The Patriot Movement's Internal Civil War (Part 1)



At 01:58 PM 8/16/99 -0700, Khazarl snarled:

>Now Marty, haven't you been reading the news?  You and your racists
>finally bagged the limit with that little party Buford Furrow threw in
>LA.  Seems the true, honest-to-God patriot citizen Militias have finally
>had enough of you and yours and many have purged their ranks and offered
>their help to the FBI to investigate you.  You mean to tell me the hair
>hasn't been rasied on the back of your neck for the past few days and
>you just couldn't figure out why?
>I'm stupid?  If so, how come you're the guy with the bullseye painted on
>his chest?  Sweet dreams, asshole.  -- Carl F. Worden


    Khazarl, I for one have no objection to you phoning the ADL/FBI 
yet another couple of hundred times with a complaint about my 
White Nationalist politics or my Christian Identity religious beliefs. 
I mean, it's not as if you haven't complained and bitched and bellyached 
about how some of the more dangerous Israelite cattle have got on to 
you so-called 'jews' and how we are spreading this sedition to the rest 
of the White herd you infest and how we are causing all manner of trouble.  
In fact, inform away.  If you'll give me the e-mail address of your FiBbIe 
Special Agent In Charge, I can cut you out as the middleman, Khazarl.

    This latest provocation by your Manchurian Oswald Furrows and your 
incitement to racial and religious civil war, this time between the 
remaining regimeist militia-generals and the Resistance is bogging down 
quick, having been a failure.  A pity.  Just like you Khazarl, I want 
an escalation in religious and racial hatred until only one side is 
left alive.  Just like you, I think only one race will prevail and the 
other one will become largely extinct.  I want the White Aryan Israelite 
race to survive and you want the Ashkenaz-Gogsspawn Satanic Mongollian 
'jew' race to rule forever over what docile mongrel-men you allow to 
live to serve you alien parasites.  


     We are a lot alike, you and me, Khazarl.  We both sit at our 
computer terminals, sift through the Internet and newspapers and 
listservers and usegroups for the vast amount of raw data we will 
use as relevant information for the propaganda we will resend onto 
our respective side's listservers and WWW pages.  We also communicate 
with the more militant of our troops using code phrases or occassionally 
getting on to a untraceable public computer to send messages or get 
information to our respective soldiers we may or may not know.  But 
our main job is an open one, and we wish for the largest possible 
audience for our propaganda, taking the responsibility and making the 
moral decisions which will mean victory for each of our respective 
sides.  I run the 7th Missouri Militia with a firm hand since 1996 
just as you have run your one-man South Oregon Militia since 1997 or 

    I imagine you are paid much better than myself, Khazarl.  But 
perhaps you are an unpaid fanatic being fed by your wife, earning 
enough only to pay for the cheapest Internet access and a couple of 
hundred dollars to keep one's computer able to cruise the Internet. 
Like me, it is doubtful you have a steady paying job (Well, you might 
well be getting paid as your side is both rich and powerful.) because 
you do not want to spend a single productive minute except in plotting 
the destruction of the enemy side, as each of us hate absolutely the 
Enemy of our respective People.  So superficially we are much alike, 
Khazarl, each struggling for our Good side to triumph over your Evil 
side.  Mirror opposites.

     I think that I've gotten the better of you, Khazarl, each and 
every time we have clashed.  For the past six or so months you usually 
responded "blah, blah, blah" because it was the only safe thing for 
you to say.  Now, because you are losing the propaganda/political 
war you are opening up.  This is the desperation of a side which is 
on the wane.  Having fought and derailed several regimeist 'militia' 
propaganda offensives I can recognize that the next couple of days 
this offensive will reach a climax, be defeated by a Resistance 
counter-attack, and you will have to go back to "sulk" mood, Khazarl. 
The question remaining is whether or not you will be of any use to 
the regimeist side or even if there will be a pro-regimeist militia 
movement left for you to lair-up in.

    Let's look at the political/propaganda situation.  The criminal 
regime sent Pvt. Furrows as the Manchurian Oswald to engage in an 
act of provocation by ineptly shooting at a private pre-skrule for 
gogsspawn.  The hype in the flagging TalmudVision and jewspaper media 
outlets reached critical mass, but the Patriotic medium of the Internet 
counter-attacked to where even your side feels it must address the 
issue in order to maintain credibility.  The story is beginning to 

    However, this is not the real issue.  The real issue is that known 
regimeist infilltraitors and agents provacateur like yourself have had 
to parrot the NWO/ZOG regimeist line of censoring the Internet, closing 
down the gun shows, demanding the registration and eventual disarmament 
of Whites, branding Whites as an inherently criminal race, calling for 
the suppression and persecution of the White fundamentalist 
Christian Identity religion in both of its two major doxologies, and, 
most importantly, forcing the rural White militias to take sides against 
their White brothers.  This forcing the issue aginst interest as the 
waning side of what is becoming a civil war means that pretty soon you 
and the rest of the pro-regimeist rabble pretending to be patriots will 
soon have absolutely no leverage whatsoever.

