Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt



Supporting ZOG's War & Purimfest 2003 & the Ninth Crusade


As is to be expected, this war inevitable deliberately, although recklessly, made in all of its satanic parts by the jews running Jorge-the-Worst (and Last) W[higger] Bush, `our' 88-IQ, In-Flight, One-Term NOW/ZOG Sock-Puppet came about with a murder and assassination attempt against Saddam Hussein, along with attacks on some Iraqi air defense and forward-positioned artillery military units. Diplomacy didn't fail -- it was deliberately murdered by ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government, the most commonly used Nationalist term for the criminal regime Under Satan's Administration). Each and every single time that the secular government of Iraq agreed to the ever-escalating demands of the UN-ZOG, USA-ZOG and Brit-ZOG would say that getting everything demanded wasn't enough. Eventually, the rest of the entire world, lead by the French and Germans of the First World, decided that it was a waste of time to demand further disarming of the Iraqi government well past the point of being unable to fight with conventional weapons. Whereupon, the bribery and the farce was over, as was the arm-twisting. Saddam Hussein is supposed to act better in not using chemical and biological weapons against murderous invaders, thieves, bandits, murderers and criminals invading a sovereign nation, or so Hans Blix blithered.

At the same time, North Korea was given a pass, even though it is admitted that North Korea has, self-admittedly, nuclear weapons and missile capacity to launch nuclear warheads to the left coast of US-ZOG. All of which goes to prove that it is a wise and moral leader who stockpiles caches of Weapoms of Ass Destruction (WAD) sufficient to exterminate the ZOGling herd animals of jew-maddened bandit kleptocracies run by jew and whigger criminal regimeists and is openly willing to use such weaponry. Saddam Hussein would have been far better self-served by admitting to having Weapoms of Ass Destruction -- and promising to give them on a cash & carry basis to anti-ZOG-terrorist terrorists.

Rhetorical flourish aside, what should the Resistance do about ZOG's War unleashed?

The answer, of course, is first to think. And then -- after thinking -- to do.

In most cases, that involves doing nothing. While I am not in the least adverse to advocating violence against the tools and spawn of Satan -- by all means practice some violence against ZOG and ZOGlings if given opportunity -- but NOT if you are likely to get caught. A smart Resistance operative gets ZOGlings to do something violent which provokes retaliatory violence by former `innocents' (there are no 'innocents' - only sides) who have now chosen their sides on the basis of victimization. In fact, the reason for much 'terrorism' is to get the criminal regimeists to make the former areas under their subjection into a free- fire zone. Then the cunning 'martyrs' can get away with all manner of shit.

The goal of any Resistance organization is to make areas formerly under criminal regimeist control and governance ungovernable enough to where holding that area is a liability to the criminal regime. A criminal regime unable to distinguish between its enemies and its herd animals is like a body polytick destroying its own internal organs. Resistance in a formerly rechargeable battery means the natural process of increasing resistance to where current cannot pass through that battery to recharge the battery. Trying to force the current through merely means that the friction and heat increases to where the battery explodes. An increasing resistance, inevitable in all batteries, means that someday that battery cannot be recharged and used for the purpose for which it was built, and must be thrown away. Exactly so is the political meaning of a Political Resistance.

The purpose of the aboveground 'legal' Political Resistance is to destroy this criminal regime by assisting in the making this current decayed social order ungovernable. Most of the work of the Resistance is being done by ZOG itself, in its displacement of White People in favor of chaotic ungovernable misceginated non-white mud- mamzers. (A mamzer is a misceginated non-white bastard, outlawed by the Law of YHWH from association with Whites forever. Cf. Deuteronomy 23:2) The economic foundation has been destroyed by jews and greedy whigger front-men shipping out manufacturing jobs and technology to Turd-Whirllld cesspools and bringing a veritable invasion of millions mixed-breed copulating degenerate bipedal animals unable to do anything except spread disease, poverty and lawlessness like they did in the pestholes from whence such originated. In addition, ecological disaster awaits in the spread of West Nile virus and other non-native pathogens, animals and plants. To counter this disaster of ZOG's making one need merely let Nature take its course. After all, it is White farmers and doctors who have allowed the non-white muds & cruds to feed and breed, first in their own pestholes, now increasingly here un USSA-ZOG. ZOG offers nothing other than wasting the lives and property of increasingly ignorant, stupid, degenerate and poverty stricken White lemmings increasingly unable to take care of themselves and their one or two children below replacement levels. If the Resistance were to voluntarily disband tomorrow, content to do nothing except look after itself and their loved ones, this criminal regime, this mighty Evil Empire shall still go the way of other empires -- Nineveh, Tyre, Persia, Greece and Rome - destroyed because the ruling regime didn't care for, didn't save, didn't serve its Founding Peoples, but rather viewed them as a resource to be exploited until there was no more People left.

