Tri-States Militia/Coalition's AlphaSheHyena



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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 13:14:30 -0700
From:  Roxanne Johnson (
Subject: Re: Nest of Infiltrators,The Tri-StatesMilitia/Coalition,PT1

It is interesting to note that the author/mailer of this trash is 
a Anti-Semitic bigot who has been banned from PIML (Patriot's 
Information Mailing List) for some time because of his slanderous 
anti-semitic posts.  Is it any wonder that he will now slam upon 
TSC.  We stand for everything he is against.  The right of people 
to be the best they can be and not be judged by their race, color, 
creed, ethnic background, etc.  As far as I'm concerned, this post 
should be printed out and placed where it will do the most good.  
In the outhouse, right next to the Sears & Roebuck catalog...if
you get my hint.


   So this brassy strumpet is an ADL member, or is she just another 
one of them femnifascists who reflexively call anyone they don't like 
an anti-semite?
   For what its worth, the usurpers to the title of "God's Chosen Pets" 
who call themselves Jews have no semite blood as they are largely 
Khazars, descended from Gog and nephews of Magog.  Semites refer to 
descendants of Noah's eldest son Shem.  This the Palestinians, 
descendants of Ishmael, who the Zionist Khazars murder at will after 
having dispossessed them by force from their own land have far more 
Semite blood than the Khazars.  Thus in its proper sense, this brassy 
strumpet is really the true anti-semite.

   But be that as it may, not being a psychotic self-hater, I allow 
that I prefer the company of my own kind.  Thus I do not have 
meglomaniacal homocidal fantasies of killing people of my own race 
just because they don't share my professed love of different others 
that I don't much care to live with anyway.  This brassy strumpet 
in her quest for title and office in running a fascistfeeb pyramid 
scheme might not have much interest in internal honesty, but what 
else is new?

   As far as getting kicked off from Ed-the-Dog's Patriot Informant's 
Mail List, it was because I was making fun of his fellow informant 
and regime infilltraitor Red Mike Vanderboegh, not because I was 
saying something mean about Khazars.  Ed-the-Dog is rather partial 
to protecting his fellow Tri-States Militia/Coalition infilltraitors 
and would much rather have them safely under his wings informing on 
witless militia generals as opposed to letting Resistance operatives 
make fun of and expose them.

   Neither myself nor Mr. Ryder (as Mr. Ryder has so far acted as a 
Libertarian intent only giving others the alarm about you fascistfeebs 
running a pyramid scheme) really have no problem with you mattoids 
running amok, as such as yourself are prone to do.  No, rather we seek 
only to raise the hue-and-cry about such as yourself.  We think that 
ridicule is a rather effective weapon against such as yourself.  This 
way, you and your fellow elderly feebs will not find new outsiders to 
copulate with you, and thus the scruffy breed will hopefully die out 
leaving no issue other than a bad taste in the mouths of the militia 
general feebs you closely resemble.
   No, Mr. Ryder and myself do not want to force you fascistfeebs to 
rejoin normal human society.  Nope, we want you baboons recognized 
and isolated from normal human society.  I think we have been largely 
successful.  Even the most stupid militia general will soon not 
want anything to do with the Tri-Staters' Militia/Coalition.  After 
all, if they are overfond of informants/infilltraitors such as 
Red Mike Vanderboegh/Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams/John Parsons then 
they can still stick with you Tri-Staters if they wish.  What's it 
to me?  But then again, if they are going to talk about themselves 
to the criminal regime, why shouldn't they just talk to the FiBbIes 
themselves and keep Red Mike's, Ken-the-Snitch's, and Ed-the-Dog's 
commission?  The standard payment of thirty pieces of silver, at 
$5 an ounce works out to 150 bucks for narking on onesself.  Why 
should you Tri-Staters keep all the informant money the criminal 
regime gives as a bounty for militia general pelts?

   And if, when you are reclined feeling the splinters in your seat 
of wisdom from sitting on your throne, and after you do your business 
with the Sears&Roebuck, if you wish to print this missive and use it 
to buff to a high gloss your pea-brain after fishing it out from the 
muck, then what is that to me?  It is not as if the brain-buff will 
do you any harm, even if it does not do you any good.   I am, 

--Martin Lindstedt


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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 22:42:21 -0700
From:  Roxanne Johnson (
Subject: Re: Nest of Infilltraitors, The Tri-States Militia/Coalition, 
  Part  1
Cc: Martin Lindstedt (,,,,,,,,

>What is interesting Ed, is that Martin claims that Bill is another 
Hitler, yet Martin believes in the very same principles of Hitler.  
That the white race is who is the Hitler Wannabe?  
I say Martin Lindstedt holds first place in that category.  Anyone 
who espouses the venomous belief that any race (AND I DO MEAN ANY 
RACE) is supreme of all races and justifies the extermination 
and/or victimization of other races and those who resist this 
luciferian belief structure is no better then
>fact is just another follower of Hitler.  