    Don't get me wrong, Khazarl.  Just as the LORD commands that the 
Sword should fall on the LORD's House first, to purge the unrighteous 
who did infiltrate, so too should the Patriot Movement suffer a purge. 
The Resistance is approximately 99% all teeth, submerged into various 
Resistance Active Service Unit cells and lone-wolf activists who will 
act given sufficient opportunity once they feel that the time is to 
act.  Benjamin Smith is a lone-wolf who jumped the gun and who went 
on a rage-fueled suicidal rampage with the result that he suffered 
"suicide by cop."  Pvt. Furrows, on the other hand, is just another 
Manchurian Oswald, pressed into place as a provacateur for the 
pre-Y2K long, hot summer.  Either way, the body of the Resistance is 
beyond regimeist detection, awaiting the Day of the Rope while 
sharpening their long knives. 

    The open Resistance political/propaganda units are also beyond 
your reach, Khazarl.  Openly scrapping the First Amendment to the 
Bill of Goods by engaging in censorship and religious oppression will 
just hasten open civil warfare which will rapidly escalate into using 
biological weaponry.  This will mean the destruction of the social 
order and the end of the criminal regime.  No, I imagine that myself 
and Resistance political operatives like me have at least another 
year or two of spreading sedition, most of which won't have to be 
wrapped in a political and religious cloak.  An emotionally disturbed 
criminal regimeist like yourself will just have to live with it -- and 
rest assurred, I will gloat about it as well.

    What you have done, Khazarl, you and the other criminal regimeist 
militia generals like you, is to pull out all stops in your attempt to 
put pressure on the White rural militia people -- and your attempt 
failed.  Screetching like a frustrated 'jew' from the ADL/SPLC and 
calling them mentally disturbed racists and openly getting into bed 
with the FBI certainly didn't win you or your fellow regimeist militia 
generals such as Jon Roland or the Michigan Militia Corps' deposed 
Van Huizen/Wayne anything other than pariah status.

     Let's see what your demented chaotic khazarian screetching has 
accomplished with the Gadsden Militia-Men, the one militia outfit 
which scored a propaganda victory against the NWO/ZOG's BATF police, 
capturing them on on video acting like "racist thugs."  


-------- Original Message -------- 
Date:  Sun, 15 Aug 1999 21:46:49 -0700 
From:  wolfeyes  
Organization:  CWA 
To:  Al Olson ,""  

Carl F. Worden 
Liaison & Intelligence Officer 
Southern Oregon Militia 
Ladies & gentlemen: 

As many of you know, I have always taken a strong stand against the 
proliferation of  anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric whenever I happen 
upon it.  I do this because I understand and accept the fact that 
such rhetoric, coming to rest upon the ears of persons socially 
misfit enough act upon it, can and does lead to the reality of 
incidents such as that in Los Angeles where a man sprayed 
semi-automatic weapon fire on innocent children attending a community 
center -- for no better reason than they were the children of Jews.  
My God, what have we come to? 

The son-of-a-bitch who did it is one Buford O. Furrow, a known member 
of Aryan Nations and a vocal proponent of anti-Semitic rhetoric.  
Anyone observing Furrow's demeanor as he was led away in handcuffs 
could see that he felt fully justified and smug in the face of  
overwhelming rejection.  The question we should be asking is this:  
"What kind of closed environment did Furrow exist in that would permit 
him to develop into the smiling monstrosity we saw being led away in 
chains?"  He'd just shot up innocent little children, scarring them 
both physically and perhaps emotionally for life, and it appeared 
you'd have to remove his smile surgically to get it off his face.  
Does that disturb you?  It sure as hell disturbs me, and it smacks of 
those 1940's photographs of smiling Nazi SS officers presiding over 
the executions of Jews.  It also reminded me of that unanswered 
question:  How could the German people have allowed the holocaust 
to happen?  I think I know the answer, and I'm seeing the same 
phenomenon right here in America. 

