March 21, 2005 -- To Martin Lindstedt: Differing Views Published; Glenn Miller, $tormfront & 'Geezer-Gelt'; Miller & Frank Collin-Cohn

by Eric Thomson

21 MAR 05. Dear Martin [Lindstedt]:

Many thanks for your letter of MAR 19 & the great enclosures, many of which I found myself to agree with. Ha! I recall that Goldwater’s alibi was that he had “misquoted himself”. I try not to do that. I really appreciate your publication of things with which you disagree, & you are certainly welcome to express your disagreements. I still believe that the readers can decide for themselves, so we do them a service in presenting both or several sides of an argument.

It’s good exercise for their minds, & brain-exercise is recommended to retard Alzheimers disease, according to the jewsmedia. Why is Alzheimers called “a jewish disease”? Because they were the only ones who ever noticed it. What do Goyim have to remember, anyway? Ha! Imagine the predicament of a jew who forgets his Swiss bank account numbers, which set of books is for him & not for the IRS, his partner, his wife, etc. Imagine the jew forgetting which lie he told his wife, his customers, his partners, &c. In other words, Alzheimers is pure jew hell! I’m glad you find my present line-spacing satisfactory. I try to send you the best possible copies. No rush to put my mailings on the Internet.

I am grateful that anyone does.

Thanks for the views on Glenn Miller. It is my understanding that he fathered at least one non-White brat, or do I confuse him with Bo Gritz? Dr. Oliver used to say that ordinary Goyim cannot distinguish the sound of 2 $100 bills rubbing together from THE VOICE OF GOD. Funny how that seems to apply now, as it did then. In Latin America, the ‘carrot & stick’ approach to bribery is usual. The corruption-peddler asks his mark: “Plata o plomo?” (Silver or Lead?). If the mark won’t accept the bribe, then he gets the bullet. As you know, I have Latin American experience, which prepares me very well for life in these Jewnited States, where we have the best government money can buy, but we still must import our bananas.

Thanks, also, for your info on the ‘evolution’ of blightwing Internet usage. I guess their strategy is to “go for the geezer gelt”. It reminds me of some other con-artists I’ve known: their tactic is to capture their 'marks' imaginations, thereafter using their victims' wishful-thinking to string them along, once they’ve been hooked, rather as a fisherman plays with his catch on the line. I can well imagine the geezer mentality of supporting those who tell them things they want to hear, just like the often jewish televangelists of infamy. There is nothing like a warm-fuzzy lie, in preference to cold, hard reality.

Carl Jung apparently defined insanity as “the inability to cope with life’s normal hardships”. Well, as I’ve often said, the situation of the blightwing is hopeless, but not serious, so we can cheer up! Ha! So Miller has written a book about his ‘career’ in the (bowel) Movement. I can therefore expect to learn that Franky Collin-Cohn alias Frank Joseph has come out with an autobiography which ‘explains’ why he was molesting White kids as ‘leader’ of a Chicago ‘Nazi’ group. I see the formula now: He was just a crazy, mixed up jew boy whose father was a Holohoax ‘survivor’ from Dachau. I wonder if his father was in Dachau because he was also a child-molestor. Could be. Many thanks for the $10. Can I call that a “bribe”? Then I can be in the Big Leagues with others we shall not mention. Ha! I have been called, among many other things, “a mercenary” for risking my life on my Rhodesia Railways’ salary. Obviously, I come cheap.

All the best.





March 19, 2005

Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896

Dear Eric:

It has been a while since early February since I wrote to you, yet you have been steadily sending me your material for which I am both grateful and overwhelmed. Grateful because publishing your material is what probably is the main place now that is down adds to the stature of my own web page. A bit overwhelmed because I've not yet scanned in and posted more than a third of your letters that you sent, far less repost the other items of interest.

