Natural Born Traitors

LibberToons as Pro-Criminal Regimeists



                                                     Nov. 15, 1998 

Dear Mr. Lindstedt:

     I am an editor at Loompanics Unlimited and I am currently 
working on a new book by Claire Wolfe.

     Perhaps you know that, in her book 101 Things to Do 'til the 
Revolution, Claire Wolfe included a recommendation of Modern 
Militiaman.  Well, now she has changed her mind about MM and is 
retracting her recommendation.

     Why?  She says it's because the editor of MM ( I assume 
that's you) "began spouting racist dogma and espousing rape, 
slavery and murder."

    I am curious to know whether or not this is true.  Have you 
( or MM ) begin spouting racist dogma and especially rape, 
slavery, and murder?

    If not, please let me know as soon as possible, and please 
tell me, if you can, what possible basis Claire Wolfe might 
have for making such a statement.  ( The sooner I get your 
reply the better the chances that I'll be able to use whatever 
information you send me in my editing of her new book.  Enclosed 
is a S.A.S.E. to facilitate your reply. )

     On the other hand, if what she says is true, and you don't 
dispute it, then there's no problem, and you needn't worry about 
replying to this letter.

                                          Yours  truly,  
                                           L.A. Rollins
                                           c/o Loompanics
                                           PO Box 1197
                                           Port Townsend, WA



Dear Editor Rollins:

I was at a loss when I got your letter. I'm not sure if you are a fake or not because I expect an editor of a book publishing company to have access to a computer, as opposed to writing a letter in longhand. However, your return address is in Port Washington, which is home to both Pud-Pulling Libber'Toons such as Liberty and to looney 'Toons such as Loompanics. You sent me a letter and S.A.S.E. with the flag postage stamps upside-down, so you certainly seem to think like a 'Toon. And you gave me the "heads-up" to what that fascist bitch Claire Wolfe is up to, so that I looked at her WWW page and seen how she was pissing&moaning about my Politically InCorrect religious and political beliefs.

Get this straight. I am not out to sell LibberToon Politically Correct bullshit scribblings and play at Revolution in order to hustle loose change from idiots. I am a Renegade Revolutionary Intellectual, and I put my formidable organizational and communications talents to advancing a moral cause of putting parasites and predators to a death by the maximum torment possible. I have become the driven, remorseless person I am today for valid reasons. I despise sneaking lightweights who infest the outskirts of the Resistance Movement such as Claire Wolfe. Normally I would ignore such moral degenerates, but since she has decided to obtrude herself to my attention then this matter should be settled in much the same manner that I deal with other sneaking vermin infesting the Cause by setting forth the hue-&-cry in order to ostracise this incursion by a criminal regimeist lackey.

I despise Libber'Toons. When one introduces himself to me as such, I find it best to assume I am dealing with a solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascist (SMAF). Solipsistic mattoids in the sense that they are absolute selfish fools able to think of nothing other than themselves. Anarchy-Fascists in the sense that they insist that others impose no rules upon them while they at the same time impose the most mind-numbing rules upon others. I have had ample experience with the scruffy breed, most notably where I got invited to a lynch mob of 'Toons and arrested for "trespassing" because I insisted in videotaping a public meeting. I have sued the Missouri 'Toon Party for civil rights violations and ran for political office numerous times under the 'Toon banner. In any case, 'Toons can be always counted upon to think of nothing except themselves and to do nothing except whine about how the government or other individuals are keeping them from indulging themselves to the maximum extent possible.


Now doubtless to the typical SMAF or typical 'Toon a person like myself is a rabid racist Nazi revolutionary Strosstruppen.
I am a believer and follower of what is called the "Christian Identity" religion. This religion has as its central core belief the knowledge that the average White American descended from Northern and Western Europeans are part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Thus as a "Chosen People" of the white race, we are to keep ourselves pure for the return of Jesus Christ. Regardless of whether an Identity Christian is of the Covenant or Dual-Seedline creed, in either case we regard the so-called "Jews" as parasites, Christ-murderers, and imposters to the birthright. The Dual-Seedline faction consider the "Jews" to be the spawn of Satan through Cain, while the Covenant believers know that the Askenazi "Jews" have not a drop of s[h]emitic blood in them as they are according to Genesis 10:3 descended from Askenaz, who was the son of Gog and the grandson of Japheth.

In addition, the Christian Identity believer does not believe in integration because it leads to miscegenation, which is contrary to the laws of the LORD. Noah was chosen to survive because he was of pure generation (Genesis 6:9). Since we are a special people, and Christ himself said that he was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Matt 15:24) anything leading to a bastardization of our "Chosen People" is an thus act of disobedience and blasphemy.

Therefore, one can see how the religious structure of Christian Identity is directly opposed to this evil multi-ethnic empire which must keep racial animosity under some degree of control lest the racial ethnics destroy both the criminal regime and criminal regimeists. The U.S.S.A. is an equal-opportunity oppressor.