The job of the Resistance is not to build -- but to destroy. Like Christ, we strive not to bring peace, but a sword. We cannot, dare not, build anything lest the Evil Empire, Under Satan's Administration, seize what we produce and use it to delay its deserved destruction for a second.

( The author of this article is a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Resistance Political activist. I have no animus against National Socialists nor agnostics nor atheists within the Resistance because of my religious beliefs provided that non-Christians cause me no trouble because of their idiotic religious notions. In fact, I get along with `Nazis' better than most wannabe fuehrers because I am not a threat to any fuehrer's market share of devoted followers or followers' ZOG-bux. As a politician, as opposed to ofishul pastor unlawfully seeking a gizzardful of chicken and the Levite's tithe, I have found it best to always espouse Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Orthodoxy - jews are the literal spawn of Satan, and I see no point in differentiating between Khazar Ashkenazi-gogsspawn adoptive spawn-of-Satan kikes as opposed to quasi- Cainite/Canaanite/Edomite Shephardic biological spawn-of- Satan kikes. I seek a theocratic dictatorship in which only Christian Israelites are allowed citizenship and in which non-baalpriest-ridden Whites are allowed to visit provided that they do not blaspheme or cause trouble. Since I am sure that Christ shall ratify such a political arrangement, I see no purpose in defying YHWH's Law by proselytizing the unbeliever. Christ was only sent to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, and that means only White People of Western and Northern European descent. )

This mighty Evil Empire shall destroy itself. The problem is how many White People shall be taken down with it in the collapse. The Persian, Greek, Roman Empires were inevitably destroyed because the Persian, Greek, and Roman founding stock was destroyed by the empires they founded. Same thing with the `American' Empire. Yes, the American Empire shall destroy itself, but it is no victory if the American (White) People are destroyed as well. The niggers and beaners cannot keep their own shithole countries running and they are destroying ZOG by their mere chaotic and parasitic presence. Nor can jew-ridden degenerate whigger (white nigger) lemming shitizens of ZOG maintain the social, economic and nutritional surplus to keep something as wasteful as a parasitic mighty Evil Empire running.

Back in 1997 and 1998, I generated some controversy by arguing that Resistance Active Service Units should, where possible and practical, consider developing their own home-brewed Weapoms of Ass Destruction for purposes of retaliation and warfare. After all, ZOG was founded upon revolution and the Declaration of Independence, with its assertion that it is the Right and Duty of a Sovereign People to alter or abolish any form of criminal regime which oppresses it was a birth certificate for ZOG which can, with equal utility, be used as a death warrant for ZOG. In fact, my argument was used in the Greenhaven Press' "Terrorism Anthology" opposite Bubba Caligula's whining speech concerning the Oklahoma City `Holoco$t.' Revolution is more than an inherent right - Revolution is a political course of action always available to any and every warring side. Revolution is a readily available justification for the use of violence against an internal enemy, the dualistic opposite side of the moral coin of argument on behalf of Tyranny.

My advocacy of anthrax was dated. Today's Resistance Active Service Unit, cell or lone-wolf would be better advised to use the available, cheap, and undetectable method of `prion poisoning' which with a latency period of from 4- 10 years means that the cause of the rapidly spreading scrapie, Chronic Wasting Disease, or New Variant Jakob- Cruetzfeld cannot be differentiated between corporate agribusiness practice or deliberate terrorism. Last year the Wisconsin deer herd, east of the Mississippi, was infected, well over 600 miles from Transmissible Spongiform Encephalitis (TCE - a fancy way of saying that `Mad Cow Disease,' be it from sheep, dairy cows, or deer eats holes in the brains of the infected animal, be they lizard, cow, sheep, nigger or whigger) `Ground Zero' in NW Colorado and SW Wyoming. Today the only anthrax used is `FiBbIe Anthrax' spread by a jew Lt. Colonel from Ft. Detrick named Zack in order for FiBbIes to blame white men named Hatfill. Dan's Blather and Tom's Bro'Cow needs must compete for FiBbIe Anthrax for their secretaries, along with polytickians like Daschle, to show how patr-idiotic theys' is.