I just unsubscribed myself from a tight little clique of characters 
called the "Kempgroup".  This group is largely cosmopolitan in make-up, 
being neither ultra-right wing nor overtly socialist in nature, and 
with some members pressing the limits of the envelope from time to 
time in either direction.  Having said that, they are a group 
overwhelmingly supportive of another person's right to voice or write 
his/her opinion unmolested by the likes of me, and that's where we 
came to a parting of the ways.  You see, most of the members of the 
Kempgroup see my open rejection of a published anti-Semitic as being 
a form of censorship, which is patently absurd.  I can't censor another 
person on the Internet -- it's not even possible -- but I can sure as 
hell exercise my own right to free speech by making the SOB feel 
unwelcome.  That's where the Kempgroup found me, let us say ... 

I should respect another person's viewpoint, they said, apparently 
regardless of what that viewpoint is, and apparently without speaking 
my mind if I find that person's published rhetoric so repugnant that 
it might incite another to commit a violent act against a Jewish child.  
I suppose what appalled me most was the fact these otherwise normal -- 
and probably respectable -- people did not join me in condemning and 
rejecting an individual who had published written works that were 
rabidly and unapologetically anti-Semitic.  According to them, that 
was his opinion, he was entitled to it, and I should shut up and not 
criticize him.  So who was trying to censor who?  He was a nice guy 
and a great American, they wrote to me, and they'd go "back-to-back" 
(I suppose in battle) with him anytime.  He was also funny and 
possessed a great sense of humor, thus apparently awarding him 
additional Brownie points in their eyes. 

After watching those glowing interviews with neighbors of Buford O. 
Furrow, it occurred to me those neighbors could just as well have 
been discussing the same individual whose rhetoric I objected to.  
The last straw came when an emotional cripple named Charli in the 
Kempgroup tried to draw an analogy between my "rigid ideology" and 
the mother who abused and beat her as a child.  Obviously, I was 
dealing with idiots, but they were nonetheless average idiots, and 
represented an interesting slice of America today. 

What we have now is a society so lacking in moral values and compass 
that they do not openly condemn people who publicly promote a racist 
or anti-Semitic agenda -- as any decent American human being normally 
would do.  Shockingly, that includes some members of the Kempgroup 
who claim to be members of the American Militia!  How anyone can 
defend the Constitution of these United States, and at the same time 
hold racist or anti-Semitic beliefs is beyond my comprehension, but 
somehow they manage it.  If they are truly defenders of that American 
document, why don't they speak up in opposition against those who 
promote that which is diametrically opposed to what the Founding 
Fathers intended for this country?  What, no guts maybe?  They talk 
tough enough.  Or is it as I suspect; that they are closet racists 
and anti-Semitics merely posing as defenders of our Constitution?  
I suspect the latter. 

The Militia Network, as well as a number of other areas on the 
Internet, is attracting more and more Christian Identity adherents 
who sometimes pose as Jewish scholars of Jewish history in order to 
deflect the ever-expected criticism that they are what they really 
are:  Just angry white losers looking for a Jewish scapegoat to 
blame for their personal shortcomings. 

The Internet, and especially the Militia Network, has become a 
cesspool of unsubstantiated rumor, fear-mongering and Christian 
Identity-sponsored anti-Semitism that seems to be growing out of 
control, and it is my personal belief that not enough of the 
level-headed, truly patriotic Militia members among us are taking 
the time to let these losers know that they are just as much losers 
on the Internet as they are wearing sheets on the street.  It's a 
whole lot easier to hit that delete key than it is to put these 
cretins in their place -- until you realize that just maybe a guy 
like Buford O. Furrow mistook that lack of negative response for 
agreement and acceptance of what those sick, lying bastards of 
Christian Identity have been promulgating about the Jewish people. 

Carl F. Worden 
Liaison & Intelligence Officer 
Southern Oregon Militia 

   Pore Khazarl got on the KempGroup, and then when the inhabitants 
refused to gratify Khazarl and lynch one of their fellow Alabamans, 
namely Jim Floyd, Khazarl got all hot and bothered.  These White people 
believe that fellow Whites should be allowed to speak or write whatever 
they please.  Yet another White lady compared Khazarl to her domineering 
mother and Khazarl lost it.  Khazarl spewed out the standard lies about 
the alien parasites known as 'jews' -- how they are the true Israelites 
and the real s[h]emites -- and how the Founding Fathers, most of them 
slave-owners who were against Ashkenaz-Gogsspawn immigration to America 
in the first place, somehow believed that White men ought to be 
pre-emptively censored in advance lest they harm an alien parasite. 
In short, White people are to be treated in their own country like the 
Palestinian Arabs are treated by Jews in their own country.

    Since this went over like a lead balloon, Khazarl shit all over the 
Kemplist, and immediately complained how yet another listserver, the 
Militia Network, has become infected with White Nationalism as well. 
All of which goes to show that the real militias out there, as opposed 
to those altogher pro-regimeist in nature, are gradually expelling 
Khazarl as an alien parasite.  As to be expected, Khazarl doesn't like 
it much.

