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Jan. 1, 2005, Issue #1-2005

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Editor Martin Lindstedt



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Fable of Contents

1. ... This Issue's Editorial Commentary

2. ... Monologue

3. ... Rice, Powell, Bush Shabbas Niggers, Puppets, and Jewish Warlords -- Jim Floyd -- Jan. 23, 2005

4. ... Jan. 25, 2005 -- To Martin Lindstedt:, re-publishing letters, timeless essays, Robert Frenz, Dr. Revilo Oliver -- Eric Thompson -- Jan. 25, 2005

5. ... An Aryan View of Torture -- Eric Thompson -- March 11, 2005

6. ... An Aryan View of Church & State -- Eric Thompson -- March 11, 2005



Para --Editor Martin Lindstedt






. . . . . (WAP) -- Iraqi Patriots assassinated a renegade ZOG collabortraitor, the governor of Baghdad Province, and got away with doing so. These Iraqi freedom-fighters against Imperial ZOG took a lesson from Michael Collins and made sure that their main strikes were against collabortraitor piglice and adminis-traitors like the evil degenerate traitor consenting to be ZOG's native viceroy over the City of Baghdad. Nearly seventy Iraqi collabortraitor piglice, national guardsmen and security forces have been righteously abducted, liquidated outright, or killed by car bombs or other means in the past week, ten today when a martyr in a fuel truck finished off like flies 10 collabortraitor piglice and wounded another sixty. At the same time today, five ZOG jewpers (ZOG duped-jew troops) were sent to that big ZOGland hell, three via IED -- Improvised Explosive Device, a.k.a. a Baghdad Banger, another jewper via another BB, and one killed in action as a war criminal. It was the bloodiest day for ZOG since another raghead went to Allah, sending 14 jewper dogs and 4 ZOG mercenaries [who are not counted since they make at least $200,000 a year to kill and torture Muslims] in a mess tent in Mosul.

. . . . . Colin Piles, ZOG's hi-yellow yid still running the Department of State until Congo-lisa Lice can pack up her kneepads administering to the Deserter-In-Thief, moaned that "It once again shows that there are these . . . " freedom fighters and patriots serving the democratically elected former government in Iraq . . . "don't want to see a . . . " typical farce of a ZOG-style auction to the highest corposorate bidder farce of a crooked ZOG " . . . [s]election. They don't want to see the people of Iraq choose . . . ." the crooked bunch of treasonous quislings that ZOG has imposed as 'their' ". . . leadership. They want to go back to the past . . . ." before we murdered over 100,000 of them, mainly women and children, spraying a genocidal crop of depleted uranium all over the place."

. . . . .The freedom fighters headed by Al Qaeda's leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, claimed moral and absolute responsibility for the attack on the ZOGling quisling regime criminals in an Internet posting, calling Mr. Haidari an "autocrat" and a totally less-than worthless evil bastard, and his justifiable extermination part of an effort to "liberate this city and all the country."

. . . . . ZOG-imposed Iraqi intelligence service director General Mohamed Abdullah Shahwani said, "I think the Resistance is bigger than the US military in Iraq. I think the Resistance is more than 200,000 people." Shahwani said the number includes at least 40,000 hardcore fighters but rises to more than 200,000 members counting part-time fighters and volunteers who provide rebels everything from intelligence and logistics to shelter. Of course, if one were to count those who sympathize and look the other way when ZOG jewpers and Iraqi puppet collabortraitors get wacoized, it really is supported by around 20 million Iraqis, or over 80 percent of the indigenous population, only two percent of which six months ago said that they wanted ZOG to remain as invaders and murder another 100,000 or so civilians, especially women and small children.

