Wednesday Nite At Khazarl's Militia Head&Hind Quarters



>Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 12:15:33 -0800
From: wolfeyes (
Organization: CWA
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.01 [en] (Win95; I)
CC: Martin Lindstedt (,
    "Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog" (,, 
    Ben Cameron" (,, Lawyer ZOG-Hessian (,
	Greater Khazaristan Times&Tattler (,,
Subject: Re: Posse> Senile Former ZOG Informant Feebs

>Hey Ed:

>He'll make constant deductions, but none of them will be brilliant.

    Khazarl, what happened to when you used to say that I was an 
intelligent man who was well educated?
    Must have gone down the tubes now that you have been found out. 

>Sometimes it's just too funny to type a few words you know he'll go
>ballistic on, knowing he'll end up spending the greater part of a day
>lashing back at me on his keyboard.  Sometimes I actually laugh out loud
>as I type these things, and my wife once called from the living room;
>"Carl!  What are you doing to poor Marty this time?"  

    Khazarl, you must have a lot of fun of the masochistic sort then. 
After all, you never respond to what myself or Mr. Cameron write.  
Instead you veer into admissions that you have been running to the 
FiBbIes telling them about what a White Nationalist/Christian Identity 
hatemonger I am.  Duuuuuh!  As if everyone in the Movement doesn't 
know already.



Wednesday nite at the Worden household:

     Khazarl, an overweight prematurely aging fascistfeeb fitting 
the profile set by Red Mike Vanderboegh and Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog (There 
is beginning to be debate as to whether the Khazars have cloned them 
in their vats fed with the dialysized blood of their sacrificial 
victims from Passover and Purim-fest.) sits for another night at 
his computer set in front of the toilet where rests most of his 
non-vented bulk.  This is the 'headquarters' (and gross hindquarters) 
and the rest of the entire 'South Oregon Militia.'  Khazarl cackles 
with sadistic glee.

     "What is it Khazarl?" asks Mrs. Khazarl, as she dials down her 
electric vibrator from throb to pulse.  Is it time for another 
rear entry with your little talleywhacker while you call me 'Marty'? 
I love it so when you get off the pot & 'puter and get frisky.  
Please wipe your ass first, though."

    "I told that Martin Lindstedt and Ben Cameron off but good.  
I said "blah, blah, blah" and Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog said "Fuck you." 
That ought to keep them busy attacking me instead of KhazarLouie 
of the FiBbIes and the JewEss(u.S) Michigan Mattoid Militia General 

   "Khazarl, you are always thinking of others.  Could I have me a 
horny negro buck early this year, in honor of race-mixing day and 
your gliberality when we go down to Alabama for the SPLC conference?"

   Khazarl abruptly breaks down, and without wiping his butt, and 
'accidently' pulling out the electric cord to the vibrator, flops 
his bulk down upon Mrs. Khazarl.

   "Boo hoo hoo!  Ben Cameron set me up to admitting that I was an 
FBI nark, and that Nazi asshole Martin Lindstedt has neutralized me. 
Soon the only people I can mix among will be other informants like 
Red Mike Vanderboegh, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog, Ken-the-Snitch, The 
AwfulBitchHyena Roxanne Johnson, Claire-the-Jackal . . . . ."

    "AwfulBitchHyena Roxanne will be a visitor?" enthuses Mrs. 
Khazarl.  "Why her clitoris is larger than your little talleywhacker, 
Khazarl.  She's hung like Janet Reno.  It's not so bad if Roxanne 
Johnson shows up and keeps her mouth shut. Now get off me, wipe your 
ass, and plug me back in,"  Mrs. Khazarl petulantly demands.

    ". . . . . . I don't know if I can stand sitting around with a 
bunch of fellow informant feebs kept from normal people.  Red Mikey 
and Eddie keep on tattling about me to the Special Agent In Charge 
at the Old Informants Rest Home,"  Khazarl blubbers, a mattoid mass 
of FiBbIe misery.  

   Mrs. Khazarl lays there putting up with it, having no choice.  
Khazarl is morally eunuchoid, so kneeing him in his non-existent nuts 
will not help.  She lays there, wetted by Khazarl's judas-crocodile 
tears, grateful that at least it is not a golden shower.  No negro 
bucks at the SPLC Moreassathon this year.  Moreass-the-Sleezester 
only rewards success, and Khazarl has got caught.



> I can't tell you how much pleasure it gives me to hit the delete 
>button on that much of his futile, pathetic effort.  

   Well, you do have to get off somehow, Khazarl.

>But hey!  I'm doing a great service:  I mean, at least he's not out 
>there where he can get ahold of a little girl or something.

> Carl F. Worden

    Off the can?  Disbanded the "South Oregon FiBbIe Militia" this 
minute Khazarl?

    I'm not going to whine about you accusing me of being a child 
molester, Khazarl.  It is your nature to make false accusations, 
especially about your predilections.

    Now that you have screwed up and revealed that you are narking 
for the FiBbIes, Khazarl, nobody will want to have anything to do with 
you.  You might well have to spend more time with your fellow caught 
informant feebs.

