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What's New? and What's Old?


Published in Greenhaven Press' Terrorism anthology -- 1999

The State of the Resistance:

The Former Public Militias of Missouri:

The Patriot Coalition

The Resistance Political Front

The Modern Militiaman:

The Modern Militiaman's Internet Gazette

Resistance Political Front

ZOG's War Internet Gazette

The Movement Turd

Assorted Militia Newsletters from "Around"

News from the USSA Front

A Resistance Rogue's Gallery

The Anti-Federalist Society

Church of the God of Israel



The Lindstedt Papers:

The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian:

Letters to the Editor

Press Clippings -- What the Press in Turn Says

Political Essays


Lindstedt's Politically Incorrect Fairy Fables

Combat Law -- The Lindstedt Files

Patrick Henry's Rare Book Store

Lothrup Stoddard's White Nationalist Library

Patrick Henry's Debate Hall

Patrick Henry Electronic University & Diploma Mill

Campaign Headquarters:

Practical Politics -- My Political Views

Libertarian Party Politiks & Kicks & Licks

Shooters & Pud-Pullers -- A Composite of Two Libertarian Factions

Platform Struggles

The Missouri Libertarian Party Constitution & Bylaws

Reformation of the Missouri Libertarian Party

Clubbing the LibberToons

The LibberToons Club Me



Living in Misoury -- Avoiding a State of Hurt



Current Commentary

Thought 4 The Day

Stuff I Should Have Written -- But Didn't -- Resistance Columnists

My Struggle -- A Rant For Today

The Greater Granby Cob & Turpentine -- An Anti-Jewspaper

The Felix Dzerzhinsky School of Revolution

Naboth's Complaint -- Having My Family Destroyed, Destroying the Families of Regime-criminals

White Nationalist Forum -- Of, By & For White Nationalists



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