. . . . . Defense experts said it was impossible to divine the insurgency's total number, but called Shahwani's estimate a valid guess, with as much credence, if not more, than any US numbers. Past ZOG Armed Farces assessments on the insurgency's size have been revised upwards from 5,000 to 20,000 full and part-time members, in the last half year, most recently in October. One ZOG REMF (Rear Echilon Mike Foxtrot) happening to be a jew neo-khan said it believed General Shahwani's estimation, given that "he is referring predominantly to active sympathizers and supporters and to part-time as well as full-time active insurgents, may not be completely out of the ballpark." Compared to the coalition's figure, he said: "General Shahwani's -- however possibly high it may be, might well give a more accurate picture of the situation. After all, when in the early 1990s when the IRS figures showed a geometrical progression of those not filing from the laughably low figure of 2 million doubled to four million, when the figure the next year reached eight million us kike parasites figured out that we had better stop telling the ZOGling whigger herd animals that nobody but whigger suckers were even bothering to pay income taxes any more. These A-rab ragheads are even more on to us than ZOGling shabbes whiggers since they know that we jews are the literal spawn of Satan, so we got our trained raghead collabortraitor to revise the figure upwards to an incredible mere 200,000 pissed-off ragheads wanting to expel our Zionist regime."

. . . . . When asked if the insurgents were winning, Shahwani answered: "I would say they aren't losing. But this week we shall blame Syria. Next week, Iran. If them Saudi ragheads cut the flow of oil to raise the price above $50 a barrel, then we will blame the Saudis. The oil companies who are Bushy's buddies will make out like bandits while they pass on the higher prices to stupid ZOGling whigger herd animals. Saddam's Baath [Bed & Breakfast] are complemented by Islamist factions ranging from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al-Qaeda affiliate to Ansar al-Sunna and Ansar al-Islam. In any case, I just say what my jew masters want me to say."


. . . . . Bushy's mestizo bandito beaner lawyer Alberto 'Speedy' Gonzalez wants to become Attorney General bad enough to pull an Asscrack over what Gonzalez did while 'advising' the Bandito-In-Thief as Bushy's own personal lawyer. Bushy, a total amoral imbecile who routinely took money from Texicans wanting a front man for their corpsorations doing business with ZOG, would always be in trouble, but regrettably not hung, drawn and quartered thanks in part to Speedy.

. . . . . The wannabe Attorney Greaser denounced the use of torture against terrorism suspects on his first day of perjury before the Senate Jewdickiary Committee and pledged to abide by all international law, even while admitting that his infamous 'torture memos' considered the Geneva Conventions 'quaint' and 'obsolete' when torture was being carried out by a mighty Evil Empire.

. . . . . "I think the decision not to apply Geneva in our conflict with Al Qaeda was absolutely the right decision for a variety of reasons," Speedy said. "First of all, it really would be a dishonor to the Geneva Convention. I certainly hope you clueless whiggerputa Senaturds really buy this shit, because my Aztec forefathers got their little rocks off tearing the hearts out of prisoners of war -- in fact, getting POWs was the entire reason for starting wars of aggression against weaker neighbors. It would honor and reward bad conduct. It would actually make it more difficult, in my judgment, for our troops to win in our conflict against Al Qaeda. It would limit our ability to solicit information from detainees. They don't give more up than their name, rank, serial number and Allah Akbar unless we squeeze their testicles with a pair of pliers or rape their women, children and camels. It would require us to keep detainees housed together where they could share information, they could coordinate their story, they could plan attacks against guards. You can't run a prison without torture. I learned that for a fact back when I was covering up for Governor Moron and rubber-stamping all them texecutions of niggers and whiggers. It would mean that they would enjoy combat immunity from prosecutions for certain war crimes. Thanks to me so far, George-the-Worst and us regime criminals in his adminis-treason won't face Nuremberg, not while I'm Attorney General.And so for a variety of reasons, it makes absolutely no sense, to actually honor that quaint and obsolete scrap of toilet paper signed between White men governing conduct of their wars way back when us mexcrement gimmegrunts weren't allowed to swarm across the border to steal from the gringos and rape the gringas. "

. . . . . Even some Repulsivescant Senaturds didn't buy all of the lies. Lindsey Graham, Senaturd of South Carolina, accused the Bush administration of "playing cute with the law" in its treatment of prisoners in Iraq and elsewhere. That approach, he told Mr. Gonzales, has "dramatically undermined" the campaign against terrorism by yielding the moral high ground and has endangered the lives of American joops who may themselves be taken into custody. Of course, actual American mercenaries, who don't like the possibility of being given over to enemy women after their eyes are put out, were not asked for their opinion. Speedy Gonzalez whined that 'of course' ZOG has followed the Geneva Conventions whenever Bushy said that it might apply, but that it was also "appropriate" to consider unilateral revisions to something not honored anyway. Speedy did not say what changes might be sought, but Senator Charles E. Schumer, jew Democrat of jew York, said any possible changes should be made in concert with Congress after the jews tell Congress what to do.

