Non Serviam 12/24/02

by Author/Architect of Agression: Luke LaVellian


Carl Worden, PatrIdiot And Kike CONvert To jewdeo-Christianity

I thought I would share the words of this representative of the frothing flotsam and jetsam of the phony faketriotic movement. Here goes:

I don't get it and never will, but I do know Satan hates God's true Chosen People, the Jews, so I can only assume that in at least some of these most malignant cases, these people are demon-possessed. They certainly act like they are demon-possessed . . .
Carl F. Worden
Liaison Officer
Southern Oregon Militia

Hey Carl, you might be on to something! Sometimes I wake up at night, sweating like a pig and growling in a black metal voKillist style the words "WE ARE LEGION!". It never occured to me before, but what extreme Aryan haters like me probably need to do is call in the exorcist/faith healers! "BE GONE SPIRIT OF WHITE PRESERVATION!" Worden, you truly are an ass-clown's ass-clown! Thanks for the belly-laugh, Carl! Oh and would you mind answering a question- Who takes roll-call when you have meetings of a one-man militia? Just curious.


Editor's Note: Carl Worden, popularly known as Khazarl Worden(stein), has been a fixture in the militia-general [bowel] movement since at least 1996. Khazarl used to be the jew 'brains' behind the race-mixing militia and ADL/SPLC/FBI agents provacateur militia calling itself the Tri-States Militia/Coalition. Khazarl made itself the 'Liason Officer' for the jews running from Californication in Oregon. As a 'liason officer' Khazarl would try to insinuate itself in the whigger CONstitpational militias, and largely succeed. Khazarl had absolutely not a chance of infiltraiting inside the genuine White Nationalist or Christian Identity militias, a source of frustration for Khazarl. Khazarl has thus at times, like Kernal Red Mike Vanderkike of an Alabama collection of horseless Bolshevik mattoids, pretended without success to pretend to be Aryan. In fact, Khazarl is a greasy race-mixing kike married to a latrina piece of mexcrement, courtesy of Californication.

In late 1997 or early 1998, Khazarl left the Tri-States Militia/Coalition, and formed Khazarl's One-Kike Militia. When Khazarl isn't playing with the non-existent 'minds' of whigger herd animals wanting to pretend to be militia-mattoids, Khazarl tries to curse the Christian Israelites and White Nationalist Resistance. I simply tell Khazarl to do its voo-doo doo-doo jew-jew and chew on its goat (or nigger) pizzle and vainly hope that its daddy Satan puts a hex on me. Khazarl loves to molest little White children. See "Its Name Was Khazarl & It Was a Child Molester." Khazarl is the satanic mamzer wanting to be in Christian Israel's midst and to treat us like its fellow kikes treat Palestinians.

For a listing of Khazarl Worden(stein)'s typical militia-mattoid provacateur grass-ass drill & SOP, see: Wednesday Nite at Khazarl's Militia Head&Hind Quarters. Khazarl spends some of its time at FiBbIe Headquarters whining about 'Nazi/CI militias.'

To know Khazarl is not to love Khazarl. After all, what is there to love? -- Martin Lindstedt



GOP (Grand Ole Prostitutes) Elect Frist to Lead New Senate

WASHINGTON - Senate Likudlicans unanimously elected Bill Frist on Monday to "lead"(actually that is what Frist's handlers are for) them in the next Congress, and began trying to shift their focus from Trent Lott's insincere pro-segregation remarks to tax cuts for those making over $350,000 a year and the rest of ZOG CEO Bush's contributor's agenda.

Scattered throughout the Occupied land until Congress reconvenes next month, 48 GOP (Grand Ole' Prostitute) senators used a conference call to anoint the eight-year Senate veteran from Tennessee. Among them was a still "apologetic" Lott, the whigger scum-froth who abruptly quit the job Friday, two weeks after touching off an entirely phony "political maelstrom" when he pretended to admire the "evil" Sen. Strom Thurmond for his pro-segregationist presidential run of 1948.

"We stand jewnited," Frist, who was unopposed, told reporters later in his hometown of Nashville. "We Likudlicans speak as one team since we're all reading from the same talking points, and we I honestly believe this will transform what has occurred in the last few weeks, what has occurred at this prophetic moment in history, into a catalyst, a catalyst for jewnity and a catalyst for religious change/revival. Glory be to they who slouch towards Jurjewasalem!"

Frist and other Likudlicans cited the battle against anti-semitic terrorism, the need to spark an economic revival for the rich and creation of a prescription drug benefit for elderly jews as issues Congress must confront quickly. But with many Likudlicans worried that Lott's remarks have hurt Grand Ole' Prostitute efforts to recruit support from Living Fossil (African) voters, Frist indicated he also would focus on repairing that damage.

"I intend to make it clear that the black man is the proverbial elephant (or is that gorilla?) in the living room, and he shall stay just that. If any haters try to discuss/draw attention to that elephant, why they're going to have to answer to us Likudlicans! Glory Be. Praise be to Dog!" "We must dedicate ourselves to healing those wounds of division that have been reopened so prominently during the past few weeks," he said. "Africans are very sensitive, as they should be. We don't have to rub it in just where exactly it is that they stand in relation to the White man. It is time to, as the Late great "Promise Keeper" Coach Tom Landry said, to 'wash the black man's feet'. Praise the Lard and pass the White girls!".

Frist looked skyward at this point with the dumbest look on his face that I have seen since I last watched a Billy Graham revival.

Frist, 50, equated his new leadership post with that of a man with a religious mission.

