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ParaI Know Traitor Glenn [Miller] on VNN/TGMNN

Originally Posted by Hitler Hoggess

This is just too funny, I was joking when I said this, since he only seemed to be hinting at it, but it seems that Miller, actually believes this to be the case:

Do you think miller also hits the bottle just a little to often, like Steve B? (VNN\TGMNN millerlinderite whigger poster) Or does his form of insanity run a bit more deeper then mere alcoholic delusions?

Traitor Glenn Miller in real life looks like an alcoholic. It's caused by Miller's terror of those he has been playing with over the years who hold grudges.

I had him visit me at my mother's trailer at the foot of the hill from my house where I have my office back in Aug. 2000. The place was -- still is -- cluttered with papers and computer junk. I was yakking about my new e- machines 500mhz Celeron computer & 15" monitor which had cost me $400 the month before as well as yakking about how I was in touch with Louis Beam and Katya Lane when Miller gasped, "I was in the Federal Witness Protection Program but nobody went to jail as a result of my testimony like it says in the book I gave you" and ran out of the trailer. I was wondering what that was all about and then got out from behind my new computer and went outside and talked to him while he sat in his Geo or Yugo or whatever. Miller was no longer hyperventilating. Of course since then Miller tells his own story about this event, with the dates and times changed, and all about how there was a smell of urine in a trailer which didn't have anyone living there.

Later that day, I contacted Louis Beam and Katya Lane, David Lane's wife, and yes, they knew Traitor Glenn Miller. They gave me an earful. Nothing is forgiven, nothing is forgotten. I figured out that Miller simply didn't know who he was dealing with, and thought when the subject rolled around to 'old friends' that this big, 6'2" 240 lb man was toying with him, probably about to pull out a knife or gun, and end the career of a ZOG rat. Louis Beam especially enjoyed me recounting how Miller lives in terror that the next one of his contacts might kill him in 'self-defense' or that ZOG might cash in on one of its rats. The only thing with a short life expectantcy than a 'useful idiot' is a useless idiot.

Traitor Glenn Miller, in his book, talks about how he run out on his comrades in Greensboro, NC, in 1979 in his book.

Of course, Miller was a retired lifer in the late 70's, and all the lifers drank. Us short-timers in the Army called the 'careerists' lifers and said that it stood for "Lazy Ignorant F*cker Expecting Retirement Soon." We really despised the Drunken Lifer Corps. I, like a lot of other smart White boys, especially the two-year enlistees in Fire Direction & Control for artillery or Field Artillery Surveyers, something that required mathematical ability, were in it only for the kollidge edjewcation ZOG-bux. My MOS, for FDC of ground-launched battlefield nukes, carried with it the highest 'kicker' of $15,000 in the Armed Farces.

The short-timers loved their hash and the lifers used both hash and booze. A bottle of Johnny Walker that cost $5 or Marlboros for $2 a carton at the Class VI PX sold well to heavily taxed Europeans who paid $30 or $20 in 1981-83 prices. The lifers both smoked and boozed. Sgt. Snitch retired during the Carter Army, when all a lifer had to do was to show up, drunk.

So Sgt. Snitch, or Smirnoff according to Dranus (VNN/TGMNN mamzer), is a cowardly alcoholic. Sgt. Snitch lives in actual fear that sooner, rather than upon ZOG's demise, that it's the end of the road for Sgt. Snitch and his family of baby traitors. Sgt. Snitch well knows what kind of men he narked on, and they neither forgive nor forget.

Sgt. Snitch probably worked for ZOG before his retirement. I'm sure that ZOG got something on him even before he took the $200,000 or whatever from the Order, and that he was narking even before then. I got permission from Louis Beam to publish Sgt. Snitch's book out on the Internet back in Feb. 2001. The purpose was to show how ZOG uses, abuses, and recruits traitors in no way different than the KGB or East German Stazi did. Sgt. Snitch was sending out packets in January and February of 2004, prompting me ask him since he had so many ZOGbux why not run for US Senate since I was running for Governor of Missouri. Traitor Glenn ran hot and cold, like ZOG was turning his switch, and eventually ZOG told Traitor Glenn Miller what I had actually said about him on the Internet. So Traitor Glenn Miller called me up, said that I had demeaned his non-existent manhood, and for me to never contact him again. Then he had Linder print up his apologia for being a rat.

It wasn't Billy Roper who initiated the Christmas Coup on VNN. Roper simply was pressured by both Christian Identity and Order followers that he couldn't serve both Linder and the Resistance. Roper did what he had to do, which was ban Miller and make Linder find his own server. Anyone either pro- or anti-Lindermiller knows what happened then.

Traitor Glenn Miller isn't dangerous to those who know who and what he is. Miller has been trying to get into the Reform Party, I shot him down myself at the Reform Party National Convention in Nashville Tenn. back in July 2001. Miller hasn't given up on narking and spying and hustling for ZOG. Linder is already co-opted and assimilated into ZOG already.

So for you jewvenile whiggers and mamzers sent to the VNN/TGMNN OppForum jewlag, it's not because you are 'dangerous' or 'principled' but rather that through an IP trace they already know who and where you are, but realize that like the Italian army, your kind is only dangerous to 'your' side, other than yoursselfs. Your kind isn't dangerous, merely selfish and goofy and of no use to anyone or anything.

Don't worry. The Lindermillerite rag will continue to be published, same as ZOG sells 'kits' instructing feebs how to turn a semi-auto AR-15 to full automatic fire. Sgt. Snitch got a lot of ZOG-bux to spend, an insatiable desire to get into the Movement machinery, a license to ill from the paytriots-for-profit, and he'll have the whigger nutsionalists marching in lockstep to the slaughterhouse, just like he did nearly 20 years ago. Nothing left of the White Patriot Party but the judas goats. They yap the yap and their feeb followers go to prison. Nothing is cheaper to fund than a 'false resistance' operation because fools never learn.

Yes, I met Traitor Glenn Miller. He is cowardly, drunken, a blowhard, a liar, and a traitor, but the rat definitely has a low jew-like animal cunning. Look how many people he's sent to prison, and still the fools line up, even though Miller admits to being a race-mixer and a rat. Who goes into the Witness Protection Program except federal [false] witnesses? I have to laugh at Terrible Tommy Metzger's hard-bitten cynicism about the kind of idiots unable to learn anything from the horrendous calamities of those who used to be young back in the late 70s and early 80's from association with Traitor Glenn Miller. Traitor Glenn Miller does tend to weed out those fools who deserve to die for their stupidity. Ravening ZOG- dogs amongst the Movement sheep we shall have with us always until both ZOG and whiggers are done for.

See: The Movement Turd of December 2004

--Martin Lindstedt






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