. . . . .Speedy Gonzales's confirmation does not appear in doubt. But its appearance before the Senate panel was only meant to give ZOG Senaturds, including Repulsivesc*nts, their chance to bitch about the Deserter-In-Thief's piss-pore thuggish administration's legal policies in fighting terrorism and losing the Iraq War Bushy started on behalf of the jews. All the Senaturds want plausible cover in chewing on Speedy's ass, since Speedy Gonzalez was architect of many key policies in his four years as White House counsel which have since turned to shit.


. . . . .After much posturing, ZOG's Army decided to make a scapegoat of Specialist-Four Charles Granier. As anyone who has ever been enlisted in ZOG's Armed Farces, the so-called 'Uniform Code of Military Justice' is neither 'uniform' nor 'justice.' The possible charges had an expectantcy of 17.5 years, and the kort-martial found that what was obviously torture to be not an assault, but a mere battery. So of a possible 15 years after being found guilty, the regime kort sentenced Granier to 10 years, dishonorable discharge, reduction in rank to pvt-1 (the lowest rank in the Army) and forfeiture of all pay and allowances. In other words, Granier is simply a prisoner, but still deemed a soldier for the next 10 years.

. . . . . Of course, Granier was a torturer in civilian life as a prison guard. The evil thug deserved to be tortured slowly to death, and the best way to help 'win' the war would have been to simply ship Granier naked to let the Iraqis deal with him. Like most piglice and jailers who live to do evil, Granier simply seemed oblivious to the fact that ZOG needed a scapegoat for following orders to torture prisoners -- an chain-of-command and orders which lead from the generals like Lt. General Sanchez, head of field operations who was quietly retired for being caught in Abu Ghraib overseeing torture, up to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to Emperor Bonehead and Speedy Gonzalez and Speedy's torture memos. So Granier smirked the piglice grin, the grin piglice use when they hear the crimes against the civilian population they committed, yet smirk because they don't think that they will be charged because their services of violence and terrorism are always useful and needed by their masters who pay them for the muscle. Yet this time their masters needed a scapegoat, and Granier was it. They said that Granier didn't obey orders, particularly one to stop screwing Pvt. Lynddie England, the grinning slut who showed up in so many torture pictures and who is carrying Granier's bastard. Granier also disobeyed an order to not take pictures of him torturing Iraqi prisoners, an act of disobedience which bit him on the ass. The jury of officers and senior enlisted took that minor disobedience of orders to give them cover in convicting Granier of obeying orders to torture prisoners. The scapegoat got scaped.

. . . . . But what was really funny was when Granier was being led away in handcuffs and shackles by his armed guard, dishevelled, without his hat and thus out of uniform, and was asked by a negress presstitute if he had any regrets. "No regrets," said Granier, in shock, and false bravado. Granier would have done far better when asked if he had any regrets he had said, "Yeah, just one -- that Rummy and Bush are not chained up with me as well!" That might have gotten him life, but it would have haunted the real high-up war criminals, the ones who sent now-Private Granier nearly half a world away to torture civilians of an invaded nation in a criminal war of aggression.

. . . . . That very same day, another ZOG kort-martial gave another ZOG jooper a total of one year for murdering an Iraqi. Of course the mitigating circumstances were that the murderer hadn't taken pictures of his crime, like Granier. Iraqi life is mighty cheap to ZOG.