   Like most people of limited intellect, this brassy loud-mouthed 
strumpet reads into what I have said a projection of that which 
she would do.

   I have not said that the white race is superior in every regard, 
however by the measurement of Western Civilization, which is the 
yardstick used in countries of the Western (White) world, only the 
originators of the yardstick have possibly measured up.  It is only 
in places where the white race is a majority, and jealously keep 
aloft these standards, that the concept of 'superior' holds up.

   If the self-hating people ashamed of their own race wish to live 
according to their protested 'beliefs,' then let them live among 
those they profess to love.  Let them move to tribal Africa, or the 
mestizo culture of Central and South America.  Or milk yaks in 
Central Asia.
   Or, closer at home, live with the Negroes, Puerto Ricans, and 
Hispanics in the inner cities after selling their suburban homes.

   Now are these degenerate pretentious hypocrites going to do any 
such thing?  Of course not!  Else they would have already done so.

   No, what they prefer to do is to make airs about how much they 
"love" people of other races they cannot stand to be around and 
are really terrified of.  They know that if they went downtown 
a-slumming, that they would get their butts kicked by the first 
streetwise indigene to whom they did not hand their wallets.

    These witless archetypes of white trash, however, would rely 
on the angry rural/small town white males to deal with the 'niggers' 
and 'spics' if they get uppity, however.  Just as the people of 
other races that they profess to love, they would exploit the 
poor white man to do their dirty work of killing and soldiering to 
protect their stolen riches derived from their position in the 
multi-racial evil empire.

   Piss on that shit.  As I look at it, there are four main 
categories of people looking for power/survival upon the collapse
of this country: (1)Blacks (2)Hispanics (3)Poor and Rural Whites 
(4)Corrupt Establishment Regimeists.
    So the smartest thing to do is to insofar as possible is let the 
Blacks and Hispanics kill off the Establishment criminals when the 
time comes for absolute collapse, and reserve Resistance white 
power for creating our own nation-states.  The criminal regime 
establishment has exploited the three groups enough, and after 
their demise at the hands of all three racial groups, with the 
establishment of separate homelands for all a policy of peace can 
be declared.

   The Tri-Stater fascistfeebs envision a state where they take 
over the place of the ruling criminal regime Establishment and 
form a multi-ethnic fascist New World Order.  Such is their nature, 
and such are their goals.
   I have indeed recommended liquidation of regime criminals as a 
criminal regime class.  I would do the same with the Tri-Stater 
fascistfeebs, but thankfully the 25-30 or so of them, the ones who 
are not infilltraitors of the militia general set, are utterly 
ineffective because of their boundless stupidity and self-
centeredness. --M.L.

>    No where in Bill Johnstone's writings is this belief stated.  
Bill believes that all people (irregardless of race, creed, ethnic 
background, sex, etc.) should be allowed to achieve all that is 
within their abilities to achieve without fear of persecution or 
annihilation.  Bill also advocates it is the moral obligation of 
all to resist and assist any person who is being victimized by those 
>who espouse hate against another group.  

   OK, so why don't you join the Morris Dees Anti-Defamation League 
Militia?  Oh, I forgot.  The Tri-States Militia/Coalition IS for 
all practical effect the Moreass-the-Sleezester Militia.  After all, 
your Tri-States Militia Colonels John Parsons and Red Mike Vanderboegh 
and Tri-States Militia/Coalition Major Darby/Smith turned in to the 
FiBbIes one Crazy Willie Lampley, who wanted to proceed without proper 
permit an urban renewal project involving demolition of the Scalawag 
Poverty-pimp's Legalistic Center.  --M.L.

    I'm quite familiar with the Christian Identity/Aryan Nations
/Neo-Nazi agenda.  Their agenda is total domination of the all 
races...even using Genocide to achieve this means.  