Every single one of us Christian Identity believers are thus by default "White Nationalists." White Nationalism has as its political agenda the formation of a "whites-only" racial homeland. Right now we would settle for secession, but it is but a matter of time before a resurgent White Nationalist state would reclaim its former territory by executing racial scalawags and repatriating the blacks to Africa and the mestizos to south of the border. Every Christian Identity believer is thus a by default politically a White Nationalist, although every White Nationalist is not necessarily a Christian Identity believer. With this combination of a religious AND political ideology, it is easy to see why the foremost Resistance chieftains are Christian Identity believers. We sense the power just waiting to be tapped by riding the crest of this millenium to destroy a criminal regime we hate absolutely.


Now take the criminal regime, its decayed criminal regimeist elites, and its cowardly goon enforcers. It seeks to keep together a multi-cultural empire in the face of nationalist and racial realities which dictate that this empire shall fall apart. No empire ever pays for itself -- rather as Oswald Spengler and Francis Parker Yockey noted, an empire destroys the culture and race which gave birth to it as the ruling regime criminals seek to convert the richness of the culture to their own interests. Thus we have the First Criminals like Bush seeking a NWO in which American soldiers are sacrificed in a Gulf War for the benefit of the multinational oil companies and Clinton selling nuclear missle technology to the Chinese. SMAF-'Toons like Claire-the-Dog are just simply jackals in the edges selling worthless books to fools concerning how her dream-regime is going to further erode illusionary undefended CONstitutional 'rights.' Far be it to simply overthrow the criminal regime and exterminate regime criminals root, trunk, and branch such as has been done in every single real revolution in the history of mankind.

The criminal regime's enemies are personified by someone like myself, while its SMAF-'Toon allies are personified by such as Claire-the-Dog (misnomered Wolfe). However, Claire-the-Dog for all her lying bullshit really doesn't care to live with those she professes to love, any more than her fellow 'Toon Liar Neil Smith wishes to do so. I bet that they like living in Colorado or Wyoming because it has very few of the minorities they profess to love. Otherwise, these hypocrites would be living in a Turd-World shithole such as Haiti, which can claim to be a LibberToon state since it hasn't had a prime minister or cabinet for the past 18 months. But yet, as I have noticed, these SMAF-'Toons cannot stand to live apart from middle-class or well-off whites, while looking down on rural and working-class whites. There is not a doubt in my mind that given a racial uprising from places like South-Central LA or barrio Denver threatening these SMAFS that these lying chickenshit fraud 'Toons like Liar Neil or Claire-the-Dog will be begging the criminal regime's pigs or someone like myself, "Hey, Martin, you're a gun-stockpiling religious bigot and a racist -- would you please shoot a few niggers or wetbacks for me?"

This is but a 'Toon hash-pipedream. There are four main factions according to Thomas Chittum in his Civil War II book and WWW page. These are the (1) White Establishment; (2) dispossessed White majority; (3) Blacks; and (4) Hispanics.
Only the White Establishment has any interest in maintaining the current order. White Nationalist Revolutionists such as myself are concerned with the overthrow of the current criminal regime and the extermination of white scalawags and racial traitors. I have several times during the course of political campaigning been asked by little old rural white ladies "What are we going to do when the niggers come boiling out of Kansas City, or St. Louis?" I always reply "Not a damn thing -- let them hungry niggers eat all the chickenshit urban white liberals they can catch and put into a stewpot. They'll run out of steam by the time they hit Harrisonville or Rolla, and then we can negotiate separation of the races from a position of strength by imposing a blockade on what remains of the big cities."

Now such racial realpolitic is anathema to such as Claire-the-Dog. This is because she is simply nothing more than a self-serving jackal selling idiotic books concerning 'Toon doxology to the nitwits playing at being patriots. She is one of them paytriots for profit which has bedeviled our movement for quite some time. The survivors won't bother to even look at her foolishness if it was offered for free, much less pay out good money which could pay for 100 12-gauge shotgun rounds at Wal-mart. Like Larry Flynn supposedly remarked to some good 'ol boys looking at Playboy, "These people are really just shitting on you by taking your money and writing stuff over your heads which you will never use."

Just so does the Resistance fighter look upon the short-weight merchant peddling a bastardized version of Revolution. One-Hundred-&-One Things To Do Until The Revolution indeed! Every Revolution has involved Nationalist Patriots overthrowing a criminal regime which oppressed them, and upon that successful bid for power defending that Revolutionary bridgehead from counter-revolution by exterminating the tyrants and their foul spawn.

You see, I'm not playing at Revolution, nor selling my wares to fools in order to make them comfortable at playing at it either. What does I Am Not a Number prove?
I had a dossier on me several inches thick several years ago. So what? Not a single one of the white chickens who buy Claire-the-Dog's second book have anything to fear from being branded like sheep. What does it matter? It is only those who quietly hate while sharpening the castrating and gutting knives to ruthlessly use on criminal regimeists who are worth a shit. In any case, it is highly useful that such people get a dossier that they are apathetic lovers of the criminal regime until the time comes to draw and use the long knives. A Revolutionist welcomes criminal regimeist legis-treason which creates even more hatred. We want a frightened criminal regime to add more fuel to the revolutionary fires. Let the criminal regime add a few more pages onto the dossier they have on me for all I care. Let this criminal regime become an open tyranny as opposed to a so-called "CONstitutional Republick."

So yes, since I am Christian Identity by religion and a White Nationalist by politics, let my enemies define me as a bigot and racist if they so please. All this name-calling has done is to further enhance my position as a dedicated Resistance chieftain.


