The Kurse of Khazarl



>Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 00:42:54 -0700
>From: wolfeyes (
>Organization: CWA
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>To: Martin Lindstedt (
>CC:, Steve Washam (,
        "F.M.Sielaff" (,
        Friendly Patriotic Exchange (,,,

>Yada, yada. yada, Lindstedt.  So now you say there is another "softer"
>version of CI doctrine?  I just can't wait to see it.  Maybe this just
>calls for slow-hanging Jew kids instead of burning them at the stake.
>After all, those Jew kids are the spawn of Satan, right?  They deserve
>to have your buddy Furrow shoot 'em up, right?

    Khazarl, please control your hate-foamed rabid khazar mouth.  You 
are showing your temperment, Khazarl, and when you show yourself, like 
you did when you admitted that you were a cowardly little child molester 
at the time of the Columbine shootings of Christians by a homo-jew named 
Klebold.  You showed what a perverted little coward you were then, and so 
The Greater Khazaristan Times&Tattler had to abort your rabid masturbation.
Remember Khazarl?  You are rapidly becoming an embarrassment to the 
regimeist agent provacateur class, as a typical 'jew,' the way that you 
show so well that all the stereotypes are so true.

   "His Name Was Khazarl and He Was A Child Molester"

    Khazarl, as I have pointed out, you will not appreciate either flavor 
of Christian Identity, be it Covenant nor Dual-Seedline.  Covenant says 
that around 95% of you so-called 'jews' are really of Ashkenaz stock, 
and the Bible itself in Genesis 10:3 says that Ashkenaz was the eldest 
son of Gomer (Gog) and the grandson of Japheth.  Thus you khazars have 
not a drop of 'jew' blood, and even the Separdic 'jews' are of mostly 
mongrel Canaanite and Edomite stock as well.

    Dual-Seedline, of which you are most familiar, Khazarl, says that 
you so-called 'jews' descend from Cain through Satan.  And, listening 
to you, Khazarl, I must admit that in your particular case that the 
Dual-Seedliners may very well have a valid point and one well taken.

    Either way, Khazarl, both doxologies show that you so-called 'jews' 
are imposters claiming to be something that you are not, namely 
Israelites, and that you parasitic 'jews' should be separated from 
what you regard as your prey, the true Christian Israelites.  So, as 
a khazar parasite pretending to be a 'jew' and a militia general while 
at the same time acting as a criminal regimeist agent provacateur and 
informant, you cannot expect to like someone like myself, a true 
Israelite who calls for the removal of racial parasites and predators 
from amongst Christian Israel, to take you seriously.  

    And yes, Khazarl, I've made fun of you since you left the Tri-States 
Militia/Coalition and formed your own little one-khazar ADL militia/
propaganda mill the past year or so.  And, yes, I think you are so 
foolishly absurd that you are a model object of amusement.   You are 
so predictable that yes, I've enjoyed winding you up like a little khazar 
militia-general doll, yanking your little chain, and listening to you 
bitch and squeal, Khazarl.  The days when you could say "blah, blah, blah, 
 Marty," are over.  I'm enjoying grinding your hooked khazar snout into 
the dirt.  I don't think you have enjoyed as much humiliation since the 
rabbi who did your circumcision gloated to you about how he could have 
cut it all off, and how you should be grateful for what little he did 
leave you.  You are such a khazar, Khazarl, and I am your worst 
nightmare -- a leader of the awakened Aryan peasantry coming to pay back 
with interest your parasitic incursions, your Kabbalistic human blood-
sacrifices of little blond children to your satanic self-gods, your 
cutting off of any hope of justice and for your censorship of free 
speech, for all the million and one murders, thefts, and blasphemies 
against the newly racially awakened people you infested, until now, when 
the time comes to determine whether the people you infested will become 
slaves in their own homelands, or whether it is time to put you parasites 
on the move again to a different White host.  

    But in any case, Khazarl, Pvt. Furrows is your Manchurian Oswald. 
It is funny the way you khazars get the FibbIes to make him grin like 
a complete idiot on command.  Maybe Furrows is another Dylan Klebold 
or Andrew Greenbaum that you khazars got cross-dressed up in Nazi 
clothes before engaging in a provocation.

    In any case, Khazarl, anyone reading your Babylon Mystery Religion 
Talmud can see why you are so upset at Pvt. Furrows.  After all, you 
khazars consider yourselves to be gods and the goyim to be your cattle. 
I'd be upset as well if one of my brother's Herefords were to take a 
cattle-prod to me.  They ain't supposed to do that, and neither is 
the Manchurian Oswald Furrows.

