Christian Identity, White Nationalism and Racial Realpolitic



Part One

Perhaps I should take credit for Patricia Neill’s interest in Christian Identity.

This May and June I was locked in a propaganda war with Red Mike Vanderboegh and a group of criminal regimeist fascistfeebs known as the Tri-States Militia/Coalition. At that time I was interested in blunting and turning the struggles of the militia-general infilltraitors who infest the movement engaged in a propaganda war against both the New and Old Resistance which has is overwhelmingly White Nationalist in politics and Christian Identity in religious doxology. It is both these enemies and supporters of the Resistance who understand the implications of Christian Identity as a theology underpinning what is the political and racial movement of White Nationalism. This religion and this political movement dedicate themselves to the death and destruction of the current criminal regime known as the "Zionist Occupational Government."

Now this struggle between Revolutionaries and regimeists was decidedly not a pretty one. In short order I was kicked off a militia mail-list run by one of a nest of infilltraitors for the purpose of defending Red Mike, and upon further engagement of hostilities uncovered a whole swarm of criminal regimeist infilltraitors known as the Tri- States Coalition which contained sizable elements of the infamous Tri-States Militia (which had set up one Crazy Willie Lampley). I gave rather colorful nicknames to this nest of infilltraitors such as "Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog" or the "AwfulBitchHyena" or "Obergruppenshiessenkopfenfascistfeebfuhrer Johnstone." But some of their under-lying sympathizers were unearthed and pelted with dung as well: i.e., Capt’n CONstitution Roland and Mild Bill Uttercrock. For which I make no apologies.

You see, Red Mike’s regimeist propaganda offensive was inevitable: The open militia movement which Red Mike infiltrated was now a stagnant pool gone dry, with nothing but carp such as the militia generals and their infilltraitors flopping and gasping for air. The former militia troops had gone underground in cells of Leaderless Resistance. Resistance agitators and writers were aboveground, forming lines of communication, intelligence networks, and propaganda mills, the better to discomfit a hypocritical criminal regime which pretends to be a free- speech republic. So Red Mike found it necessary as a criminal regimeist infilltraitor who was fast becoming irrelevant to try to make the Resistance look like a "right- wing socialist" conspiracy against an admittedly foundering corrupt criminal regime. After all, since Resistance is no longer futile -- why, it must be Nazi!

( On both religious and political grounds the Resistance, both Old and New abominates socialism. Socialism is a political movement grounded on the political belief that it requires a fascist state to take from each according to his ability to give to each according to his need. A Resistance organization is based upon "Resistance" to any form of government which proposes to take from the productive to give to the pro-regimeist parasitic. A Christian Identity believer finds socialism abhorrent because it (1) sets up a criminal regime as the state-god, as opposed to worship of both the LORD and Christ; (2) the criminal regime’s edicts are almost always ungodly; and (3) the implementers of this form of government are usually ‘Jews’ a.k.a. Satan-spawn Khazars, such as Marx, and Bolshevik Jews such as Lenin, Trotsky, Zinovev, etc. who usually put into practice genocide of White Christians faster than such can say, "Crucify HIM! Crucify HIM! We have no god but Caesar!" )

Now in this necessary struggle, I found support for what had to be done only from the White Nationalist and Christian Identity Resistance elements and from Mr. Mike Kemp and Patricia Neill (who are not White Nationalist or CI -- at this time). Mr. Kemp alerted me to one of the Tri- Stater hangers-on, one Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams, as failing his Kemp’s Voice Stress Analysis test and having subsequently confessed to being a fedrule informant.

Now of course I was dismissed as a lunatic by the CONstitutionalidolators, which was to be expected, since they spend their days bewailing the death of their Tammuz -- the lead-calf of CONstitutionalism -- the worship of politicians absolutely beyond any accountability for their actions because of their election by the practice of anonymously counting a majority of human herd animals’ snouts corralled forward on certain Tiws’days.

Even more disgusting were the outraged bellows from the outraged professional LibberToon Writer’s Guild, who could not stomach REAL revolutionary activity. While they may write all manner of blood-thirsty shit supporting Revolution, when it comes down to it they think revolutions should not be made by revolutionaries who are not ‘nice guys.’ Thus the Resistance should be excluded because it is full of Christian Identity and White Nationalists because "Nice guys are not ‘anti-semites’ or ‘racists.’"

Nice guys not only finish last, dead, and dead-last, but they make piss-pore revolutionists. Somehow I just simply cannot imagine those who hate ZOG and the ZOG-Hogs putting up another penny of tax-tribute to aid the further dispossession of Palestinians from their own country, re- ratifying NAFTA nor encouraging mass immigration to further swamp White America.