The only blacks I have any use for are Black Nationalists like Louis Farrakhan or Malcolm X, who are sufficiently proud of their race that they are not trying to act like Uncle Tom "token house-niggers." I despise blacks so foolish that they try to be something they are not -- a wannabe white man. Why should they want to be on the white gliberal plantation?

Now granted this mutual position, I have on occassion negotiated in good faith with Black Nationalists or a reasonable facsimile thereof. One of them has been offered a Roving Editorship of Modern Militiaman as is my custom for the even-numbered issues. This natural alliance is not a new thing. Marcus Garvey worked with the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920's with his "Back to Africa" movement. George Lincoln Rockwell and Malcolm X were on speaking terms. Today rural white Resistance elements have understandings with Nation of Islam extremists concerning extermination of urban criminal regimeists and criminal regimeist enforcers. These understandings are not arrived because of any false protestations of love, but rather because it is in the interests of all concerned that the ruling regime criminals be exterminated as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Getting back to your query concerning my thoughts regarding murder, rape and slavery. First of all, the necessary extermination of criminal regimeists and their spawn can hardly be called murder. After all, since they set precident by which ordinary people going about their business could be declared criminals, it is likely that a extermination of regime criminals could be justified by a legal gloss, among them corruption of blood and forfeiture of estate. In any case, criminal regimeists and their families have no rights which Revolutionists have a burden to respect.

I am working on "Extermination of Regime Criminals" legislation. I favor bringing back the Law of Cambysis II and that of the Goths in that they skinned alive corrupt judges and magistrates. Otherwise I think the Anglo-Saxon custom of hanging, drawing, and quartering of regime criminals would be useful. All one would need is a knife before strangling a regime criminal with a length of his own intestine.

In any case, the jurisprudence will be that the former victims can do whatever they want to regime criminals and there is no penalty which is proscribed. Regime criminals have no right to decide their punishment, which is rightfully decided by their former victims. No one has the right to put any limits upon the just vengence of a victim of criminal regimeists. Raw justice is not something for which there is any moral reason for rationing.

Regarding slavery, while making former state and federal revenue collection officers into a class of perpetual helots for the hewing of wood and drawing of water is tempting, I favor extermination over slavery. I do not want to create a new class of regime criminals used to living off the efforts of another. Slavery would only be an option for ordinary criminals who cannot pay for what they have stolen, and only for a number of years.

As far as rape is concerned, such is not one of my pastimes. However, I have nothing against Revolutionary soldiery taking their pay and pleasures at the expense of the wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of regime criminals. As mentioned before, regime criminals and their families have no rights that Revolutionists have any burden to respect. Most of the regime criminals will be of our race, and according to Biblical principles there was some provision for the concubinage of female prisoners of war.


There are a number of self-righteous fascists running around who have the notion that revenge against regime criminals ought to be rationed. I fail to see how they have any say in the matter of how much revenge against regime criminals is allowable. However, since do-gooders are would-be fascist criminals themselves, perhaps it is to be expected that they think the criminal regimeist element which gives them a power to snoop without getting a well-deserved ass-whupping or losing a few teeth should not be punished by surly characters such as myself. In any such case, those who interfere with revenge should have a portion of it fall upon their heads as a penalty for interfering with unrestricted self-help justice. I'd love to see a goofy 'Toon fascist fink twink bink such as Claire-the-Dog get in the way of some angry man's payback. I doubt that in the next frame we would see Claire-the-Dog get up like Wile E. Coyote or Daffy Duck in order to do any more of her fascist snoop meddling or sanctimonious feminifascist whining.


Claire-the-Dog has been pissed at me since June when I was busy ferreting out regimeist criminal infilltraitors and agents provacateur such as Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams, who spied on the Republic of Texas people, Red Mike Vanderboegh who is owned and operated by Morris Dees of the SPLC, and the rascals of the Tri-States Militia/Coalition such as Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog (also misnomered Wolfe). Obviously this fascist bitch is simply just another criminal regimeist fellow traveller and she simply doesn't like me exposeing her friends who are criminal regimeist infilltraitors and agents provacateur.

Two of my friends, Patricia Neill and Mike Kemp tried to make peace between myself and Claire-the-Dog. I said that if they wished to try that this was fine by me, but I had no intention of lifting a finger to conform CtD's fascist pretend principles. I have no problem with being a Resistance fighting man, and I certainly am not going to betray my religion nor my race anytime soon.

Claire-the-Dog sent me two messages demanding that I do not use her former work for Modern Militiaman. She has also demanded that our mutual friends choose between herself and me. My position has been that while Claire-the-Dog is no friend of mine, I have no interest in telling my friends who they can or cannot do or see. If they wish to be dominated by some fascist 'Toon, then that is their lookout.

I know Claire-the-Dog cannot understand anything other than her solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascist desires of the moment, but Modern Militiaman is not run as a dictatorship. Rather, I have tried to make sure that this vanguard of Resistance thought is presented by the best writers available. This is why I have had various Roving Editors with substantial authority to put together their voluntary issue pretty much as they pleased. Now some of them chose to use in part the efforts of their friend Claire-the-Dog. Now while I was not altogether pleased with this, they were Roving Editors and as such had autonomy to bring in such material. Contrary to the petty fascist delusions of such creatures like Claire-the-Dog based on what they would do if they were in my place, I am not a petty micro-manager of areas ceded to my allies. I allow the best minds I am associated with to do pretty much as they please. If I disagree with them, they shall most certainly hear about it, but it is not in my nature to act like a Khazar or a criminal regimeist and censor people.

