Nest of Neo-Nazi Infilltraitors

The Tri-States Militia/Coalition

Part 5



Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog Admits All!

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 00:59:51 -0700
From: (Ed Wolfe)
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.03Gold (Win95; I)
To: Martin Lindstedt (
Subject: Posse> Re: Nest of Infilltraitors, The Tri-States Militia/Coalition, Part  1

Martin Lindstedt wrote:

And judged an entire 25 book series from all the covers...

    Of course I judged the entire 25 book series by what I saw 
the Tri-Stater's Militia/Coalition Obergruppenshiessenkopfenfurher 
Johnstone put up.  Does anyone really expect me to actually READ 
any of this masturbatory fascistfeeb drivel?  Much less PAY good 
money for it?  This fascistfeeb crapola is an acquired taste only 
suitable to those with naturally base desires.

    I am quite sure that this crap has a market somewhere, especially 
for closet fascist shitheads who want to fantasize about killing 
other human beings, starting with the weak ones such as those who 
are already considered fair game, such as dopers and pacifistic 
anarchists before working your way up to big-game for the politically 
correct, such as mythical Nazis.  Since a would-be fantasy murderer 
reading these pages is usually quite cowardly, nearly as cowardly 
as the author Johnstone, it is best to fantasize about murdering 
people that society promotes murdering, such as dopers, then 
anarchists, then Nazis and "intolerant Christian fanatics." 
    As a recognizable target of these puerile haters, I take offense 
at being one of the pulp-fiction victims, although I do recognize 
that due to the cowardly nature of these masturbatory fascist 
wet-dreamers that when the brave win their freedom from the 
degenerate, that these wet-dreamers would be the very first to 
murder gliberals and the criminal regimists.

   In any case, Ed-the-Dog's whine that I have judged this 25-tome 
series of murderous filth just on the basis of its cover negates 
the fact that it is precisely on the basis of its covers that this 
murderous degenerate filth has been offered for sale as pandering 
to murderous masturbatory mattoid mania.  Granted, these 
fascistfeebs would more than likely cheat their customers if they 
could get away with it, but I am sure that given that there is at 
least 25 volumes of this wretched degenerate offal extant, that 
the covers adequately describe the contents within much like the 
cover of Hustler honestly promises what the centerfold delivers.

>    It has come to my attention that Ed-the-Dog (misnomered Wolfe)

Fuck you. 

    An example of Ed-the-Dog pidgin, the customary language 
reflecting the doglike nature of typical Tri-Staters. --M.L.

> has been trying to suck up to the CI/White Nationalist element
> out there.  

Fuck you again. 

    Bless you, Ed-the-Dog.
    (He can't help himself -- really. It's his nature.) --M.L.

                  Display my "sucking up." I had a discussion on 
various aspects of racism, some of which makes sense and are natural, 
and others which are pathetic. And you call that "sucking up." You 
constantly demonstrate your inability to comprehend the written word. 
And you expect to lead people? Get a clue. 

    When Ed-the-Dog isn't pawing over his fascistfeeb furher's 
little red books detailing the murder of racists, or running his 
Patriot Informant's Mail List, or consulting with his infilltraitor 
friends regarding the militia generals on his mail lists, Ed-the-Dog 
likes to go cruising on other listservers for new prey. 
   Regrettably for Ed-the-Dog, I have sort of put an end to that. 
Anybody with an e-mail account is now able to visit WWW pages 
and see what slavering murderous fascistfeebs like Ed-the-Dog & 
friends plan for their victims. 
   I can imagine business is down for pore Ed-the-Dog and his 
Tri-Stater friends and fellow regime informants.  If they don't 
make quota real soon, they will have to inform on each other. 
   What a pity.  --M.L.

> Why should you allow him to do so, especially when
> you hear him on the one hand deny your basic beliefs, 

Again. Anyone who takes this idiot seriously and mistakes his 
brain stem for a complete brain, I invite you to write to me
and discuss my viewpoint. I also challenge Martin Stepdinshidt
to prove any of his many claims about me. Including the one above.
He can't. He lives in a pathetic fantasy world where he would be king
and relieved of his masturbatory service.

    In addition to his other problems, pore Ed-the-Dog 
suffers from projection.  The whole world is out to do unto 
him before he can do unto first.  
    Also, it's MR. SteptOnDeShit, such as yourself, to you, 
Ed-the-Dog. --M.L.

> and on the
> other hand is affiliated with a bunch of crackpot hitlerites who
> want to put some pathetic feeb who churns out formula fiction in
> as der fuehrer?  

Yeah. That's what I want, idiot. Not your fuehrer, but a different one.
Yeah, that's the ticket.