But the fact of the matter is that most all of what ails ZOG is largely due to imperial and corpsorate criminal greed, negligence and stupidity. Weapoms of Ass Destruction owned by Resistance cells are far more dangerous to ZOG in the psychological, as opposed to actual warfare sense. After all, a biological warfare vector once released is usable by anyone willing to get infected himself or `innocents' in order to infect others, witness Episode #210 of Southpark wherein three little foul-mouthed brats got even with their whigger and kike ass-clown parents for giving them chickenpox by paying some whore five ZOG-bux to give their parents herpes via their parents' toothbrushes and sex toys.

Also, political realities dictate that it is far better for ZOG to bring down its own destruction by deliberately starting a war with a weak country, long oppressed, and hoping that weak sovereign country will use its Weapoms of Ass Destruction -- shoot their WAD -- in justifiable retaliation.

Now I covered this issue briefly in my monolog paragraph "Prey 4 ZOG's War." However, I did not want to make an issue of this matter until, like current through a diode, ZOG had waged a criminal act of unjust warfare that could not be undone. I think that Saddam Hussein, for reasons both moral and immoral, does indeed have Weapoms of Ass Destruction. Thanks to ZOG's War, Purimfest 2003, the Nineth Crusade, Desperately Seeking Armageddon, whatever one wants to call World War III, there are now no shortage of 'smart missiles' in the form of pissed-off ragheads who look much like beaners to deliver their biological warheads and payloads to ZOG's fruited & nutted plain.

I have already celebrated 9/11 twice. My only regret is that Jew Dork Shitty and the District of Corruption were not destroyed absolutely. I consider it no blasphemy in my heart saying that YHWH owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology for not destroying those shitholes of jews, niggers & whiggers, as YHWH has His own timetable. Like millions of other White men, my life would improve if every big shitty over 100,000 population were wiped from the earth by warfare, disease, and starvation. My life would be vastly improved if 66,666,666 niggers, jews, muds & cruds were to rob, rape, kill and eat 66,666,666 whigger ZOGlings. While I'm only 45 years old, that would definitely be a wonderful memory to take into my `golden years' as a mean old White man.

The `jew Century' just passed has made YHWH's Creation, the White Man, on the verge of extinction by warfare and central banking -- all instigated by jews. Once the White Man is rendered extinct, primarily by his own stupidity and `tolerance' of evil, then there isn't going to be much, if anything, left, not that it would matter. God made all the races, but it is man that makes the mamzer, unable to rise above its degraded, confused, and entropic genetic state. If the jews, Satan's kids, were to get their own way, there would be nothing else. The golden eggs are the White Man's toys and tools. But the jews would not only steal the golden eggs, the jews would bribe the muds and cruds to exterminate the golden goose as well. Hence we see what is going on today. Form follows function.

Look. This entire world would be a much better place if at least 90% of the two-legged vermin infesting it were to be exterminated, preferentially due to their own stupidity and viciousness. Even better would be to see those who make this world into such a satanic shithole, starting with the current 88-IQ, jew-dominated Deserter-In- Thief being hung with the guts of its dirt-whore drunken coke-addled slut daughters, rotten apples which didn't fall far from the tree, by his own enraged jew masters. Saddam Hussein is a moral and mental giant of a tyrant compared to Jorge-the-Worst. Saddam Hussein is certainly absent hypocrisy. The A-rabs are not natural-born Jeffersonian Democrats, but neither is YHWH. After all, YHWH said that another Mesopotamian autocrat, Nebuchadnezzar, was the `golden head' of all forms of government. Nebuchadnezzar was given the mind of a beast but none so degraded and vicious as that of the current 88-IQ jew puppet Jorge-the-Worst (and Last). Nebuchadnezzar's regime was a golden one. ZOG's regime is of mixed rust and shit -- and mainly shit at that -- which cannot cleave together, and is to be destroyed by result of its own degeneracy before the return of Christ smashes those rotten feet like a rock and imposes the mighty mountain that is the Kingdom of God.

The Purpose of Life -- according to Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Orthodoxy - is that YHWH's Children be tested to prove their right to inherit their Birthright as Children of God. Just as the lump of clay hath not the right nor the might to tell the potter what to make of it (Romans 9:21), neither do the jews, nor the negro and oriental pre-Adamic beasts of the field (cf. Genesis 1:25- 30), nor the mamzers nor whiggers have any say that YHWH has made them limited, nor allowed them to fall prey to their inherent nature as damned evildoers. YHWH created from the same raw materials the maggot, the jew, the mosquito, the virus, the fly - all those tryers of the Faithful. The Harvest approaches, of both the Wheat and the Tares, some to service, some to damnation. For there is no unrighteousness with God, though God says He shall have mercy on those He chooses to be merciful to and compassion to those He chooses as well. Romans 9:14-21. What if God, willing to show His wrath, and make His power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath created specifically for destruction? Romans 9:22. And how much more appropriate, if, like ZOG and ZOGlings, the spawn-of-Satan specifically created to be and to do evil, do bring the predictable consequences of it all upon themselves, along with `innocents' who by their own laziness and stupidity are likewise culpable?