I have been getting caught up the past few days, the contents enclosed contains a bit of my material, but also most of what is your material that I've posted onto my web page. I've avoided a bit of work in scanning by taking what Alex Linder posts on his VNN/TGMNN (Traitor Glenn Miller News Network), looking at an analog copy of what you send me, then simply add the extras, like the name of the person being written to, and what is the content is that you are saying, like whether it is to a ZOG POW, what the main items of interest are and, where relevant the date. If you submit a 'title' to your letter, as you have been doing recently, as "An Aryan View of Torture" then I use your title. My intention, as I have done for other Resistance writers like Jim Floyd and Luke LaVellian, is to print them in their own words with their original style. As a publisher and editor as well as writer, I have found out over the years that I simply cannot write or even imitate a Jim Floyd, Luke LaVellian, or Eric Thomson work, and so I don't even bother to try, but rather let their work speak for itself. There are some articles that I don't like, and some that even annoy me, but there are the ones that I really like and agree with which tend to not only even things out, but carry the ones that I didn't think were good. Plus, I have never ever been a fan of 'censorship,' and if I can't write a rebuttal that works then I might as well just keep my mouth shut and let the item pass.

I disagreed quite a bit with your "Jesus Christ: Protector of Evil, An Aryan Analysis Derived From jew Mythology.
So below it I wrote my rebuttal of your points, along with various hyperlinks. I've printed out the entire page for your perusal, and if you wish to post a rebuttal to my rebuttal, then I'm game for it

I have found that the biggest problem with the [bowel] Movement has been that it is full of self-serving solipsistic whiggers, paytriots, ZOG agents provacateur (like Traitor Glenn Miller), jews, non-whites, and all manner of blight-wing vermin all following the current religion of the ZOGland: Solipsistic Hypocrisy. What little true faith and zealotry that I have found has been in my fellow Dual-Seedline Christian Identity brethren. I've been in the Movement for eleven years now, since 1994 and helping form a local 'militia' as was the craze back then. The militia-mattoids were a dead end, except for those run by us CI types, who took the best of the new talent, told them to go back underground, live quietly and rationally, because sooner or later ZOG is a goner. Some, like myself, became above-ground political figures and writers. But most simply went back underground and are doing what they need to do, simply quietly waiting for the day to arrive when ZOG collapses and they must see to the survival of their families and children.

So today the Movement is nothing more than a great big zoo, full of whiggers & niggers & jews (Oh my!). The only stability I have found in it has been the Christian Identity aspect of it. Now while you do not agree with me concerning this matter, it was none other than Christian Identity which has stopped Traitor Glenn Miller in his tracks and essentially ghettoized Alex Linder into nothing more than a shadow of what VNN used to be -- a VNN/TGMNN jewlag ghetto in which nothing more than anonymous whigger ass-clowns and Traitor Glenn Miller supporters are allowed to post and everyone else is silenced or banned.

The biggest story in Movement communications has been the history of Stormfront, along with Pierce's remnant National Alliance and David Duke pretty much abandoning their web page and buying $160 v-bulletin forum software, and with a membership of 47,000 having a percentage or two of them support as 'sustaining members' of a minimum of $5 per month/$50 per year, this forum. Thus Stormfront and David Duke have become the Movement 'money vacuum' taking the ZOGbux of rich old Movement feebs. Stormfront's web page from 1995-2003 has been reduced to nothing more than five or six hyperlinks in a corner, due to their allowing the Movement feebs to vent their opinions safely while gaining money.

Alex Linder, with the money of ZOG funnelled through Traitor Glenn Miller, created a v-bulletin forum in which skinhead whiggers could post and rail at each other, but essentially gave up on doing what he did best: write 'spintros' -- 'spin introductions' to jewsmedia hyperlinks telling the whigger nutsionalists what to think, i.e., "no way but through the jews." That and Linder would write original material, post letters from Eric Thomson and Jim Floyd, and others. It was these 'spintros' which updated on a daily basis made VNN worth reading daily, and thus brought along traffic.