    You got your own fuehrer and you got your own book, Ed-the-Dog. 
What more do you want?  Enough tickets punched by the FiBbIes for 
informing on witless militia generals on PIML/PDML to where you can 
get the entire 25-book "Ashes" series by Obergruppenshiessenkopfen-
fuerher Johnstone for free?  --M.L.

> And that this pathetic fuehrerfeeb's
> meinkampfdrivel consists in large part in the wet-dream extermination
> of us "racists" after he finishes off the dopers, libberToons and
> anarchists.   

If all fiction is truth or desire, and if that's what Johnstone wants,
then he's equally bad as Peirce. Prove that to me and I'll leave TS. I
told you that before and I'm telling you now. Can't you even prove your
own accusations? It means nothing to me, either way.

I read the first Ashes book. I liked it and would love to live in a
Tri-States community as depicted in the book. If the series changes
later on, then I'll discover that when I get to it. As for now, I've
joined an organization with plenty of people that I gladly call friends
and associates and have no reason to believe your pathetic spewing that
our desire to live in a sane society is really a ruse to institute some
twisted, fiction induced Fifth Reich.

Do you even read the shit you spew?

    Why don't you go to the Head Fascistfeeb's catalogue page and 
read what is on there, Ed-the-Dog?  People like yourself and Red 
Mike profess that William Pierce's fiction is truth and desire 
one minute, then when somebody else judges you by your favorite 
fiction you whine about how "unfair" it is to be judged as you 
judged others.

    And you wonder why those of us who have never professed to 
love other races as much as we love our own people and our own 
families first have such contempt for liars and frauds and hypocrites 
such as yourself and your other fellow fascistfeebs and 
infilltraitors -- constantly trying to raise yourself above your 
natural degenerate state by leveling those of us who do not hate 
others so much as that we love our own first.

    Keep your wretched book.  Don't acknowledge your nature. 
And by all means keep to yourself.  I have no desire to change you, 
Ed-the-Dog.  Stay with your fellow degenerate fascistfeebs and 
federal infilltraitors, by all means.
    What I am doing is depriving you of further victims by raising 
the hue-and-cry as to your inherent nature.  It is an evil nature, 
and I have an obligation to inform the innocent and even the stupid 
away from a den-of-vipers such as yourself and the other 
Tri-Staters.  For now let you be banished from the locale of honest 

    Yet we both understand that eventually there can be no peace 
between us.  Good and evil cannot co-exist in peace.  Just as 
you now snigger over your masturbatory wet-dream of murder for 
me and mine, I too know that eventually your banishment from the 
Resistance will no longer be enough.  --M.L.

> I mean, what is in it for us to be associated with
> 20-25 fascist crackpots wanting to establish their own
> dicklesstatorship of a solipsistic mass of masturbatory cretins?

Nothing at all. So why don't you and Jake go circle jerk and forget the
TS even exists? What's that? You must warn the true Resisters of our
presence? Thank you for the compliment. We're such a threat to your
petty little "movement."

    I don't think you are a threat any more.  Those people who 
insist on being taken in by you Tri-Staters after being given 
fair warning deserve what they get from you Tri-Staters. --M.L.
>    Jake Ryder, the Libertarian, also makes the point that the
> Tri-Staters, as cowardly fascists seeking power over others, are
> immeasureably easy to infiltrate, just so long as you don't use
> your real name.  

My grandma and grandpa are immeasureably easy to infiltrate you

Some people don't live in a pretense of having a vast, impenetrable
organization. We fucking advertise in a national magazine. Of course
it's easy to "infiltrate." Why do I waste my time with idiots like you?

    You sound like you have no choice other than to answer the 
charges, Ed-the-Dog.  And you sound like you are getting a bit 
worried about the accuracy and damage you are taking, Ed-the-Dog.

> In the third segment, I will demonstrate that

Your penis enlargement device isn't working as you were guaranteed and
you demand that all two of your followers boycott the manufacturer?

    More pure projection, Ed-the-Dog?
    Is that the sort of merchandise sold in Johnstone's men's 
adventure pulp-fiction series for when the prospect of killing 
scores of human beings opposed to the fictional Ben Raines' New
World Order begins to make your little joystick flag, Ed-the-Dog?  
Maybe that special order for Tri-States 'survival equipment' was 
found only in Book #1 of the Ashes series.
    Maybe you had better buy Book #2 of the Ashes Series for some 
more rubber-goods 'survival equipment,' Ed-the-Dog.  Shame you might 
have to actually spend some more money for the delights of Book #2, 
Ed-the-Dog.  I can imagine that it is my fault that your federal 
informant welfare-stamp program has slacked off thanks to me warning 
off the militia feebs.  --M.L.

> Tri-States Militia is still running strong within the Tri-States
> Coalition, and that many of its officers overlap.  That for all
> practical effect, Tri-States Militia/Tri States Coalition are one
> and the same -- have to be -- given their mutual interests and
> personnel.