    By the way, Khazarl, I can understand why you thought it was all 
right for you to hurt goyim children if they are inconvenient.  

    See "His Name Was Khazarl And He Was A Child Molester."

    Goyim children striking little Khazarl demanded that you stick pins 
and razors in the other child's modelling clay.  So what if the kid 
may have gotten an infection?  "Heh, heh, heh" was your response, 
Khazarl, in looking back on the memory.  Just give ol' Khazarl an 
assault rifle and access to Palestinian school children in a mosque 
and faster than Khazarl can say "Dylan Klebold" them A-rabs will 
be stacked deader than cordwood.

      The truth of the matter is, Khazarl, you don't have any problem 
with murder just as long as it is 'jews' murdering the various peoples 
they infest, and not the maddened people staging an uprising against 
their tormenters.  Since Dylan Klebold was a homo-'jew,' you wrote 
an article about how it was right for little jews to murder or at 
least injure severely those which the little jews consider to be their 
tormenters.  Me, I think your article admitting to being a sneaking 
little bastard was definitely a recitation of your fantasies of killing 
goyim children, but that you were a cowardly little shit.  If you had 
injured that child like you say you did, you probably would have been 

>You are a sick motherfucker, Martin Lindstedt, and anyone who is your
>ally is a sick motherfucker as well.  

    Khazarl, your mind is showing. It doesn't look pretty.

    By the way, Khazarl, are you implying that you are part Ethiopian 
or Yemeni khazar-mamzer?  I mean, what with the effortless way in which 
you use the most indispensible word in the African-American dictionary, 
perhaps you don't have very much, if any, European blood.

    On behalf of all the White Christian Israelites and ordianary White 
People too whom Khazarl called "sick motherf---ers" I would like to 
retract Khazarl's false babtism, as there is something about Khazarl's 
attitude and demeanor which might possibly suggest that Khazarl was 
less than honest in his application for conversion from talmundic 
khazarianity to jewdeo-churchianity.

>You and yours are responsible for those little kids getting shot up 
>at that Jewish Community Center in L.A., and there's no denying that 

    Khazarl, you sound just like your ADL/SPLC/FBI/BATF/TSM-C buddies 
and masters saying that the militia and "vast right-wing conspiracy" 
people were responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing and how we have 
no right to deny it.  And, as in OKC, it seems like you ZOGsters 
are losing the propaganda war as everybody not on your side believes 
that it was yet another Manchurian Oswald provocation meant to disarm 
the White Population and silence White Nationalist dissent against 
incoming anti-gun/hate-crimes NWO/ZOG legis-treason.

    First of all, Khazarl, nobody knows for sure even if there was 
anyone shot at a Khazar nursery.  I mean, I do look at the TalmudVision 
from time to time, but only to find out what bullshit the criminal 
regime wants me to believe at the moment.  Next thing you know, Khazarl, 
you will be trying to claim that 666 khazar kiddies were gassed by Pvt. 
Furrows or something.  There's no business like shoah business you know, 

>You rotten, low-life maggots just kept telling everyone Jews were 
>responsible for all the ills of life, so it's no coincidence that 
>some stupid bastard would take your rhetoric to heart and blow up 
>a Jewish children's center.  

     Khazarl, get your provocation story straight.  Even the TalmudVision 
hasn't claimed that the Manchurian Oswald Furrows 'blew up' a khazar 
creche, although your embellishment would explain what happened to the 
Zyklon B shower stall and 666 dead ashkenaz-gogsspawn larva.

>You know, Martin, there's not a scintilla of goodness in you.  You are 
>the poster boy for everything that is wrong with humanity in today's 
>world.  How could anyone love a person like you?  How could even your 
>own mother love what you have become?

    I'd say all the people you just called "motherf---ers" just like 
me fine for what it's worth, Khazarl.  I'd say that Palestinian A-rabs 
like me too.  I'm liked by White Nationalists and Identity Christians. 
I'm liked by the people I like.  And even of those who don't like me 
very much, they like you a lot less, Khazarl.


    Really, Khazarl, how you do go on.  You call everyone who disagrees 
with you a number of vile names, you make false accusations, and you 
get all huffy when someone ridicules you.  You gloat about how you 
molested a gentile child, you call up the FBI to report on "Nazi 
militias" and then after you pull all this shit you yap about how 
other people are evil because they don't much like alien racial 
parasites infesting their culture.

