is it good for jews?" by Dog's chosen neo-khans. I have no sympathy for ZOG mercenaries, as they choose to do the dirty work to advance the destruction of White people for the sake of ZOG-bux printed up by jew banksters and whigger race-traitors. While I am no friend of sandniggers and dunecoons, they gotta live somewhere, preferably nine time zones away from me. Watching the jews media like MSNBC grudgingly admit that the latest of ZOG's wars are being lost, one dead whigger, nigger, or beaner mercenary at a time pleases me no end.

ZOG's Armed Farces are being destroyed, especially the Army. For every ZOG jooper killed in action, there are five or six who are wounded in action. The favorite weapon of the Iraqi Resistance, the RPG-7, a rocket-propelled grenade acting as personal artillery and anti-armor, does far more damage than an AK-47 assault rifle. The Army hospitals such as Walter Reed, are fitting far more artificial limbs than any time since the Vietnam War. Over 6,000 other casualties, from disease to psychological stress, have been dealt out already. But for every KIA or WIA or other casualty, there are at least ten 'lucky' veterans with six or less year's experience who will decide that becoming a careerist means back-to-back overseas posting in hot-zones in ZOG's Impferial legions. This translates into becoming a casualty sooner or later fighting in some Turd-Whirrrrrld rathole, and that the risk is far too great. Sooner or later the military cohesion holding these units together will erode fatally and Army units shall become nothing more than mobs of scared men with superior firepower. It is estimated that ZOG's Army will be unable to replace its losses by March or April of 2004, and that the current level of 140,000 joopers will have to be cut to 120,000 then 100,000.

Last week, the process of 'Vietnamization' ( The term for President Nixon's final solution of training the Army of the Republic of [South] Vietnam to resist the North Vietnamese Army just before pullout of most of ZOG's joops back in 1972) went off the rails when ZOG's panicky joops killed eight of its 'Iraqicrockization' native piglice plus a Jordanian security guard 'accidentally.' The lesson wasn't wasted on wannabe Iraqi ZOG-piglice that it simply doesn't pay, not even in the short run, to turn traitor on your own people. ZOG dealt out a lesson of what happens to traitors in a 'friendly-fire' incident. The next day, the Iraqi Resistance emphasised that lesson by shooting a traitorous Iraqi chief of piglice in broad daylight, with the avenging pig-killer getting clean away into a crowd of Iraqis in broad daylight. The lesson is clear -- serve ZOG and die at the hands of ZOG or your native people.

Meanwhile, not a single stolen drop of Iraqi oil is being pumped in pipelines. Emperor Deserter-in-Thief Jorge W.higger Bush recently gave the 'news' that while none of the beneficiaries of ZOG's War like the jews nor Halliburton were going to pay for the Axis of Looting, the Amerikwan sheeple, what ones still have jobs, were going to have to pay 87 billion ZOX-bux for the benefit of Jorge-the-Last's presidential re-selection, along with the re-selections of those Republikudicans still trying to ship off the very last manufacturing job to China. Such a deal.

ZOG's latest war is being lost. The Iraqis are learning to deal with their traitors. As a Turd-Whirrld pesthole, Iraq has learned that it cannot win in a stand-up firefight against ZOG's joopers and airpower. However, what it can do is to get cheap AK-47s, RPG-7s, and homemade radio-controlled mines into just a portion of its 26 million people and take several dozen "targets of opportunity" as they arise, and ZOG's casualty rate will eventually become politically unsupportable. The neo-khans' spirit is willing but the goyim joopers' flesh is weak. To weak to support an invasion of Syria, much less Iran.

The Islamic world is learning how to deal with both the jews' and ZOG-USSA's overwhelming military might. They neutralize superior firepower by superior 'people-power.' Their bombs are guided by suicide fanatic. They outnumber by several thousand to one ZOG's joopers, so the solution is several hundred attacks of opportunitiy by one or two or three locals, and sooner or later they shall get lucky. Meanwhile, ZOG's joopers are demoralized by being shot at continuously, with no safe place to get a break from the fighting. Every ZOG jooper knows that it is but a matter of time before he becomes a casualty. So is it any wonder that the morale of ZOG's joopers falls and the morale of the ragheads' increases?

A study of the Islamic world's birthrates shoulf give pause to any strategic thinker. The Islamic countries can afford to trade losses of one-hundred for each one of ZOG's. Right now the losses are five or six to one. This means that ZOG's war is not only lost in the Islamic countries, but lost as well over here.