As Managing Editor I have always tried to keep up Modern Militiaman on the Revolutionary vision of ovethrowing the current criminal regime, exterminating regime criminals, and establishing a nation-state in which Christian Israel will be absolute masters of their own house. I despise the CONstitution, preferring rule by a natural aristocracy who are held to account for the use of their power. The first generation of this natural aristocracy shall be chosen by those Revolutionists who do the best job of ensuring our People's survival. This is why every issue of Modern Militiaman has contained an anti-federalist diatribe against the CONstitution and CONstitutional- idolatry. That and an article promoting organizing the Resistance by means of forming untraceable and uncrackable Resistance Active Service Unit cells of from 1-5 people as the first phase of successful guerrilla warfare in order to overthrow the criminal regime.


This goes against Claire-the-Dog's dream criminal regime. All this fascist fakir wants to do is sell 'Toon books designed to somehow get back to the same criminal regime this county had oppressing us 10 years ago, or a year ago, or maybe last week. But whining for mercy or for a return to a non-existant status quo ante is not going to bring us freedom. The only way to regain freedom is to exterminate anyone who would deny freedom or our past priviledges under color of "law."

So lacking any common cause with the Resistance and loving the freedom to be a solipsistic 'Toon which this decaying criminal regime does provide, Claire-the-Dog imagines that she is a shill for the ADL or the NAACP, and would censor any page that she deems politically incorrect. Of course this short-sighted goofy fascist twink fink bink is ensuring that she will soon have no allies other than her fellow criminal regimeists as a Resistance Movement dependant upon the free-flow of Internet propaganda turns against her an as newly unconcealed regimeist enemy. Without pretense to aid her, soon Claire-the-Dog will become as irrelevant to the Resistance as such regimeist apologists as Red Mike Vanderboegh, Moreass-the-Sleezester Dees, or Dr. Mengele Mark Pitcavage. Either that or she will have to try infesting Christian Identity, White Nationalist or Aryan e-mail listservers as Ken-the-Snitch and Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog does, trying to get fools to bite so they can turn them in to the criminal regimeist regime enforcement goons. While such is highly amusing, it is often not a pretty sight to watch dogs trying to chase a Resistance 18-wheeler and getting flattened. I want Resistance fighters to be embarrassed to be seen with a regimeist book written by Claire-the-Dog

In any case, Claire-the-Dog will do whatever she pleases -- editor be damned, Mr. Rollins. I think even a fascist pro-criminal regimeist such as Claire-the-Dog has a perfect right to link up to whatever criminal-regimeist militia she pleases. I'd advise CtD to link up to the world federalist Capt'n CONstitution's WWW page, and top it off with a link to the SPLC or The Militia Watch-Dog. Patrick Henry On-Line is a Resistance page and revolutionists and criminal regimeists do not mix, certainly not in peace. I was kicked off of Geogulags for content violations and so "The Patriot Coalition" is now on Patrick Henry On-Line.

I refuse to censor myself according to the demands of some fascist bitch like Claire Wolfe. You 'Toons are out for nothing except yourselves, so I doubt that you would understand someone who loves his race and his civilization, as all of you would sell it out in order to carry out your politically correct indoctrination. When it boils down to it, any one of you would sell out anyone and anything for personal advancement, so I would prefer that we be open enemies. I will not tolerate criminal regimeists in the Resistance ranks. By all means, go out and sell some more silly books to fools. It really has nothing to do with me and mine. The Resistance is generating its own culture and values, and we want nothing to do with such as yourself. We look upon you as the sort of self-centered moral degenerates and pro-criminal regimeists who got us into the mess we are now fighting against today.

Martin Lindstedt
Managing Editor, Modern Militiaman



An Update and Disclaimer for all readers of 101 Things

I can no longer recommend Modern Militiaman magazine (listed on page 96 of the third printing of 101 Things, and included in earlier printings). Its publisher has recently begun advocating both racism and violence, including violence against the innocent. As a result of this morally reprehensible madness, most of the people who once contributed the best sections of MM have disassociated themselves from the publisher and his work.

In other words, this goofy fascist bitch turned politically correct on me because I advocated carrying out the same policies which have always been the norm in every single Revolution which has ever been carried out against an evil empire. Dealing with regime criminals as they must be dealt with is somehow "morally reprehensible madness." Claire-the-Dog has given up a promising career as a FiBbIe psychiatrist (-- or has she?).
In addition, this fascist bitch has taken it upon herself to impose a blacklist upon my friends/allies unless they kiss her ass. I suppose I shall see where the chips lie. In any case, any chickenshits who wish to head for the PC bushes are welcome to do so -- with a parting kick applied to their retreating backsides.

You might want to try instead:
The Resister
P.O. Box 35046
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Quarterly -- $35 per year or $10 per issue, cash or postal money order only with the "to" line left blank.