Once again you've demonstrated to everyone who knows the truth, 
that you're full of shit and there's no need for rebuttal.

Get a life, Martin.

  If there is no need for a rebuttal, then you might as well have 
shut up then, Ed-the-Dog.  However, since there was no rebuttal, 
I'll take this point as well, Ed-the-Dog.
   By the way, that's Mr. SteptOnDeShit to you, Ed-the-Dog. --M.L.

> Note:  Nest of Infilltraitors -- The Tri-States Militia/Coalition,
> Part 2, wherein the Tri-Staters are revealed as essentially a
> pack of from 25-30 fascistfeebs running a pyramid scheme, 

The plot thickens. I can't wait to see what you've conjured up now.

> plotting
> world domination 


   Check out Ashes #19, Ed-the-Dog.  I think this is where Ben 
Raines first admitted to wanting to establish a New World Order 
of Tri-Stater fascistfeebs.  But I admit that I couldn't be bothered 
to even read all the Tri-Stater fascistfeeb book covers.
   However, maybe you shouldn't jump from "Ashes #1" to "Ashes #19" 
because the rubber-good 'survival equipment' featured inside might 
be more than your small black heart and wizened joystick can 
   On the other hand, now that I think on it a bit, maybe you HAD 
ought to skip to "Ashes #25" and take Red Mike and Ken-the-Snitch 
with you.  --M.L.

> by killing first the dopers and anarchists, then
> the tougher CI/White Nationalist element can be seen at:

Don't be scared Martin. We won't waste our time killing anyone.
Especially not you. Bullets are *worth* something, ya know.

    The Resistance, in line with tradition governing these matters, 
will probably use a rope on you and your fellow infilltraitors, 
snitches, and informants, Ed-the-Dog.  --M.L.
>    I would like to thank Mr. Jake Ryder for his valuable research in
> pointing me in the right direction regarding the Tri-Stater fascist
> psychotic cult and its meglomaniacal fascist dream of imposing their
> own 'New World Order' of ruling mattoid fascistfeebs.  

Notice everyone, that Martin Stepdinshidt has a fan club of one now.

And for your information, they are two peas in a pod. Both of them have
been rejecting by those they would've joined and followed. In their
mutual agony, they've teamed up together to form the unstoppable force.

No sour grapes here.

    Mr. Ryder has demonstrated that he could easily infiltrate you 
Tri-Stater fascistfeebs by the simple expedient of not using his 
regular e-mail address.  See 

    And as I have told you several times before, it is sufficient 
to know you fascistfeebs exist and what is necessary to do about 
it.  I don't intend to get on to your Patriot Informant Mail List 
or Pretty Dumb Militia-general List because as far as I am concerned 
the militiafeeb stock is improved by having you infilltraitors prey 
on the more stupid of them.  You forget that I am in large part a 
Social Darwinian what with my appreciation of Dr. Lothrup Stoddard.

> The Tri-Stater
> fascistfeebs rightly regard Mr. Ryder in the same way as Count Dracula
> regards Van Helsing.

Very funny. As if Dracula told Van Helsing to go away and Van Helsing
did nothing but cry about it on the internet for the following year.
Good comparison.

    Mr. Ryder didn't complain about not being able to infiltrate 
you fascistfeebs.  He does it at will.  He feels that he has a 
duty to warn dopers and anarchists about you Tri-Stater fascistfeebs 
because they are weaker and the first victims of Ben Raines' 
Fascistfeeb Force in the Ashes Series.
    Secondly, you do recollect that you and  the brassy strumpet, 
that goofy fascist twink fink bink Roxanne Johnson, God's-gift to 
bull dykes, the alphabitchhyena at pro-axis hersself have demanded 
that I don't mention Mr. Ryder.  So naturally I did. --M.L.

>     I also found out that the Tri-States Militia and Tri-States
> Coalition share much the same personnel of friends and fellow
> infilltraitors of Colonel Red Mike Vanderboegh, such as "Major
> Smith" a.k.a. Ted Darby, who is the Tri-State Coalition National
> Outside Groups Coordinator.  Major Smith was the alias of the Tri-
> State Militia spy during the Coushatta, La. incident and Major
> Darby/Smith used to run Red Mike's John Doe II Geocities site.
> Major Smith-Darby uses the same time-proven scheme as other FiBbIe
> infilltraitors  by becoming the "Liason/Coordinator" officer, thus
> not only having access to the internal open militia membership lists,
> but those of outside contacts as well.

