Awful Bitch Hyena Creates New Hyena Pak



Date: 24 Sep 98 14:04:13 PDT
From: Roxy Johnson (

You Martha Limpdick I am so sick of your pompous chest thumping.  
You remind me of the mountain gorillas in the rainforests of the 
Congo Mountains.  You thump your chest and expect people to run 
in fear.  Well you know what...I'M NOT RUNNING!  

I draw a line in the sand right here and right now.  I'm no longer 
TSC and because of that I can proceed in dealing with you on my 
terms.  I will have you know each day I pull up your webpage and 
I study your face.  I engrave it in my mind.  If I ever see your 
ugly ass, hate-filled face in my State, my Territory, or anywhere 
near any of my people...I will personally make sure you never 
bother another person.  When "the balloon goes up" (and it will
someday), I will be certain you are hunted down like the parasite 
you are and neutralized.

I'm sick of all the Cunnilingus Inepts (CI), Pussy Cuntitatus, 
Whiney Anal Neurotics, Anal Neurotics and other Wanna-be haters 
that have flooded my state coming up here with their "aryan youth" 
recuiters and destorted history.  The next time I see one of them 
skinheaded bottom feeders, I may be hardpressed not to put my rig 
into 4-low and see if I can scale his shining dome with my 
33x10.5x15 offroad mudkings.  

Also, note in your email conversation to Jryder of Wed, 09 Sep 1998 
16:07:25M "Frankly speaking, I have no interest in speaking to the 
Awful BitchHyena.  If I don't hear any nonsense from her, and she 
sticks to her own kind, then that is all right by me.  However, if 
I see scrofulous hyena droppings on my listserver, or yelping 
concerning myself, I have no problem with getting out the ol' 
spit-shined jackboot and giving a swift kick to the responsible 
hyena's butt."

Go for it if you think you have the Gonads (I have it from a 
reliable source that they were nipped off before you were dry 
from the birthing of your Jackel mother).  But you know what, 
first you will have to find me.  I know what you look like, but 
you sure as shit haven't a clue what I look like.  I also know
your exact physical location...can you say the same about me?  
I doubt that very much.  And you know why...because I was always 
the best at playing Hide-N-Seek.  So if you think you can kick 
my butt and put this Bitch in her I am...just try it.  
But you best pack a lunch and bring an army.
   I had two ex-husbands try and this old SheWolf turned around 
and bit back.  

As for calling me a Bitch...thank you for the honorific.  My best 
friend of 15 years was a bitch.  A more loyal friend and patriot 
couldn't be found.  Just for your information, here is a definition 
of Bitch if you think I take offense to it.

B eautiful
I ntelligent
T alented
C harming
H onorable

Mr. Limpdick, yes I'm a bitch...I'M THE BITCH....AND I'M MS. BITCH 

Oh btw, so you know...I'm no longer TSC.  I'm sick to death of the
footdragging that is happening there.  The time to prepare is long 
past and I plan on making sure my people are able to make a go of it.  
We are organizing on a rapid basis and will be ready when TSC is 
just getting started.  So WOLF PACK SURVIVAL NETWORK'S list CALL OF 
THE PACK isn't TSC, never was TSC and never will be TSC.  

Your statement "thieving murderous moral degenerates" causes me to 
raise an eyebrow.  You must be talking about yourself and your 
friends in hate.  I have never seen any TSer post anything that says 
they want to kill and/or rape innocent people...but the pages of 
yourself and your bottom feeding Hitler worshipping compatriots are 
full of violence against those who disagree with you.  What ever 
happened to the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill"?  All of you are 
bunch of child-molesting, limpwristed, faggot non-men.  You love to
espouse the raping of innocent women...Is that because you can't 
get a "real" woman to go to bed with you.  After viewing your face 
for umpteenth times, I wouldn't doubt it.  A paperbag wouldn't be 
enough to cover the ugliness it holds.

I would also like to thank you for helping me make a "spiritual" 
decision that has been on my mind for several years.  I have decided 
to divest myself of the "robe of Christianity" and pursue 
instruction on paganism.  For years I have felt that Christians 
have become hypocrites and corrupted a theology that was once my 
answer.  Your hate has convinced me that Pagans are more spiritual 
and true to their beliefs then the vast majority of the supposed 
Christians.  Years ago I accepted the Wolf as my "Spirit Guide" 
(Note to you know why I call myself AlphaSheWolf).  
Well early this morning my Spirit Guide convinced me to follow the 
true path of a Warrioress and follow my spriritual calling.