    With you being a scalawag lackey shabbes goyim, perhaps your 
Khazar masters might make you kidnap some little blond goyim girl 
for your Khazar masters' blood-fest this Passover.  The Khazars 
don't like to do the dirty work themselves.  After all, they had to 
form the ADL back in 1913 after a Khazar named Leo Frank got lynched 
in Georgia because he thought the area around his shop was a serve-
service blood-sacrifice free-fire zone.  The unabashed White 
Nationalist poor whites got scared that the Khazars would bribe the 
governor to let the murderous Khazar off, so they took matters into 
their own hands.

   So since your Khazar masters don't like to risk themselves in 
getting a suitable little Aryan blond female for your sex and blood 
sacrifice, I imagine you and Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog will be scouring 
the poor white districts in Oregon for a suitable sacrifice for 
your masters.  Could you send me a digitized picture of yourselves 
so that I can post it on America's Most Wanted as a preventive 
measure?  This way your Khazar masters won't draft you to do it 
this year.  

   You are such arrant cowards that neither one of you dare get a 
Resistance male to sacrifice for Purim-fest.  KhazarLouie of the 
FiBbIes has already declared that the National Purim-fest Israelite 
male to be sacrificed this year at Purim-fest is Eric Rudolph.  
That's why there is a million dollar reward out for him.  However, 
if you find a Phineas Priest under your bed this year who hasn't 
plugged you yet, you have an opportunity to bag you a Purim-fest 
turkey if you can.

   Be sure to share this message with your long-suffering old lady, 
Khazarl.  She needs a little more excitement in her life and you ain't 
much of a man.

--Martin Lindstedt



Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 11:22:04 -0800
From: (Ed Wolfe)
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.03Gold (Win95; I)
To: Martin Lindstedt (
CC: "Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog" (,, 
    Ben Cameron" (,, Lawyer ZOG-Hessian (,
	Greater Khazaristan Times&Tattler (,,,
	Khazarl Turd-In (
Subject: Re: Posse> Senile Former ZOG Informant Feebs


You make as little sense now as you did when I first
encountered you.

You're wrong about my affiliations, my age and the
color of my wife.

Care to make any more brilliant deductions?



   When you first encountered me, it was as a result of your attempt 
to do damage control for your fellow informant and Alabama Bureau of 
Investigation narc Red Mike Vanderboegh.  I figured out a long time ago 
that you were simply another infilltraitor out to protect your fellow 

   When on June 30, 1998 you admitted sponsoring a known government 
informant, namely Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams & I of course posted it 
on my WWW page at:

   Of course this admission finished you off as an informant and 
agent provacateur.  Not even the most stupid militia general wanted 
to hang around someone who sheltered a professional informant and 
was therefore most likely an informant himself.

   The conclusions about your age and your negro wife are ones 
which other people have made about you.  These people may be wrong, 
but even idle gossip is to be trusted more than a confirmed liar 
such as yourself.

    Like other informers and infilltraitors, you make the mistake 
that just because I listen to everything you say that I believe 
any of it.  I don't.  I believe the admissions against interest 
you made, like on June 30, 1998.  I believe Khazarl on Wednesday, 
Feb. 10, 1999 when he said that he had told on myself and Mr. 
Cameron to the FBI, gloating that the FBI now was no longer 
concerned about their infilltraitor CONstitutional militias but 
was concerned about Resistance elements.  The rest of what you 
infilltraitors write is simply a pack of lies from which the truth 
must be painstakingly seined.

   I see no reason why liars deserve my belief or respect.  It is 
because people foolishly respect the belief system of you liars that 
they end up in prison.  Just because you say you are a patriot, 
stupid people listen to the same line of Khazar horseshit peddled 
by the FBI, ADL, SPLC, Weaselgnaw Center, etc.  Katya Lane made that 
observation of you, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog.  Ben Cameron made that 
observation of Khazarl Worden.  You rely on this gullibility in order 
to be a successful infilltraitor.  There are a lot of very stupid 
patriots out there who don't pick up on you infilltraitors right 
away.  It takes your admission that you are an informant or agent 
provacateur before these stupid people take you at your word.  This 
is why it was necessary to provoke you into an admission, and for 
Ben Cameron to provoke Khazarl into an admission, and for it to be 
posted onto the internet before stupid people will believe the 

    That has now been done with you and Khazarl.  Now those who 
know the truth and still hang around you become suspect themselves. 
With your unmasking, PIML/PDML was finished.  With Khazarl's 
unmasking, The Greater Khazaristan Times&Tattler can be dealt with.

--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front



>Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 08:10:40 -0800
From: wolfeyes (
Organization: CWA
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.01 [en] (Win95; I)
To: Martin Lindstedt (
CC: Ben Cameron (,,
	Lawyer ZOG-Hessian (,
	Greater Khazaristan Times&Tattler (,,
Subject: Re: Posse> FiBbIe Khazarl

>Hey Marty:

>Aren't you the one who concluded my behavior was because I'm a 
>Jew?  And then you found out I"m not, right?  