I knew Ted long before I ever heard of Tri-States, so I imagine in your
fucked up view of things, I also infiltraited TS. Which is it, Martin?
Did I infiltrate TS, or is it via TS that I'm infiltraiting other

   Bringing up how long you Tri-States Militia have worked with/ 
infiltrated the supposedly independent Tri-States Coalition with 
fellow regime infilltraitors Colonel Red Mike Vanderboegh and 
Major Darby/Smith is not an intelligent move, Ed-the-Dog. 

    Don't you remember that you already sent an e-mail or five 
denying a Tri-States Militia/Coalition connection?  You should 
be smarter if you wish to keep spying on the militia generals. 
The militia generals are still shitting/pissing their pants over 
your fellow Tri-State Militia Colonels Parsons/Vanderboegh narrating 
out Crazy Willie Lamely and collecting FiBbIe Pieces of silver. 
Now the Major Smith/Darby Tri-State Militia connection to the 
Tri-State Coalition as "National Outside Groups Contact Coordinator" 
should put the lie to your former lies, Ed-the-Dog.

   By the way, I wouldn't advise the alphabitchhyena Roxanne Johnson 
to change the WWW page too soon at

showing Red Mike's Bolshevik Gang's 2d-infilltraitor in command 
Ted Darby as a Tri-State Coalition/Militia member in charge of 
spying on new outside militiafeebs.  I put up the June 24, 1998 
version of the page on my WWW page at:

   You feral regime criminal infilltraitors ain't as smart as 
you think you are, are you, Ed-the-Dog.  ;-{)  --M.L.

And while we're on the subject, just who is it, what group *have* 
I infiltraited? That's another question you've never bothered to 
answer.  I know it's too dangerously close to forcing you to examine 
reality for a brief period, but you really shouldn't cheat our 
audience of the full warning they deserve.

    As I have said before, you mainly infiltrate the militia 
generals on PIML/PDML, Ed-the-Dog.  But I do think you would 
spy on anyone stupid enough get caught, Ed-the-Dog. --M.L.

I had a discussion with one racist on a mailing list and you call 
that sucking up. That's hardly infiltraiting now, isn't it? Just 
who is it that should heed this warning you have about me?

    So contrary to the lie you just made above about how I have 
"never bothered to answer" you now choose to admit that "you had 
a discussion with one racist on a [another] mailing list" and 
that we have indeed had a previous discussion about how you just 
can't stick with spying and narrating on the militiafeebs on 

    Infiltraiting the militia feebs has made you pretty stupid, 
Ed-the-Dog.  Don't you know that one loose lie leaves threads 
wherein a formidable character like myself just pulls and pulls 
on the loose ends to where the whole fabric of lies falls apart? 
You are really losing it, Ed-the-Dog, wherein you can't keep 
track of the lies you just made in the previous paragraph.  You 
really are as big a feeb yourself, Ed-the-Dog, as your victims.

   In any case, I'll tell the one racist on the appropriate 
mailing list that he was being stalked by another feral criminal 
regime infilltraitor.  
   What is it about you infilltraitors, Ed-the-Dog?  When you 
are not engaged in re-reading murderous masturbatory fascistfeeb 
drool, or playing with rubber-good 'survival-equipment' ordered 
from within the covers, are you constantly engaged in stalking, 
sneaking, slithering, slinking, seeking and snatching for new 
prey to nark out to the criminal regime?  --M.L.

C'mon, Martin. Do the Resistence a service and alert the proper 
cells or organizations that I'm a gov't infiltraitor.

If you can't name the group I've infiltraited, can you name a 
single group other than TS that I belong to?

I couldn't have infiltraited them, since they are my fellow
infilltraitors and would-be dictators in your grand conspiracy
scheme, so who is it that I've managed to dupe?

You have no answer and you never will because you're full of it
and anyone with the exception of Mr. Ryder knows that to be 

So, either name what group, militia, cell, etc. that I've either
infiltraited or tried and failed to infiltrate or let your failure 
to answer and complete the accusation stand as your personal 
testimony to your idiocy and paranoid raving.

I have no fear of you exposing me as an infiltraitor or informant 
or whatever because I'm just a guy trying to make a living, raise a 
family and alert others to the problems with our gov't turned 

You have a problem with that?  

   No, problem at all, Ed-the-Dog.  I have now made my accusations 
again, as I have several times in both private and public.

   I accuse you of being a regime infilltraitor belonging to 
both Tri-States Militia and Tri-States Coalition, as they are 
one and the same for all practical effect.  You spy on the militia
general feebs in PIML/PDML.  You also stalk other listservers for 
new prey whenever you can.
   Not a single one of these accusations are new ones, Ed-the-Dog. 
Making me repeat the accusations many, many times doesn't get you 
off the hook, Ed-the-Dog.  The constant repetition instead should 
impress upon your victims your inherent vicious nature, Ed-the-Dog.
   And I certainly am not going to pretend that I am your friend 
and profess a false concern, Ed-the-Dog.  Like Algier Hiss and Red 
Mike Vanderboegh, you will not ever confess your guilt, like the 
relatively honest Tri-State Militia Col. John Parsons did. --M.L.