I always wondered why a 'zine devoted to resistance against a criminal regime would charge quite a bit of loose change to read the contents. I mean, if they wanted the largest possible audience, including those who spend most of their money on ammunition, wouldn't they instead post the contents of the next-to-the-last issue onto the Internet as opposed to charging a large fee for it? I've seen wealthy lawyers playing at patriot with past issues that they got showing The Resistor off as a showpiece as to how rad they are, but most patriots do not have spare change to buy such stuff.

Also, I must wonder: How secure is your identity when you are sending off for a subscription off to a Post Office Box #? I mean, couldn't pro-criminal regimeist postal employees simply take your name and address from all these checks coming in? Or perhaps the banksters find out when they cash your check or money order? After all, the identities of whoever runs The Resister are certainly no longer any great secret.

Now Claire-the-Dog, before I strayed off the PC criminal-regimeist line, at one time recommended Modern Militiaman back when The Resister was hard to find, not knowing it was a business franchise. Now Claire-the-Dog wants her readership to spend $35, but not to read sedition against her beloved multi-ethnic evil empire for free. Otherwise she could have provided a link to free material along with the $35/year stuff.

The Resister's policy statement says, in part: "We oppose: statism, socialism, collectivism, racism, altruism, internationalism, tribalism, unlimited democracy, pull politics, and the "New World Order;" in short, the ideologies of all tyrannies....

[Resister Cover]The Resister has dropped its oppossition to "tribalism." Oppossition to tribalism was stated in the "Statement of Editorial Policy" section of the Spring/Summer 1997 issue, but was dropped in the Summer/Fall issue of 98. Sgt. Barry of the Resister and I met at the recent American Nationalist Union Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, and he confirmed (in so many words, while we were drinking his wiskey in his room) that the Resister is now "tribalist." Stay tuned for more changes in the Resister.
This was recently taken from Thomas Chittum's Civil War II WWW page. So it seems that The Resister has gone White Nationalist native on pore Claire-the-Dog. Perhaps The Resister decided that "To Liberate The Oppressed" means letting the White Man get free of his criminal regimeist NWO/ZOG overlords. Isn't it a shame that most real Resistance fighting men and women sooner or later revert to becoming Nationalists of a "tribal" (i.e. racist) nature, sloughing off foreign-to-nature LibberToonianism or Randian 'Objectivism' like a snake's skin?

Fighting men are not little petty merchants or sneaking scribblers out to hustle spare change from the suckers, because risking one's own life for something greater than onesself is not a financially sound position. Of course to a selfish squealing 'Toon feminifascist like Claire-the-Dog there is nothing greater than their solipsistic selves, so this pore goofy fascist twink fink bink will have to join other pro-regimeist 'Toon scribblers like Carol Moore into a deserved obscurity.

"We do not advocate the overthrow of the U.S. Government. We do advocate resistance to government tyranny at all levels. We do not advocate the initiation of force in doing so. We do advocate appropriate force-in-kind retaliation. We advocate active resistance against the United Nations.

Sort of puts the lie to Claire-de-Loon-Toon's entire book about 101 Thangs 2 Do B4 De Rebelooshun now doesn't it?. This lying 'Toon fraud doesn't want to overthrow the gubbnmint -- at least not while there are loose Fedrule Reserve Notes to hustle from the suckers. Nope, rather let's keep the criminal regime up and running, since it's "our" criminal regime. We will piss & moan about the UN, never remembering the fact that it was our national criminal regime which invited these global thieves in to loot us blind in the first place.

Perhaps this lying fascist bitch forgot to put in the 102d Thang$ to Do B4 De Rebeloo$hun: Never give a $ucker an even break -- take the mark for all he'$ got while the gittin'$ good.

"Our goal is the restoration of the Constitutional Republic. Our aim is to see the federal government defanged, muzzled, shackled and cast back into its constitutional prison."

Claire Wolfe

It shouldn't come as any surprise that Claire-the-Dog is fundamentally dishonest as to what a real Revolution implies. It certainly doesn't mean rolling around on the same scrap of toilet paper which set up a fedrule criminal regime in the first place. A Revolution means that the foundation of the prisons are destroyed totally. It was this CONstitution which set up the foundations for the evil multi-ethnic empire in the first place. As Patrick Henry remarked, "I look upon that paper as the most fatal plan that could be possibly be conceived to enslave a free people."
Claire-the-Dog is no Revolutionist. She is a CONstitutional-idolator. Scratch a CONstitutional-idolator you will always find a criminal regimeist, worshipping a consolidated plutocracy which grants absolute power with minimal responsibility.

--Martin Lindstedt



Claire-the-Dog's Communications Regarding Myself

Claire-the-Dog Thinks She is a FiBbIe Psycho-analist

X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0.5 (32)
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 13:00:25 -0600
From: "Wolfe's Lodge" (
Subject: No More

I would appreciate if you would remove any links to the Wolfe's 
Lodge web site from your web page. I would further appreciate it 
if you would delete all of my works from archived editions of 
*Modern Militiamen.* 
This dishonest fool thinks she has any influence over anything previously submitted to Modern Militiaman. First of all, the people who did put forward these links were acting in their capacity as Roving Editors to do so. Secondly, some of them, such as Patricia Neill, produce content which appears in Modern Militiaman as well as the Hyena's Lair. These Resistance fighters have an agenda beyond what they post to the Hyena's Lair.