So I trashed out these Establishment ’Toon Writers who refused to ratify that which they had formerly preached, the talkers of talk but non-walkers of the walk, and proceeded onwards.


So what is the basis for Christian Identity? Very simply it is the racial identity of White Christians. And getting beyond the squabbles over which tribe is which modern nationality, it is the identification of the White Nationalities as being one of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Another name for these nationalities is Christian Israel.

Thus this belief that they are the Children of Israel displaces the usurped claims of those who say they are Jews -- but are not -- as which exact race is indeed of the seed of Abraham, and thus the just beneficiaries to be the LORD’s Chosen People. Thus this belief is religiously explosive, which means it is politically explosive as well.

Christian Identity is further split into two differing beliefs as well. One, the more moderate, is the "Covenant" belief, which believes that the LORD has a covenant with Abraham’s seed through Israel as being the Chosen People. Those who say they are ‘Jews’ but are not are just parasitic hangers-on who have infested Israel since the days of Israel’s son Judah, who took a Canaanite wife who bore the odious Er, Onan (from which comes onanism as a term for masturbation), and Shelah. Since the LORD slew Er and Onan, the mongrel get of Shelah became the first ‘Jews.’ Judah’s daughter-in-law, Tamar, through a process of harlotry became Judah’s wife and bore twin sons named Pharez and Zerah (and for those of Irish descent, the start of the famous ‘Red Hand of Ulster’). However, upon the deportation of the Israelites by the Assyrians, the Assyrians imported the Samaritans, who claimed to be Jews whenever convenient, but were despised by those Jews of pure lineage. (Hence the parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’ who nursed back to health a Judean whom his brother Saducees and Pharisees left to die by the side of the ditch.) And after the scattering of the Judeans and Samaritans by the Roman Empire in AD 70, a new thirteenth tribe of Turkic-Mongolians known as the Khazars converted to the Pharisaic ‘traditions of men’ in the 8th Century A.D. The father of the Khazars was Chazar, grandson of Gog and grand-nephew of Magog. Thus Covenant CI doxology says that those who call themselves Jews are the descendants of both Ham through Canaan (who was cursed for homosexually raping Noah while he was drunk after the flood) and Japheth, who took black and yellow wives respectively, while Shem the eldest son of Noah and beneficiary of the birthright was married to a white woman. Noah was of pure generation from the line of Seth from Adam, and thus a world-wide flood finished off all humans except eight people; Noah, his three sons, and their wives.

It is thus White Israel who thus have the Covenant, the Birthright, and are the true Chosen People of the LORD. Most certainly not impostors and usurpers of mongrel ancestry who claim to be Jews -- but are NOT!

There is a second doxology of Christian Identity known as Dual-Seedline. Seedline CI believes that there were humanoid animals before the creation of Adam who became the blacks, and the other races. Adam, then Eve were created, and the illicit union of Satan and Eve’s beguiling became Cain, who was the literal son of Satan. Thus a Dual- Seedline of the Sons of Man and the sons of Satan came into being. Since the Flood was but a local occurrence, the seedline of Satan as well as the ‘beasts of the field’ survived. Thus Jews are the literal seed of Satan, and it has been a literal war-to-the-death between the sons of Satan and the sons of God ever since.

The Covenant CI believers tend to be more ‘moderate’ than the Dual-Seedline CI believers, believing that the purpose of the devout is to bear witness and be martyrs to Christ. The Seedline CI adherents wish to carry on the armed struggle which they believe has been going on since the days of Adam and Eve.

( I myself am by religious teaching a Covenant CI believer, having undergone said instruction from 12 to 21 years of age in Herbert Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God. This religious organization is now split up into six or more factions all embracing a different degree of fundamentalism from the Church’s heyday in the late ’50’s to the mid-70’s. The parent faction now practices a watered-down secularized version as revealed by the son of a church bureaucrat who took over upon Herbert Armstrong’s death in the mid-80’s.)

It is the Seedline doctrine which is the paramount doxology in the Resistance, because carrying on an armed struggle against the seedline of Satan is far more of a typical Resistance activity than is mere praying for Christ’s Second Coming. Therefore they are utterly unreconcilable to a criminal regime associated with the anti- Christ, equating surrender as equivalent to support of Satan. Resistance activity is akin to godliness. Seedline Christian Identity thus cannot be anything other than hostile to a criminal regime which is regarded as a Zionist/Jew Occupational Government. There is a basis in Seedline CI doxology advancing religious civil warfare against the Babylonian Mystery Religion and Satans-spawn which might well make the Protestant Reformation look like an Easter Sunday picnic.

So having indentified the religious combatantants, let us now look at the interacting secular doxology of the Resistance -- White Nationalism.



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