>    So Red Mike, while he officially resigned from Tri-States Militia
> back when his fellow TSM Colonel Parsons got caught accepting
> FiBbIe silver, is really still involved in the Tri-States
> Coalition.  Anything Major Smith/Darby worms out from the Liason
> /Coordinator office is in the ear of Red Mike the next minute,
> hence to the FiBbIes the next.

Oh well. The FBI are welcome to join the TS as well. Let them 
infiltrate all they want. I personally invite all Oregon FBI to join
and/or form their own Oregon chapters. We've got nothing to hide,
Martin, and no one to infiltrate or fear infiltration from.

    Why should they join Tri-States Militia/Coalition or PIML/PDML, 
Ed-the-Dog?  They got you infiltraiting and informing for them. 
    We both know that if the FiBbIes openly joined PIML/PDML or 
TSM/C even the stupidest militia general would bolt.  Yet they 
will stay and speak to you just so long as you deny you are an 
informant and infilltraitor.  They are just that stupid.  They 
all think that "as long as they are not doing anything illegal" 
that they are safe.  They haven't figured out yet that we no 
longer live in any such country anymore, and that swarms of 
people like you are sent to spy on them.  If they don't do 
anything, then you and Red Mike will say that they did something 
just like what happened with poor goofy Crazy Willy Lamely. 
   These militia feebs think that the unforgivable act by Tri-States 
Militia/Coalition occurred when Col. John Parsons admitted he was 
on the FiBbIe payroll.  Because the real act of betrayal occurred 
when you Tri-Staters informed on Crazy Willie the militia feebs 
can't figure it out because they say to themselves, "I am not a 
Christian Identity mad-bomber.  I am a Constitutional Christian 
Patriot."  These wooly-headed idiots just can't understand that 
evil vicious people like yourself will prey on them when there 
are no more Christian Identity or White Nationalists or Resistance 
fighting men for you criminal regime offal to worry about.
    The sin was not in your Tri-Stater Colonel John Parsons 
getting paid by the FiBbIes for what he did, no more than  
Judas Iscariot sinned in getting paid 30 pieces of silver by the 
Sanhedron for that act of betrayal which he had already done.  
Judas at least came to his senses with the act of payment and had 
the remaining honor to hang himself from a tree in parody of Jesus 
as the devil's seed for betraying the Son-of-Man.  But neither 
yourself, Ed-the-Dog, nor Major Smith/Darby and certainly not Red 
Mike Vanderboegh or the rest of your Tri-Stater supporting cast 
have even as much decency as Judas Iscariot or even Col. John 
Parsons, who at least came clean when caught by a remnant of 
conscience.  Can you not see how Judas Iscariot and John Parsons 
have at least a chance to be salvaged in the next world after the 
Resistance does what must be done, but that you Tri-Staters are 
beyond even the belated salvation of the citizens of Sodom?

   And the CONstitutional open public militia generals are  
nearly as morally blind!  They just can't get anything out of what 
they should have been taught, by this lesson, other than a vague 
fear of the name of the Tri-States Militia.  They think Red Mike 
changed his spots when he belatedly resigned six months after the 
betrayal occurred and Col. Parsons confessed to being paid for 
his work.  And you, a paragon of evil, Ed-the-Dog, with your 
fellow Tri-Staters as ravening wolves know of the blindness of 
these sheep, for all you found necessary was the changing of the 
last name of the trap from Tri-States Militia to Tri-States 
Coalition, rebaiting it anew while leaving the same wolves intact! 

   This is why I allow you to feed off the PIML/PDML militia 
generals.  Sheep are meant to be eaten by wolves.  It was only 
when it came to my attention that you were letting Red Mike 
Vanderboegh run wild on PIML/PDML attacking the Resistance that 
I got involved in exposing you, Ed-the-Dog.  And I could care less 
if you want to turn in some more stupid militia generals.  But 
you even squint at Resistance talent such as a Christian Israelite, 
White Nationalist, skinhead, bootgrrrrrl, Klansman, or even a 
real Nazi (I am not counting the typical Tri-Stater fascistfeeb 
types) and while this present civil war remains a sitzkrieg I 
assure you that you haven't yet seen real verbal abuse from this 
corner, Ed-the-Dog, you son-of-a-bitch.   --M.L.
>    Red Mike's fellow infilltraitors in the Tri-State Militia/Coalition
> consist of Ed-the-Dog, who runs the Patriot Informant's Mail List

For the fifth time, get your facts straight, idiot. I don't run the
list. Bill Utterback created it. He left it to Marvin Warren. Bob Hall
and I agreed to help Marvin moderate it because he doesn't have much

It's so simple, and I've given you all the real names. Is it so hard for
you to peice together the simplest of facts? I wonder how you struggle
with the larger concepts from which you peice together your paranoid

   Ed-the-Dog is getting provoked.  He is about to spill the beans, 
about to reveal that the idiot Martin Lindstedt's 'paranoid 
fantasies' are accurate. --M.L.