. . . . . If the speech was to be taken literally, then clearly it would imply commitment to some sort of a global crusade vis-a-vis a variety of states with many of whom we have all sorts of mutual concerns, even if we don't like their practical policies. . . . The speech was high-sounding. If it was to be taken literally, it would mean an American crusade throughout the entire world, and I don't know how that would be implemented practically. . . . I read it as rhetoric because as a practical matter how is he going to apply it vis-a-vis China or Russia? We can apply it towards defenseless or weak states, but that's hardly a statement of policy of a global significant character. . . . . Iran I think is more ambiguous. And there the issue is certainly not tyranny; it's nuclear weapons. . . . . It just makes me feel that the administration at this stage is really very unclear regarding its genuine strategic doctrine. It has high-sounding rhetoric, but it doesn't have a real sense of priorities or directions. If the rhetoric was to be taken seriously, we would be overstretched globally to a devastating degree. . . . It repackages his attitude, instead of talking about fear, which he's been talking a lot about in the last four years, creating in effect a fear-driven nation. He talks about freedom. Instead of talking about terror, he talks about tyranny. . . . . So the themes are a little different. It's freedom versus tyranny. But where are the tyrannies? In fact, the really serious tyrannies are the ones we have to deal with. And we're not going to deal with them the way we have dealt with Iraq. So as a statement of a program, it's vacuous. As a sermon, it's nice, it's moving, and has some elegant moments, but it's vacuous . . . .
Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to President Carter, discusses on the PBS news show Bushy2's inaugural address.


. . . . . There was much orgasmic flapdoodle amongst the jewsmedia and Bushy2's administreason about the inherent wonders of dem[on]ocracy and fake [s]elections in Iraq. All about the 'bravery' of sheep marching off to participate in not-so-secret ballot, essentially being forced by ZOG's puppet regime telling the Iraqi Pee-pul that if they didn't vote then they wouldn't eat either because a failure to show up at the polls meant not having your family's ration card issued for the new year. So under threat of further starvation, ZOG held an Iraqi [s]election in which the Sunni section showed up in the single digits, and the Shia section, having no reason to boycott, showed up in droves to vote as their Ayatollah Sistani told them to vote. The Kurds, in their efforts to break away, also benefitted. Of course, the Baathists of Saddam Hussein's Party, were banned from running candidates, all of which is typical for a ZOG [s]election not wanting anti-regimeist political parties on the ballot as well.

. . . . . So ZOG's Iraqi [s]election went as planned. The Shias dominated the election, the Sunnis boycotted it, and in essence the 'None Of The Above' candidates were the majority winners, just like in the ZOG heartland where registered voters are a minority and only a minority of registered voters bother to vote for phony regimeist candidates. Now Bushy and the jewsmedia have declared a moral and political victory, yet Bushy refuses to 'pull out.'

. . . . . There was some violence against collabor-traitor voters in the Sunni sections, and ZOG's Armed Farces were not able to protect all collabortraitors from suicide bombers. Yet [S]Election Day was not as bloody as the days leading up to it. This happened for a number of reasons. The first is that ZOG had a lot of overpowering force brought to bear in some Sunni areas, and where the Shia dominated, the Shia were going to vote as Ayatollah Sistani told them to vote, and thus get what they wanted -- overwhelming political victory -- without the experienced Sunni warriors being able to do much about it. In the areas where a few Sunni traitors voted, all that was necessary was to deploy a few suicide bombers to keep most of the Sunnis at home, and then to note for later action those few traitors with the ink-stained fingers from the voting booths. Since guerrilla warfare is political warfare aimed at both getting along with a friendly population and in taking full advantage of opportunities presented, the Sunni militants did the best thing possible given their limited military and political power -- keep the numbers of Sunni voters down, terrorize a few traitors, boycott the ZOG [s]elections, and keep the Shia masses who did vote from turning politically on the Sunni minority. After all, the Shia masses want ZOG to leave, and it would be foolish for the Sunni guerrilla leadership to convince the Shia masses that it is better to keep ZOG's mercenary army there indefinitely to prevent a religious civil war. First get rid of ZOG by using the [s]elections held to get the new Shia government to ask ZOG to leave peacefully, [s]Will of the Pee-pul, and all that. In the meantime resume dealing with Sunni collabortraitors who broke the boycott, and kill more ZOG joops, so that the ZOG joops in retaliation kill more Iraqis, without inquiring too close whether they are Shia or Sunni. In this way, the Sunni guerrilla leaders did the most with what military and political resources they had in keeping the initiative given the imposed [s]election.