Para Today has been a very good day for me, as a number of truly worthless bastards have gotten their comeuppance. One was a local chief deputy sheriff of the adjoining Jasper County, who was for all intents fired from his job by the newly elected sheriff, elected as an independent in a county 70% Republikudikhan precisely because he canned all of the captains and lieutenants and chief deputies of the ancient piglice regime. But what I loved most to see was a biter bitten, a hypocrite unmasked, a buffoon caught in his own buffoonery. I am talking of Flush Rimblow, my name for a Republican chickenhawk, an anal-cyst draft-dodger, spawn of Missery lawyers, and hypocritical lying gasbag, who, like Bill Bennet, was caught in the adulterous act of buying and using prescription drugs.

A more loathsome moral leper cannot be scarcely imagined. Flush came out of Cape Gireardeau, Missouri, the spawn of lawyers, and became a shill for neo-khanservantive Repulsivescams. Flush got out of Vietnam by having an anal cyst -- like many fat whiggers Flush wasn't too careful about wiping his own ass after taking a dump. Flush's daddy and grandpappy were lawyers, a glib and loathsome degenerate breed used to sending innocent men and women to prison on trumped up charges while letting regime criminals go free to loot the pubic treasury. I myself have filed a number of motions and petitions for writs to the Missery supreme kort and been turned down by one of the nine black-robed baal-priests there, one of them Flush's cousin, Steven Limbaugh. The smartest and most decent of the nine happens to be a nigger named Ronny White, no tom-nigger he, who feuded with Bush's Attorney General, John Ashcroft, when that pharisee happened to be the Missouri attorney general and governor. In today's world, dominated by lawyers, it is to be expected that even nigger lawyers of the non-house-nigger variety are far more intelligent and alive than degenerate fat whiggers such as the other eight supremes. Ronnie White was the only one of the supremes who had an ounce of mercy for a White Vietnam vet who got tired of piglice abuse and killed three pigs and a piglice whore around a decade ago. Whereas the Limbaugh inbreds took great care to have medical profiles and deferments, just like most of the Bush Administraitors. Karl Rove was too good to go to war. And George W.[higger] Bush was a deserter in a time of war from the National Guard officer's post his degenerate daddy got him assigned to.

Whatever happened to "Just say no!" Flush? Remember the First Bedpan-Flusher Nancy Reagan's yapping this crap? Since Flush is one of the degenerates yapping about 'the morality' of maintaining high prices for piglice drug cartels under color of Drug Prohibition, I am sure that Flush should be begging for his anal cyst (what should be called a 'brain tumor' for Flush) to be popped by Dr. Nigger, a big black bi-sexual buck with GAIDS. But rather this great big shrill pussy, deaf, dumb and morally blind, is still yapping about how he will 'tell all' to audiences of his devoted shittoheads after Flush figures out what all ZOG lawyers and drug piglice and prostitutors have on him that he can deny.

Flush and his shittohead audience are the literal scum of the earth. They have so much but it is never enough for them but what they must have more, at the expense of poor working-class Whites. None of them have ever paid for their unearned privileges and position, but rather have chickened out while pimping the Zionist chickenhawk line for their Zionist masters, and disdaining the working class draftees, never rewarded, sent to fight and die in their stead. They look down on poor White people in pain gulping down alcohol and cooking up meth, while these stupid fat fucks living like maggots on the fat of the land gulp down handfulls of painkillers for their imaginary psychosomatic ills. I cannot think of a better, bigger, fatter, more degenerate architype than this fat-assed, cowardly, pharisaical whigger buffoon Rush Limbaugh feeding its regurgitated ZOG-loving swill to a vast herd of moronic degenerate lemmings and ZOGling whigger ass-clowns. It is like a gargantuan maggot eating shit, then in turn spewing and shitting out what a mass of lesser maggots promptly then eat and shit, and then for even more smaller maggots to in turn eat and shit until the molecular level of pathology is reached.

I am chagrined that I used to listen to this worthless bastard back when I was driving a truck across the fruited & nutted plain back in 1988-91. Nothing much to listen to except squawk radio when driving those long stretches or dropping off or picking up a load. And Flush seemed to make sense, back then, fighting the gliberal whiggers. I am disgusted that maybe I used to be a 'shitto-head' too, although Flush was promptly flushed whenever I got home and then later when I got off the truck permanently. But then again, naaaah, didn't happen.