In regards to your remark "roxy says I backstabbed her.  Claims I 
sent Lindset an email, and he forwarded it to her."  I never said 
that Limpdick sent me that email..I said it was "sent" to me.  I 
have my "contacts" out there and they keep me posted on both you 
and well as you many exchanges.  Don't play all innocent 
and angelic.  We know you and him are joined at the hip and closer 
then you want people to know.  Ah the things we have on you...if I 
was a federal infiltrator you wouldn't be reading this email right
now, I guarantee it.

In regards to the remark "PS. roxy, let your guard down for once.  
I regularly hear from a third of the people on the 'national list'.  
One of them has publicly admitted thats where the photos came from."

What national list?  The only people in WPSN who know who the 
members of WPSN are is myself, my XO and my security chief.  I can 
well guarantee neither of us are in contact with you or choose to be.  
In regards to the cryptic remark about "photos".  I haven't a damn 
idea what the hell you are referring to.  Are you implying you have 
"photos" of me?  Yeah right, and donkeys have wings and Pigs fly.  
I call you on that remark.

And last but not least the remark "Also, since Im a backstabber --
your words-- would you be bothered further if I opened up the 
archives  and let some stuff out?  You better be."  And what do you 
think are in the archives that I should be worried about?  There 
isn't a damn thing there that you an use against me or WPSN.  But 
for your information...the archives are you can try.


In closing to all the pukes, bottom feeders, slime suckers and other 
one-cell life forms who are reading this.  GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF MY 
Survival Network has drawn the line in the sand and said ENOUGH IS 
ENOUGH!  You will not claim this area as your "homeland" because we 
drive all of you into the ice-cold pacific.  You want a "homeland" 
then take your sorry asses back to Europe that you seem to love so 
much.  But you leave the NW out of your plans for "domination" and
"subjation".  I catch anymore Aryan Youth Recruiters outside of the 
local grocery stores in my local area...I will personally see how 
well they can dodge a lifted fullsize 4x4 going 65mph.  

Also, cease all operations that are threatening and/or harassing any 
of my friends and associates.  If any of them are harmed by members 
of your Luciferian Inspired movement, the wrath of WPSN will be 
threefold to what you think you can deal out.  This is your only 

National Pack Leader
Wolf Pack Survival Network
Vires in Unitate


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Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 16:07:25 -0500
To: (JRyder)
From: Martin Lindstedt (
Subject: Re: Not Such a Disabled Rat -OR- Back to Snitching, 
  Infilltraitoring, and Provacateuring with EtFD

At 10:04 AM 9/9/98 GMT, you wrote:
>>Roxy told me she was advised by her lawyer to change her mailbox so 
>>you wouldnt fill it up.

    I didn't know that she was on speaking terms with you.  I suppose 
that is because I have replaced you as #1 on her hate list.

    Frankly speaking, I have no interest in speaking to the Awful
BitchHyena.  If I don't hear any nonsense from her, and she sticks 
to her own kind, then that is all right by me.
    However, if I see scrofulous hyena droppings on my listserver, 
or yelping concerning myself, I have no problem with getting out 
the ol' spit-shined jackboot and giving a swift kick to the 
responsible hyena's butt.

>>The new maillist -wolfpack- is low/no volume, and just survivalism.

   Well, Jake, as I have told you in the past, I don't think that 
exceeding stupid survivalists who get their names on the Tri-States 
Militia/Coalition lists deserve to survive.  Serves 'em right if the 
Tri-Staters murder them for their survival equipment.  Real 
survivalists don't do stupid stuff, such as get their names on lists 
run by criminal regimeists and thieving murderous moral degenerates. 
   If it hadn't been for the fact that most of these Tri-Staters 
are criminal regimeist infilltraitors and informants as well, spying 
on the militia feebs and thus on our back door, Resistance 
counter-intelligence would have little or no interest in the 
Tri-Staters.  I suppose I could infiltrate the Tri-Staters' 
dog-pack mail list with a dummy Internet e-mail address, but the 
level of stupidity to be found on such would make the effort 
worthless.  I much prefer not to interfere with evolution in action, 
which is why I never infiltraited PIML/PDML after Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog
kicked me off.