> and Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams, who has already been exposed as a
> FiBbIe informant/infilltraitor.  


Ken did in fact work as an informant. And, he managed to do so 
without violating his personal integrity, nor his position as 
a militia commander.

I know that sounds odd at first, as it did to me, but I've since 
come to realize that any informant that is in a militia unit can 
be used to that unit's benefit.

Take the fucking psychos and criminals and hand them over to your 
local informant. It'll free you of the problems they would've 
created and demonstrate that your group isn't criminal. None of us 
need such people around and some of us are fortunate to have the 
people on hand to take them away. Meanwhile, your local informant 
will learn a lot while he's with you and have nothing to report 
back regarding any plot by your unit to assassinate Rockefeller 
and take over Martin's world.

As it turns out, Ken learned that the larger criminals weren't 
joining "anti-government" groups and posing a threat to society, 
but rather, were in the gov't it's self. 

Fortunately, he did what he did and got tagged by Martin 
Stepdinshidt along with me as an infiltraitor, which caused ML 
to accuse both of us in the same post, thereby making each of us 
aware of each other's existence.

For that, Martina, I must thank you. Although you were wrong 
before about me knowing Ken when I'd never heard of him, being 
as new to the movement as I am, I'm proud to say that I know him 
now and have become his friend. Don't you just love it when I 
give you just enough ammo to prove that all of your paranoid 
fantasies are right on target?



    Of course I love it when you proceed to demonstrate that 
of course I was right on target with my 'paranoid fantasies.'

    I have suspected you of being a criminal regime quisling 
for a long time based upon your politically correct indoctrination. 
No big deal because the majority of the population is apathetic 
quisling in any case, and why should you be different.  My 
suspicions were aroused that you were an infilltraitor and 
informant protector when you proceeded to protect on PIML a 
known infilltraitor such as Red Mike Vanderboegh from his 
deserved ass-whipping from myself.  Then you made no attempt 
to drive off a known and exposed confessed infilltraitor named 
Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams.  In fact, the Tri-States Coalition 
adopted Ken-the-Snitch as one of their own.  Which stands to 
reason because they are pathetic fascists themselves hanging 
on to the remnants of the open militia movement.  They would 
spy on anyone who hates tyranny because they dream of imposing 
their criminal regime on others.

   Have you told idiotic the militia generals on PIML/PDML 
that you have brought an acknowledged federal informant and 
infilltraitor into their midst to spy on them?  Have you told 
them, "Don't worry!  He'll only inform on the 'fucking psychos 
and criminals?' Only those who want to overthrow the government 
are at risk?  I'm really doing you militia generals a big 
favor!  Why you militia generals are just lucky that we have 
a gubbnmint infilltraitor to take away the patriot 
troublemakers!  Now don't thank me yet.  Why we can all 
celebrate after the real troublemakers are in prison or 

   I can imagine that a regimeist quisling and fellow 
infilltraitor of militia generals like yourself, Ed-the-Dog sees 
no conflict of interest in being both "an informant and a militia 
commander."  Why this is the wave of the future for the entire 
militia movement if it isn't already, right, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog?

   Frankly, I think it is 'fortunate' that I, Martin StomptOnShit, 
did indeed let my 'paranoid fantasies' run riot and that I linked 
Red Mike Vanderboegh and Ken-The-Snitch McWilliams to you, 
Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog.  That I kicked and whipped on you Ed-the-FiBbIe-
Dog until you snarled like a cur you are and told the truth.

   Now that I have got what I wanted, a confession, I suppose I 
can stop kicking, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog.  Any militia general on the 
Patriot Informant's Mail List and Pretty Dumb Militia-generals' 
List (PIML/PDML) who cannot summon enough concern for self-
preservation deserves to wind up in prison as a result of your 
and Red Mike's and Ken-the-Snitch's activities.

   For all I now care, you and your buddy Ken-the-Snitch can swap 
wives and play with the rubber-goods 'survival gear' ordered 
from within the covers of the entire Tri-Staters' Militia/
Coalition's little red pulp-fiction books to best of your 
little possum brains' ability.  --M.L.

I don't mind being charitable to the hopelessly ill.

Even though you don't deserve it, I've been 100% honest with you
in every communication I've had with you.