   Khazarl, you are the one supposed to as a FiBbIe informer and 
agent provacateur keep track of your lies.
   One moment you said that you were a babtised Khazar.  Another day 
you said that you had lied and that you were really an Aryan who 
happens to be a scalawag lackey for the Khazar race.

   I see no reason why I should prefer one of your lies over the 
other.  I suspect you are indeed a scalawag lackey for the Khazars 
because that indicates a greater debasement on your part.

>You have no right to your opinion, because you don't pass the 
>intelligence test.  

    Khazarl, you don't have any intelligence test to judge me by.  
After all, you told Ben Cameron that you were a FiBbIe nark on 
Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1999.  That is not too smart of you, even by 
base Khazar stooge standards.  Even the indescribably base ratlike 
Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams still insists that he is not an informant, 
and never admitted to such ever, although everyone knows that he 
snitched out the Republic of Texas people.  So you, Khazarl, are 
not even as cunning as a slimy rat-turd such as Ken-the-Snitch, who 
no one has ever described as brilliant.

    You do remember saying how intelligent I am in one of your 
previous e-mails, or has that slipped your senile mastery of your 
sundry perjuries? 

>Besides that, you and Ben bore the shit out of me.  

    No, me and Ben scare the shit out of you.  You ran your mouth 
about how you were a FiBbIe nark and we pinned you down.  You wouldn't 
have made that admission to me, but you did so to Ben.  Perhaps I had 
ought to get him to come up with another hotmail account and smoke 
out a few more of you infilltraitors.

>Your words are as empty and meaningless as clouds and blustering wind 
>without rain.  You are like a couple of chained dogs, barking and 
>snarling as I casually walk by.  And no one will miss you when you're 
>gone.  Like so many before you, you will have made life a bit more 
>difficult for some, while contributing nothing positive in your wake.  

    What have you contributed to the Movement as a FiBbIe nark, 
Khazarl?  Mr. Cameron has smoked you out and I have finished you 
off as a force to be reckoned with within the overall Movement. 
I'm rather pleased with what we have accomplished.  Everyone must 
take care of Resistance internal security matters.  It is the 
duty of every Patriot to uncover snitches and infilltraitors from 
among our midst.

>Your flesh and bones will be consumed in the earth, your souls 
>destroyed in Hell, and no one will have any memory of you.  
>That is the future that awaits you both.

>Carl F. Worden

   Khazarl, nobody is scared of your Babble-on Mystery Religion 
Khazar curses.  I am an Identity Christian of the Covenant doxology. 
As I look at it, I have merely done my ecclesiastical duty in 
uncovering and negating your NWO/ZOG mamzer-bastardization program. 
I am merely obeying to the best of my ability my religious duties. 
I will be rewarded by the LORD and Christ for obeying all the 
commandments.  Part of that means kicking in the head of the 
Serpent's Spawn such as you and your Khazar masters whenever 
possible.  There is enmity between my Israelite seed and your 
Devil's spawn.  You bite my heel & I kick your head, Khazarl. 
See Genesis 3:15.  That is just the way things are decreed.

   I don't know what Mr. Cameron's religious beliefs are, but I 
would feel honored if he were to become an Identity Christian.

   Come a successful Revolution, the Resistance will send criminal 
regimeists such as yourself on to the next world, Khazarl.  I think 
your destiny will be to be cast into a lake of fire along with 
Gog and Magog besieging the Camp of the Saints if you live long 
enough.  See Rev. 20:7-9.  In any case you destiny seems to be one of 
resurrection to be cast into a lake of fire.  Even if you do try to 
change your destiny it will be doubly-hard because of your previous 
activity in spying on the Saints as a Khazar scalawag informer for the 
FiBbIes.  You will get no help in attaining your personal salvation 
from those you have and would betray to the Beast power.

--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front



Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 22:12:39 -0800
From: wolfeyes (
Organization: CWA
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.01 [en] (Win95; I)
To: Martin Lindstedt (
	Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog (
Subject: Re: Wednesday Nite At Khazarl's Militia Head&Hind Quarters.

Ha!!!!  Oh Lindy, you are sooo easy!  No one ever taught you that if you
know how to anger someone you can control them, did they?  I push a
couple of keys, and you go off.  This is just too much fun.  I've been
controlling you all along, you putz.  The whole Internet is laughing at
you anew.  Spew on, moron.



    At least you are not calling me "Marty" any more, Khazarl.  
You are rather ignorant, but now that "Marty" is my pet name when 
you attempt rear-entry congress with Mrs. Khazarl, you have 
discontinued the diminutive.  You are so superficially clever, 

   Another 'victory' or two like this and you will be undone, 
Khazarl.  After all, admitting you are a FiBbIe narc and a Khazar 
lackey isn't a matter of pride in the Movement.  People might 
think you are going to narc on them next, just like what happened 
to pore Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog and the rest of the infilltraitors in 
the militia general movement.

   Give my regards to Mrs. Khazarl.  ;-{) 


--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front



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