>>You might include her boss, W. Johnstone, in your articles.  Hes at:
>>   and

    Occassionally I do.  Johnstone is such a feeb.  If he had had 
any intelligence whatsoever, he would have purged defective livestock 
and sent them to the packers.  That's what I do with a sick cow.
    Note the e-mail addresses.  Dogs think they are in the CIA.  
Dog spooks.  Idiotic dog spooks.

--Martin Lindstedt



From: "David L the Rogue" (
To: (, 
    "Roxy Johnson" (
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 20:09:48 -0400
Subject: [resistancepoliticalfront] RE: POMPOUS CHEST THUMPING

Roxy thank you for sending me a copy of your letter and copy's of 
previous letters to this bunch of loony Toon goose steppers. I am 
really sickened to realize that people like these share the planet 
with me. This is to the creatures that consider Roxy their enemy. 
Guys you need to reread history as well as your Bibles if you think 
the white race is supreme just because of skin color.  Hell I was 
raised in the south in areas that thought that the color of a 
persons skin was more important than what he or she had inside
them. I never even saw a person of another color until I was 6. 
But I guess I was smarter than you because I was able to see it 
isn't what a person looks like that matters its what they hold in 
there heart and there behavior that matters. I can see from the 
letters that some of you have written that you are very ugly people 
inside and not worthy to be considered as part of the White or any 
other race I would call you animals but animals are way above you 
and prettier on the inside. Maybe we should just name you the Ugly
Race. Because you are so Ugly on the inside. God the creator may 
have made some mistakes and to be honest I think he did when he 
created creatures like you members of the Ugly Race.

>From the Rogue




At 08:35 PM 9/24/98 -0400, XXXX,XXXX wrote:
>Hey Martin, Mike,
>Martin, I don't think answering this woman would be to your 
>benefit--not that I don't like your trouncing the unintelligent, 
>because I do. But this woman is obviously deep in the throes of 
>some horrendous emotional horseshit she hasn't the smarts to even 
>recognize, and I don't think it would be of benefit to you to 
>castigate her in her present state. 

    I still think that she deserves a whupping, and you know that I 
have a policy of being mean to criminals and fools.

   Right now I am pretty busy catching up with legal work.  I need to 
trash further trash out Jeff Randall as well.  That importunate 
infilltraitor is begging for some of my time and attention.

   As far as this hyena's emotional state, it is much the same. Seems 
like the Tri-Staters, chaotic fascistfeebs all, finally got tired of 
this domineering silly bitch and kicked her out of the TSM/C.  Thus 
she probably is in the same emotional state as when two ex-husbands 
said that they were calling it quits.

>I was appalled reading what she wrote. Some people just are not 
>going to read what you write and get it no matter fucking what. 
>And the hatred that poured out of her was pretty intense. 

    Sure.  I always knew this woman was as big a phony as she was a 
liar and a fool.  She lives on nothing but a self-love for herself. 
After six years of polyticks, I usually get intensely suspicious of 
those who profess a promiscuous love for everyone.  The whole world 
is full of solipsistic mattoid anarchy-fascists like this hyena 
who love no one but themselves.  Probably the AwfulBitchHyena hates 
the Tri-Staters who kicked her out a lot more now than myself, but 
she chose this time to rabidly bite everyone on her enemies' list, 
and that certainly included myself.

>I know you fight intense battles. In a way, perhaps that is your 
>fate--or that you chose that fate. It is something I admire you for, 
>in many ways.
>But this one? Lordy, Martin. You argue logically, even when you are 
>at your most surgical and even at your most nasty. This person just 
>offed a emotional blast--so don't even bother. Save your breath for 
>those with the intelligence to perhaps, maybe, someday, comprehend 
>what you say.

   I said that I'd be kicking hyena butt if I seen hyena droppings on 
my listserver.  Unlike the late-unlamented PIML/PDML, RPF does not 
censor anyone for even the most outrageous behavior, but the listserver 
owner reserves the right to insult idiots, morons, infilltraitors and 
moral degenerates whenever he feels like it, not needing any reason. 
Finding hyena droppings gives me reason to get out the jackboots and 
buff out the shine on hyena rump.