   You have been a liar and a smarmy hypocrite the entire time 
I have known you, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog.  I of course took that into 
account in my dealings with you.
   Your proclaiming your honesty and good intent while you display 
the exact opposite might very well work with the idiotic, such as 
the typical militia general.  It did not work with me, did it? --M.L.

You and your brilliant investigator, Jake Ryder, uncovered the big 
secret that I was in Tri-States. Of course, any 6 year old with enough
sense to use AltaVista or Yahoo could've learned that, so it was hardly
something I was hiding.

Nevertheless, it was an informational coup for you to prove your
conspiracy correct. Fine. Believe that if you want. I mentioned my
involvement in TS on my website and was listed on the TS site of state
coordinators, EVEN WHILE trying to keep my involvement a secret.

What an addition you'd make to the Scotland Yard.

    Mr. Ryder had obviously been keeping tabs on you Tri-Staters 
for a long time.  If Mr. Ryder as a Libertarian despises you for 
your fascistfeeb mentality and I despise you for those reasons as 
well, but mainly because you are a criminal regime quisling and 
infilltraitor, then what concern is it to you and the rest of 
the Tri-Staters as why you are justly despised, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog?

And then you accused me of knowing someone I didn't know, but 
because of your accusation, I now not only know, but must thank 
you for the introduction to someone I'm glad to have befriended, 
and that will be proof in your tiny mind that I've always known 
him, long before I even heard of the internet and couldn't 
possibly have even had a way of hearing his name.

   Other than the ongoing admission against interest that you have 
been sponsoring a known regimeist snitch into what remains of the 
open militia movement, I have no way of telling what part, if any, 
of above defensive whining is the truth.
   I find it easier to just keep on assuming that you are just 
lying some more, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog.  --M.L.

I also need to thank you for the first-hand demonstration of how 
the minds of would-be tyrants and paranoid megalomaniacs really 

What an addition to my experience and study in the field of mental

    I somehow doubt Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog is being '100% honest' with 
me again. --M.L.

> There are also secondary connections
> to such open militia hangers-on such as World Federalist Capt'n
> CONstitution Roland and the anti-seccessionist Mild Bill 

A few more people whom I'm glad to have met and remain acquainted 

    Like Red Mike Vanderboegh, Major Darby/Smith and Ken-the-Snitch 
McWilliams, more criminal regime quislings and infilltraitors who 
Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog keeps company with.  Birds of like feather. --M.L.
> These rascals must hang together because when unearthed they will
> assurredly hang separately when the Rebellion succeeds.

I only hope you try to do the hanging, Martina. If not, you'll hang
together or separately, as you wish,  should the real Freedom Fighters

   I agree with the first sentence and dismiss the second as the 
snarl of a cornered rat.  --M.L.

>    For further proof for those who have an interest in this matter
> of a nest of infilltraitors, monitor the Resistance Rogue's Gallery
> at

Or, for an equally delightful time, without the pretension of taking
place in the real world, read, "A Confederacy of Dunces," by John
Kennedy Toole and meet Martin's literary, mental twin.

I snagged a few paragraphs from each of their fictional minds and found
surprising similarities.

Here's a sample:

    Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog is yet another graduate from the Red Mike 
Vanderboegh School of Plagiarist Propaganda.
    Red Mike usually cuts out some juicy passages from "Mein Kampf"
or "The Turner Diaries" and juxtaposes them next to my name or 
my writings.  Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog might have plagiarized something 
from the works of Obergruppenshiessenkopfenfuhrer Johnstone, but 
doubtless the inner advertisements for rubber-goods survival gear 
sounded too mechanical and the fascistfeeb Walter-Mitty sturm&drang 
of the "Ashes series" is something Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog cares not to 
reveal outside the Tri-Staters Militia/Coalition faithful, having 
been tweaked on it enough by Mr. Ryder and myself.

   So we might as well enjoy Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog's pathetic humor 
at my expense.  Only fair, because I've been whupping up on 
Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog and friends without letup. --M.L.

"This is in line with myself being an operative of the Resistance 
Political Front.  I attack politically the current regime by my 
writings, various lawsuits, electronic publications, political 
candidacies of myself and others.  This openness is acceptable in 
myself because I am an open enemy of the state and have a knack 
for such political activity and propagandizing."

"I am not above tossing a small Molotov cocktail or two, either. 
In addition, I would studiously avoid sitting near the middle 
class in lunch counters and on public transportation, maintaining 
the intrinsic honesty and grandeur of my being. If a middle-class 
white were suicidal enough to sit next to me, I imagine that I 
would beat him soundly about the head and shoulders with one great 
hand, tossing, quite deftly, one of my Molotov cocktails into a 
passing bus jammed with middle-class whites with the other hand. 
Whether my siege were to last a month or a year, I am certain that 
ultimately everyone would let me alone after the total carnage and 
destruction of property had been evaluated."