I have no control over whether you heed the above requests or not. 
But I do absolutely withdraw my consent for you to reprint any 
future articles by me in your e-zine, on your web site or in any 
publication you control. Any use by you, or by any of your roving 
editors, of my writing will be considered a copyright violation.

Typical of such goofy fascists, Claire-the-Dog doesn't stop to think that absolutely nothing prevents me from linking to the Hyena's Den in order to ridicule her fascist 'Toon pretentions any more than I am constrained for posting a link to content posted by the First Whorehouse.

Secondly, if she wishes to sue Roving Editors Patricia Neill or Mike Kemp for getting some of their content back or reposting to Modern Militiaman then that will certainly put the lie to Claire-the-Dog's Revolutionist pretentions, now won't it? Patty and Mike are the real article. Claire-the-Dog is but a phony posing as a paytriot.

Now while I could add a rule to prevent Roving Editors from having anything to do with the Hyena's Lair, I refuse to become hypocritical cowardly lying fascist like this Claire-the-Dog type 'Toon. They can associate or slum around with anyone they please. If Claire-the-Dog ends up suing them, then that is their lookout.

I'm sure this will work out well for both of us, since I have no 
doubt just joined the burgeoning ranks of those you detest. Do not 
contact me. Your poisonous messages will go straight into the bit 
bucket, unread.

Frankly, I'm just as happy that Claire-the-Dog has picked a side, rather than have me waste time on suspicion as to what side she is on. Judging by the birds of like feather into whose flock she joined, when all is said and done Claire-the-Dog is a whining collabor-traitor with the criminal regime. While she may well make quite a few FRNs writing about PC revolutionism, when it comes down to it Claire-the-Dog would turn in any Resistance soldier going about his business without her approval.

As for refusing to read this message unread, Claire-the-Dog is just another liar doing what I call the liberal "poop & scoot." This consists of the cloactic habit of shitting over something and then running off before the householder can loosen a barrel of bacon-rind & rock salt at the glibberToon shitter.
I've dealt with whordes of such phonies before. They profess that they will not read, then they pester all their friends for a copy of that which they professed to have never received.

I hope you recover, Mr. Lindstedt. You appear to have gone 
absolutely -- literally raving -- mad.

Claire Wolfe

Now why is it that lying shit-asses like Claire-the-Dog always pretend that they give a shit about their enemies? Because they wish to pretend that people like myself who will not conform to their little fascist fantasies are somehow mentally unbalanced and if we will only stop being "mad" then we will somehow conform to the would-be psycho-analist's solipsistic mattoid world-view.

Such is typical behavior for liars and phonies such as Claire-the-Dog. Any free man must of course be mad, and for his own good must be "cured." Now while this might suffice for some cut-dog of a husband Claire-the-Dog may be married to, it most certainly does not translate to a acceptable behaviour for a defiant white male so typical of the Resistance. While I may indeed be an angry white male, I am no more 'mad' for our Cause than say, . . . Mad Anthony Wayne.

Neither Claire-the-Dog nor myself are insane. We understand each other perfectly. I am dedicated to the Cause of White Nationalism. Claire-the-Dog is concerned for nothing more than skimming a few bucks for her act as a politically correct "paytriot" for as long as she can keep the scam going. Given enough time and enough foolishness, she might very well rise to columnist status on behalf of those 'conservatives' who conserve nothing except a plea to eat another 'conservative' pro-criminal regimeist first and them last. But within the ranks of the true Resistance element, the people who matter among our Movement, let there be nothing but disdain for this infilltraitor out to make a few bucks selling books aimed at the mattoid majority pretending to be patriots.

--Martin Lindstedt



Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 12:35:02 -0700
From: (Ed Wolfe)
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.03Gold (Win95; I)
Newsgroups: misc.activism.militia
CC: XLD - Clark Simmons (,,,,
Subject: Posse> Claire Wolfe: Statement on Martin Lindstedt


After receiving copies of recent messages by Martin Lindstedt, I 
want to state categorically that I do not support Mr. Lindstedt's 
positions, nor do I concur in his personal vendettas. 

And upon reading this, I had no doubt that Claire-the-Hyena was in the same pack as Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog, Red Mike Vanderboegh, and Capt'n CONstitution as one of the criminal regime's paid lackeys and infilltraitors.

When this note was written, it was before I received confirmation that Red Mike Vanderboegh was Moreass-the-Sleezester's favorite infilltraited militia general, but well after I had reason to be suspicious. Likewise, this note came before Ed-the-FiBbIe Dog confessed that he had been harboring a criminal regimeist agent provacateur and informant pretending to be a militia general named Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams but well after EtFD had protected Red Mike on the former PIML. This was also around the time that Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog had gotten Liar Neil Smith to foam at the mouth concerning a link between Benedict Randall and myself. While Benedict Randall was being watched as one of the most dangerous former infilltraitors and agents provacateur, this certainly didn't keep Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog from touching the hot spots of cowardly 'Toons. Benedict Randall is one of the smarter criminal regimeist agents provacateur, and has avoided being seen with the stupider criminal regimeist lackey militia general infilltraitors such as EtFD, Red Mike, or Ken-the-Snitch. In fact, upon occassion Randall will turn on competing infilltraitors such as Red Mike Vanderboegh.

