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Patrick Henry On-Line, unlike most WWW pages, has a lot of content. It is my intent to keep on adding and improving Patrick Henry On-Line to bring the finest and most vast selection of Conservative, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Militia, and Patriot thought and writings.

This new link is designed to show where Patrick Henry On-Line has been so that you can see the development of the page from its earliest beginnings to the present. This perhaps will also enable fellow Patriots to figure out how to design and write their WWW pages.

I hope you enjoy looking at our history.

Martin Lindstedt
E-Publisher, Patrick Henry On-Line
Your One-Stop Shopping for Sedition



Version 1 of February 6, 1996:

Version 1 had the the present graphics of both myself and Patrick Henry. It also has a quick Purpose & Dedication largely lifted from Compton's, as I did not have time to write a better one. But other than that, and the picture of Patrick Henry, all else was original.

The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian Issues #14, #13, #11, #8, Best of 1-7.

Also delivered was Socrates had it Coming, first shown in a former going e-mail concern, Freedom's Home Page Gazette, now a mere vanity page. The purpose of "Socrates" was to criticise killer intellectuals everywhere.

Also, there was a little version of the old chestnut The Three Little Pigs & Their Family Values under the soon discarded "Lindstedt's Politically Incorrect Non-Faggot Fairy Fables."

The rest of the page promised a number of things which still have not been delivered, but which will eventually be delivered, such as an electronic university of politics and law.



Less than a week later, on February 11, 1996, Version 2 came out.

The Fables Last Kings, Chapter One and This Old House were added under the the revised heading: "Lindstedt's Politically Incorect Fairy Fables, and so it has remained since.

Author added the first html version of his novel, The Stallion & The Dragons in two chapters, but due to publisher's lack of experience, it has a lot of problems with formatting.



Version 3 of March 12, 1996.

In the Historical Fiction Department, I added portions of a political novel set in the future called, The Very Last Days of the Sweet Land of Liberty with one subchapter, The Missouri Libertarian Party Constitution, which was promptly downloaded by the webmaster of the Missouri Libertarian Home Page, -- The Missouri Libertarian Party's "Official" Ego-Organ of a WWW page. Now I am an official "unperson" when I am not head of the demonology pantheon.

Another item that got in the way was my debate against one of the Libertarian Party's sacraments of sodomy and smokin' dope. I was one of those against the notion of begging the government to recognize the validity of homosexual "marriage" and so I argued and voted against it at the Missouri Libertarian Party Expediting Committee of January, 1996. This was the last issue I wrote for Tom Knapp's Vanity Page, so that it has found its natural level since.

Lastly, I placed into motion putting up a press clipping about my Federal Lawsuit against Missouri Southern State College and the City of Joplin.



Version 7, a-d

Version 7a of June 22, 1996:

Lothrup Stoddard's Revolt Against Civilization has been segmantized into chapters with part of Chapter 2 and all of Chapter 7 being totally new. Check it out.

The Rating Game -- Answered Questionnaires from the Special Interests has been updated with the most thorough answers to be found in my answers to the Kansas City RED-Star.

An interesting case involving my attempts to help a fellow militiaman as part of my unrelenting war upon a corrupt Missouri judiciary is covered in State of Missouri vs. Don Albright.
Yes, you too can remove a crooked judge from your case with a little help from two or more of your friends if only them judicial rat-bastards would obey the law. However, be advised to not try this at home.

Modern Militiaman, Issue #1 is up and running. See what is going on in the modern militia movement.


Version 7b of July 2, 1996:

Here is the index to my Title 42, Section 1983 federal civil rights lawsuit. Some files have been put on up for your legal education at Lindstedt vs. Missouri Southern State College et. al.
There is now, as promised some pro-militia electronic newsletters posted from Michigan. Check it out.
The Conservative, anti-NWO Questionnaires section.