As the years went by, when I listened on occassion in my car a few times, I got to wondering what I ever heard in that goofy pompous shithead. And then, more importantly, I began to wonder why and how anyone could listen to this idiotic, morally compromised and mentally deficient, gasbag. It's like wondering who and what type of pathology reads them shrill goofy books put out by the shiska bottle-blond Republilesboskank Ann Coulter. Is there a pleasure center amongst Republikudikhans that love having their wee cranks yanked? Must be. Listening to Flush Rimblow is like reading an Ann Coulter fiction book, or voting for Bubba Clinton or Jorge Bush -- doing it for the sheer enjoyment of such is a sure sign of moral and mental endemic congenital degeneracy. But it is not a question of Flush's and Ann's and Bubba's and Jorge's absolute degeneracy so much; but rather it always eventually comes down to how to efficiently exterminate the masses/them asses of the kind of End-Times maggots that really actually enjoys feeding upon that sort of shit from such evil providers. So today, any 'enjoyment' that I might get from seeing on the TalmudVision or hearing on the radio the swill provided by these hireling spawn of the Prince of the Power of the Air is in imaginging a Giant Jackboot of Justice from YHWH popping them fat flaccid maggots that feed off of such shit and turning them into a squirting squalid squuwz spurting onto the next doomed maggots.


How sweet it is!


ParaOnward Goyim Soldiers

Onward Goyim soldiers marching without fear,
Rumsfeld, Perle and Wolfowitz will lead you from the rear.
Clothed by Chinese sweatshops, and fed on Hormel swill,
Kill off all the A-rabs for by now you know the drill.

Onward Goyim soldiers you must be proud to serve,
We must control one big oil source to save the Federal Reserve.
Fight on through the dust storms, and secure that southern border,
Israel is getting very dry and needs to pipe some water.

While you watch the children starving, do not think of sin,
Ari Fleischer is on TV and he'll control the spin.
Fight on in to Baghdad, and try to kill Saddam.
If you can't find him do not worry, George will drop a great big bomb.

Onward Goyim soldiers, we know you're bad to the bone,
When all of this is over you'll get a medal from Ariel Sharon.
Onward Goyim soldiers, marching off to war
With the Star of David going on before.

(Based on a W.W.II British ditty, " .

Para The past week in Iraq has been dire for ZOG. The Muslim Resistance, like the Vietnamese Tet Offensive, used the occassion of a religious and national holi[holy]day of Ramadan to immediately prove to both ZOG and the Iraqi and Muslim Peoples that ZOG doesn't control anything other than the ground it is sitting upon, and often not even that.

First the ZOG deputy Secretary of Defense, a jew named Wolfowitz, was nearly killed by a clever Iraqi technique of aiming a rocket launcher via remote at a hotel used by ZOG bureaucrats and mercenaries and coming close to killing this kikeowitz. As it was, a ZOG light colonel was killed and much property damage was inflicted upon the thieves den. Kikeowitz was a target, and nearly taken out.

Then an M1 tank, the heaviest armored tank in the world, was destroyed by a rocket propelled grenade with an interesting warhead, which penetrated that tank. Thus these huge machines are no longer invulnerable, any more than the run-of-the-mill Bradleys, Hummers, or trucks used by the Army to get quickly, along normal street/road routes without notifying the inhabitants, to any location. A 70-ton tank can't go just anywhere, or cross on any bridge, without becoming stuck, along with having to worry about improvised munitions, anti-tank mines, or now special anti-tank rockets. The loss of this one tank to enemy fire means that infantry not so well protected will have to accompany tanks, along planned 'safe' routes, and thus the elements of surprise and initiative is lost. Becoming predictable in having a tank route means that now the route must be protected, as well as the tanks that use it, and these routes thus become channels in which tank reinforcement can be predicted and planned for by the Iraqi Resistance. Predictability means a terminal loss of both surprise and iniative.

This means that everywhere in Iraq is now a 'no-go' area, akin to whigger piglice cruisers in ghettos of niggers and/or latrinos. ZOG either mounts an expeditionary force, or one leaves well enough alone. In most cases, with an outnumbered, scared, low-morale ZOG mercenary farce, ZOG must leave well enough alone. This means that the Iraqi guerrilla forces, the fish within their own racial and religious sea, are the only ones able to go where ever and whenever they please.