    No, Khazarl, woe unto you that calls good evil and evil good.  The 
Jews (No ''s, as they were real 'jews', unlike Khazarl, the 
congoid-khazar) of Christ's day had a problem with Christ's activities, 
such as whipping the thieves out of the temple, questioning their 
authority over the Judeans, causing all manner of trouble for those 
imposters who had slipped in their talmundian 'traditions of man' in 
place of the light burden that the LORD had given to Moses.  They were 
no longer Judeans, but Jews of Canaanite, Edomite, Samaritan, and 
Babylonian ancestry lording it over the White Judeans.  As in the days 
of Ezra and Nehemiah they had formed an ADL/SPLC to work in collaboration 
with the Persian, Greek, then Roman occupation forces.  And doubtless 
they blasphemed Christ like you talmudian khazars do today.  Christ 
predicted that those who call themselves 'Jews' -- but are not -- 
would murder, defame, and persecute Christians, just as they had murdered 
the prophets and that they would murder him.

    Today, you 'jews' who say you are "jews" -- but are not, still 
blaspheme Christ and Christianity, saying that Christ was the issue of 
a whore and a Roman soldier named Pantera. (See talmud passages: Abhodah 
Zarah II; Sanhedrin 67a; Kallah 1b:18b, among others.)  Doubtless they 
had a Khazarl making up those lies while Christ was alive, and adding 
to these blasphemies afterwards.  However, I find it interesting that 
the focus of Jew hatred had his Mother Mary attend his illegal 
crucifiction.  She liked Christ just fine, too.

    Khazarl, you and your fellow khazar tribesmen are an insinuating 
hate-race.  You infest people who don't know you very well, and then 
when they do find about you parasites they kick you out, if they are 
able to.  Every single White Christian nation has at some time expelled 
you 'jews' whenever they are able to do so.  The Palestinian Arabs, 
the Germans, and us White Americans are not able to do so -- yet.

>Do you know what awaits you, Martin Lindstedt?  First, you will be
>diagnosed with cancer.  You'll fight it with everything you don't have,
>and:  You'll die from it.  Then you'll be face to face with the Jew
>Jesus on the Day of Judgment.  When that time comes, Martin, you'll lose
>all ability, all spiritual fiber.  You will be transfixed with Jesus'
>overwhelming presence, and the truth of what you are will be open and
>condemned by everything God the Father stands for.  You will be
>condemned to Hell, and the angels of God will carry your struggling soul
>to the precipice of the pit and throw you off for all to see.  I'll be
>there to see it, Martin Lindstedt.  I promise it.

     First of all, Khazarl, since when have you 'jews' admitted that 
the White Judean you had murdered was your messiah?  I mean, if you 
were to dump your Talmud hate-religion, get converted, then babtised, 
and sin no more, then you might be Christians, not 'jews.'  And yes, 
Khazarl, I know you have at one time said you are a babtized 'jew' and 
then at another time said you were a Christian, just as you say a 
number of things which turn out not to be true.  I'd say offhand that 
all those people who disagree with you that you have just called 
"sick motherf---ers" don't think that you exhibit any fruits of 
Christian behavior.  And I don't think that they will get over-angry 
with me if I treat you, Khazarl, as a Christian knight is supposed to 
treat a satanic khazar agent provacateur imposter caught red-snouted 
in the militia hen-house.

    Secondly, Khazarl, if a complete moral degenerate such as yourself 
wishes to try to lay a curse on me out of your khazar Kabballah, don't 
you have to slit a chicken's throat and bath one of your little idols 
representing Satan with its blood first, or slit a goat's belly and 
munch on its guts while the goat feebly kicks your hooked nose or some 
other edomite/chaldean/khazar ritual like that first? 

    I'd tell you not to go out and kidnap some little blond gentile 
girl and slit her throat to make your Passover wafers on my account. 
But it isn't the Passover season yet, Khazarl, so your curse won't 
work.  And while I am a reasonably healthy adult White Israelite 
male and a known enemy to you Khazars, and thus a model Purimfest 
sacrifice for you 'jews' to slit my throat and drink my blood for 
the Purimfest commemoration of the Babylonian Mystery Religion's 
victory of Baal/Marduk over the Persian deities, regrettably it 
isn't Purim-fest time again either, Khazarl.  Besides, mindful of 
what an excellent Purim-fest sacrifice I would make, I prefer to 
spend Purim-fest barracaded in my house with plentiful ammunition, 
water, and food.  I tell my old lady that I am commemorating the 
Patriot celebration of Roby Ridge-fest.  But, since I'm in a good mood, 
and knowing what a cowardly cretin you are, perhaps I shall invite you 
to come to Southwest Missouri, Khazarl, and we will 'celebrate' Purimfest 
together.  I am sharpening all my kitchen cutlery in anticipation of 
your visit, Khazarl.  Then you can "Eat me!" Khazarl, if you dare.