Version 7c of July 4, 1996

After having been gone a long time, the main texts of The Stallion and the Dragon is back up and running. Chapter 4, The Finnsburg Incident has been added, as have the unfinished Chapter 3 and Chapter 5 as well.
This uncompleted novel details the legends of the very early Anglo-Saxons when they lived in present day Denmark and North-east Germany and what happened to them when they invaded Britain after the Romans left. The main hero is a larger-than-life character named Hengist, who led the Germanic invaders after he had been outlawed for deeds mentioned in Beowulf.
Other Anglo-Saxon legends are scattered here and there throughout the text. These legends have been thoroughly researched from the works of such long-dead, but learned scholars as H.M. Chadwick, R.W. Chambers, and the scholar-novelist J.R.R. Tolkien. I have endeavored to be faithful to these scholar's works and interpretations and have taken few liberties with their efforts, however, I am indeed writing a work of fiction. Historical fiction.
The huge chapter 2 has been divided into subchapters, and all of it properly, but simply, html formatted.
I am pleased to present this work again after its absence on this July 4, 1996. Hope you enjoy it.



Version 7d of July 19, 1996 -- Post-Hacker Page.

Sometime on Saturday, July 13th, 1996, one of the modern-day vandals this society spawns like a maggot got on the Computerland of Joplin server and destroyed the e-mail systems and the WWW home pages. It pretty much put an end to over 60 WWW pages and cut service for e-mail to over 2,000 people.
It is quite a bit of work as by this time this WWW page has close to 90 files and over 1.7 megabytes of content -- the overwhelming portion of it in text-based files. Most of the content was generated by myself.
I did not realize that I had created so much until it became necessary to compile it in order to put it back up. So I am a bit proud, a bit concerned at the easiness of disruption, and a bit angry at hard work being put to waste by a vandal.

So what is new?

I do intend to win the Libertarian primary for governor. Accordingly, the Questionnaires section has been upgraded when the Freedom of the Road-Riders wanted to know more about what I thunk on issues other than the wearing of motorcycle helmets.
That other Great Whore of Media Liberalism in Misery, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wanted me to warn them about my plans for an anti-government revolutionary reign of Libertarian terror, and I duly threatened to drain the publik-skrule libberul-drone-breeding swamplands + render Visigothic justice upon the injustice apparatus and injustice apparatchiks.
The Buffalo Area Professional Wimmen wanted to know what do-gooder thangs I'd do for, as opposed to, Polite Society. My solution to "end" rural domestic vile-lence should work after a fashion.
The Missourians for Tax Justice wanted me to pledge to do much too little much too late, so I obliged them.

New are speeches given as a political candidate:
Ride the Tiger! read to a church congregation July 14, 1996, Day of Decision, given in 1994 when I was a candidate for State Representative, and the outline of a speech given A Shooter's Guide to Practical Libertarianism to a hostile audience of Pud-Pullers.

Lastly, the last chapter, Neo-Aristocracy of the great social philosopher and eugenicist writer Lothrup Stoddard's 1922 Classic "The Revolt Against Civilization."
This last chapter gives Stoddard's solutions to the problems of racial degeneracy he raises in the early chapters of his book.
This book was placed on this WWW page because it makes a thinking person think harder. This book could not be written today, and not only because of political considerations. Even the most hardened Aryan, White Supremicist, Phineas Priester or what have you pseudo-intellectual on a WWW page such as Stormfront cannot improve on the long-dead Lothrup Stoddard.
Lothrup Stoddard was an optimist. He believed that the reason for the decay of civilization was altogether heredity based. Nature is all-important over nurture. But when you consider that environment has its part to play, and you consider that the decay of Western Civilization has an environmental element, the alliance of "born" and "educated" barbarism should give pause to everyone able to think.
Lothrup Stoddard would say that the hacker who destroyed the private-system computer library was born. I say that his impulses to hack were not deterred by education. He got an education to better fulfill his impulses.
Both nature and nurture created this modern-day Vandal-maggot.

Enjoy the additions.



Version 8a of August 22, 1996

On August 1, 1996, I bought service with Mo-Net.com in the wilds of Monett, Missouri. It is an up and coming Internet Service Provider, which will be used until the Granby Police State gets a competent telephone company and an Internet Service Provider.