This in turn means that raghead collabor-traitors and 'Iraqif*ckation' piglice have no protection for themselves and their families living amongst their embittered radicalized neighbors. The process of 'Iraqif*ckation,' like ZOG's policy of Vietnamization thirty years ago, fails because the 'best' and boldest of the collabor-traitors are killed by their own people. Check out the 1997 movie, Michael Collins in which the very first action that the IRA head did in the 1919 'Troubles' was to make the Royal Irish Constabulary either resign, or get a bullet in their heads. Always deal with the traitors first. Persuade such the hard way that it is highly unprofitable for them to be killed and tortured to death, along with their treasonous families. Then the rest of the collabortraitors and their families will have no option but to hole up in ZOG's little Fort Apache firebases where they have to be guarded by ZOG and can no longer function as ZOG's eyes and ears. The Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army perfected this approach for thirty years against the French and the Americans until Saigon fell. The Iraqi dune coons and sand niggers, having even less civilization and moral scruples to begin with, have figured how to deal with collabortraitors in less than thirty weeks.

In the last week, two ZOG helicopters have been shot down, causing 16 Killed In Action (KIA) and then another Blackhawk down, with 6 more 'ofishul' KIA. ZOG, in the interest of minimizing casualties, no longer keeps track of, or even cares much for, its walking and non-walking wounded. Combined with the usual meatgrinder attacks of opportunity of a rising level of attacks from two to three dozen a day killing a ZOG jooper or two a day, this weeks past casualty rate of KIA alone is over thirty, roughly five killed ZOG joopers per day.

The Iraqi Resistance controls the towns, the cities, rural areas, and the airspace. The firebases, especially the most secure 'Green Zone' where ZOG supposedly rules, now comes under nightly mortar attack. The mortar, a tube, base-plate, and elevator device easily set up and 'spotted' by almost any raghead with a cell phone or walkie talkie, is the favorite artillery piece of the guerrilla, that is, other than ubiquitous and cheap RPG-7 direct-fire grenade launcher. ZOG must now run the gauntlet in both convoy or on helicopter. Kicking in doors, feeling up the females, robbing the population of dinars and arresting a few dozen truculent ragheads in raids every night is getting pretty expensive in terms of ZOG thugs and equipment.

Yesterday, a techno-ZOG enclave in Saudi Arabia was bombed. If not a ZOG false-flag operation designed to intimidate the Saudis, this means the reach of Islamic jihad organizations are almost everywhere. In any case, ZOG's War is being lost. Contrary to what the 88-IQ, One-Term, Deserter-In-Thief smirked the other day, the Muslim jihad and its Iraqi Resistance subgroup is not burning itself out with one last fling, but rather this Resistance is growing stronger every day, bringing in more partisans ever more active and effective. When the smirking moron said, "Bring it on," this cowardly degenerate never thought for a minute that his safety was imperiled. Yet this false bravado of the idiotic bullying buffoon has political consequences -- his polls are dropping and the Democrat opposition is solidifying. That is a defeat which hits home far more than how many cord of cannon-fodder are stacking up in Iraq.


Para The Stupid&Evil Party of Democrats are doing their best to lose to Bushy and Bushy's Republikudikhan 'Southern Strategy' of pandering to whiggers (white niggers). The Repubs have since the time of Nixon used 'code words' to con stupid sell-out Southron whiggers that the Repubs will not be the false friends that they really are, but rather 'save' them nice good non-racist gelded soft whiggers from the niggers and latrino [g]immi-grunts. Nixon won the South, and ever since then the Republikudikhans have been bringing about more gun & goy control, falling wages, loss of manufacturing jobs, corpsorate welfare and all of the ills formerly associated with those mammon- & nigger-loving Carpetbaggers since 1865. Them Republicunts have been 'fighting like [gelded] shabbes-goy dogs for us White People, all right.

All [racial] Nationalist politicians know and understand that there is nothing which can be done about the Demmyctwats. They are the left-wing of ZOG's Imperial vulture. Democrat politicians are the White working-man's open, overt enemy, and should be understood as such. But far more dangerous are the Republicans, for they are false friends. So every White Nationalist should understand that we must destroy politically the blight-wing first by denying them the White vote. Destroy one wing entirely, and the Imperial ZOG vulture won't fly. Rather, ZOG shall be facing the overt hatred and contempt of the White voter, and the gliberal whigger shall of course vote Democrat. This is why the savvy White Nationalist politician runs as a overt Republican in order to destroy the Republican party and hand the Democrats, who cannot be reasoned with, a 'victory' of full-fledged political racial and civil warfare.

Howard 'I-want-to-be-a-jew-too' Dean decided to go for the general [s]election a bit early before wrapping up the primary. Thus Dean claimed that he "wanted to be voted for by whites with a Confederate flag on their pickup trucks." Dean figured out, correctly, that working-class Southern White males would vote their economic interests as well as stopping an illegal war run for the benefit of jews and Bushy-whiggers which might well kill them (the vast majority of combat-arms troops are White), if only Dean spoke a few kind words about their beleagered heritage.

