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Patrick Henry On-Line, unlike most WWW pages, has a lot of content. It is my intent to keep on adding and improving Patrick Henry On-Line to bring the finest and most vast selection of Conservative, Libertarian, Resistance, Militia, and Patriot thought and writings.

Some people, faithful readers of Patrick Henry On-Line, have trouble keeping up with what is new or improved. While the content is wonderful, they don't want to search for something new. Good. This new link is designed to simplify their search.

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Version 13a A new subpage, the Resistance Political Front is inaugurated. It's overall purpose is to advance the cause of the political arm of the Resistance. The first article is a discussion of Christian Identity and White Nationalism as the driving forces behind much of the Resistance. .


Version 12e of August 28, 1998 The WWW page was used to tie off loose ends left from my unsuccessful campaign for U.S. Senate as a Libertarian candidate.

Version 12d of Aug 12, 1998 A new item was Tales From The Joplin Police State detailing business as usual of the thuggishly criminal Joplin police.

Version 12c of August 1, 1998 As the primary election drew near, I was engaged in my race for U.S. Senate against Tamster-the-Hamster. As a variant of this, I placed forward my Appeal of my bogus conviction for trespassing as a result of getting arrested by the City of Columbia Police at the order of the 'Toons.
A new set of items for its own WWW page was Thought For the Day which was to consist of essays concerning recent events as they happened. A related subpage was Stuff I Should Have Written -- But Didn't.

Version 12b of July 10, 1998 The new item was the July 4, 1998 issue of Modern Militiaman, Issue 9. However the fighting with the Tri-Staters continued as well.

Version 12a of June 28, 1998 The next month was devoted to fighting Resistance enemies from Red Mike Vanderboegh to the revealed Tri-States Militia/Coalition consisting of Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog and Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams. Some professional 'Toon writers decided that they didn't believe in Revolution after all, or at least not in real revolutionaries. The end result is that I had to set up a Resistance Rogue's Gallery to help keep track of these sneaks.



Version 11i of May 27, 1998 In this version, I blunted Red Mike Vanderboegh's propaganda attack on the Resistance by adding a new issue of the Dees-Vanderboegh Two Times

Version 11h of May 15, 1998. In this version I first mentioned my 'Toon challenger, Tamster-the-Hamster and her policy of hiring 3rd-worlders in preference to Americans. I also poked fun as typical LibberToons. I set up a place to make fun of 'Toon 'leadership'. However, the most important work was in revising and adding my thoughts concerning the allowance of murder by the fedrule judiciary turning loose the FiBbIe sniper Lon Horiouchi who murdered Vickie Weaver.

Version 11f of April 30, 1998. This version updated my U.S. Senate WWW subpage by bringing up the misconduct of the 'Toons plotting since Aug. 1996 to kick me out of the MoLP, and more information regarding Richard Doyle's running for judge.

Version 11e of April 24, 1998 This version concerns my race for u.S. Senate as a Libertarian candidate. Included is a press-release to the St. Louis Post-Despatch. An essay, "Cult of the Me-God" is included as analysis as to why our civilization is collapsing.

Version 11d of April 19, 1998 This version brought forth Modern Militiaman #8 of April 19, 1998 which is a commerative issue of the 5th Anniversary of the Waco Massacre.

Version 11c of April 11, 1998 This version had the new sub-page, The Newton County Libertarian Party. The rest of this version concerned the candidacy of Richard Doyle, non-lawyer Libertarian candidate for Division II Associate Circuit Judge.

Version 11b of Feb. 15, 1998. This version was mainly about putting up Chapter 5 -- The Groundswell of Revolt of Lothrup Stoddard's 1922 classic The Revolt Against Civilization. However, more of Patrick Henry's Debate Hall was added.

Version 11a of January 19, 1998. This version contained some debates with Jon Roland and others regarding the CONstitution. However, the more important items concerned the case of Lindstedt v. Jasper County wherein a federal judge has the notions that regime criminal judges and thuggish police have an absolute right to arrest anybody they want whenever they want. Such a doctrine is called "absolute immunity" from civil suit, and it is the reason why no 'legal' or peaceful redress of grievances short of full-out civil warfare is impossible.



Version 10h-10e of Oct. 31-Sept. 9, 1997 These versions were mainly upgrades of various sections, especially the links section. However, Issue #7 of Modern Militiaman was added to this site.