Getting back to Claire-the-Hyena. The problem is that her loyalties other than the paramount ones to herself invarably favor those of the criminal regime. Claire-the-Hyena is just like World Fedruleist Capt'n CONstitution in that she favors the continuation of the evil multi-racial empire by promoting the notion that the various races have common interests in maintaining imperial rule by a corrupt 'liberal' white Establishment. Thus her enemies are the racial Nationalists who would preach the common-sense reality that the races are different, with different interests and that this evil multi-racial empire is destructive of the racial integrity of all races. This is why Claire-the-Hyena does not support my Resistance political positions, nor my "vendettas" against her fellow criminal regimeist lackey infilltraitors infesting what remains of the PC militia generals.

In one message, Lindstedt implied that my satire, "Liberal 
Baiting," somehow endorsed his views.  He misunderstood.  First 
of all, "Liberal Baiting" is a *satire*, not a serious action 
proposal as he appears to think.  Its message is: Anyone who 
imagines there's a connection between the struggle for individual 
freedom and the wretched, group-thinking bigotry of racism is a 
fool and deserves to be hoist on the petard of his own absurd 
prejudices. No one in his right mind could possibly suggest I 
advocate actually *establishing* such connections.

I listed Claire-the-Dog, along with Liar Neil Smith and someone who did turn out to be a Libertarian to Red Mike Vanderboegh as someone who could be trusted to repeat the anti-regime Libertarian line. As I looked at it, real revolutionaries could be trusted to repeat the revolutionary line that the current criminal regime must be destroyed. After all, Liar Neil Smith and Claire-the-Dog made a pretty penny and got undeserved reputations as patriots by yapping about revolutions and how they were revolutionaries. Now it turns out that no, they don't like don't like revolutionaries who revolt according to the cleavage lines of race, preferring instead the pro-Zionist criminal regime which is engaged in genocidal practice against 'goyim' white and black 'gentiles.' It is only when a 'Toon's interest in their particular cult-of-the-me-god is threatened that 'Toons go ballistic and want somebody else to kill all the tyrants for them.


Hiding behind satire is the excuse for being a cowardly hack writer who dares not wage total warfare in the battle of ideas. William Butler Yeats agonized over the moral consequences of writing on behalf of the Irish Rising against the British occupation in 1916. But Yeats got over it, and he wrote like a Revolutionary Patriot must write against a occupational criminal regimeist empire holding his people in durance vile:

"But where can we draw water,"
Said Pearse to Conally,
"When all the wells are parched away?
O plain as plain can be
There's nothing but our own red blood
Can make a right Rose Tree."

The Rose Tree by W.B. Yeats, the deemed the most 'revolutionary' of the four poems concerning the 1916 Easter Rising.

No Resistance writer can hide behind 'satire' when our Resistance soldiers are being murdered by filthy criminal regimeists. When I think of Resistance soldiers such as David Lane spitting his defiance to a fedrule regime kort which will give sentence him to living entombment for 190 years on his third trial for the same offense, or Louis Beam's wife shooting a Mexican federale enforcing a bogus extradition order on her husband, or even David Koresh refusing to knuckle under to the Power of the Beast which he knows will murder him and his family and co-religionists on the one hand, and then the puerile scribblings for profit of such as Claire-the-Hyena or Liar Neil Smith on the other, I simply cannot think of a sufficiently vile adjective to describe such 'Toon criminal regimeist vermin.

As it is, if I see someone in the possession of some puerile pro-criminal regimeist scribblings by such as Claire-the-Hyena or Liar Neil Smith, I shall conclude on the basis of that first impression that they are as big of liars, hypocrites, and fascist shitheads as these authors of deceit. It should be a mark of shame among the Resistance to be seen promoting by ones' custom such criminal regimeist lackeys.


Solipsistic Mattoid Anarchy Fascist Libber'Toons always like to justify themselves by calling the philosophy behind our Movement of National Liberation from a NWO/ZOG evil multi-ethnic empire "the wretched, group-thinking bigoty of racism" while promoting their own supposed "struggle for individual freedom" as paramount and morally superior. In actuality, these solipsistic mattoids denigrate the uncommon man who knowingly sacrifices himself for his his friends, family, kith, kin, tribe, people, race or nation, while advancing as supposedly noble their own sheep-like selfish preoccupation with stampeding within a mass of other herd animals no different than themselves hoping that someone else will be killed and eaten by predators first. It is but a matter of time before the wolf clamps his teeth on their neck and the bleating as to how they have been the only ones unjustly treated by a criminal regime commences.

The morality of individual herd animals grouped together so that the social predators can kill off the weaker herd animals first is as close to a definition of Libber'Toonism as what I have been able to come up with. The archetypical Hero who knowingly advances to do battle with the enemies of his People is invariably loyal first to something other than himself, and thus is a Tribalist or a Nationalist or a Racialist -- anything but a solipsistic Libber'Toon. I have never heard of any Hero who thought only of himself or of his "personal freedom" first. I've never met a Libber'Toon yet who wasn't a cowardly chickenshit poltroon.