Of course the rest of the Demmyctwat polytickians didn't like this. Dean still has to pander to the niggers in order to win the primary [s]election. It wouldn't do for any Demmyctwat politician to not have to lick nigger ass. Plus, the rest of the seven or eight or nine or ten dwarfs would rather that the 88-IQ In-Flight NWO/ZOG One-Term Deserter-In-Thief be a two-term 88-IQ In-Flight NWO/ZOG Deserter-In-Thief rather than that anyone else win the Democrat primary and then the general [s]election. So the one most secure in his niggroid-'ritude, the 'Reverend' Al Tawana-Brawley Sharpton, howled about the 'evil White man' getting to have freedom of association and of speech by flying "that racist symbol, the Confederate flag." Then the idiotic Clintonclone whigger Senaturd from North Carolina, what's-his-name, yapped about how pretend-Southron whiggers might be metrosexually upset about being mistaken for ungelded wild UnReconstructed Southern White Men as well.

Now rather than tell 'Reverend' nigger the political facts of life -- that no nigger will ever win even the Democrat primary, much less the general [s]election next November -- Dean wussed out. Rather than simply say that Reverend nigger's anti-white racism is of no account to him, and that Dean needs and wants White Southern voters for any Democrat to win, Dean later pussied out, apologising to both niggers and pore whiggers for showing for a second a set of nuts not bit off by his kikess wife. Yes, the rednecks have much less to openly lose if they stay at home or vote Democrat, because the Republiscams need to lose and lose big to show them that without White votes, they will lose all their money, property, and females to niggers and beaners. Yup, us rednecks all 'Have a Dream' of seeing Bushy and Asscrack's wives and daughters raped by niggers and beaners, and then all of them sodomized by big black bi-sexual bucks with GAIDS. White Nationalist political success means seeing to it that Republican whiggers and politicians have the Hobson's Choice of joining the Aryan Nations at the bottom rung or being reamed up the ass by big black and beaner bi-sexual bucks. GAIDS-infected congoid trouser-trout, that's what's for breakfast, lunch and supper as well as bedtime snacks, stupid whiggers!

The Demmyctwats are too frigging stupid to figure out why they lost the 2002 [s]election. They gave Bushy everything that the jews and corpsorations wanted -- a war with Iraq and no taxation. Bushy pandered to the [g]immi-grunts and promised an amnesty for turd-whirrlders. Could the Democrats piss and moan about jews, niggers, and beaners destroying the financial underpinnings of AmeriKwa? Of course not! They were turkeys in the 'Kwa, and when it came down to it, none of them had a plan any different because they were financed by the same racial aliens. So they took their ass-whuppings and hoped thangs would improve, i.e., get much worse in the 'Kwa. The Democrats dared not provide, or even think about, an alternative.

I saw it firsthand in 2002. I met Democrat Senaturd Widder Minstrel-Show Carnahan in March 2002, after I had filed for the same office as a Republican. She believed in all of the Democrat shibboleths, but had not the fire in her belly to win. With the connivance of the Secretary of State, Matthew 'Runt' Blunt (spawn of Missery Kongress-kritter Repub-Whip Skunk Blunt), the niggers in St. Louis and Kansas City at least more than once were prevented from voting. Massive vote fraud permeated the 2002 [s]election, and as a result, Ashcroft-lite, the pencil-necked NAFTA-geek Talent 'won' by a bare 21,000 votes in Missouri, less than three-tenths of one percent. I had hoped, as a Republican candidate, to put out the word on Talent voting for NAFTA and the assault-rifle ban, that Talent would lose because of a loss of rural White working-class votes. It was a close-run thing, and only lost because the Democrats really wanted, like LibberToons, albeit subconsciously, to lose as party 'purists.'

The Democrats will lose if they do like they did in 2002. As their most gifted Bubba Caligula said, "Insanity is doing the same thing which failed over and over again." They must promise to send the troops home. They must bring up Bush's lies, Zionism, class warfare and racial treason. They must learn to use the racial 'code words' that the Republicans have used to such effect to beguile and betray our working-class rural Whites. They must promise to undo NAFTA and illegal immigration. Because sooner or later the Democrats will win political power with their base of whiggers, niggers, jews, and latrinos, but their power is meaningless as the 'Kwa destroys itself in a degenerate imperial ZOG orgy.


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