   The leader of the Gadsden Minute-Men, Mike Kemp, got wind of this 
somehow, and Kemp then sent back a response to both Khazarl and Red Mike 
Vanderboegh, a known informant for the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, 
the FBI, and Morris Dees' Southern Poverty Law Center.


Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 22:50:35 -0400 (EDT)
X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 2.2 (16)
From: Mike Kemp (
Subject: Re: Mike Kemp

You need to understand something, Carl. I'm not ashamed of what I do, 
nor who I am.  My work and my words stand for themselves, and I have 
proven myself in word and deed for years. I am my own man, I associate 
and exchange views with whom I choose -- white, black, oriental, jew, 
muslim, warrior society, white nationalist, black nationalist, you 
name it.  Since I am not remotely *normal*, I must and do respect the 
individual right of everyone, so long as they respect me and my 
God-given rights.  I do not attempt to censor anyone, and those who 
do not attempt to censor me are welcome in my company.  I will answer 
for me, and not per your judgement.  I speak truth, and I attempt 
persuasion -- and I absolutely despise those attempt censorship.

Everywhere you go you stir internal trouble, insult and denigrate 
everyone not of your narrow stripe-- a penultimate Mather-ite bluenose, 
a troublemaker and disrupter, and vastly ignorant of the Constitution 
and its underlying principles, to boot.  So I want you to vent your 
spleen wherever you wish, poison the wells wherever you go. I don't 
need *acceptance,* rejection fazes me not at all, and I do not practice 

I'm a big boy, and can look our for myself. However, you chose to 
obscenely and profanely attack some very nice ladies who happen to be 
friends of mine, not just associates, who never attempted to shut you 
up or interfere with you in any way.  There are lots of folks of the 
*Southern mentality,* who do not take kindly to such a priori personal 
attacks on women.  You have therefore made a serious mistake.  Those 
absurd and self-revealing comments could well find their way into 
general circulation.  That could prove most unfortunate.

Carl, one of these days, you're going to find yourself awfully thirsty, 
and will find all the wells poisoned -- by your own hand. And, while 
mosquitos may be generally irritating, they are rarely fatal. Have a 
big ol' time.

William Michael Kemp


    The above letter is Alabaman for Kemp's pissed.  Generally the more 
polite these deep Southrons get the madder they are. 

    Khazarl's "absurd and self-revealing comments" did indeed find their 
way into general circulation -- specifically to the pro-regimeist 
militia-general list called Patriot Informant's Mail List run by a 
character nicknamed Ed (-the-FiBbIe-Dog) Wolfe.  (Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog 
made the mistake of admitting on June 30, 1998 that he had deliberately 
shielded the identity of a government informant/agent provacateur. 
See: The message # on 
this latest PIML is 4155 and it can be accessed by going to the 
following URL:

   Thus this message, having made the rounds, probably cannot be taken 
back or purged from the message base of a regimeist WWW militia page 
such as The Vigo Examiner, (also known as The Greater Khazaristan 
Times&Tattler) any more than Khazarl's admission to being a cowardly 
child molester can be erased.

    See: "His Name Was Khazarl & He Was a Child Molester" at URL:

    Khazarl, like the other criminal regimeist informants and agents 
provacateur has just gone through what remains of the real militia 
movement.  Alabamans are instinctively hostile to 'jew' agitators 
stirring things up.  It gets even worse when these 'jew' agitators 
start threatening their fellow Whites with censorship for saying openly 
what at least 75% of native White Alabamans think.  It is not as if 
there is any shortage of 'white racists' and unreconstructed Confedruts 
still running around wild in the Alabama countryside.  Branding as 
'racist' the members of the KempGroup who tried so scrupulously to be 
fair to both the arrogant 'jew' Khazarl while avoiding censoring a 
fellow Alabaman who was not even on the KempGroup list, shows that 
there simply is no pleasing a racist racial alien such as Khazarl, who 
did indeed foolishly poison that well of civil discourse.  The lesson 
learned:  The White Man can never, ever please a group of alien tribal 
parasites who insist upon being master in the White Man's Home.

    Part 1 of this series aims to show why and how the criminal regimeist 
militia-general informants and agents provacateur have alienated the 
natural White rural militia people, and thus handed political/propaganda 
victory to a Resistance largely composed of White Nationalists and 
Identity Christians. 

    In Part 2 of this series is designed to show the genuine hatred, 
loathing and fear between the centralized criminal-regimeist  
militias which collaborate with the FBI and the Resistance Active 
Service Unit cells and lone-wolves which are waiting for an opportunity 
to execute them when Civil War Two heats up.

--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front
August 18, 1999



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