    Contrary to what the Tri-States Militia Colonels and Majors 
have told this goofy fascist twink fink bink, the awfulbitchhyena, 
the goals of the Christian Identity Movement is rather the 
peaceful-if-possible separation of the various races.  For now, as 
a minority, we would be content with a separate homeland.  In the 
future, as the evil empire continues to decay and falls, we will 
insist on regaining that which belongs to the white man. 
   We are quite well aware that the blame for the current situation 
lies with the stupid and greedy evil people (such as the extremely 
ignorant sorry excuse for a person pushing forth her venom above), 
who because of their wishes for riches and ease kidnapped the 
Africans from whence they came, and in order to exploit the natural 
resources of the land have imported to this land Third-World peoples 
to work for the agribusiness and industrial corporations.  We 
also know that we must eliminate these greedy fascistfeebs first 
from our ranks before we can work on repatriating the immigrant, or 
settling in their own country the former slaves of the exploiters 
of all races. --M.L.

>That is Hitler's way...So who is the Altar Boy, Hitler Wannabe...
again I say it is Martin Lindstedt and his venomous, hatefilled,
>white trash cronies.

   I can imagine that this parasitic Establishment bitch is white. 
She is what I call 'white trash.'  The other races, unless they are 
of the parasitic ruling classes, do not display such venomous hatred 
of their own people.

    As said before, as long as these solipsistic mattoid fascistfeebs 
who would rule over us, exploiting all working men of all races, is 
allowed to live, no peace is possible.  It is only upon the absolute 
extermination of the ruling regime criminals, and by putting the evil 
ones from among us, that peace is possible.
   But when this is done, peace is indeed possible.  Certainly the 
black man would prefer to live among his own kind as master in his 
own house, having a useful trade, as opposed to being given a welfare 
check, made to deal drugs in a ghetto to white Yuppies in foreign 
cars, and imprisoned en masse for arbitrary laws made by the criminal 
regime establishment.  Certainly the Hispanic would prefer to live 
in his own country that he made for himself, free of seeing white 
faces in his native land.
   To say otherwise would be to say that the Blacks and Hispanics 
cannot build their own civilization in which they would be happy 
without the influence of Whites, the amorally regimeist criminal 
of which would demand their cut for the exploitation of all races. 
So who, then, is the racial supremacist?  A person like myself who 
advocates each race developing independent of the rule or another? 
Or those, like this alphabitchhyena, who professes to love those whom 
they would exploit?  --M.L.

BTW for those who want to know...I BELONG TO THE BEST RACE OF 
ALL.....THE HUMAN RACE!!!!!!!!

    When intelligent discourse is impossible or unwanted, the 
criminally insane and naturally witless seek to muddy the water 
with dishonest sloganeering.

    The term 'race' implies that there are differences in human 
beings -- namely racial ones.
    The awfulbitchhyena either promotes a policy of miscegination 
contrary to the creation of differing races by the Creator, or seeks 
to glorify or puff herself up to pass as morally superior with the 
Politically Correct Pro-Criminal Regimeist cant of the day.  I 
suspect both. 

   In either case, let us get off from racial matters and judge 
the awfulbitchhyena by the content of her character.  Judging by 
the company she keeps in the fascistfeeb pyramid scheme known as 
the Tri-States Militia/Coalition, it is not a good one.

--Martin Lindstedt



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Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 12:51:31 -0700
To: Martin Lindstedt (
From:  Roxanne Johnson (
Subject: Regarding Lindstedt's accusations

As a member and spokesperson for TSC we deny Mr. Lindstedt's remarks, 
however he is entitled to his own opinion, no matter how mis-guided, 
as granted by the Constitution of the United States of America. 

    My, but ain't that mighty big of the awfulbitchhyena as 
spokeshyena of the Tri-States Militia/Coalition?

    In any case, the CONstitution of the criminal regime 
professing to be the legitimate government of a "united States 
of Amerika" granted me nothing I didn't already have.  For the 
Tri-State Militia/Coalition fascistfeebs to say that I possess 
that which is mine by virtue of this CONstitution is absurd.

    Like all fascists caught with their pecker in the mousetrap, 
we hear over and over again protestations of how, after Munich, 
they have a desire to live in non-aggressive harmony with others.

    But yet, which should we believe?  The protestations of peace 
pro-offered now when caught?  Or what has been said by the fascist-
feebs from day one about their proposed "right-wing socialist" 
commune as illustrated by the neo-fascist literary onanisms of 
the Head Fascistfeeb in his "Ashes" series and their Neo-Nazi 

    I would advise outsiders to pay more attention to what they 
say among themselves than what they would tell their victims 
or those they would infiltrate after being unmasked by Resistance 
intelligence operatives.

--Martin Lindstedt
Resistance Political Front Operative



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