   But this isn't getting anything done towards getting your curse 
laid on me, Khazarl.  So I'll tell you what I'll do, Khazarl.  If 
I see you going through all the proper Kaballan ju-ju, with all 
the chicken-killing and goat-entrail eating and blood-sacrifice to 
Baal and you and Red Mike Vanderboegh masturbating on Ishtar, and you 
put it on videotape and send it to me, then I might just consider 
getting a little bit sick or something and maybe even showing it to 
some other White Christian Israelites so they can get sick too.

>There is no point in trying to save the Martin Lindstedts of this
>world.  You wouldn't listen to it, and you would hate the very mention
>of what is right in the eyes of God.  For that, I pity you, Martin
>Carl F. Worden

     C'mon Khazarl, you can spare me your bullshit pity, OK?  You 
can worship your father any way you cainite-khazars please, and I'll 
worship the LORD as our Israelite Father does command.  I mean you 
have got a lot of activity that your god requires (Reference, I Kings 
18:28) and even then your god still might not come through and accept 
your offering.  Your Canaanite/Edomite 'jew' god might be talking, or 
chasing (& copulating) or travelling, or even asleep from his exertions. 
(See I Kings 18:27, for a laundry list of excuses for your god, Khazarl.)

    The problem is, Khazarl, is that Christian Israel wants you out 
from among us.  We've had enough of you 'jews' who falsely claim to 
be something you are not.  I think it is time for you all to leave, 
and for you to go to your cousins the Turks, Huns, Mongols, Magyars, 
Tatars for a homeland of your own back where you come from in Central 
Asia and Southern Siberia.  I admit that when you have a bunch of 
thieving khazar 'jews' by themselves the standard of living is much 
lower than what the White Christian nations can provide you with, 
and doubtless the strongest of you khazar capos will literally peck 
to death the weaker khazars, but the strong point is that you 'jews' 
will finally get your own homeland where you can live together and 
worship your asiatic gods and show how well you can run your own 
country without any help better than such unfortunate examples as 
Khazaristan-on-the-Hudson or Khazaristan-on-the-Jordan. 

     But for now, let's do Purimfest, Khazarl.

--Martin Lindstedt
A No-Holds-Barred Defender of the Christian Israelite Faith &
Preaching Elder, Church of the LORD of Israel

P.S.  I wouldn't invite any of your Tri-State Militia/Coalition buddies 
like Red Mike Vanderboegh or Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog (misnomered Wolfe) or 
Maureen Sielaff over to your Khazaristan homeland, as that is an 
invitation to further dygenics.  Your god's race of 'chosen parasites' 
needs to be much smarter and a lot tougher if they are going to try to 
cheat your racial cousins the Turks, Huns, Tatars, and Mongols. --M.L.



>Martin Lindstedt wrote: > >> At 07:40 PM 8/27/99 -0400, you wrote: >> >Steve questions FBI informer Worden's statement.....Worden slips in >> own puke. >> > >> >From: "Steve Washam" ( >> >To: Friendly Patriotic Exchange (, PIML >> (, >> > "F.M.Sielaff" ( >> >Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 15:52:11 -0700 >> > >> >Reply-To: >> > >> > >> >-> SNETNEWS Mailing List >> > >> >On 27 Aug 99, at 14:52, F.M.Sielaff wrote: >> > >> >> wolfeyes wrote: >> > >> >>> Here is a copy of the CI Doctrinal Statement in it's >> >>> entirety: Read it and puke. >> > >> >That isn't the statement found at >> > >> > >> >Steve >> No Steve, it isn't. Offhand, I'd say that Khazarl got it from >> the Dual-Seedline CI WWW page of, Kingdom >> Identity Ministries as opposed to Pastor Pete Peter's Covenant- >> oriented Scriptures for America at >> These respective WWW sites are the heavyweights of the CI religion. >> >> But Khazarl can't be blamed for lying as that is not only his >> inherent nature, but also Khazarl hates all Christian Israelites, >> regardless of whether they believe in Covenant or Dual-Seedline >> doxology. Khazarl knows that resurgent militant fundamentalist >> Christianity can be even more dangerous than White Nationalist >> politics in the removal of the so-called 'jew' supremacy in bringing >> about a NWO/ZOG global hegemony. The snarl of Khazarl when confronted >> with his natural racial and religious enemies is Khazarl's only >> natural unfeigned response. >> >> Maureen Sielaff and Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog (misnomered Wolfe) are >> Khazarl's fellow alumni from the Tri-States Militia/Coalition and thus >> hate the CI religion as well. >> >> --Martin Lindstedt >> Resistance Political Front



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