>Save your wild, creative savagery for those who deserve it.

    This pore hyena's world would be out of kilter if I didn't show 
that I had enough notice of her wretched existance in order to kick 
her distended red anus.

>Just some thoughts,
>(Wasn't that Hell piece some kick? I'm still laughing.)  

   Great minds think alike.  I read it a few days ago on The Onion 
and had a great laugh.  I thought it second only to the column written 
several weeks ago by the Reverend Angus McHolstein or something like 
that.  That August issue had something about Jews desecrating SS war 
cemeteries which I found amusing as well.

   So is Claire Wolfe still rabid about me even after I showed how 
Jeff Randall, Red Mike Vanderboegh and Ken-the-Snitch were all in it 
together?  I think it's the shits how some people prefer liars who 
profess a politically correct lie over those of us who never bothered 
to pretend to love everyone.

--Martin Lindstedt




At 9/26/98 -0700, Buford A. Angry-Aryan wrote:
>I have followed with grate interest the posts of both of u regarding 
>the Tri-Creepists.  I noticed a name of one there members being 
>repeated over again.  Recently she posted a very derogative post 
>called Pompos Chest Thumping.  

    Yes, and she posted it to my listserver.

    However, it seems like the Tri-Stater creeps finally had enough 
of this awful woman, and kicked her out.  Therefore, she revealed 
what kind of person she really is by her idiotic screetch.  This 
quasi-female is thoroughly unlovely.

>Well, I feel that women need to remain in there places (that
>being kichens & child-baring) & they need to be reminded of there place

    I think this 'woman's place' is in absolute isolation.  I would 
not be wanting to 'change her place' because I think she deserves to 
be left absolutely isolated away from normal people.  Thankfully, she 
is such a creep that even the Tri-Staters, a pathetic pack of 
fascistfeebs doubtless out to steal or murder the stuff of their 
'survivalist victims, had enough of this awful person to where they 
kicked her out from amongst their gathering of criminals as unfit 
even for their scrofulous company.  I doubt that she went willingly.

   So, having gotten what was inevitable and necessary -- the quarantine 
of this awful person -- I see no reason to do anything which would 
jeopardise this result.  Lets keep her quarantined in her self-imposed 
isolation -- not be doing anything which would cause sympathy to go 
back to this awful person.  Banishment from everyone, even her fellow 
moral degenerates, is a suitable punishment for such as her. 

   Our Nationalist and religious movement is based not upon hatred 
of others, but on a primary love and alliegance to our own people 
and kindred.  This awful person has no love for anyone other than 
herself and makes a false effort to clain how she loves others. 
Let us leave this awful person in the isolation she has brought 
about, in her own private hell on earth.  I cannot think of a 
more deserved fate than condemning her to her own company.

>           I then went to Yahoo People Search & entered the email
>addresses this upstart femi-nazi has used in the past.  Imagine my
>surprise when I discovered her presence was located in a town a few 
>miles from me.  I also then realized that American Survival Guide 
>had posted a ad for the Tri-Creepists from this same town.  I'm sure 
>by now you gentlemen know who I'm referring to.  Roxanne Johnson.  
>It appears she resides in the community of Lebanon, OR.  When I did 
>a phone search, I found a Roxanne Johnson listed, but upon calling 
>the number I found out it wasn't the one who goes by alphashewolf.  
>It is possible that another Roxanne Johnson lives in Lebanon, 
>according to the person who answered the phone.  There is about 50 
>or so Johnson's listed in the city of Lebanon, but I'm sure with 
>patience a person could locate her since Lebanon has a population 
>of about 11,000.

    I think it would be useful to know where exactly this awful 
person lives and to let her know that her presence has been located.  
In her post she made veiled threats concerning myself and gloated 
as to how I do not know where she lives.  Placing an end to her 
anonyminity should be useful in that it will still her cowardly 
tongue.  All these Tri-Staters and infilltraitors live in fear that 
the people they malign will come show up at their doors some early 
a.m. with a dull knife and a bad attitude.  They have not the benefit 
of courage arising from their convictions as all their universe will 
end when they do, so they are all the rankest of cowards, having 
neither faith nor ideology to give their empty lives meaning.