. . . . . Now the Deserter-In-Thief now is having to disavow talk about leaving if the new Iraqi government asks him to leave. The Pentagon is denying that they are going to pull out soon, even though ZOG's Armed Farces are essentially on the verge of collapse, what with the destruction of the National Guard and Reserve because of casualties and recruitment shortfalls. Bushy's Administreason is refusing to give into the Democrat insistence of an 'exit strategy' now that Iraq has a new [s]elected government "because a timetable encourages the Iraqi Resistance to simply wait ZOG out." Yet the ZOGling whigger lemming on the street thinks that there needs to be a pullout, because after all, Saddam Hussein has been caught, and there is dem[on]ocracy in Iraq.

. . . . . ZOG's War will continue. Another billion or so ZOG-buz will be spent every week while the war continues. The Democrats will filibuster and moan, but grudging let the Republicans 'win' taking responsibility for Bush's War. Another hundred or so ZOG joops will die every month as ZOG's War grinds away the whigger mercenary joop Army. Around a thousand Iraqi civilians will be murdered every month. The Iranians will continue to pretend that they are building/not building nukes from scratch while they deploy the nukes they stole from Russia. The Palestinian Holocaust will continue. The twin towers of financial and trade deficit will grow by $50 billion each month. Bushy will try to steal the last golden nest egg of Social Security for his corporate buddies. North Korea will rattle its nuke saber but nobody except the South Koreans will pay attention. The ZOG-bux will devalue while the price of everything and taxes will go up. Civil unrest will rise. A few more counties will be prion-poisoned, both by the aggrieved and by Osama Bin Subcontractor's boys. And Tiiiiiimmmmme Ain't on ZOG's Side.


. . . . . The North Koreans announced that they had nuclear weapons to mount on their medium range ballistic missiles, well able to reach Alaska and California. Some of ZOG's diplomats calimed that the North Koreans were bluffing. Congo-lisa Rice said that possession of nuclear weapons by both North Korea and Iran was "unacceptable." However, Congo-lisa implied that these admitted North Korean nukes were not an "immanent" threat.

. . . . . Congolisa in effect is saying that Korean nukes are acceptable, but Muslim nukes, i.e., those in Iran able to target the bandit state of Israel, are not 'acceptable.' This although North Korea has admitted to owning some while Iran claims that they are neither working on their own nukes, nor want to obtain the ability to create them.

. . . . . So the problem isn't gooks with nukes, but rather those Muslim countries which might threaten the Zionist jews in Israel. A nuclear destroying the Mexifornian aboriginals of Los Angeles from Korea is no big deal -- a nuke from Iran taking out Tel Aviv -- that is truly, in the words of Congo-lisa, simply unacceptable."


. . . . .Somebody shot with a .22 pistol the husband and mother of a federal judge named Lefkow who ruled against Matt Hale and destroyed his church, World Church of the Creator. Of course White Nationalists were blamed. Also, of course, most of the whigger nutsionalists from VNN/TGMNN Forum took great care to pretend that all of a sudden, that the previous policy of "No Way But Through the jews" was not what they really said, even though there was over four years of messages to the contrary. Even Billy Roper, of White Revolution, felt it necessary to mouth platitudes about "We don't, of course, view Judge Lefkow's family as "collateral damage", because we are not criminals and assassins, and while she did make some judicial errors, we don't view Judge Lefkow as a wartime enemy, the way that the Federal authorities obviously view White Nationalists. However, we do regret and grieve for the loss of her family, regardless of who may have been responsible." The only one who kept his head was of all people, Bill White, who said that he was glad that the family of federal judges, jews especially, get a part of what they dish out.