The goal of the Resistance fighting man is to survive, cf. Psalm 91's promise that thousands of evildoers shall fall by his side, to not worship with the idolatry of fear Satan and Satan's kids. One need not make of oneself a target by standing under a pile of shit tempting YHWH's angels to save you from your own stupidity by screaming like an idiot trying to trigger the inevitable shit avalanche. Why not pray that ZOG's mercenary mud&crud & whigger ass- clowns get exterminated by the misfortunes of war? All they are is enforcers of Evil, of whom a large percentage are mindless lying piglice anyway. Let them be paid in full their wages of sin. None shall be craptured to Cloud 666 where they shall be looking down upon the results of the evil they sanctimoniously caused.

Sanctimony and phariseeism are the sure stench of the evildoer, as witness the rancid whiffs emanating from Jorge-the-Worst (and Last) and Jewn Asscrack, the chosenites' favorite Lawyer-General baal-priest. I met Ashcroft in person back in 1994 when the evil bastard was running for u.S. Senaturd, and even then the smarmy lying two-faced bastard made my flesh crawl with his deliberate fart-sliding refusal to say whether or not he wanted tax increases to be decided in Missouri by the People, as opposed to the state legis-traitors. Shame Saddam Hussein didn't get to fight a duel with Jorge-the- Worst to decide this war of ZOG's. The Deserter-In-Thief would run away squealing like a castrated pig. I'd love to have the same opportunity with Asscrack. The Crapture Cultists all stink the exact same way, all foul buzzards of like feather.

This end-game of ZOG's War has been written already. We already know how this is all gonna turn out. Yes, of course Satan's kids, the jews, want us Christian Israelites to slaughter the Muslim Ishmaelites, so that Abraham's children are bereft. But that is not the way it is written. Just as I used to say, "Thank God for GAIDS!" so too, today, I say, "Thank God for ZOG's War!" For like GAIDS, ZOG's War shall destroy the Spawn of Satan, adoptive and biological.

Those of us in the aboveground, political Resistance should not only support ZOG's War, overtly for the reasons above, but as writers, politicians, and intellectuals we need to put all the blame upon this war upon ZOG and ZOG's criminal regimeists. We need to preach "two eyes for an eye," "all ZOGlings' teeth for a tooth," "an ocean of blood shed for a single drop" brand of vindictive justice. The only good pig, lawyer, judge, politician -- anyone benefiting from ZOG -- is a dead pig, lawyer, judge, politician or ZOGling. Just as Jesus Christ said, many times, that he had come not to bring peace but a sword, so too must we preach that there cannot be any peace without the ruthless extermination of regime criminals and their spawn. Every single one of us need to become another 'Smilin' Felix Dzerzinsky. There cannot be any solution other than to use with extreme prejudice violence and terror against violent and terroristic regime criminals. There cannot be any such thing as enforcement of the good without the willingness to use the only tools and deeds that evildoers can understand. Patrick Henry, the great Anti-Federalist, warned that the entire social order would have to be torn asunder eventually when the `government of force' envisioned by the CONstitution come to its ultimate conclusion. The CONstitution was Sauron's ring:

One CONstitution to rule them all,
One CONstitution to find them.
One CONstitution to bring them all,
And Under Satan (U.S) bind them.

Let the patr-idiotic whigger ass-clowns spout their bloodthirsty cheerleading behind the illusionary safety, like the Deserter-In-Thief, of the false protection of idiotic ZOG mercenary thugs and piglice. The idle stupid things they say shall damn them. By all means, let the small nations of the world purposefully live in fear, and in fear build their own Weapoms of Ass Destruction to use against Amerikwa. In fact, a greaser with GAIDS and TB screwing whigger sluts, bringing its own greaser niglets, shitting on its paws and spreading e-coli and salmonella in a meat packing plant is in itself a biological Weapom of Ass Destruction. Every nigger is a Black Plague pathogen. Let Nature take its course.

But the job of a Revolutionary is to help things along -- to kick down the rotten door of the ancient regime. The Jew Century began with the overthrow of a rotten Nordic veneer over Eurasian Russia after it lost a war it should have stayed out of. The White Reformation shall start with a war in which only Whites, using all of their intelligence, determination, and cunning survive. The White survivors shall be those who put Evil from amongst them.

I support ZOG's War. Now let ZOG be damned by it.

Martin Lindstedt