   I think I have found a hero.

   No wonder Red Mike and Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog are so scared of me! 
C'mon, do I really seen like Ignatius to normal people?  Normal 
people being defined as not being guilty yellow sneaks like Red 
Mike and Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog who spy on witless militia generals. 

"The above shall be distributed.  The name and address shall be 
changed, as a number of other things.  I note with approval 
that you used a dummy Internet address."

"I am afraid that the salary is not adequate. An oil magnate 
is currently dangling thousands before me trying to tempt me to 
be his personal secretary. At the moment, I am trying to decide 
whether I can accept the man's materialistic worldview."

    Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog don't much like proper Resistance security 
precautions which shut him out.  --M.L.

 "Your name will be stripped from this missive and certain details 
changed.  This is a very very good letter, suitable for the 
instruction of everyone.  They need not know your name."

 "You women had better stop giving teas and brunches and settle 
down to the business of learning how to draw," Ignatius thundered. 
"First, you must learn how to handle a brush. I would suggest that 
you all get together and paint someone's house for a start." 

    Good advice, Ignatius, and especially appropriate for the 
Tri-Stater Heifertariate, such as the 
herself, Roxanne Johnston. --M.L.

"With these talents, you should indeed form a Resistance Action 
Force Cell, but might consider writing articles for my electronic 
Resistance journal under an assumed name and another dummy Internet 
e-mail address.  Please do not use your own computer but rather one 
with public access as the telephone line leads the regime police 
to the user. 

   I am currently planning to set up a Resistance war college. 
Right now the emphasis is on intelligence, propaganda, and political 
activities, however, the above studies might well be useful and 
included provided they can be written and discussed for solitary/cell 
use by the reader, as opposed to practiced by an open team."

Well, I'm out of Ignatius quotes because I can't find the
paperback and had to pull some off the net. I could get much
better comparisons from the book, but you should see what I
mean by now.

Whattaya think? Could they have been seperated at birth?

Ed Wolfe

    Maybe, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog.  I like Ignatius, because at least 
he is honest and knows what he wants.

    You, on the other hand, are a liar, a coward, a sneak, and 
a spy.  The fact that the militia generals are such fools as to 
allow you access to sell them out is no excuse for your present 
and past actions, Ed-the-FiBbIe Dog.

   Since you have admitted what makes you tick, and since you 
are no longer a threat to the aboveground militia movement 
because of your admission of sponsorship of police informants 
and infilltraitors into the militia movement, there is no need 
to further kick you, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog.  Stick with your fellow 
Tri-Stater Militia/Coalition fascistfeebs and content yourself 
with those you have already turned over to the feds and you can 
live until the Resistance wins.

--Martin Lindstedt



Ed-The-FiBbIe-Dog Tells the Tri-State Militia/Coalition Infilltraitors/Fascistfeebs "All Is Well"

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 15:08:53 -0700
From: (Ed Wolfe)
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.03Gold (Win95; I)
To: Roxanne Johnson (
CC: Martin Lindstedt ,,,,,,,,
Subject: Posse> Re: Nest of Infilltraitors, 
                The Tri-States Militia/Coalition,  Part  1

Roxanne Johnson wrote:
> AMEN ED!!!!!! If you don't want to be TS then that is your business.

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression, Roxy.

ML claims that further on in the Ashes Series, Johnstone develops 
some kind of fascist plot in which TS'ers go around murdering people 
and imposing their will and desires for a sane state on people not 
even interested in the TS Philosophy.

I doubt that such is true. And as I said to him last night, if it is, 
or if the philosophy changes drastically later in the series, I'll 
learn that as I go. If it becomes something different than the 
organization that I joined, then I'd leave at that point.

I doubt that will happen. Martin makes very little sense and 
constantly shows that he doesn't know what he's talking about,
so I'm sure this is just more poppycock from him.

He's never proven a single accusation about me, nor many others.
I doubt he can prove that Johnstone is a would-be Hitler.

Martin seems to engage in a lot of projection.


    One of my favorite tricks is the give a thumping 
to idiotic fascistfeeb criminal regimeist infilltraitors 
such as Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog, and then let them have 
a breathing spell before I begin anew.

   Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog got such a breathing space, 
even though he had already admitted to harboring 
known infilltraitors like Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams 
and Red Mike Vanderboegh.  As it was, all that was 
necessary was for me to inform the awake and aware 
non-militia general Patriot element, and they decided 
to reassess their committment to Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog. 
After all, who wants to be around a bunch of 
fascistfeebs who allow confessed government 
informants among them to prey upon the unwary?

Those who do not wish to believe me are at liberty 
to read what Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog and the Head 
Fascistfeeb have to say about themselves.

--Martin Lindstedt



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