   So please, by all means, if you can detect this awful person's 
locality without becoming revealed, by all means do so.

   The Resistance has an unparelleled security operation, as every 
one of its soldiers collects information about the known criminal 
regime enemy.  Every community has its share of unreconstructed 
white men who are coming to the realization that the criminal regime 
must be destroyed and criminal regimeists exterminated, and that 
bringing about this necessity will be neither peaceful nor 'legal' 
until we control the organs of justice.

   Part of the steps to our victory is indeed counter-surveillance of 
infilltraitors and criminal regimeists until such time as they are to 
be dealt with.

>Anyways, you gentlemen r welcome to use this information in whatever way
>to bring the bitch to bay & teach her who her betters r.  I hope this
>information can be of any help in locating the upstart bitch cur and
>whipping her back in line.

   By all means, find out discreetly as to where this sorry excuse for 
a woman lives, and I would be more than happy to put her address up 
on the WWW.  But let her own isolation and fear whip her into line -- 
not our selves, not yet.

--Martin Lindstedt



At 08:22 PM 9/27/98 -0700, Buford A. Angry-Aryan wrote:

>i'm not able to find where the picture came out of but of course 
>i did some upgrading on my system lately and it may have been 
>erased.  could you please send url so i can download it and look 
>for the bitch cur for you.

   I know the goofy woman has created a number of WWW pages, but like 
all the natural crazoids and infilltraitors is pretty careful not to 
put her picture out.  I don't know of any picture she has out, else I 
would post it in my Resistance Rogues Gallery.  

   Perhaps somebody else knows where her picture is.

--Martin Lindstedt



Subject: Upstart Bitch Hyena

At 06:19 PM 9/28/98 -0700, Buford A. Angry-Aryan wrote:

>i don't doubt the clame that the photos are r there.  if you can 
>find any evidence of existence, please let me know.  my friends 
>(who i have chose to tell of the upstart cur-bitch are in ageement 
>that she needs a lesson taught.) would like to belive the correct 
>female is punished.  evn u chose to "isolate" her, it is my 
>personal experience that such women need a harder hand to pull 
>them back in lyne. situatin is possible she is just n need of hard 
>disciplyne to learn her roll in lyfe.  after such "discypline" she 
>will probalby become best advocate for yur reliigions orgination.

   It is her inherent nature to act this way and I doubt that she 
would learn anything from a short-term 'lesson' in deportment.  The 
whole social order has become just like her, and squashing one 
particular hyena would accomplish nothing when there are 50 million 
just like her to attend the funeral.

   All the AwfulBitchHyena accomplished through her latest notes 
is her further isolation.  I would not have this dreadful hyena 
attain martyr status through getting smacked by some young angry 
white males.  The furor does not benefit us at all.  Rather, it is 
better that she live in fear generated by her fervid hyena 
imagination than to get a well-deserved chastisement which will 
reveal hidden Resistance cells.

   I would welcome getting a picture of the ABH to post so that 
everyone would know what she looks like.  But for now, while we 
are weak and there are a lot worse criminals deserving punishment, 
let her well-deserved isolation and public humiliation be enough. 
She will yelp as loudly under the scourge tomorrow as she will 

--Martin Lindstedt




Subject:Awful Hyena Woman

At 03:04 AM 9/27/98 -0000, you wrote:
>i'm new to list.  who is this woman and what is her problem?

    She is Roxanne Johnson, formerly of the Tri-States 
Militia/Coalition until they kicked this bossy heifer out from 
among them.  She don't like me very much and for good reason -- 
I have written extensively about the TSM/C from which she was 
recently expelled.

   My problem with the Tri-Staters is that they are filled with 
infilltraitors of the former militia movement.  Digging deeper 
into what they were, I found a bunch of crackpot fascists intent 
mainly in establishing a politically correct fascist form of 
government intent on destroying the dopers and anarchists on one 
hand, and the CI/White Nationalist Resistance on the other. In 
the meantime, they shall doubtless be killing stupid 'survivalists' 
who get on their lists for their survival stuff.

   So what we have here is not only a 'Nest of Infilltraitors' but 
an especially virulent nest of murderous thieving moral degenerates. 
What is especially funny is that such criminals expelled this Roxanne 
Johnson from out of their ranks as being too bossy and manipulative 
even for the Tri-Stater fascistfeebs.