I have never advocated the alliance of Nationalistic Heroes and Libber'Toon Poltroons. Such an alliance is unnatural. 'Toons are the wretched offal which a dying social order secretes like snot. Rather, let the 'Toons fend for themselves until such time as their criminal regimeist predators finish eating the very last one of these scruffy human herd animals.

Lastly, speaking of hoisting upon petards, the logical petard for Libber'Toons who profess horror of racism is for a successor White Nationalist military dictatorship to deport such vermin -- nits and lice -- to one of their multi-cultural paradises where there is no law or government impeding the end result of "complete individual freedom." Take them out of their comfortable white suburbia or the rural areas they infest so that they can mingle in unarmed freedom with those they profess to love but can't stand to live among.

I can see it now, the logical petard upon which to impale Claire-the-Hyena and Liar Neil Smith: Deport them and their families to Haiti, which has no government at all -- a Libber'Toon paradise -- where they would of course be swiftly eaten by starving niggers. I doubt that their professions of white guilt and dislike of 'racism' and love for imposing multi-culturism on poor whites who cannot afford to live in white liberal strongholds would fend off appetites whetted by racial realities on the part of racial realists of differing color.

"Liberal Baiting" is also a condemnation and a mockery of people 
who attack and demonize innocent others. The particular target 
of the piece was America's illiberal media and bogus "militia 
experts".  But I have no use for any such destructive people, 
whether they designate themselves liberal, conservative, 
libertarian or something else altogether. 


"Liberal Baiting" was initially proposed for an 'all-girl monkey-wrenching issue of Modern Militiaman.' This sort of femnifascist silliness didn't last very long, and the article was incorporated into a normal issue of Modern Militiaman. The problem with those who are solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascists is that there simply cannot be anything done in concert by such idiots. There was NOT an all-girl monkey-wrenching issue that time nor anytime because the Chicken Little cannot form an effective coalition with Henny Penny and Turkey Lurkey. Foxy Locksey will end up having them all admiring his etchings lining his oven.

Red Mike Vanderboegh played a similar game with Moreass-the-Sleezester of trying to infilltrate the militia movement by defaming Moreass a bit while at the same time trying to rid the Resistance of its effectives by informing on White Nationalists day and night. Claire-the-Hyena sounds no different than Moreass-the-Sleezester in her preferences and prejudices, but draws her pay by pretending to be a "Patriot." When it comes down to it, Claire-the-Hyena is simply the 'tails' to the same criminal-regimeist base-metal coin which has Moreass-the-Sleezester as 'heads.' Both such vermin have the same modus operandi in that they steal by deceit from the extremely stupid of the movements they infest.

I'm horrified that Martin Lindstedt, whom I don't even know, 
would claim my support and philosophical comradeship while 
conducting a flaming, grotesquely irresponsible, and evidence-less 
attack on people I respect. But the worst aspect of this entire 
situation is watching Mr. Lindstedt commit mental and emotional 
suicide in front of the whole freedom movement. I don't want him 
or anyone else imagining I endorse the attitudes that are leading 
to his self-destruction.

Claire Wolfe

Claire-the-Hyena is "horrified" because she is a cowardly tick hanging on the bunghole of the militia movement sucking whatever nutrients are available as a professed patriot. She certainly doesn't want any ties to gaunt Resistance wolves who are dedicated to pulling down an evil multi-ethnic empire. She could get hurt in the fighting!

Also, by my fighting with Claire-the-Hyena's fellow infilltraitors, she could get tarred with the same brush as I have tarred her friends. So back then was her turn to dump while the dumping was good.

Of course she was right. I am dedicated to removing infilltraitors, agents provacateur, and criminal regimeist profiteers, and such as Claire-the-Hyena would inevitably be in my sights and I would squeeze the trigger when she became detected. So like a rabbit she decided to jump while I was engaged in fighting with the more dangerous criminal regimeists such as Red Mike Vanderboegh, Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog, and the Tri-States Militia Coalition. Now that I've finished these birds of like feather, I have plenty of time to deal with 'Toon profiteers such as Claire-the-Hyena. I have plenty of evidence concerning these infilltraitors, and I have posted it for anyone to see.

A liar and an infilltraitor such as Claire-the-Hyena pretending to care about a Resistance hard-case's mental health is a joke. Such nonsense is merely the old KGB trick of proclaiming that rebels against the criminal regime suffer from mental health defects.

Claire-the-Hyena isn't mentally ill. She is simply a criminal regimeist infilltraitor looking to make a fast buck as a paytriot guru. It is not a question of sanity, but of politcs, because both myself and Claire-the-Hyena are on differing sides. I am a hard-core Revolutionist dedicated to overthrowing the criminal regime and exterminating criminal regimeists without mercy. Claire-the-Hyena is a liar and a profiteer trying to get the pretend patriots to pay her FRNs for yapping the criminal regimeist line that the polyglot empire can endure if the white race is chained to supporting it. This is a fascist ideology, with the victims being the dispossessed White majority. The criminal regime cannot long keep White America down, because the destruction of White America means the end of the evil empire which lives off of White America. It is but a matter of time before open racial Nationalists sit down with other racial Nationalists to divide the evil empire into various homelands after dealing with our racial traitors. In that day Claire-the-Hyena will be lucky if she lives long enough to be hoised on her above-mentioned petard.

--Martin Lindstedt



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