All of which goes to show that most so-called 'White Nationalists' don't really mean what they say whenever they are called upon to say the same thing they've been saying for years but this time under the public criticism of millions of ZOGling whigger herd animals whipped up by the jews to a piss froth. As if the general pubic and the jews can't read the archives or come back and read when the coast is clear. Rather, any and every White Nationalist political activist needs to stand tall and be openly racist and pro-White 24/7/365, as opposed to pissing down his leg and running for the tall grass whenever things get inconvenient.

I don't believe that the shooter was a White Nationalist, but rather either a ZOG hitman or someone with a grudge against crooked jew federal judges. As time goes on, more and more aggrieved people will not go into the long night quietly, but rather, like chickens on the kill line, want to get in one last peck. Regardless of who gets blamed, ZOG will end up making sure that its skirts are kept clean, especially when they are not. Perhaps a suitable oswald will be found to take the fall, perhaps not. But regardless of who is supposedly to blame, the genuine White Nationalist always says, "It's all ZOG's fault."


. . . . .Johnny Cochrain, OJ Simpson's nigger lawyer who got OJ off for killing his race-mixing whigger slut ex-wife and her jew boyfriend died of a brain tumor the other day. Don't get me wrong, if I had been on the jewry, I'd have voted to acquit, regardless of whether the glove fit or not. After all, any nigger that kills a whigger race-mixing slut and her jew boyfriend is OK in my book. It's not as if OJ committed a criminal act or something, regardless of the pretentions of whigger or jew ZOGlings.

So why did it take so long to diagnose the brain tumor in the nigger lawyer? It wasn't until the brain tumor grew larger than a golf ball that it was detected. And probably by accident. After all, mad cow isn't detected in cows until it is too late. Cochrain was probably running along, exhibiting all the classical symptoms of TnB -- Typical nigger Behavior -- and then somehow the brain tumor was detected when somehow somebody figured out that the nigger was off its feed. Maybe it decided it didn't like watermelon or fried chicken or raping White girls any more and said so. Then the other niggers decided that the Cochrain nigger was sick. And thus to the hospital where it was too late to save the nigger.

Now that niggers are no longer property, they get less competent treatment than something valuable, like a cow, gets from a veternarian. That's why they's dying from GAIDS like Haitian flies in AmeriKwa. And why, when niggers turn sick, it's invariably fatal.

Here are my suspicions as to why nigger brain tumors are not discovered sooner:

  • It wasn't until the brain tumor was larger than the typical nigger brain that it was detected.
  • The normal nigger brain tumor is a pimple on a nigger's bantu-butt.
  • What d'ya mean, 'Not detected in time?' The nigger's dead, ain't it?
  • Mad Nigger is like Mad Cow. Can't detect it until the nigger no longer exhibits TnB.

. . . . . I don't see the point, other than ZOG's jewsmedia making a big deal out of a vegetable jewess disconnected like a tapeworm from a feeding tube, for this Terry Schiavo silliness. The Apostle Paul said that those who wouldn't work for their daily bread shouldn't eat.

I see no sense in wasting tax dollars on vegetables unable to get up and drink or eat or wipe their own butt. Not in an age when there aren't enough White children being born to even replace our People because of high taxes and medical care placed out of the reach of poor Whites when dirty Mexcrement gimmigrunts are shatting out niglets for free and getting paid to do so by ZOG. In real life, if you couldn't get up and feed yourself the burden was on your family and if they couldn't meet it you starved, or they starved and rightly so. Life, as Christ said, when He said to let the dead bury the dead, belongs to the living, not the 'living' dead.

I find it obscene that jew-day-o 'Christians' will whine about how the parasitic and alien spawn need to be preserved to be a burden upon somebody else, yet support policies in which White young and alive are sent overseas to be killed for the jews and race-traitors or taxed to where they cannot afford to have and raise healthy White children. The next time one of these whigger feebs open their yaps, then they should be handed a rifle and sent to Iraq, or a washcloth and a bedpan to wipe the butts of these living vegetables for the next 20 years.


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