"A few moments ago, my colleagues gave me a responsibility equal to that, and in some ways, many would say, even a heavier responsibility," he said. "I accepted that responsibility with a profound sense of humility. This is a kinder, gentler Likudlican party", Bill declared, "I will convert our black and brown brothers and sisters from the Labor Party into good upstanding Likudniks! I know I am up to the task and I know that non-whites can hear the word too. The jews are here to bless all of us and that includes the non-whites! I know that they are equal to us Whites because Dog didn't make no junk!".

Frist continued to spout judeo-Christian bumber-sticker cliches, but I lost interest and fell asleep. Sorry. As I was trailing off I did hear something about "WWjD" (What Would jews Do?).

Goy Whigger Bush congratulated Frist in a written statement. "Senator Frist has earned the trust and respect of the jewish people and his colleagues on both sides of the aisle," Bush said. "I look forward to working with him and all members of the Senate and House to advance the Lard's agenda for a safer, stronger and better Pax Judaica."

"This was obviously not a joyous celebration," Rick Santorum told reporters afterward. Rick said the tone of the conference call was "one of prayerful mock-solemnity." "Everyone is still hurting over how Trent let us down. We had no choice but to deliver a good, old-fashioned kosher amish 'shunning'. We take no great pleasure in this, but it must be understood that the people of dog are not to be trifled with, even in jest. I think Trent is truly repentant and I hope he will continue to make penance the way a good gentile should."

Frist began his remarks to reporters afterward on a religious theme, saying he and his wife went to temple Saturday night to ponder the change about to occur in their lives. And he cited a talMUDic passage that he said reads, "In his heart, a man plans his course, but the jews determines his steps."



Oregon - It 'aint my idea of a 'homeland' but it'll do for now

A few weeks ago, I moved back to the state that I grew up in since I was eleven. It was purely an economic decision and had little to do with any great love of the place.

When I left Oregon in 1991 it was frankly well on its way to becoming the A-Hole of the American Northwest. Bloods and Crips were being brought in by the bushel-loads by the corrupt Oregonian jew/whigger power structure to run the streets for them. Anyone who lived in the state back then must remember the loathsome Penny Herrington, who was the Portland Police Chief. Even the local TV news people pretty much conceded she was in bed with organized crime. There was one year, 1989 (I think), where the rape rate in the capitol (Salem) went up 400%! All of the increase the direct result of nigger/spic migration.

Well anyway, I am currently renting a run-down cabin on a beautiful river. It's a 40 minute drive to work, but it allows me to pretend that I live in somewhat tolerable surroundings. The truth is this state has only gotten 11 years closer to it's southern neighbor (Californication) in terms of livability. The nearest little town, has a population of less than 500 people, and even it has spics in it!

Those who think that this place is 'holding the line' have lived here too long. They are the frog in the proverbial pan. Most people here seem to be doing a pretty good job of pretending that all is well. Perhaps they think it would be too "spendy" (Oregonianism meaning 'expensive') to get involved in any efforts to do something about what is happening. I'm seeing the same lack of testicular fortitude that I left behind in my last two temporary hometowns. If we can't even talk out loud about the United States government and its programs and policies that are murdering the Aryan race, then how in the f'n world are we ever going to DO anything about it? Worse yet, are those who will not even admit to THEMSELVES that what is being done to their people is wrong.

There is no dodging the judeo-masonic crud cabal. Some areas in America haven't been as heavily targeted by the kikes and the religious nut-balls as of yet, but they soon will be. The best a person can hope for in this country at the moment is to search out those little semi-oasis type places, accepting at the same time that you will literally be surrounded by the enemy. There's a lot of nice real estate in the metro-Salem area, but there are also more-than-a-few "no-go"-zones for White people (you didn't hear about that on TV, did you?). It helps to spend some time figuring this stuff out BEFORE you make any possible moves. Get familiar and comfortable with an area BEFORE you commit. For me, everything is as I left it, only MORE so.

I lived for eight years on 42 acres in a rural area about a twenty minute drive to Corvallis. This area is great if you like natural beauty but frankly has some of the dumbest citizens of any place I've ever seen.

Inbreeding, jew-worship and Oregon State nigger-ball fanaticism have taken quite a toll here. When I attended High School, the muds and cruds were begining to arrive in troublesome numbers. I visited the town the other day and believe me the process of disintegration continues unabated and is actually cheered on by the majority of dumb-asses I've tried to discuss the situation with. I used the word 'nigger' when talking to what I thought was a pretty cool guy and couldn't have been better "chewed-out" if I had been talking to a kike! Shit-bird whiggers like him make me sick. "Men" like this should have to be branded on the forehead with the words "ZOG BITCH". It would spare me the trouble of wasting time trying to reason with them. This idea that rural Whites have been "spared" all the mind-laundering that the "city slickers" get is pure bunk. They watch the same talMUDvision that everyone else does. The school curricula is chosen by the same judeophilic pieces of garbage that choose what is studied in the 'big city'. If anything you will find far more racists in the cities than you find in the outlying areas where it is far easier to lie to yourself about racial matters than it is for those who can hardly walk out the front door without seeing and smelling muds.

Maybe in a few years, I'll try to find a job in Alaska. Maybe the ZOG won't think to flood whitey with muds up there, what do you think? Just kidding. It's like Tom Metzger wrote (I think it was him), if you can't hold the whole thing (America), those who CAN aren't going to let you hold a "part" of it.

Might Is Right.



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