The biggest news is that I lost the race for Governor of Missouri by 917 votes to 1603 votes to the "Establishment Libertarian" J. Mark Oglesby, but undaunted, I proceed to trash the Pud-Puller Faction -- State and National unmercifully. They are really rotting the Libertarian Party out quite badly because of their stupid Fascist behavior. You can read how 22 of them nitwits disenfranchised 225 of the other membership in the latest issue of Showed Me Fascism.

I have uploaded the July-August 1996 issue of The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian, and last year's July 1995 issue showing the friction between Shooters and Pudpullers.

Too late to matter is the National Rifle Association Rating of "A" that the State NRA gave me for my notions of gun control -- "Windage & Elevation."

Also uploaded were The Majority Was Always Right, a tale about an extinct tribe of cannibals ruled by democratic principles and Living With the White Chickens from Issue #8, Best of 1-7 of The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian.

Chapter 3 has been added to Lothrup Stoddard's 1922 classic The Revolt Against Civilization which predicted the current rot of the social order.

Nor have I neglected the militia movement. Modern Militiaman, Issue 2, July-August 1996 is now ready to upload. It has the foremost authors and thinkers of the Modern Militia Movement.

And lastly, now you can find out that which is old in Patrick Henry On-Line and view its history as it was made. I hope you enjoy it.



Version 8b of September 16, 1996.

This version comes with new graphics and the use of backgrounds in some selected cases. While I do not intend for this WWW page to ever look like a vanity page, the slight and subtle use of graphics as I become a more talented WWW publisher will increase.

In addition to the index.html boot-on page being cleaned up and improved, there are a number of new additions.

As I have decided to run for Sheriff of Newton County, here are the motions and processes necessary to get around the politician- and judge-made rules which are designed to benefit one-party rule and their candidates.

Since the Missouri Libertarian Party has continued to decline from the top, I have listed steps to reform the MoLP by forming grass-roots LP organizations and writing new Constitutions at the County and State Senatorial District levels. By taking these actions, the current rot can be discontinued and reversed.

A new feature is my Letters to the Editor and my expose of Missouri court corruption as shown by the Robert Joos judicial kidnapping and persecution.

On the debate concerning abortion, I pursue a policy of standing up and being counted as a Pro-Life Libertarian. Therefore, I have included a sermon by Ronald Dart, a minister of the Church of God International, entitled The Aborted Generation, which shows the moral and political effects of the current pro-abortion stance by big government.

Lastly, I have opened up the Law School of Patrick Henry Electronic University & Diploma Mill. Right now all it consists of is portions of cases fought by the author against the government and a few Internet links to help you learn the law for yourself. As time goes on, the hope is to make you more and more legally proficient so you will not have to take no legal crap off of nobody.



Version 8c of November 2, 1996.

It has been over a month since I upgraded this WWW page and a lot has been happening.

The biggest news is that I have been engaged in legal warfare with the Missouri court system to have my name placed on the November 5, 1996 ballot as the Libertarian candidate for Newton County Sheriff. While I lost in all the corrupt Missouri courts, I did by this activity get my name before the Newton County public, at least once a week on average on the local paper and radio station for free. I presently have a federal lawsuit pending on this matter.

I continued to tweak the Missouri Libertarian Party Pud-Pullers unmercifully. I have a federal lawsuit against them in action but I have pretty well let them trot squealing down the road to their political Gadarene in peace.

I wasted bandwidth on corrupt mediocraties like LawyerMore for Con-gress and JoJorgenson for President-In-Charge, Vice. They are usually harmless, providing you keep an eye on them. I might or might not trash out the rest of the rascals later.

The next thing of importance was the activation of the 7th Missouri Militia SubPage and its process of spreading political agitation and propaganda to nourish a Resistance movement while it is still possible for such an open crop to be grown.

To that end is Modern Militiaman, Issue #3 published for the pre-election political battle.

All the other new stuff was pretty much mere support for the old stuff, as Patrick Henry On-Line maintains its goals of truly being "Your One Stop Shopping for Sedition" against a corrupt and decaying governent.



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