Also added were sections to my lawsuit in the federal courts to run for sheriff, showing that in effect the system is so corrupt that it refuses to let anyone other than the so-called two-party one-party rule candidates run. Placed into the mix was a copy of my initial appellate brief before the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Version 10d of August 30, 1997. Had the Dees-Vanderboegh Two-Times dedicated to a communist militia general who I suspect of being an informant for the gubbnmint. The reason I took him on is because he was an obstacle in the way of forming an overall Patriot Coalition between what remains of the open patriot movement and militia movement aboveground and the new, leaderless Resistance cells, some of which have survivalists, Christian Identity and Racial Nationalists in them. With his petty meanness and willingness to destroy or inform on any opposition Vanderboegh deemed "Nazi" -- which was about everybody -- I felt it necessary to neutralize as necessary Red Mike Vanderboegh.



Version 10c of July 8, 1997 This version was used to upgrade the Links section, now closely aligned with The Patriot Coalition. Patrick Henry On-Line has 10 meg. of storage available and far less politically correct guidelines than does Geocities. Also upgraded is the 7th Missouri Militia sub-WWW page, now that a number of militia and anti-militia WWW pages have taken notice of it. Everything advocated by the 7th Missouri Militia, such as the need to form "Leaderless Resistance" cells and engage in political warfare and propaganda via e-mail and WWW publishing has already come to pass. Taking a lot of space is Timothy McVeigh's Petition and Brief For Writ of Mandamus of March 25, 1997. McVeigh's lawyers put together quite a listing as to why McVeigh was innocent, but the lawless Federal courts refused to obey their own law. This reprint from Media Bypass was edited by Roving Editor William Gorman for Modern Militiaman #6. .


Version 9a & 9b of Nov. 1996-March 1997:

Version 9a and 9b were finally placed upon my WWW page at the end of March 1997 when I found out how to use File Transfer Protocols to do so in Windows 3.1. Previously I had relied on the people to upgrade it on their server once I had e-mailed or sent floppy disks with the new versions. Since the people at were rather busy, there was no new versions displayed for 5 months.

In the meantime, I got on the Internet via the Granby Telephone Company and then back onto -- Computerland of Joplin. These people of course didn't know anything about how to run e-mail, and they ended up going bankrupt due to their own shoddy business practices. They still have problems running e-mail, but they are adequate in providing mainstream WWW service.

Once I had local telephone access, it was a short time before I learned the value of getting a free homepage on Geocities. While the free WWW pages are only 2 meg. in length and the censorship requirements are foolish, Geocities offers the easiest, almost automatic FTP program which makes upgrading WWW pages a snap. From getting one free WWW page it was easy to find friends who are not into Internet publishing to set up accounts to which they give me access.

So now I control three Geocities sites, each of which is devoted to different aspects of political events:

Patrick Henry On-Line, with six out of ten megabyte unused acts as an archive tying all of the above WWW pages together as well as acting as being its own WWW page in and of itself.

The updates in this page were usually archived copies of the Geocities WWW pages, with the federal lawsuits concerning the Missouri Libertarian Party and other federal lawsuits, press clippings concerning my activities, etc. One new index concerned the persecution of Robert Joos by corrupt police, prosecutors, and the open sewer that is the Misoury KKKangaroo KKKourt System. Robert is a believer in a subset of the Christian Identity religion, and had been kidnapped and held by a corrupt system for close to three years because it fears intelligent people of high moral character who do not worship the state-god.

The hiatus of 4 months in updating this WWW page between November 1996 and March 1997 was valuable because it taught me how to set up WWW pages for myself and friends with no other equipment necessary other than a 386 computer and a modem. Future updates to this WWW page will take place in the future an average of once a month in the future, however.



Version 8c of November 2, 1996.

It has been over a month since I upgraded this WWW page and a lot has been happening.

The biggest news is that I have been engaged in legal warfare with the Missouri court system to have my name placed on the November 5, 1996 ballot as the Libertarian candidate for Newton County Sheriff. While I lost in all the corrupt Missouri courts, I did by this activity get my name before the Newton County public, at least once a week on average on the local paper and radio station for free. I presently have a federal lawsuit pending on this matter.


I continued to tweak the Missouri Libertarian Party Pud-Pullers unmercifully. I have a federal lawsuit against them in action but I have pretty well let them trot squealing down the road to their political Gadarene in peace.

I wasted bandwidth on corrupt mediocraties like LawyerMore for Con-gress and JoJorgenson for President-In-Charge, Vice. They are usually harmless, providing you keep an eye on them. I might or might not trash out the rest of the rascals later.


The next thing of importance was the activation of the 7th Missouri Militia SubPage and its process of spreading political agitation and propaganda to nourish a Resistance movement while it is still possible for such an open crop to be grown.

To that end is Modern Militiaman, Issue #3 published for the pre-election political battle.

All the other new stuff was pretty much mere support for the old stuff, as Patrick Henry On-Line maintains its goals of truly being "Your One Stop Shopping for Sedition" against a corrupt and decaying government.



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