   So this degenerate woman, this AwfulBitchHyena, is especially 
rabid now, having to bite those responsible as she sees it for her 
expulsion from the ranks of her fellow moral degenerates.  Hence the 
message left several days ago on my listserver.

   For further information, go to my Resistance Rogue's Gallery, when 
this awful creature and the Tri-States Militia/Coalition is discussed 
in further detail.

--Martin Lindstedt



Subject: Re: Awful Hyena Woman

At 07:30 PM 9/27/98 PDT, you wrote:
>what, if anything, is being done about this dangerous person?  where 
>is she located?  how can i identify her so i can be sure to steer 
>clear of her?  

   Why nothing.  There should be no law against the seriously 
criminally insane unless they do something.  In any case there 
are so many of them running wild in this coast-to-coast nuthouse 
that there simply isn't enough mental hospital space to handle all 
them underbred crazoids running wild.

   Avoid Lebanon, Oregon.

   She is mainly a WWW crazy.  Do not, whatever you do, answer any 
advertisement seeking "survivalists who want to join a cult or 
organization."  This way you should be safe.

--Martin Lindstedt



From: Roxy Johnson (
Subject: Martin Lindstedt Is MisInformed

As I promise Marty, one of the members of the National Planning 
Board has posted in Misc.Survivalism a response to your remarks 
that I was kicked out.  Since I'm not sure that you have caught the 
post yet or even visit MS, I have decided to be kind, sweet & 
honorable and pass Randy's post onto you.  If you want to confirm 
it, just go ahead and contact Randy (or any other member on
the board).  They will be more then happy to clear up this 

PS  Marty, before you start accusing me of such dishonorable deeds 
such as stealing that which belongs to others, you need to research 
the basic creedos of Pagans (most specifically those that belong 
the Pagan Warrior branch).  Unlike Christians such as yourself, 
us Pagans have honor and as such would never think of doing such 
a "dishonorable" deed.

Vires in Unitate
National Pack Leader
Wolf Pack Survival Network



Subject:  Martin Lindstedt Is MisInformed
Date: 29 Sep 1998 02:11:31 GMT
From: (TriStateNW)
Organization:  AOL
Newsgroups: misc.survivalism

>>From: Martin Lindstedt 
>>At 03:04 AM 9/27/98 -0000, you wrote:
>>>i'm new to list.  who is this woman and what is her problem?
>>    She is Roxanne Johnson, formerly of the Tri-States 
>>Militia/Coalition until they kicked this bossy heifer out from 
>>among them.  She don't like me very much and for good reason -- 
>>I have written extensively about the TSM/C from which she was 
>>recently expelled.

Martin,  You need to start looking for a new source for your 
information.  Roxy Johnson was not kicked out of the TSC and she 
has never been a member of the Tri-State Militia.  And the TSC and 
the Tri-State militia have never been connected.  You need to start 
getting you fact correct before you go posting this garbage.

>>   My problem with the Tri-Staters is that they are filled with 
>>infilltraitors of the former militia movement.  Digging deeper 
>>into what they were, I found a bunch of crackpot fascists intent 
>>mainly in establishing a politically correct fascist form of 
>>government intent on destroying the dopers and anarchists on one 
>>hand, and the CI/White Nationalist Resistance on the other. In 
>>the meantime, they shall doubtless be killing stupid 'survivalists' 

Boy call the kettle black Martin.  You seem to be afraid of the 
TSC to post such lies and inuendos.

>>who get on their lists for their survival stuff.
>>   So what we have here is not only a 'Nest of Infilltraitors' but 
>>an especially virulent nest of murderous thieving moral 

Talk about morals, you don't have any.

>>What is especially funny is that such criminals expelled this 
>>Roxanne Johnson from out of their ranks as being too bossy and 
>>manipulative even for the Tri-Stater fascistfeebs.

I wouldn't be suprised that your criminal record  would fill volumes.
You need to find a hobby.  But don't make it comedy.  You are a sick 
joke.  I have visited your pages.  And I really pitty you that you 
don't have anything better to do with your life.  You must be a very 
lonely person.

Also please say hi to JRyder for me.  Nice fellow isn't he.




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