But enter Traitor Glenn Miller, who along with his sometime FBI ghostwriter, who supposedly came aboard VNN due to 'Martin Lindstedt slandering Traitor Glenn Miller' back in March 2004. I had asked Traitor Glenn Miller to run for US Senate as a Republican since I was running for Governor. I was well aware of the Miller/Cross story. In August 2000, after being denounced by Pat Buchannon for racism since I was running for US Senate as a Reform Party candidate along with Richard Masker of the Aryan Nations running for Idaho state representative, Miller came over to my office in my mother's trailer. After about 20 minutes of talk by me about computers and the Movement, I started talking about how I was in contact with Louis Beam and Katya Lane. Miller had given me a copy of his book, and I hadn't read it, but upon my talking about Louis Beam and Katya Lane, Miller got all ashen, looked like he was having trouble breathing, gasped out, "I was in the Federal Witness Protection Program, but nobody ever went to jail as a result of my testimony," and ran out of my cluttered office, out of the trailer and into his small car, either a Yugo or a Geo Metro. I was wondering about this and followed Miller out and Miller talked about some inconsequential things and left. Then I got in touch with Louis Beam and Katya Lane, asking them if they had ever heard of one Frazier Glenn Miller. Needless to say, they gave me an earful. They haven't forgiven or forgotten. Over the years since then, I have gotten permission from Traitor Glenn Miller and Louis Beam and Katya Lane, for different reasons, to post his book in Feb. 2001 over the Internet. Miller has wanted back into the Movement, in order to continue his work as a Federal informant and agent provacateur. Beam, Lane, and myself to expose this traitor and others like it.

Yet Miller has provided the money and assistance to print two tabloids with plenty of Internet BS to Linder over the past eight months, something which would and could be far cheaper done by having local activists simply download and print their own copy. This money from ZOG has kept Linder busy, both in playing with his nutzi 'litterature' and getting written up for 'hatecrime' by the jewsmedia. However, Linder's VNN web page has suffered because of Linder's playing with his papers.

But what has really finished off Linder has been the determination, especially of the Christian Identity Resistance, and its Order Allies, to simply insist that anyone having anything to do with Traitor Glenn Miller is either a fool or a traitor or both. Due to Christian Identity Pastors Morris Gulett and John Gerhardt, they made Billy Roper's White Revolution pull the plug on Linder and Miller during the '2004 VNN Christmas Coup.' Linder hadn't paid more than the first month's server bill to White Revolution, and White Revolution owned the $160 v-bulletin software. Miller was banned, anti-Miller activists were unbanned, and anti-Miller regulars demanded a total divorce from Linder/Miller's VNN/TGMNN, with the anti-Miller people to keep the Forum and give Linder/Miller nothing but the database upon the coup absent the IP addresses of those who didn't want Miller as a ZOG informant to have their private Internet information. Roper gave the forum back to Linder upon Linder finding the money to pay for his own server, the money believed to come from Miller. Those anti-Miller people like myself were of course banned or censored.

Linder has never ever been able to pay his bills. In July 2002 after Dr. Pierce died, VNN was down because Pierce's successor Gliebe wouldn't pay the bills. Then Linder had Marc Moran and Bill White pay the bills, until Marc Moran got 'outed' and Bill White wanted to get paid. So from 2003 to 2004, Linder essentially sponged off of Billy Roper's White Revolution. It is estimated that Traitor Glenn Miller's ZOG-bux are paying for Linder's web page, forum, as well as tabloids. Linder is essentially ghettoized in his own little VNN/TGMNN jewlag.

Linder also tried to give the jewsmedia the impression that he was 'sorry' about the jew judge's family getting shot by 'white supremacists.' After four years of screaming about "No way but through the jews," Linder turned pussy and tried to let things die down. However, the jewsmedia found one poster who said something 'hateful' about how he 'could barely restrain his glee about the jew judge's family getting whacked' anyway, so Linder ended up looking like a coward and liar as well as a white supremacist. In any case, there is no chance in hell that Traitor Glenn Miller or anyone supporting him will be looked at with anything other than hatred and contempt by most of the Resistance or even the bowel Movement.

I am enclosing a $10 check for your postage and photocopying costs, the $20 I sent you previously being gone by my calculations. Five sheets of paper weigh a little under an ounce. I much prefer the way you double-space your letters and sending me just your letters the past couple of days. As you say, DOWZ, ORION, and all the best.

Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt,
Recent Libertarian Candidate for Sheriff of Newton County
Recent Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit given to Eric Thomson and



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